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Cute jumping spider in a satin French maid outfit

Jumping spider with a water droplet hat in a flower

Ducktor ~ Doctor Quack - yellow duck, white coat, diploma and stethoscope

Unicorn doctor: food myth vs. toxic drugs ~ health ~ demotivational poster

Snowflake unique, melt away and disappear, car windshield, water crystal

Frozen: Elsa ~ Let it go ~ a.k.a ~ Fuck you all ~ freeze and die ~ go to hell ~ also known as

Pepper - robot with a heart - update

Riding a spider ~ It beats being a crazy cat lady!

Pea peacock - Real living foods - Don’t need artificial colors and flavors to be pretty tasty

Happiness rose: Flush the shit. Smell the roses. Blossom.

Titanic hits iceberg lettuce

Down the rabbit hole ~ mad hatter ~ falling into despair leads to freedom ~ laugh at pain and death ~ no expectations, no disappointment

Vegetable and fruit party ~ Vitamin and mineral are better than drug ~ get high dose of supplements ~ magnesium euphoria ~ vitamin C sedative ~ cure depression

Monsanto ~ GMO corn ~ M-men Cornerine ~ X-men Wolverine ~ mutant ~ Genetically Modified Organism ~ OGM ~ OMG ~ Demotivational

Admire: Mosanto X-men Wolverine = M-men Cornerine FULL SIZE

Hitler ~ Descent into madness ~ rainbow ~ squid, banana, Hawaiian dancer, mermaid, unicorn, fairy tutu

Admire: Hitler ~ Descent into madness ~ Bigger

Hitler ~ Buzz Lightyear ~ To infinity and beyond!

Superhitler ~ Hitler as Superman

Korea wants to ban the Japanese flag. Their invasion wasn't a Holocaust. ~ Hitler.

Superpowers ~ Hitler ~ Superman ~ Jesus ~ Clean your own mess ~ Superhuman ~ demotivational

Hitler ~ Grammar Nazi ~ Teacher black board ~ The willfully ignorant are the stupidest

Hitler ~ innocent baby ~ roses ~ prevention, kill, castration ~ demotivational

Hitler smiling balloons ~ Happy birthday ~ Brace yourself for another year of misery ~ blue sky

Terminator sexy rose ~ the only man worth having sex with

Terminator sexy musk ~ he smells like bloody murder

Terminator sexy blender ~ makes excellent genital smoothies

Liquid rainbow ~ life down the drain ~ gasoline ~ gas ~ enjoy beauty

Critics. Bite their throat. Decapitate. Hump them in the mouth. Establish dominance. Insanity Wolf. Criticism, complainers.

Deadpool chainsaw ~ baby’s view coming out of vagina

For your information, fuck you. Die. Mwahaha! Tacos. Fuck yeah! BANANA! ~ Talkative Deadpool

Darth Vader self harm, cutting with light saber, selfie

Admire: Darth Vader only and full size

Bloody butcher knife, cast iron frying pan, marble rolling pin

Tinker Bell hammered - drunk out of your mind

Tinker Bell ~ Glowing dildo of destiny ~ talent

Fairies reproduce with laughter ~ sex, laugh, ass, dust, stone ~ Tinker Bell

kidnapping power nap head pillow

Pasteurization, puss milk, flamethrower, nuke it from orbit

Broken: She could have become (Bacon) a beautiful swan...

Attack on Titan - Spoon - Zoe Hange

Attack on Titan - Enjoyment - Sasha Blouse

Attack on Titan - Rejoice - Sasha Blouse

Attack on Titan ~ Eren ~ Two bitten thumbs up ~ Good job ~ Sort of

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