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Attack on Titan: Bloody puppy eyes Heart
Attack on Titan: Vegetarians
Attack on Titan: Beans
Attack on Titan: Anorexia
Magi: Misanthropes
Attack on Titan: Virgin
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: Lolicon
Attack on Titan: Panty shots
Attack on Titan: Self harm
Attack on Titan: Love at first sight
Attack on Titan: Two bitten thumbs up Heart Heart Heart
Attack on Titan: Shut up Heart Heart Heart
Kore wa zombie desu ka? Of The Dead: Dominatrix harm
Tokyo Ghoul: Feed on life Heart
Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai: Bloody panty shot Heart
Akame ga kill!: Painful menstruation
Chrome Shelled Regios: Breast nap
Is this a zombie?: transvestite
BTOOOM!: Feeling wonderful
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka of the Dead: Living Heart

Attack on Titan: Bloody puppy eyes

Bloody puppy eyes. Cuter and more convincing.

Attack on Titan - Bloody puppy eyes - Armin

He's so cute. I finally could use my eyed font!

Lisa Of Shades
29 January 2014

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Attack on Titan: Vegetarians

Vegetarians probably have nightmares like this.

Attack on Titan - Vegetarians - They probably have nightmares like this - Armin

The quote is hilarious! Imagine them waking up from it. The saliva is so thick and slippery, you can't climb out. Being swallowed: It could be worst, they could chew you. (Twist it in a perverted way. Hehehe~) Maybe being decapitated quickly with a bite would be less agonizing though.

It could have been instead: "Bad breath? Brush your tongue with something." Or "swallow a mint", but I'd never do that. Baking soda does wonders. Or maybe it could have been "Vitamins: compressed nutrition!" or "Vitamins: small but nutritious!" Poor kid... Luckily he'll be saved~

The only nutrition in grains is the vitamins added to them. So you might as well get tasty juicy greens and take vitamins, rather than the horrible cardboard that needs to be painted with sugar to be more tolerable.

It's a photo of real vegetables cut after selecting the font.

Humans are omnivorous; I eat both vegetables and meat. But I eat them fresh; not processed and stripped of tasty nutrients.

Vegetarians give vegetables a bad name. They improve the taste of meat but tofu isn't safe. It messes with your hormones and is toxic unless properly fermented. Adding artificial flavor to mimic meat makes it worst!

I don't like hypocrites. If you care about animals so much, then fight to give them a decent life and a painless death; instead to look the other way claiming that it's not your fault or problem. We need both. Don't deny yourself healthy food for a healthy life; and that means healthy animals too!

But in balance with greens and according to your needs.

Lisa Of Shades
29 January 2014

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Attack on Titan: Beans

Beans. They make you fart. Good for you, bad for your friends.

Attack on Titan - Beans - They make you fart - Good for you, bad for your friends.

It's a photo of real beans cut after selecting the font.

I don't eat them; except red bean mochis (rice cake balls) in china town, on special occasions.

Info about why they make you fart at mentalfloss.

I worked with people who ate a lot of them... they turn the bathroom into a gas chamber. I felt like the guy in the picture every time I opened the door.

The first version was supposed to be: Titan farts. They will make you close your eyes. Please... Just eat me alive.

Lisa Of Shades
29 January 2014

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Attack on Titan: Anorexia

"I finally found a diet that works to loose weight!!! Levi cut off my hands and legs." Forget anorexia. Levi watches your weight. Weight loss guaranteed or he cuts off more limbs.

Attack on Titan - Forget anorexia - Levi watches your weight - Weight loss guaranteed or he cuts off more limbs

There isn't more limbs to cut, so I guess he'd decapitate you, if you're still not appreciating yourself, and put you out of your self loathing insecure misery! Just eat more vegetables and you'll be fine.

I changed it for something funnier, closer to the anime. It was:
Anorexia - Not enough meat to really have fun. Not as "pretty" as it could be.

It's a wink to what Levi said! With his creepy stare XD It's a satire of weight watchers.

It could have been: Levi Watchers: we cut limbs off you! Weight loss guaranteed or your money back! I bet he'd do it for free! XD

I wanted to make a statement about anorexia. Bulimia is the survival instinct kicking in and forcing you to eat. If all you know is processed crap that's what you'll go for. Teach your brain about vegetables! If you get fat on fresh greens lean meat, it will be a very healthy fat.

I’ve been before and it wasn’t worth having my internal organs shut down in exhaustion, from starvation. It’s what’s inside that count: healthy vital organs.

A smile is the true beauty.

I was jealous of a slim friend until I saw inside her mouth; her back teeth were rotten into grey putrid goo at gum level! Anorexics don’t have any breasts or any womanly voluptuous curves.

People want to blindly loose weight but starving is not healthy. The BMI is a range with a minimum, to be able to cope with reserves in time of illness for example.

Aim for health, you’ll make healthier choices and gain health! Instead to use dangerous methods, the watery fiber of vegetables will make you poop all those chemical toxins and loose weight gently; if you don’t eat enough they get sealed in fat! It's there to protect you... until you make better life choices.

Eat more food, less chemical garbage!

More: Purpose of Fat + Anorexia & bulimia.

Lisa Of Shades
29 January 2014

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Magi: Misanthrope

Misanthrope. That's how they see humanity. Disgusting insects!

Magi - Misanthropes - humanity - disgusting insects

With rare few exceptions...

I'm a misanthrope, that's how I see humanity as a whole. "I don't discriminate, I hate everyone". For people, I try to keep an open mind, sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised. But most of the time their stupidity and self inflicted misery just remind me why the idealist that I am became so jaded. The only way to become a realist is to embrace cynicism. Truth matters more to me than anything except freedom. So I guess you have the right to remind willfully stupid, and I have the right to utterly despise you for it.

I didn't want to use a gore font. I wanted a noble fancy font. Because I don't want humanity to be annihilated out of blind hatred or because my heart is incapable of love. No~ It's a well thought logical conclusion after observing what you do as a race, every single mere tan colors of it. You're all in this together, and you're all just as revolting. Except maybe Japanese people... and some others… and some people are fun to be with.

Many other creatures are fucked up, dolphins are more intelligent than us and they do rape parties in caves with anything and any life forms, even us… The whole concept of life is fucked up. The only redeeming creatures are the plants like trees. I love trees.

When I die I wish I could just be dumped in a hole with a bunch of seed all over me. Trying to preserve corpses in boxes with embalming fluids… stupid humans. You can’t even preserve your own life properly! You were ugly enough alive, let the decay make you more interesting. Feeding the worms is the only useful thing that you’ll ever do for this world, but you found a way to be worthless in death too, with even more chemicals; as if using them to slowly kill yourself miserably, thinking it makes your life easier, wasn't ironic enough! You try to have your putrid sorry dried ass go on forever underground, useless for all eternity. Instead to try live on through your offspring, try to teach your brats properly the meager shit that you managed to learn in a hundred years, if any. Which is probably just the worst way to mess yourself up, as people always end up trying to find the easy way. If you try to go around something the path will be LONGER! Dumbasses wasting your energy mindlessly.

If you choose to put your efforts in trying to find solutions, instead of trying to be out of your freaking mind... You'd be amazing even in failure and would gain my respect.

My contempt for humanity is eternal. Thousands of years of evolution just to loose our fur and then we get obsessed with it and get 5 cats. Pathetic. HAHAHA! Thanks to dark humor I can cling to my sanity in all your retarded madness!

You should listen to that inner voice telling you that you're a failure and a piece of shit when you do something wrong... then maybe you'd stop doing it!!! And eventually figure out what’s better, dignified and worthy of esteem!

If you can't earn a positive opinion of yourself in your own eyes, then don't expect the world to disagree with you. Ironically, the people who seem to have the greatest worth are often the lowest trash, just exploiting others or faking it.

Yup, this is a twisted world that humanity created. Why help each other when we can prey on each other. We have to. Because there's not enough for everyone. Because the planet is over populated. Because we're just mindless fuckers.

Do the world a favor and keep it in your pants, at least wear condoms, at best cut it off!

There are already too many pink insects crawling all over this rock.

Enjoy seeing them get crushed~
Lisa Of Shades
11 February 2014

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Attack on Titan: Virgin

"Hey~ Come and get some. Let's do a threesome.", "No thanks...", "Hell NO!". Staying a virgin. Keep your dignity! Being open minded is about the mind not the legs. Saying no can spare you a lot of sorrows. Sexual pleasure can come with heavy responsibility and consequences! If you're not ready for a baby, an incurable disease and death... Keep enjoying animes and videogames instead!!!

Attack on Titan ~ Staying a virgin ~ Keep your dignity!

It was supposed to be called "Unwanted sex" but seeing kids being so mindlessly eager to put their crotch anywhere, as long as they could loose their virginity, as if it was a bad thing to own... I had to do something. If your first time happens in a bad situation, improperly prepared, with terrible consequences, with someone who degrade you... it's a terrible tragedy. What they want is actually companionship. The expected result of sex isn't more self confidence, it's babies!

I made it about virginity, but it still applies even if you had sex before.

Being responsible makes someone mature, not age, and certainly not sex.

That gives more freedom, but also more responsibility. Because you might be freed from the decisions of your parents, but then you have to make them and suffer their consequences, with no one to clean your shit up but yourself! Don't be in such a hurry to get fucked up even more.

I edited the text shorter but this is what I first put, the issue is just so important. :

Staying a virgin ~ Keep your dignity!

Self love is better than being a creep’s plaything.
Being open minded is about the mind not the legs.
Don’t be mindlessly desperate. You can’t be compatible with everyone.
Saying no can spare you a lot of sorrows. Have self control! The urges will pass.

No one likes anything anyhow with anybody. We all have needs and limits.
Choose your own standards, live up to them and fight for them.
It will make you a unique and worthy person. You’ll find your match eventually.

No one can replace self love, self respect and self confidence.
You can only share what you already have.

Sexual pleasure can come with heavy responsibilities and consequences!
If you’re not ready for a baby, an incurable disease and death...
Keep enjoying animes and videogames instead!!!

Well, just by being born we're always worthy as long as we manage to stay alive. The only law of life is to fight to keep it.

I'm against unwanted sex, rape but also in reluctant silence! As much as it's nice to be polite, there are more than one ways to express yourself, what matters is to do it, and if you have to be mean to avoid getting hurt, then it's better them than you! Sometimes people will refuse to learn to respect your limits until it hurts, even their own!!! If someone can't handle being told no, because they want everything their way, whenever they want, without any regards to others, then they're assholes and trying to please them would be a waste of energy. Use it on yourself instead! But of course, return what is given to you, no matter if it makes you vengeful or grateful. Sharing fairly~ (Give them hell!)

Teen pregnancy and an epidemic of herpes & HIV freaks me out too much, I couldn't choose, so I wrote it all. I have no problem with gays; they're the only ones who don't wish to rape me. But I have a big problem with being pressured into unwanted sex!!! If you want to be a slut or player, go ahead. But respect the people who don't want the bullshit that comes with this. If you don't want anything serious and wish for an open relationship, say so (if you don't want to, SAY SO!!! And STICK TO THAT DECISION!!!) don't mess with someone who's not compatible, you'll end up hurt!

For example, I'd freaking cut your balls with a chainsaw if you cheated on how possessive I am! That's why I get so damn affectionate when I trust somebody, but you better not break that! You can't only take the good and leave the bad, or expect someone else to shoulder it all for you and get crushed like a dumping ground, we all have our issues to work on to grow! Don’t treat your loved ones like that, even if seems to boost their self confidence. Co-dependency, preying on each other insecurities, isn’t what love is, it's sharing the happiness that you already have and balancing each other strength and weaknesses, helping each other equally, to grow! You don't need sexuality to have companionship. People are more than their crotch!

You have to look at the flaws and choose the ones you can deal with too! I can deal with wrath, but I'd never tolerate violence against me, I'd split your skull with my cast iron frying pan! (I don't want to dirty my knife collection.) As much as I like dark humor and am full of anger, I’d only use it in self defense. There’s enough pain into the world, don’t bring an unwanted life into it, it’s hard enough without being born unloved…

It's not the sex that makes you an adult, it's acting responsively! You can't fuck your mind out at a teen party drunk orgy, and expect to be a responsible grown up like your parents, who work their ass off to feed you, provide the family a home and keep you safe. You're a kid, fucking won't make you the parent! And freaking enjoy being a child while you still can! Before you end up having the whole world on your shoulders, your very life on the line on your own, and the life of a defenseless baby!!!

Freedom comes at a price. And no one do whatever they want however they want and whenever they want. Those who try end up homeless or in jail, that's how free that gets you.

If you walk away from your pregnant teen girlfriend, you're not even an immature child or a dick; you're a piece of shit! Especially if she ends up killing herself to flee from the responsibility of a baby too (true story... just get a damn abortion!) and escape her own broken feelings... That's not being mature no matter how many times or people you fucked!!! The fact that you got her seriously fucked up isn't an exploit! Accepting to be fucked won't make people love you!

It's taking the responsibilities that come with sex, not the sex itself, that makes you mature. But you don't have to loose your virginity to become mature!!! If you're not ready don't do it!!! Sex won't make you mature, it's the other way around: you HAVE to be mature to have sex, and many adults aren't!!!

Its purpose is to make new life, but it can kill you, if you're not ready for a child, there are way safer and even funnier pleasures to have! Don't use people like freaking toilets! Have self control! Otherwise you're just a stupid asshole, a rat, an insect. And we really don't need more of you! So keep it in your pants!!! The urge will pass.

Whatever you do, enjoy responsibly~
Lisa Of Shades
13 February 2014

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Maoyuu Mahou Yuusha: Lolicon

Lolicon. Because you just can’t handle a full grown woman with a strong self confidence and the will to fight for her needs & opinions. You’re the pussy! Unable to seduce and satisfy as equals, you abuse your power over children to use them as sex slaves! Death to pedophiles! By suffocation... with big boobs!

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ~ Lolicon ~ Death to pedophiles by suffocation with big boobs

Legal status of cartoon pornography depicting minors (wikipedia)

Pedophilia is illegal, even with unreal children in cartoons, because it'd be the first step towards hurting a child who's not mature enough to give informed consent and assume all the risks and consequences of sexual relations.

It's against the law to encourage this shit or to nurture it in your mind. It has nothing to do with the attraction to a person, like hair color or homosexuality... It is NOT LOVE!!! You don't love the person, you love how using the person for your selfish desires makes you feel!!! This is a power trip, to deny your partner fair equality to such a degree that you have to go towards children, who's very survival depends on being loved by adults. It's abuse of trust, body, mind and emotions... no matter what the child think or feel... because while he's too young to know better, you shouldn't be this stupid!

There are no one on this earth that I would relish to murder more than a pedophile who touched a child.

Go fuck yourself with a chainsaw! AND DIE!!!

Fuck your free will if you're going to use it to spread filth, trauma, crush self confidence, and use children as sex slaves.

I gave the font a carved bleeding flesh look to illustrate the scarring trauma that it does, and first made it bleed, but I replaced it with the typical tears instead. You're lower than puke if crying kids turn you on!

No one in the world was born to mindlessly satisfy someone's urges regardless or their own safety and desires. Teaching someone that, especially a child, is beyond revolting! Stop all forms of slavery! FREEDOM FOR ALL! Death to those who use it to hurt the innocent, death to pedophiles! That will make the world a much better place, by stopping those who like to spread bullshit! Each pedophile death is one step closer to give the world the damn peace!!!

At least cut their junk off! Also their hands and eyes since what they like is the power trip, not even the sex; that's just a mean among many to degrade someone pure, so they don't have to notice how much they're piece of shit by comparison!!! Hell, just kill them. Good fucking riddance! They're not worth going to jail for murder, but the death penalty should be reinstated for them. Murders are choirboys by comparison. I’d rather DIE!

Murder in self defense is a better option! And it’s actually legal.

When it's necessary, you might as well enjoy~
Lisa Of Shades
13 February 2014

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Attack on Titan: Panty shots

Panty shots. Epic animes don't need panties to excite you! They just use a whole lot of gore!!! Yay~

Attack on Titan ~ Panty shots ~ Epic animes don't need panties to excite you

If I wanted to see panties, I'd open my drawer! Annoying crap. Otherwise I'd try to watch hentai with tentacle monster demons. Or I'd google medieval torture devices since I have deep anger issues. Hehehe~

Panties are NOT hats! Morons. You don’t have the balls and spine to seduce the real thing, so you crawl after the after effect... insect!

I'd say go conquer your equal, but for that you'd have to dig through a litter box.


I actually don’t have problems with fetishes, humans are so stupid that you might as well go buy yourself a whole case of panties, jump in… and choke on them.

Lisa Of Shades
13 February 2014

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Attack on Titan: Self harm

Self harm.
It turns you into a monster. Failing yourself has hit rock bottom. Protect yourself!!! Sometimes the best option is to just accept your limits, let go, walk away, scream in a pillow and rest DOING NOTHING!!!

Attack on Titan ~ Eren  ~ Self harm ~ It turns you into a monster

Sometimes the best option is to just accept your limits, let go, walk away, scream in a pillow and rest DOING NOTHING!

The irony is that Eren has to hurt himself to free his powers and fight, but you’re not some cool mutant. Self harm doesn’t trigger your primal survival instinct, it chains it! By brainwashing you into thinking that you deserve pain and must embrace it… Self harm merely hurts you and makes you weaker! It attacks YOURSELF, the only person who actually has the best interest to care and will be there for you, if you get your head out of your ass! You can do it yourself! So get your shit together and figure it out!

My page about that bullshit: Self harm.

Constructive coping mechanisms: Vent anger for balance & inner peace.

Great article: 3 reasons it’s wise to know your limits at creativeethos.

I merged 3 pictures to have everything. I used photoshop tricks to blend them and repair the missing corners.

I used another expression “It’s the apogee of failing yourself” but he’s at the bottom of a dry well with rock walls… so hitting rock bottom is even better, because apogee sounds high and cutting is no accomplishment; no matter how little shits gather together to gratify each other stupidity.

There are different kinds of monsters, in Attack of Titan they’re cool, but in the case of cutters, they’re repulsive losers.

What they lost? Dignity, common sense, self respect… I guess you can’t lose what you never had. So they’re just plain trashy failures.

You have to be a real retard to use more pain as a solution for pain, no matter if the brain releases endorphins after physical injury to say “it’s okay we’re safe now”. You’re not, the problems you had just got worst by becoming your own enemy! If you can’t even count on yourself, you’re freaking DOOMED! Not even worth saving, because no one can save you from your own stupidity, but yourself! Save yourself! If you refuse to even try and sabotage yourself, don't you dare annoy people with complaints! Shut the hell up and die, but you're a failure at that too, uh~ You might as well DO NOTHING AT ALL! At least don't make it worst on purpose!!!

You disgust me. Stop being a willfully stupid, you retard! And get your shit together. If you put as much efforts on finding solutions as you do on overcoming your survival mechanism, using it as an ally instead, you'd always end up happy and safe, no matter what you'd have to do or how long it'd take you. You'd do it, instead to shit all over yourself even more. You deserve it, but you still have only one law to obey in life: protect yourself. Die failing, but live trying.

Enjoy~ Retard.
Lisa Of Shades
13 February 2014

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Attack on Titan: Love at first sight

Love at first sight. Beware~~~

Attack on Titan ~ Love at first sight ~ Beware ~ Eren ~ Zoe Hange

First impressions can be wrong, but sometimes they’re pretty damn clear~ Just don't be blinded by a desperation to find love... oblivious to incompatibility and dangers, it leads to hatred and disaster.

Even psychos can find love, hahaha! So creepy! I wanted to put hearts all around, real heart pictures, but it was a bit overkill and would have made their eyes less creepy by comparison. I had to photoshop the top of their heads, I wanted to remove the metal too but it was just too much work for my level of skill. I almost use the picture of Zoe to make one saying: Trapped in a relationship? You're not in jail. Just walk away! (Kick him in the balls if you have to.)

My latest posters were a bit depressing, I guess I can't be great all the time, and I had important stuff to express. I also saved the sad ideas for last. But that one's funny~ I laughed to tears for hours for some of my first ones. Lots of magnesium, being proud of an achievement, tired, and letting go in randomness is so much fun~ I can use heart shapes because I'm not using a damn generator! HA! Hurray for skills!

It’s Valentine’s Day! I believe in my instinct and if I don’t get sparks right away I usually never do. But blindly falling in love… with love itself… instead to use some reason and see if you also love the person’s flaws. (Wrath~ aaah~<3 Better not hit me though.)

That’s why I prefer someone capable of hatred, because unconditional love is insecure desperation of someone who need a self esteem boost, it can only end in a doomed codependency and not a proper healthy companionship. Because it’s based on fear and self loathing, not self confidence and trust.

So someone who loose themselves blindly in love and forget who they are, or never bother figuring it out and needing someone to tell them… there’s no way you can be equals at someone’s knees. And I wouldn’t want to be “loved” by someone who’d take anybody and I just happened to be passing by… Disgusting.

That’s why it’s also important to choose flaws that you can handle, that you might be able to ease by helping each other with your different strength. A perfect match isn’t loving yourself in a mirror either. It’s being similar just enough to understand each other, but just as different to make the other person discover new things and benefit from a wider range of skills in your cooperative.

I sure as hell don’t want someone to use me like some tire replacement on his previous relationship and drive away as if nothing happened! When you loose the relationship, you loose the person’s habits and preferences… No one is the same. People who only care about themselves and gratification through another make me feel even lonelier, because they won’t give a damn if you have needs if it’s not convenient for them…

I want someone who’ll care about who I am, who’ll discover me, learn my own habits, become in sync anew… Not make love to me the way he fucked someone else, not understanding why it doesn’t work on me. People have different on and off switches… Someone who don’t want to know me… isn’t worth loving, and certainly not having sex with!

Well, I couldn’t have so little so I just gave up on love. People want sex, but if that’s all they cared about they would spread their legs in a dark alley and scream “free sex!”. They want someone they feel safe with and like… why throw someone like that away after one night, you didn’t have the time to learn to be in sync and read each other without words yet…

Why not discover the person… To avoid being hurt before you get attached? To avoid responsibilities? Then what about when you can’t find anyone and are all alone in the morning, what about pregnancy and aids… I won’t be treated like a vulgar whore… and certainly not for free!!!

I don’t know if love exists in this world… But I’ll never “love” anyone more than I love and respect myself. If someone doesn’t show me respect and love, what difference does it makes if it’s inside him or not!!! Actions speak louder than words or feelings ever could… And the actions of my loved ones showed me that I’m way better of alone than with the wrong companionship.

Enjoy~ But keep your eyes open~

Lisa Of Shades
14 February 2014

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Attack on Titan: Two bitten thumbs up

Two bitten thumbs up. Good job!!! Sort of...

Attack on Titan ~ Eren ~ Two bitten thumbs up ~ Good job ~ Sort of

I took so many screen captures of him biting his damn thumb hoping to somehow use it for this art, but I ended up the lazy way with using a hand from another animation. Let’s pretend that I got the color right, the shadows are different. You can see the broken bones for a creepier effect! I like the kid font. It put emphasis in the trying hard yet failing miserably!

Sometimes people do something that I can’t do… but not quiet right. I think it still deserves respect and appreciation, but the flaw should also be pointed out to help improvement. But also the good job because being a nagging bit is not a pleasant live and you make a terrible company. I think this sarcastic demotivational poster is both inspiring and creepifying. Balance in all things~ Hahaha!


Lisa Of Shades
14 February 2014

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Attack on Titan: SHUT UP!

Stop complaining, criticizing and bitching; or I'm going to choke you with this potato!!! Do better and solve your own problems!

Attack on Titan - Shut up - Sasha Blouse

Inspired by the people who hate those who need/want 480p and want them to disappear from the surface of the known universe. Also dedicated to the people who are too lazy to do one click to verify & approve their automatic RSS feeds, when it's their responsibility, but they expect others to make way more efforts for them.

It's from the Attack on Titan OVA 2. The first I made that isn't in my torrent. I love Sasha Blouse.

I can handle constructive criticism, but not being bitched for what I love for something perfectly done.

Complaining (Urban dictionary): Complaining is usually what hypocritical people do when something displeases them. They would rather use a verbal indication to express their displeasure of a certain thing, rather than taking a stand and doing something about it.

Before you do it, make sure you tried to do everything possible about it. Then laugh.

No one care and no one is going to save you. You’ll just attract more predators, so be quiet.

It sounds depressing to death, but when you stop wasting time and energy whining, you can do whatever needs to be done faster!


Lisa Of Shades
25 April 2014

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Dominatrix harm

Dominatrix: Why do self harm when someone can do the harm for you~?
Masochism: Not as sexy & glamorous when you’re a cheap loser unable to seduce or pay someone to give you a good whipping.

Dominatrix, masochism, self harm, whipping

It's sera from the anime: Kore wa zombie desu ka? Of The Dead. (Is this a zombie 2) Hilarious anime. She's a vampire ninja. It's as bad ass as it gets~

Put the knife away after cooking yourself a meal and go watch some crazy anime.

I took the image from animesuki.

Lisa Of Shades
11 June 2014

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Tokyo Ghoul: Feed on life

Ghouls and vampires. Their sharp senses make them notice how inedible processed foods really are. Feed on life! Eat fresh meat and vegetables with cells that are still squirming~

Ghouls and vampires feed on like - Tokyo Ghoul

It's a capture from a very good anime: Tokyo Ghoul.

It's not only vampires and other undead that need to eat life forms to prolong their own life, everyone need it to renew their cells.

You can't create a new life from artificial chemicals, so you can't stay healthy and heal with that either. But you might be able to create a Terminator though.

Forget dead grains, enjoy living greens and fresh meat~

Here's an interesting article: After reading this, do you still want to eat processed foods??? with the "Top 10 worst processed foods" at active8health. Chicken nuggets are 5 times worse than a Twinkie? I thought those were the worse abomination on Earth! It’s easy to believe that it’s McDonald though.

Know better, enjoy better!

Lisa Of Shades
10 August 2014

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Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai: Bloody panty shot

Please make animes less about romance and more about gore thank you. It will encourage the youth in the right direction for a better society that isn’t overpopulated; with enough food, homes and jobs for all! Asexual misanthropes. They don’t care about panties. All they care about is blood. It can be for the best.

Bloody panty shot ~ Asexual misanthropes

Romantic animes encourage teens to see relationship with pink colored glasses... but romance leads to sex, and sex leads to unwanted pregnancy... teen pregnancy is even worse because you're too immature, uneducated and have no employment opportunities that would allow you to care for a screaming shit machine. We need fewer humans, not more. So stop making animes that encourage teen pregnancy, and make more about gore!

I haven't seen that anime, but I'm sure it'd bore me. I added the blood myself, it’s from Adding blood to your photos at fighting118th.

I wanted to have blood being sprayed like when you spit coffee in surprised outrage. But it's more realistic and gross this way.

I’m really sick and tired to have an anime about an awesome topic, and then it quickly just turn out about the mindless romance of a horny shy loser and a hair head whiny brat. Sometimes I find pure gems that are purely about what it’s supposed to be (anything else!!!) and they just fight for their life like hell… without any panty shots. Sometimes a parody of a romantic comedy and can be bearable… but I sure as hell don’t need your cunt rubbed all over my face.

Asexuals are people who aren’t interested in any genders. The opposite of being bi. I like the word psychopath because it implies murder, it actually merely mean to lack empathy for others. You can be nice or mean if you feel it or not.

B ut not all psychopaths are blood thirsty… and some serial killers are rapists… they just dispose of the evidence of their shame (seduce someone or at least pay a whore! Loser.) I’ll use the word misanthrope instead, since that’s what I am… and that's clear that those people hate humanity.

Having a period is painful and gross, women spent 1/4 of their life in pain. This can help: avoiding anemia with B12 and vitamin C; avoiding cramps with magnesium, calcium+D3, avoiding to make the whole period process more intense by cutting products that mimic estreogen, the female hormone, like soy, heating food in tupperwares and others.

I guess when you have sex, a period becomes a happy proof that you're not pregnant...

I only care about blood... but this is just plain gross... but close enough... it improves this annoying panty shot. Want to tap that ass? Hehehe~ If you do, I don't want to now.

Lisa Of Shades
10 August 2014

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Akame ga kill!: Painful menstruation

It can hurt all over Don’t touch her and don’t even ask for it, or she’ll show you pain! Stop trying to make the wound worse. Help her for a change. Wounded bitches bite when you bother them, it’s perfectly natural.

PMS is a sign that you need to improve your health.

Avoid anemic rage with enough B12 and vitamin C to absorb iron.
Avoid cramps with enough magnesium, calcium & D3 to absorb it.
Avoid making the event more intense by staying away from xenoestrogens that mimic the female hormones such as: soy, heating food in plastic and most beauty products contain paraben & phenoxyethanol; which also cause cancer and that won’t make you pretty anyway.

Painful menstruation can hurt all over

Bitching men wasn't good enough, not when I know how to end the pointless pain. I never thought it was possible but it is.

Now if you get mad at him, he won't be able to blame your hormones anymore. What a dick, you are in agony down there, and instead to make you hot vegetable and meat soup, he want to stab it up. Jerk! You deserve whatever syndrome women will come up with to counter attack your bullshit.

Anemia can cause hunger rage which can come out as plain rage. Just think of a hungry vampire. Hypoglycemia too.

A list of xenoestrogens at endojourney.wordpress. It give men boobs, but not in a pretty way.

How to detox xenoestrogens at growyoungandslim. No need to buy products. Just stop eating them or coating your skin with them and the body will clean & balance himself eventually. But they have a nice list of "Estrogen metabolite risks." Which means that soy and plastic cause cancer too... It sure can cause breast cancer, but I bet it can appear anywhere as the body tries to seal the toxins and mutate.

The pill also causes cancer. You wanted to get fucked, you sure are now!

Lisa Of Shades
11 August 2014

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Chrome Shelled Regios: Breast nap

Napping on breasts. It’s more comfortable than napping on an anorexic’s ribs. Even a modest amount of flesh is more appetizing than a bony skin bag stuffed with a lot of silicone.

Chrome Shelled Regios ~ Napping on breasts

Don't be a fool, don't be fooled.


Lisa Of Shades
10 August 2014

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Is this a zombie?: Transvestite

Transvestites & other weirdos. It’s best to avoid gay bashing them. You never know if they have a fetish for chainsaws too.

Is this a zombie ~ transvestite ~ chainsaw ~ gay bashing

Is this a zombie? Kore wa zombie desu ka? It's one of my favorite animes. Bloody and hilarious.

He actually doesn’t want to be like this, but it gives him magical girl powers, which he stole by accident, because he’s also a zombie and it caused interferences.

If I love a super mega perverted anime, it really has to be awesome. Hey, heterosexual horny guy, do you want a panties fest... with a side dish of sausage? HA! In your face! Rather literally actually. I love parodies.

It's not meant to insult gays by the way, with all the retarded jerks around; I can’t really blame you for being susceptible, but avoid jumping to conclusions. But clearly, I'm a weirdo too, for various reasons.

I only want to insult the people who want to bash gays… and horrify everyone~


Lisa Of Shades
10 August 2014

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BTOOOM!: Feeling wonderful

Feeling wonderful. It happens when you get rid of your enemies,
instead of letting them turn you into a martyr.

Eat and rest well. BTOOOM! Killing people feels wonderful.

He was abused by his dad, when he ended up in a murder game on a deserted island, he still took shit from him... and then he had an epiphany: kill him.

No one will save you, no one. Anyone who claim to want to exploit your weaknesses even more.

The secret of happiness isn’t being dependent of people who do things for you… they can leave, and then you’re screwed. It’s independence.

Here’s one of the secret of happiness: crushing your enemies… or at least getting rid of them. Avoid, ignore, forget. Depression is more about exhaustion though. Eat and rest well.

And if someone has to bleed to have the damn peace, it’s best if it’s not you!

There's nothing worse for the soul than admitting defeat without even trying. You enable the abuser by letting them, by staying, often and all you have to do is step out.

It's also a reference to Jesus. Screw you loser! He didn't even try to hit them once with his cross to make a run for it! Condemned to death by the people he healed, they chose to free a murderer instead! Assholes. It doesn't look like the path to heaven to me; it sounds more like PURE HELL! I don’t want to follow you in your footsteps. Wisdom is to be kind to your allies, but to crush your enemies… and to know which ones are which.

There's nothing worse for the soul than admitting defeat without even trying.

Enjoy figuring that out the hard way~

Lisa Of Shades
10 August 2014

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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka of the Dead: Living

Eu: “It’s my birthday today. On this day, I always think about… whether it’s okay for me to continue living.“ Living. No one deserves to live. Birth isn’t earned; it’s inflicted. It wasn’t your fault. So you might as well enjoy your life.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka of the Dead ~ Is this a zombie ~ Eu ~ birthday ~ continue living ~ suicide

It makes me want to sob with relief hysterically.

I think the same every time I have my birthday. At first I was desperate to spend it with people who are happy that I’m alive… but even my friends didn’t care, I could have been a ghost they wouldn’t have noticed the difference.

Spending this day with careless self centered people like that, who wouldn’t even think of what I need and want one day a year, made me wish to die more than utter loneliness.

Being born unwanted was hard enough. But being with people who don’t see a difference whether you’re there or not, alive or not, because all they care about is themselves, and maybe how they can use you when they feel like it… That’s not friends. If it is, I don’t need them. That’s not a life, if it is, I don’t want it.

So on this day, I spend it alone, because I want my special day… to be without disappointment and pain. So I treat myself, to whatever the hell I want to do! And why stop there! I always do!

I’m sure there’s someone who deserves to die more than you do, and if you’re the worse there is… you still have the right to live and fight for your life even if the whole world wants you dead. Because you never asked or wanted this life, it was forced upon you with all its possible pains and miseries… so you might as well enjoy yourself anyway!

Because that hell might be as good as life can possibly get, and if you truly ended up with the worse… there’s still a whole lot of silly little stuff that you can amuse yourself with.

If you become crazy from sorrow, disgust and hatred… there’s a way to have fun with that too! That’s why I make demotivational posters.


Lisa Of Shades
13 August 2014

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