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Anti dog abuse ~ Title

Anti dog abuse 1 ~ Horrific wounds from prong collars
Anti dog abuse 2 ~ Better alternatives
Anti dog abuse 3 ~ Even Hitler wouldn't hurt his dog
Anti dog abuse 4 ~ JUST STOP! ~ Before it's too late

Positive reinforcement training

Dog with a tie ~ Use your brains for good or don't get any pets
Insanity wolf meme ~ What's in it for me? Use rewards.
ANTI DOG ABUSE! What to use or not with traffic lights colors.
Scowl ~ Stop abuse!
Don't use collars that are torture & execution devices!

Other than collars:
Crates are cages
Pugs are deformed dogs in pain

Other than dogs:
Birds represent values and how much we don't respect them
Leave birds to soar free in the sky where they belong
Stop declawing cats ~ Cruel amputations

Anti dog abuse ~ Title

The gruesome truth about collars. Brace yourself.

ANTI DOG ABUSE PROJECT. The gruesome truth about collars. Brace yourself.

I discovered the prong collar when looking for a choke chain for my "relationships gone bad" project:

Choked by codependency

I didn't know that humans invented something worse than choking... and it really freaked me out badly. So I did arts to cope and add my voice to the internet that this shit isn't okay and must stop NOW.

As I stopped making lovey dovey arts for my friend and made one of the goriest project I ever made... I wondered if moving on from the relationship was really for the best... Am I really better of making gore posters and torturing my mind with the darkest truth in the world, instead to just be complacent and let someone bullshit me and toy with my feelings?

Of course! I'd take actual soul crushing gore anytime, rather than let someone rip my identity, mind and heart apart by promising one but giving me hatred. Oh yeah, bring on the gore! Because as long as I can call gore gore, I can do something to stop it, even if it's just a stupid demotivational poster... But if I call abuse love... then my soul is truly lost... and there is no hope to better the situation.

The people who did those horrors to their dog convinced themselves that they love their dog, are good people, and that this is acceptable behavior because that's how we threat dogs... Fuck the status quo. I refuse to accept this gruesome torture. Because there are far more efficient way to get the same results with far less damage. If you want to act like a piece of shit and have shitty results, then I'll call you a piece of shit doing bullshit that must be stopped!!!

Even if all I can do is say loud and clear that I don't approve, with scorn, disdain and murderous doom... It's not much... compared to putting that collar on you, naked in a tornado-lighting storm, flaying the flesh off your bones and setting you in fire... It seems like a fair retribution after looking at what they did to their most loyal and vulnerable friends. But denouncing you constructively with art is still trying to do something about it... so I'm going to do it... it's probably not going to be enough... but if just one person think "Hm... let's buy another collar, this could really end up worse than I intend to..." well... that will be worth my time. Either way I really need to throw up this shit somewhere.

Enjoy~ Facing the truth is the only way to do something about it... You can enjoy facing the truth, even if it's horrible... and then enjoy doing what you can to make it better.

At least don't buy a prong collar, and if you do... don't put it on your dog. But if you put it on someone who cheated your trust and harmed you willingly... cheated on you and doomed you with aids... Go ahead and have fun! But punishing dogs for being dogs... and for not being a proper pack leader yourself... That's not okay. You're the one who deserve that collar.

Enjoy better ways... and if you need to vent your frustrations... buy a punching bag or make posters or something. You have to be really pathetic to need to torture a helpless creature to feel better about yourself. You have to be really powerless to need that much brutality to make a creature listen to you when they're actually eager to please...

Damn I hate humans. Well, you'll understand why I'm a misanthrope after looking at this... if you have the guts. No, I don't like gore and torture... I like facing reality. I like having the courage to do it. I like shattering my happy delusions. I like ripping my soul apart so I can have a broader vision. I like revolting myself against what I find revolting. It won't go away if we cover our eyes like babies thinking that no one can see them if they don't see.

I see you, you piece of shit. *stares with a glare* I see what you did and I curse you straight to hell! Even if I need to step in it to drag you there!

Older text

I wrote god instead of god by accident... this about that...

I don't censure because even children should know what's in the world, the dark temptations within themselves, and that just because you can doesn't mean that you should... It's absolutely unacceptable... No wonder some dogs turn against us, pit bulls where bread and mistreated to kill each other for our amusement... Then we're so surprised and whine like an innocent when it backfires. Humanity can go to hell.

This is why I'm a misanthrope. This is why social anxiety is self preservation. And doing shit like this in the world is why people are depressed.

The human should be put down. We shouldn't need to have laws against this... we should teach respect for every sentient being, how to control our frustrations to vent anger constructively, how to have self esteem and better ourselves instead to feel the need to crush others, and to think about the responsibility and efforts required from what we want to enjoy... We should feed people better so they'd be more able to think, a balanced diet balances emotions. And for the rabid humans thinking it's easier to do the worst atrocities... they should be put down for the safety of the herd.

The fact that there are articles out there claiming that it's not only acceptable but better for the dog makes me want to kill.

I'm so pissed I need to vent... I'm sharing from fear knowing this exists right now in the world. That this is human nature... that this is considered sane, normal and acceptable... I'd rather be bat shit crazy than normal like this!!!

All those people who think they are so good, I need to show them what they truly are doing, no it's not love.

I wouldn't even trust them with a photo of a dog!

Lisa Of Shades
Image : 13 March 2016
Text: 27+31 March 2016

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Anti dog abuse 1 ~ Horrific wounds from prong collars

Prong collar. It means stabbing fork. Claimed to be better for the dog with an even pressure around the neck. BULLSHIT!
Collar embedded in flesh growing around it.

This is how human nature chose to threat their most vulnerable, loyal and beloved companion. This also explains how we threat our children, lovers and strangers: Extorting our desires with cruel control, instead of understanding and negotiating fairly with compassion. There is nothing humane about humans. Even dogs aren't as bestial.

Anti dog abuse 1 ~ Prong collar ~ cruelty damage decapitate cut blood gore ~ loyal loving vulnerable

The poster became so long I had to cut it in 4 parts... that's how outrage I feel.

That's so beyond horrible... I put them in order of the least soul crushing to beyond my worst nightmares... to traumatize you progressively. Congratulation of you dared to face reality and looked at them all, hopefully it was with a weeping heart... and you didn't do this... I learned the hard way that I could do anything if the situation was life threatening enough... but there's no reason train dogs this way... unless you really REALLY suck at it like hell. Don't get a dog, or a cat, or even a gold fish... or children... Just don't do anything... donate your hands to amputees... just stop.

I watched the dog whisperer and I freaked out when he used that collar on the dogs sometimes, because the owner bought it and he tried to respect their ways... But he said that a very slight tug should be given to redirect the dog's attention when he gets distracted, before the situation escalades. Turning his head away, back on the sidewalk, when he sees a dog that he usually tries to kill. Eventually he loses the habit if the leader is assertive enough, he won't feel threatened.

But he accomplished the same with a regular collar put on top of the neck. People who don't know how to handle a dog properly will do damage even without a collar, and those who can be entrusted dogs won't mutilate them into submission even if they use the most dangerous tools. Don't get a dog unless you're better than one... train him with your brain and heart, not a metal mouth. Dominance is about willpower, not pain.

I try to find enjoyment in everything... but honestly... right now I'm just plain freaking out.

Are prong collars, choke chains and shock collars humane? at examiner.

Is there really anything humane in humanity...?

I found the picture with the prong collar left to cut the dog's neck for so long that flesh grew and merged it with his body... at that site:

Dog found in Lansing with chain in neck; authorities offering $2,500 reward for info at detroit.cbslocal.

People are trying to stop him...? maybe there's hope for humanity... maybe...

Lisa Of Shades
Image : 13 March 2016
Text: 31 March 2016

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Anti dog abuse 2 ~ Better alternatives

(text is below)

Anti dog abuse 2 ~ Prong, choker, electric collar cruelty ~ gentle leaders, head collars harness service dog blind ~ train goldfish tricks

No prongs, no chokers and no electric collars! NO PAIN!!! We can lead a big horse without making them bleed by redirecting their head with a halter. Gentle Leaders / Head Collars work the same way, but they can still hurt the dog's neck if he pulls too fast too hard.

Harnesses are harmless even for dogs with respiratory distress. Do you want to share love & happiness or bloody aggressiveness...? Choose wisely because you'll reap what you sow. You have to live with yourself too, so have a positive mindset.
Service dogs can lead the blind, warn of danger and comfort the distressed. Stop wasting their potential with your willful ignorance. There are better ways than making it harder thinking it's easier.

Even goldfishes will do cool tricks if you motivate them patiently with food rewards. You're even stupider than them if you don't train your dog with this most effective way. Teach good behavior by showing it. Use positive reinforcements, with rewards not punishments.


I found the gentle leader collar image at this site; I like their opinion of the prong collar:
Choosing the right collar for your dog at dependabledog.

I don't have a dog so I don't know what I'm talking about, that's true... But no need to have had all the dogs ever born and being the best geniuses of all time to know that mutilating a dog just because he doesn't do what you want the way you want it, or to keep him where he doesn't want to be... that's just wrong... The dog whisperer saved dogs that where about to be put down because they where at risk of killing children... by letting them be dogs and fulfilling their needs. If they're put in a crate (CAGE barely as big as they are) all day long, like a toy in a toy box... of course they'll go crazy and be destructive without an outlet for their energy... You would too!

If you wouldn't respond well to something if it was done to you, the dog won't either. They're not a plush toy. They have reason and emotions just like all the other races including humans (sometimes...). Give them human rights, but threat them like dogs. They have a different language and needs than us. They live in the moment and don't even understand punishment. Pay attention and stop them before they do something wrong. Show them what's right. They'll know what to do, instead of what not to do and how mean you can be.

Stop teaching your dog that bloody cruelty when displeased is acceptable, that's how dogs end up biting people's throat open.

There are better ways to get better results. If you want your dog to be at his best, then chose what is. Be at your best too. Otherwise, your dog will be the mirror of your own worth as a leader and person... You are the one to blame if your dog or your child is a failure. You failed to show them better and help them be better. So instead to do even worse as a punishment, do better, and you'll get better. The results... and as a person.

Trained fish does amazing tricks at YouTube

People can train goldfishes with food alone... without slicing them into sushi trying to use intimidation and fear to make them obey... It can be done without pain, stop making it harder than it has to be for both your sakes.

Enjoy better~

According to the movie "The secret", the law of attraction brings your thoughts to you. So if we are against something, we just spread more of it by focusing on it... Indeed I'm spreading more gore... But ignoring the problem won't make it go away either... The best is to point the problem and then give better alternatives... and put the focus on that, encouraging people to try... and see for themselves... how wrong they where... and how better life can be.

Lisa Of Shades
Image : 13 March 2016
Text: 27+31 March 2016

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Anti dog abuse 3 ~ Even Hitler wouldn't hurt his dog

(Text is below)

Anti dog abuse 3 ~ Prong choker electric collar ~ cruelty domination damage gore ~ loyal loving playing fetch ~ Hitler Nazi ~ better laws

Stop abuse! No, your dog doesn't deserve it. You don't have a bad dog. You're a bad person. You're not even able to control yourself. You shouldn't even be allowed to breed.

Hitler playing fetch with his dog without a collar. Even Hitler wouldn't hurt his dog. Nazi Germany's law on animal protection (1933) forbids doing such cruelty to animals. Even the Nazis wouldn't allow it.

We do. Our society allows it legally. We're worse. The torturous massacres that we do, to all sentient beings including each other, are ignored carelessly but they are still happening. Because it's easier to look away and justify bad behavior with bullshit than to change and do better. At least try.


NAZI GERMANY AND ANIMAL RIGHTS. 1933 Law on Animal Protection at worldfuturefund.

Fun fact to explain the site's image: Hitler's name is Adolf, it means wolf.

Hitler wouldn't do this... (see: Anti dog abuse 1) He was a vegetarian who passed laws against vivisection, dissecting live animals without anesthesia. We operated on babies without anesthesia too because it was believed that babies couldn't feel pain yet, and they preferred to save money on the medicine than not take the risk to torture a helpless baby. And people think I'm a psychopath because I like Hitler... when they do worse themselves. Hitler never killed a Jew, he never even mistreated a dog! The population did... and ours is no better when given the opportunity without fear of punishment.

Hitler didn't need to make his dog bleed with a prong collar or choke him with a choker to make him obey. He's not even using a collar at all in this photo. Hitler needed to leave his dog behind for war and his dog went on a very long journey to find him again. He was a good leader for the people that he loved. It's only natural to not be this way to our enemies. Yes he was particularly cruel with them... but if that makes him a monster... then what does being cruel with our loved ones makes us? Worse monsters.

When I start thinking that Hitler wasn't such a bad guy after all, in spite of the genocide, it's because I've seem some rally disturbing horrors... that even Hitler wouldn't do...

But I can understand and respect the logic behind someone who hate Jews as enemies and decides to murder his foe. It's horrible, but it makes sense to want to kill what you hate as see as a threat to your own values and everything you hold as dear, right and sacred. I'm not saying that I agree, I'm saying that he acted according to his belief and feelings with everything he had... That makes him honorable, even as an enemy.

What I cannot endure are people who claim to love and care but then do the extreme opposite, acting with hatred and sadism, against their most loyal friend who did nothing to them... Beating them into submission because they want their help and protection... It's just nonsense... It breaks my heart... It's beyond horrible... because it's void of reason and void of heart... People like that should be put down as rabid dogs. Then maybe the world would make some more sense and there wouldn't be as much pointless suffering... Then after we took care of the bullshit all around us... Maybe we can unite to stop wars together.

Otherwise... if we commit the worst atrocities while claiming to care... such hatred claiming to love... then I have a hard time believing that our genes are worth saving...

If god truly preferred the human race as His chosen people over animals, plants and insects... instead to cherish his whole creation as a whole... If He only likes a group of chosen humans to cause a bloody rivalry... If he has the power to stop such pointless cruelty but doesn't... If we are in his image... Then that god is evil. Because we are evil. Not just Hitler. All of us. Just look at how we threat vulnerable creatures when we think that we have the power and won't be punished for it... Hitler only got power on a larger scale... The wrongs where committed simply because he too, was human.

We have to stop ourselves. We think it's okay to do it to animals because we see it as an inferior race... But Sooner or later we end up having that attitude with each other too.

At least Hitler wasn't a hypocrite about it.
Lisa Of Shades
Image : 13 March 2016
Text: 29+31 March 2016

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Anti dog abuse 4 ~ JUST STOP! ~ before it's too late

Maybe the only way to stop some people's wrongdoings is to kill them so the world can be a better place. But the dogs are too kind and loyal to agree. Just stop to cause and allow suffering. NOW! You're slowly turning a loving being into your own killer.

Anti dog abuse 4 ~ Prong collar ~ Loyal dog curled up on a grave ~ loyalty to death ~ respect love ~ deserve hate murder

I started to think that Hitler was right, some people should just be killed... It would be better to just kill the dog's owner than give euthanasia to a dog who snapped after being mistreated for years. And then... I saw this picture... and my heart wept even more... I bet even the dogs who's been mutilated close to death, worse than death, would be loyal too if given the chance... Even dogs don't want those people dead... they just want to be loved...

Dogs are better than me...
Lisa Of Shades
Image : 13 March 2016
Text: 31 March 2016

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Positive reinforcement training

Dog: "I wanted to love you and use my fangs for treats! But you keep abusing me. Enough is enough! I'm going to maul you to death! I hate you too!"

Positive reinforcement training. All dogs and living beings have the potential to be killers, if they need to eat or if we scare & hurt them enough to trigger their survival instincts.

Anti dog abuse ~ killer dog angry fangs ~ Positive reinforcement training rewards not punishements

The photo is from
Killer dog owners face 14 years in jail under Government crackdown on dangerous pets

Yes, owners should be accountable for what their pets do, and what they do to their pets, which is cause and effect... both ways... They use bad dog behavior to justify their own bad behavior, which just cause more bad dog behavior and the cycle continues until an innocent is killed... the dog is killed... and the owner should suffer the consequences too.

I don't think that locking people up in jail to stop them from messing up for a couple of years can change them... They really should be trained to know better. People like that where probably abused as children, or saw abuse as something normal to get what they wanted, and as adult they feel entitled that it's their turn to mistreat weaker than them... But even a dog can kill... even a child can stab you in their sleep... We need to stop ignoring the fact that we are ALL MONSTERS, and train our primal brain to use reason and emotions when making decisions... But someone who's stressed out, sleep deprived, malnourished, poisoned... will act out... won't be able to have good judgment...

The problem with dog abuse has roots all over society in the way we are raised, interact with each other... and even how we threat ourselves.

Someone with good self esteem and proper self care is unlikely to threat others so poorly.

So start with yourself, learn to threat yourself with dignity and care... And if you don't, I hope that you'll get a punishment as cruel as what you did... out of abuse and neglect.

We need to change society... and for that we all need to change ourselves. Start with you. It will do an echo all around you, and you will get it back.

Lisa Of Shades
Image : 13 March 2016
Text: 27 March 2016

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Dog with a tie ~ Use your brains for good or don't get any pets

Dog: "Got brains? Use them for good."

Ties are a choking hazards that kill people. If this cuteness is dangerous for the dog... Then chokers, electric & prong collars are hellish tortures. The sadists doing this are evil and provoke being mauled.

Have an angry impatient person try them on you. That's not an acceptable way to care for a loved one. If that's the best you can do to handle a dog, DON'T GET ANY PET!

Anti dog abuse ~ dog wearing tie glasses ~ choking hazard kills people choker electric prong collar sadist evil

As cute as he looks, even neck ties are a choking hazard and killed people. Then the other collars are beyond committing torturous death... Yes they've been used on frail dogs like this one too... With extreme force... And with jaws, if you struggle hard enough you can get away from death... but with prong collars it just make it worse... there's no hope for escape... it turns the will to live and be safe against the dog so he hurts himself too... It's so disgusting... If I was able to vomit, I'd have to buy another keyboard...

I mistreated my pets... not that badly... but it was still horrible and unacceptable. I was being neglected and abused myself and I blew up when they did something wrong, because I didn't know how to train my dog, and the cats are nocturnal so they kept waking me up at night... And I had unknown allergies that made me very sick... and blood sugar swings causing mood swings... I was in no condition to take care of a pet... But I thought I was just depressed for no reason, blaming life, and that pets would cheer me up in a cute way...

But they where one more responsibilities when I already didn't know how to take care of myself... so I hurt them too... I didn't understand how to be better and why back then... but at least I understood that I should forbid myself to have pets... I have fishes now... they're silent so they don't cause sleep deprivation and don't require my supervision to get exercise. When doing that project... I succumbed to the temptation to feel ashamed of what I did... because "oh it wasn't that bad, I only made them bleed and cry for mercy, I didn't almost decapitate them..." then I stopped myself right there and shamed myself twice as hard.

Because people don't end up doing utterly horrible things right away... they do one step in the wrong direction, then dismiss their awareness of their wrongdoings thinking "oh it's not that bad", and then they do another small step deeper towards hell... and at every step, it doesn't look that much worse... but before you know it, your dog looks worst than a concentration camp victim and you end up in jail because it's too horrible to look the other way...

My poor pets... I'm so sorry... I hope that you had a better life in your new home... but abandoning you wasn't much better and I'm sorry about that too...

I'll deny myself the joys to have pets to make sure that I won't end up harming them... because I don't think I can do better until I figure out how to be better to myself, without the help of a house full of cats.

Fake fur blankets in polyester are great to be comforted!

Enjoy life without torturing a sentient being...
Lisa Of Shades
Image : 13-14 March 2016
Text: 27+31 March 2016

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Insanity wolf meme ~ What's in it for me? Use rewards.


Insanity wolf ~ I understand what you what, what's in it for me ~ Stop dog abuse ~ Positive reinforcement ~ Rewards not punishments

The intelligent wolfdogs responds better to rewards, it'd be dangerous to be aggressive with a wild animal.
Lisa Of Shades
Image : 14 March 2016
Text: 31 March 2016

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ANTI DOG ABUSE! What to use or not with traffic lights colors.

ANTI DOG ABUSE! What to use or not.

(Red) HELL NO: chocker, electric or prong collars.
(yellow) RISKY: Gentle Leaders / Head Collars or regular.
(Green) SAFE: Harness. Your brain (research, understanding & training). Your heart (patience, care & compassion).
If you won't do the best, your dog can't either.

Anti dog abuse ~ What to use or not ~ HELL NO: choker electric prong collars ~ RISKY: gentle leader head collar ~ SAFE ~ harness, your head and heart

I used traffic lights to explain that not options are the same, and used traffic lights colors to make it easier for people who aren't gifted with much intelligence, or are too drunk... well, those shouldn't drive either...

I tried to resume what I found while doing research, try doing your own, especially before buying and using anything... At least know what you are doing, damnit! Or don't.

People can buy from impulse because they think it's cute and want to own it... take a picture and add it to your screen saver. Otherwise, you'll end up with a miserable sick pet who'll be destructive because you don't give him positive outlets for his energy, such as walks... If you don't even give your pets the very basics for their healthy survival, don't think they're spoiled because you give them a threat every now and then!

The first set does obvious damage, but even a regular collar can kill a dog on a chain if he jumps above a fence and ends up above ground on the other side, unable to go back.

A gentle leader can hurt the neck if a super excited dog runs fast and is abruptly stopped, it's less dangerous if they are kept close on a short held leash without the possibility to run and gain momentum. But you could probably do that with a harness.

Harnesses are safe even for dogs with respiratory problems and pull weight.

Use your brain and have some heart. Do not threat dogs like toys or slaves. Adult dogs aren't human babies. Dogs are dogs and deserve respect as a sentient being. As a life form capable of intelligence and emotions.

Stop being an asshole.

I researched why dogs need to be on a leash and can't roam free like cats... it's because they are capable of doing more damage... and people are scared of them... but if all dogs where required to be trained, if owners where forced by law to learn how to handle dogs and get a permit... then it would spare a lot of pain for everyone. Society should stop assuming that because it's easy to fill a bowl with food and give a kiss that everyone can take care of animals properly. It's like having children, it's a full time job...

And I wish people where required to get a permit to procreate too... With lessons such as "alternative to raping your own child when you're horny"... A man entered someone's else's home to rape the dog and was found by a little girl...

We need forced education and permits... And they want to stop making them for guns... Guns are harmless compared to human stupidity.

Enjoy intelligently by being properly informed. If you know how, it will go much more smoothly.

Lisa Of Shades
Image : 14 March 2016
Text: 31 March 2016

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Scowl ~ Stop abuse!

STOP ABUSE! Your wrongs will be noticed sooner or later. And we'll hold you accountable.

Anti dog abuse ~ Peter Capaldi scowl ~ Prong collar torture

First text:

After discovering the prong collar, I need to cope by denouncing the methods for what they truly are: torture. The world is full of unbearable cruelties. Looking away with ignorance would allow them. I want change. Raising awareness is my contribution.

Enjoy staring into the abyss~ Knowledge is power.


I don't know who Peter Capaldi is but he has the meanest scowl. Amazing, that's just how I feel inside about painful collars. If a stare could kill, that would be it.

Even though you think you are in the privacy of your own home with no one to see you, sooner or later people will figure it out. Wounds speak loudly even if the dog cannot.

I saw what you did and I despise you to death.

People must not look the other way thinking that it's none of their business. Otherwise they are accomplices of allowing cruelty to be spread into the world... and it could literally end up biting them too someday.

Lisa Of Shades
Image : 14+31 March 2016
Text: 31 March 2016

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Don't use collars that are torture & execution devices!

(Text is below)

Anti dog abuse ~ choker hang man ~ electric chair collar ~ prong iron maiden collar ~ torture execution


Chocker collar. It kills even by accident. The brain needs oxygen to understand, less won't help.
(Hang man)

(A man who killed an Iranian youth in a street fight with a knife in 2007.)

Electric collar. Shocks aren't good for the heart even if they can restart it. It kills slowly. (Electric chair. That's real fear of death in his eyes.)

Prong collar. Mixing several torture methods at once. Multiple stabbings at the same time. As if just one prick or suffocation wasn't cruel enough... We're not more civilized than animals. We're worse.
(The iron maiden device. Sleepy Hollow movie.)

What the hell are you doing to dogs!? Dog "lovers", look at the shit you've done.


It really is that bad... are you seeing it yet... open your eyes already!

The prong collar: Training aid or torture instrument?
If you need a torture instrument to train your dog, you need some serious training yourself...

Top 10 most brutal ways to die at listogre.
If we threat our own kin this way... what hopes can dogs have? We need to find better ways to use our intelligence... maybe then we won't feel so infuriated with each other's stupidity.

The choker is like hanging...
The electric collar is like an electric chair that kills slowly...
The prong collar is like hanging and an iron maiden at the same time...

The iron maiden is from the movie sleepy Hollow, but the others photos are real deaths. I prefer movies where everyone is pretending... but the world would indeed be better without some people... I'm aware that I'm human too... and it's in part because I dare to face my own evil nature, in spite of all my good will, that I know how bad humans are.

To human, killing to get rid of the threat isn't enough, we want to make our enemies suffer as long as possible in the worst manner... even if all they did is disagree with us about their opinion, beliefs, or how they want to live their own lives! Or the level of their tan on their skin!!!?

We're worse than animals... The only thing that we have above them is our cruelty.

Lisa Of Shades
Image : 15 March 2016
Text: 31 March 2016

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Crates are cages

Crates are cages. As unpleasant as the medieval tortures for execution, prisons that take freedom & the pleasures of life away. They're not a safe happy place to spend an entire day. Stop punishing your dog just for being a dog! If you bothered to share healthy activities with your loyal companion, instead to threat him like just another decoration, he wouldn't end up spending his energy destructively. Your pet's quality of life should be more important than your lifeless things.

Anti dog abuse ~ crate too small ~ cage prison ~ gibbeting gibbet execution hanging suspended death

I'll talk about crates too while I'm at it.

But what can dog hope for when we do stupid shit like this to our own babies... suspended out a window... high above the ground... in impending doom... Fresh air is good for them! Hm... how about a walk... Your brain needs some fresh air too...

Baby taking up too much room? Try this solution from the 1930s... a window CAGE hanging in the air for your infant to crawl in at dailymail.

We love to think that we're so much better than medieval times. But we merely ended up doing the tortures to those who are unable to complain loud and clear, dog and babies, and then we feel righteous thinking that it's for their own good... When it's in fact awful to them but lazy and convenient for us. Spend a day in a cage barely big enough for you to turn around... Without your phone, the internet, TV or music... or anyone... Heck you wouldn't be able to stand a day without your phone! Once out of the cage, after days and days, you'd shit on the carpet, chew the couch and try to kill someone too.


Can you imagine how it would be like to not even be able to shit in another room, or a corner, having to sit in your own piss and feces or hold it painfully until someone bothers to let you out... because you'd get a beating too as if it wasn't horrible enough to walk in shit for hours and smell it with a very sensitive nose all day long. Nothing to eat... Nothing to entertain you except your own despair... No TV... people uses cages to put their dog on hold, as if it was a TV show that they can just watch when they get back from work, if they find the time... Dogs are living beings... I don't understand why so few of them try to kill us. We really deserve it.


We even cut off the tails of puppies without anesthesia because "it,s cuter that way and that's the way the breed should look"... I knew someone wh kept killing her dogs by cutting their ears and letting them die from an infection in their crate full of shit...

We even cut off the tails of puppies without anesthesia because "it's cuter that way and that's the way the breed should look"... I knew someone who kept killing her dogs by cutting their ears and letting them die from an infection in their crate full of shit... They didn't live long... she kept buying another one... and kept cutting the ears.

Some people never learn, not even when death teaches them a lesson.

*Flips an metaphorical table in anger* That's how you vent anger harmlessly.


I'm not better than anyone... A huge wasp got in my home. I trapped it in a container and left her outside to die in her prison... but if I free her she might be a queen who'll multiply like crazy... if I try to give her a quick death, she might sting me... That's how we threat what we see as enemies... I wish I could say that I don't threat my pets this way but aquariums are small compared to rivers...

There's no redemption for any of us... I wish at least we didn't do this out of love thinking that it's better for the animal too...

Maybe I should go free the wasp too... I freed the wasp... it's not her fault that I fear wasps... She didn't attack me when she had the chance... She didn't deserve the slow distressful death that I almost inflicted upon her.

I feel better than if I had squished her... Stronger... because I know that if she comes back, I can just handle it peacefully again.


Bird cages are the same...

Cruel mum starved dogs in urine-soaked cages while stuffing herself with takeaways in front of them (Photos)


Please god... give us plagues... and try to aim at the horrible people for a change.

Animal cruelty articles list at mirror. So many...

I blame frustrations due to overpopulation making us stressed out and with a bad quality of life because we need to compete and share with too many... I blame human nature...

The world needs fewer humans. Preferably none.

(I'm back after taking a break and getting some healthy food to fuel my wits.)

She justified herself by saying that she wasn't feeling well after her father's death... What kind of fucked up logic is that... She's sad about death and her way to cheer herself up is by watching several lives slowly die! If that's how she likes it, she can be locked up in a cage, her kids taken away and forced to starve... Actually that's pretty much what happened because she went to jail.

I think it's still too lenient, they shouldn't feed her.

Or even better if she misses her dead father so much she can join him... By digging him up and locking her inside his coffin, burying her alive. I'd bet she'd chew on his dry skin like gum out of desperation.

If I saw that I'd be like "oh no the poor woman!"
The people burying her would reply: "Just watch a video of what she did while we bury her. (A moment later.) Do you want us to dig her out?
Me: "Nope... I'm good..."

I was trying to be sarcastic but it seems like a fair solution. That's her own life choices applied right back at her, so it sounds fair to me. My motto is "Return what is given to you, whether it makes you grateful or vengeful". If it makes me vengeful, people can only blame their own bad behavior.

She wouldn't even find the courage to make herself food... only eating take out delivered straight to her fat ass. I bet she thought "Hey, if I cage the dogs, I won't need to walk them. If I don't feed the dogs, I won't have to clean their shit. I'm a genius!"

What's really traumatizing is that children played running around the cages, they didn't feel pity for the dogs enough to share a French fries with them from their meal... The children didn't beg her to free the dogs; they didn't unlock them at night while she slept to let them flee for their lives... But maybe they where too scared to end up beat up with her selfie stick, or end up in those cages themselves... What kind of adults are they going to turn into if extreme cruelty was on daily display while having fun... I hope they'll get better education... Maybe some kids should get hit by cars...

It's not like she forgot the cages in the casement, she ate in front of the dogs... She relished their screams as they begged and their tears added extra salt to her junk food...

She was really fat... I guess looking at starving dogs made her hungry.

She could afford feeding them, she deliberately chose not to. She wanted them to suffer and she enjoyed it. It wasn't vengeance for a bite, it wasn't a temporary punishment, it was constant torture by giving them a hellish life. She wanted to watch others be even more miserable than she felt, to feel superior, to feel powerful by watching the helpless... instead to try to improve her own life. She's a bully killing with abusive neglect.

Despicable. I have no mercy for merciless people.

Death to those people. They are a disease. This is no way to cope with grief... To inflict more grief... and not just one dog... several... This is beyond appalling... I want her dead. I just want people like that to stop crawling on the surface of the planet, even if it means my own doom.

Just because you don't care and think you are stronger... Others will care and have the power to stop you and make you regret it.

Many thanks to the people who helped to lock that human up. Calling her a bitch would be a compliment...

It reminds me of the movie "Feed"... A psychopaths convince obese people to eat as much as they want pretending that they're beautiful... while doing bets online to see how much he can fatten her up before she eats herself to death... He gives her raw pancake batter mixed with the fat of his previous victim... When a policeman comes to save her... She insults him and mocks him... He kills her, ties up the criminal on a chair... and everyday he comes to eat in his face while he slowly turns into a thin skeleton... while dating his sister... And he makes him say what the killer made his victims say: "Feed me" but he doesn't.

When I saw that fiction movie... I thought that it was one of the most horribly fucked up hellish thing that I've ever seen... But reality is far worse than horror movies...

Why can't people see that inflicting pain on others doesn't give the pain away, it just creates more misery... If they want to feel better by comparison, they can just google the calamities that are already happening. If I need to see how worse my life can be and feel grateful that it's not that bad, I watch a horror movie. Romantic comedies make me feel lonelier. I like fake gore because they're beautiful artworks when the silicone is sculpted in a credible manner. But I don't torture living creatures for fun!!!

If you need to murder, play some videogames!!! They're not the cause of violence; they're a harmless outlet for it!

Unless you're a mindless drone without a decent upbringing. Some young kids where given violent adult games and shot their family, just because they where into the game's mindset too much, and firearms where in reach. Monkeys see, monkeys do. I wish parents could educate their children properly... but barbaric people can only teach what they know... Thankfully we have some free thinkers who can figure out when shit is just too wrong to be done... even if that's how everybody does it...

There's far better to do than this hell!!!

We're so obsessed with the desire to control and have a power trip, we try to cage everything in the hope to feel safe. CONTROL YOURSELF!!! Your ignorance is what you should fear the most, because it will get you into trouble and then you won't know how to get out of it. EDUCATE YOURSELF!!! Knowledge is true power!

Find better and enjoy~ Freely~ And let others free.
Lisa Of Shades
31 March 2016
1 April 2016

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Pugs are deformed dogs in pain

(Text is below)

Pug wolf human skull ~ evolution vs. intelligent design ~ deformed beauty beholder eye popping out

Wolf skull. Product of evolution. Optimized for survival. Because only the healthiest wolves, the best adapted to their environment, could live long enough to reproduce. All dogs where bred from wolves for different purposes.
Pug skull. Product of "intelligent" design. By selective breeding. Optimized for superficial standard of beauty, to have a flat face like humans, because people can't appreciate what's different than themselves. But under the skin, it's not flat, it's crushed and deformed. Pugs are mutilated dogs!

This inflicts constant health problems: The nose is crushed so they can't breathe properly. Suffocating makes exercise too hard to be excited. People enjoy their pain because they're quieter like toys. It puts so much pressure on the dogs' eyes that they bleed and pop out. Humans find bulging eyes cute because the stupid look makes them feel superior.

Human skull. Adapted to have a flat face with a big nose opening, deep eye sockets to protect the eyes without a long nose, and a well fitting jaw & aligned teeth to eat properly. The pugs aren't so lucky.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Behold human stupidity! We mustn't decide what life forms should look like, we don't understand what's healthy and livable, not even for our own sake.

Unhealthy dogs like pugs must not be bred! Not because they're bad dogs, but because their poor souls deserve a decent body and life.


It's based on this meme that compares animal's faces:
Wolf, product of evolution. Pug, product of intelligent design.

I made the art long because I wanted the repulsive pug skull to be as visible as possible... and I have too much to say...

Interesting skull comparisons at

Pugs Defective by Design at terriermandotcom.blogspot. Very good explanation about the advantages of a long snout and how selective breeding caused very painful health problems.

How a century of breeding 'improvement' has turned once-healthy dogs into deformed animals at dailymail.

Dog breeds 1915 vs. 2015 at mercola. "These dogs live a life of silent torture, even though they weren't directly abused."

Some quotes I found:

"Pugs should be banned. Fuck your twisted aesthetics that are more important to you than the poor dog's health." I couldn't agree more.

About a pug with a eye full of blood bulging out of its socket painfully that I found at reddit:

"Pugs are especially prone to eye problems because of their exaggerated flat faces, so unfortunately this (NSFW) isn't entirely uncommon."

Some dumb ass replied like it's normal and not a big deal:

"Dogs with those weird eyes sometimes have them pop out a little if they get too excited. According to all my friends with bug-eyed dogs, you kind of just poke them back in and it's fine. And also super gross. "

How would you like to have some giant poke your eyes back into your sockets every time you get a little too happy? Yeah, you'd learn not to be happy very often... But people are happy about it because the dog is quieter, like the decorative plush toy they want them to be. It's sickening... If that's beautiful I'd rather be ugly. Human standard of beauty are starvation, painting toxic chemicals, suffocating corsets that moves internal organs around and kill pregnant women... Because dead babies are so cute...

We reproduced deformed dogs until they had a flat face like humans, even though it's not viable to have a short snout for a dog, because we are so vain and self centered that we can't stand anything that doesn't look like us... We preferred to deform a dog into a lifetime of suffocation, eye bulging and misery because we couldn't stand a real canine's face... But it's illegal to have little slaves that we can manipulate like rag dolls and who can't beg us to stop...

Babies leave us once they become adults and people can't handle that... so they slowly torture dogs to death... so they won't have to deal with natural things in life, they deforms life forms unnaturally... You sicken me... the silver lining is that at least you don't reproduce when you use dogs as a surrogate for your sick and twisted clingy maternal instincts...

But you shouldn't be allowed near dogs either. It may be easier to dominate and destroy someone else's life than fix your own... but unless you face the crap you do, the shit that you are responsible for, the bullshit that you inflict on yourself... even rushing dog's faces won't change how pathetic you are... even making another poor create more pitiful than you won't make you any better... and the fact that it makes you feel better sickens me so much that I want to punch your teeth through your thick skull.

But sometimes it's better to deny ourselves what we want...


I wasn't born into Buddhism but reincarnation makes perfect sense scientifically. The law of conservation of energy says "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another."

So it makes sense that the energy that animates our bodies goes into another body when we die. That's why it's so important to make sure that the containers available for our souls are healthy, life is hard enough without being in constant agony and disabled. Everything is made of energy, even matter. A calcium element can pass from a plant to an anima, back to earth and back into a plant.

So the idea that humans will only be reincarnated as humans doesn't fit with how limitless the matter and energy can be transferred. Everything is made of star dust. So you really could be reincarnated in an animal that you mutilated and deformed by selecting the sickest animals for shallow reasons.

There's a theory that says that all life forms are the same soul, reincarnated to learn and be stronger, that life is in fact an egg for a god to be born. I believe that all life forms is one giant organism, the same way as we are composed of cells that where, are and will be... The cruelty that we do to others, we are doing it to ourselves.

Enjoy~ If you wouldn't... then act differently.
Lisa Of Shades
31 March 2016
1 April 2016

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Birds represent values and how much we don't respect them

(Test is below)

Birds ~ Eagle dove swan peacock ~ Freedom peace love beauty ~ caged cut wings beak cruelty

Birds are symbols of precious values:
(Eagle) Freedom
(Dove) Peace
(Swans) Love
(Peacock) Beauty

And this is how we threat them:
(Wing cutting, cages, beak cutting)

Bird cruelty. Because we love to hear their lonely screams for help. And we don't want them to be able to get away or fight back. We call this sadism taking care of a bird and grooming. But to animals, grooming is an expression of respect. There's nothing caring about how we threat them. This isn't love. This is hatred. If you want music, buy an instrument and learn a skill, or anything lifeless that can't suffer from your stupidity.


Wing clipping... let's be honest by calling it what it really is: wing cutting, wing mutilating, wing disabling.

Overcrowded birds in a cages and those are always too small. They can't spread their wings and are desperate to get out.

Filing beaks because they don't get to use it to eat, climb and explore so it overgrows. Letting it come to this isn't much better than debeaking chicks, cutting babies' body parts without anesthesia... So we can overcrowd chickens without them being able to fight for space... or eat properly...

I shed some tears doing research... Here are some links...

List of birds and their keyword significance at universalsky. It's not what I've expected so I improvised. The dove means both peace and love.

Why you may want to avoid clipping your bird's wings at Mercola.

Horrible photos at wikipedia: Wing clipping.

I took the image of the wings being cut there:
Their site is called beauty of birds and they called this motivation grooming... I'm not going to activate the link, to make sure google don't reward them with a better placement. Assholes.

The bird really looks horrified, screaming "Arg! NOOO! What the hell are you doing!?" Imagine getting your dick cut off so you won't do stains on the furniture.

Oh we keep cutting the genitals off of animals, the whole uterus inside females... I forgot about that... but yeah animals reproduce too fast... but we could give vasectomies to males only... It's dangerous to remove entire glands... But we're happy that it stops natural behaviors... We don't want life forms to act alive... That's disturbing... We don't even want birds to fly... Which is basically all they're about... Tiny legs, no arms... what's left... Signing... it's not because they're happy. Birds screams when they wake up to locate their friends and find mates. Caged birds sing because they're lonely, calling for help... You sick "birdnapper"! Swans mate for life. Lovebirds are said to die of loneliness without their mate.

Parrot Beaks: To Trim or Not? "If this procedure must be performed, general anesthesia may be required, and the procedure should be performed aseptically." People use their dirty nail clippers or electric renovation tools... The noises alone must be traumatic, but having a body part rubbed into oblivion that fast must vibrate in the neck and entire body and really be terrifying.

Debeaking video shows standard practice on free range egg farms at freefromharm. I chose a photo from there instead because the extreme result shows how bad that kind of action is, even when it's not "that bad", cutting beaks is cutting beaks, it's the same!!!

We are really being fooled with the expression "free range" for our food. It sounds like animals that are free to roam outside in healthy sunshine and fresh air... But it's overcrowded chickens inside a building who still shit on each other, but in one big container instead of a few per cages. It's still not freedom when you sit in piss all day until your skin burns with visible wounds, and so many others crushing you that they would kill you if they had a beak, because that's unbearable.

I have absolutely no problem with killing. Death is natural, and it just continues as life inside another life form. Eating meat is necessary to get enough B12.

What is unacceptable is inflicting a torturous life and slow agonizing death, which basically starts at birth, in an existence worse than death that isn't worth living. We can't expect to be healthy by feeding on sick animals, healthy animals taste way better too.

So killing isn't wrong, it's necessary for life. But the how and why sure can be. Even the most ferocious predators try to give swift and painless death. They get to eat faster this way. The hunt is part of the fun so they let their prey live happy and free~ They're not the savage monsters, we are.

If we can't threat the food that will become part of us in a healthy manner, then we're not treating ourselves with dignity and respect... and our pets can't hope for much better.

I wish someone could stop us... and some people try...

Love should be love. Caring is doing what's good for what you care about, not for youself at their perils...

And if you hate animals enough to think that hurting them to get things your way is acceptable, then don't have one.

The only thing that I'm enjoying about this project is that I'm finally done with it... What people do... out of "love"... literally made me sick. If that's how you love, love them less... You greedy heartless monster.

Just stop.
Lisa Of Shades
1 April 2016

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Leave birds to soar free in the sky where they belong

The birds will die in that cage. This distressing torture is a slow method of execution. It was done in medieval times with hatred. Now it's done out of love. Love birds less. Leave them alone. Leave birds to soar free in the sky where they belong.
(Skeleton replica entrance to the EWN55X in London)

Animal abuse ~ Bid cage pet parrot, suspended round metal ~ Medieval torture execution ~ Skeleton replica entrance to the EWN55X in London

I was hoping to be done with this project, but human cruelty is endless... so I'll do some more to get the ideas out of my head. I thought that I couldn't take it anymore... but I slept 14h, so I can take over the world again.

This is a very well done skeleton replica, at the entrance to the EWN55X in London. It looks real and you can see the teeth of an everlasting silent scream...

But when birds do it we think it's a beautiful music... Calling for help... Often unable to even open their wings, when they where meat to soar the sky... Nothing is more tragic that a symbol of freedom in a cage...

Enjoy them outside where they belong... and buy a damn radio and posters of birds.

You won't need to clean their shit, it's win-win... really... Buy a camera, get outside in nature, take photos, and add them to a random screen saver.

Lisa Of Shades
2 April 2016

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Stop declawing cats ~ Cruel amputations

(Text is below)

Animal abuse ~ Declawing cats, cutting toes finger at the first joint ~ Cruel amputation, painful mutilation ~ scratch post, clippers cap ~ sticky paws ~ nail came off

How cats are declawed.

It looks horribly painful... but that's not how we do it.

THIS! Is how we declaw cats. This is cruel. This hurts like hell. Imagine getting more than 18 painful amputations! It stays sensitive so their paws hurt all the time. Everyday. Non stop. It hurts just to stand. But they have to dig into hard rocks in their litter box. If you disagree that this is too cruel, try it. Then you'll have those cute round paws that you love so much. Good luck picking up stuff.

We use a guillotine to cut off their fingers at the first joint merely because they could give us a scratch:

Stop your own brutality.
Don't manipulate cats like toys against their will. They're just trying to defend themselves against abuse. Your excessive force is not a fair retaliation or prevention. It's even worse to mutilate a sentient being to protect lifeless things. Get your priorities in the right order. Protect your pets! Take care of your loved ones as you would for yourself:
  • Give cats posts so they can take care of their own claws. Put "sticky paws" tape to make your stuff unusable.
  • There are nail clippers for pets that detect the vein inside, to avoid making them bleed in pain.
  • There are caps in all the colors of the rainbow.
Healthy alternatives
Instead to butcher your pets by cutting off what you don't want to bother with, don't get any pets! EVER! Buy the lifeless plush toy that you want them to be. You don’t deserve their affection.


A project about animal abuse wouldn't be complete without talking about cats.

Reasons why you should NEVER declaw your cat at animalbliss.

I can't write a better article than this, I'm better at ranting, so just go read that one. It's rally good and helped me get positive inspiration at the end.

I used to think that veterinarians removed the claws, they could simply cut the tendon that allows cats to take out their claws and avoid causing as much harm... But they cut off the flesh and bones too! It's so beyond disgusting, I felt faint the first time someone taught me better.

My toenail came off at YouTube. I almost used an image from it, but I used the least gross photo I found so the cut fingers would look even worst by comparison.

Hand and finger amputated injuries at charmssingapore. Doctors managed to sown back 2 of the 3 fingers... and somehow I feel sorry for him because he lost one... The site felt the need to censor their photos because it's unbearable to just look...

Can you imagine how the cats feel that we do this to them on purpose!? HELLISH PAIN!

"Normal cats have a total of 18 toes, with five toes on each front paw and four toes on each hind paw; polydactyl cats may have as many as seven digits on their front and/or hind paws." The world's record is Jake, a Canadian polydactyl cat with 28 toes. 28 amputations... as if one finger wasn't painful enough... and in one shot.

Polydactyl Cat with 28 toes at YouTube. Thankfully he has his claws. He gets suck in the blanket and the owner handles it calmly and helps him like it's not the end of the world. His paw looks like a peacock. He might benefit from a manicure.

The photo of the black screaming cat might actually be a trim, not an amputation. But he looked so distressed that I added him in the hope that people would understand the cat's message. If they are freaked out that badly with a sudden cot instead of how they gently file them down, then even anesthesia won't make amputations any easier. No one likes to be grabbed and forced to have things inflicted upon them, not even an affectionate petting. Buy them a post. The caps looks like it could press against the skin in an annoying or painful manner between the toes... and you'd have to cut their nails regularly. A post will let them do it themselves. My friend used a piece of wood against the wall. The cats never touched the wall.

I found a site saying that using a laser seal the blood vessels right away so the recovery time is shorter... it's still mutilation. It affects the cat's posture, causing pain all over, and it freaks him out, ending up biting instead... An animal that feels defenseless can be more likely to be aggressive, instead of a cat with the self confidence of having weapons, but feeling no need to use them. I know I would.

Stop giving animals reasons to defend themselves and attack you. Stop trying to take their identity away.

Give them an outlet to be who they are... That's how you take care of your loved ones, by giving them the freedom to take care of themselves the way they need to, not the way that would be most convenient for you. Especially if that's cutting off body parts.

That's just sick... I found a page saying that it's not cruel... Then what would be... Are we so heartless that cutting off all the toes of a creature is seen as harmless...? Apparently we are, because declawing is considered an accepted and banal practice. But this is a serious operation and even the anesthesia itself can kill the cat. This is serious shit! But not using it would be way worse. Even emotional stress damages the kidneys and adrenal glands. Distress itself can kill someone of a heart attack. Don't hurt on purpose!!! It drains their life away. They could be longer with you.

Why the line “Your cat died under anesthesia” might not always be true
at catster. A veterinarian speaks of his caring practice, how he uses the safest anesthesia and never lost a patient. But people can pretend to their children that they tried to help their pet with an operation and they died... when they in fact went for euthanasia, to kill them, because they didn't want to take care of them... they didn't even want to bother to give them away so the pet could be loved somewhere else...

That's how careless people are, they lie to their loved ones that it is okay to mutilate and kill, and they lie to themselves... to do whatever they feel like without guilt, remorse or accusations. Stop fooling yourself.

Draw the line at permanent irreversible mutilations... and death.

Declawing is going too far.

If you find that disfigurement cute and convenient... if you expect love and affection after that mutilation... you're a sick bastard.

Oh god I made a typo writing "cute", leaving the "e" out... and the word became "cut"... That explains a lot... I looked at a lot of plastic surgery gone wrong, and even when it goes as wanted, the process is disturbing. We really need to reconsider what beauty is.

Beauty is being healthy and pain free.

I understand that birth control is important because they can multiply extremely fast, then there would be a whole lot of kittens starving in the streets that would be doomed to die...

But do we really need to cut off the whole things? No. A vasectomy simply cuts the tubes and leaves the glands functional. Testosterone is needed for muscle growth and general health, not just sex. The adrenal glands secrete the hormones of the opposite gender, we all have both, and they can pick up the slack. But they weren't meant to do this and it will wear them down, along with the kidneys, the endocrine system and everything else... It's even worse to cut open the belly of a female to remove her uterus...

A humorist says "A declawed and neutered cat isn't a cat anymore, it's a pillow!"

If you can't tolerate the idea of having a scratch on your arm or on your couch... Life is going to be way too hard for you.

How to suicide

Excessive idea? Yes. Cutting off the toes of cats is too.

Instead of a pet, buy a couple of fur blankets and a plush toy shaped like a cat.

If you don't want to take care of the responsibilities that a pet requires, learn to say no to children, because there's a whole lot of appealing deadly stuff out there. The sooner we learn that we can't always get what we want, that sometimes we shouldn't and mustn't, the better.

Lisa Of Shades
2 April 2016

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