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Title ~ Relationships gone bad ~ Even a broken heart has something to teach you

Shad Wolf's wisdom: disconnect to connect ~ autumn forest, oppressive city, howling, cell phone, look up, meet, talk, friend

(Before my relationship ended)

Brick wall of ice ~ opening up ~ sharing ~ love friendship

Frozen heart ~ negative emotions are a gift too

Heart surgery ~ Opening up to love ~ Operation blood gore ~ forceps scalpel scissors ~ demotivational poster

Laina - Overly attached girlfriend meme ~ rest be healthy ~ snuggle corpse ~ grin glare stare

(After my relationship ended)

Fear of failure ~ Courage, try opportunities with open arms ~ Pan Blackbeard Hugh Jackman

Badass attitude ~ Own who you are  ~ Self confidence ~ Hugh Jackman golden pants leopard pattern

Bullshit over the moon ~ Breaking promises without even trying ~ betrayed trust ~ red pebble bull shitting heart promises full shit emoji

Garfield sleeping ~ Make dreams come true ~ goals ~ Broken trust nightmare

Puss in boots possessing donkey, Shrek ~ Emotional manipulation, pathetic self pity, be cute or useful

Hug self care ~Say no to codependency ~ unfair sharing exchange ~ liberating, I need myself, sunflower field

Cows with ears full of shit emoji ~ I heard enough bullshit ~ I don't want to hear phony explanations, deaf to lies

Codependency choker leash ~ Bonded too tight ~ Freedom, let go, independence

Violent lovers ~ break up ~ domestic abuse ~ movie the voices with Ryan Reynolds ~ stabbing repeatedly while sorry

Lion king scar Killing Musafa ~ Ending a relationship that hinders personal development

Ending a relationship ~ Kick the can, kicked around, garbage ~ bad deal, angry, mercy

Breaking up ~ Star Wars R2D2 ~ Those aren't the droids you're looking for ~ You're not the droid I'm looking for ~ Express yourself clearly ~ Beep

Codependent slavery ~ chain rusted by tears ~ mended bond fragile ~ addict break free

Mistrust suspicious stare ~ Not letting in love and trust ~ Too shy to try ~ Pain ~ happiness

Fox licking window ~ opening up vulnerable to welcome love ~ let your loved one into you heart

Shyness vs. craziness ~ Dull soul vs. Being embarrassed ~ duck ducking party hats

Relationship ~ Broken deal ~ Fulfill respect agreement partner ~ Business man woman handshake ~ buildings sky

Crossroads forest path ~ Closer ~ Apart ~ Part ways ~ End is a new beginning ~ crisis breakup opportunity willpower

(After he enraged and utterly disgusted me.)

Ending a painful relationship ~ Removing gauze stuck to a wound ~ Ripping it off in one shot and heal.

Dory ~ Finding Nemo ~ Hey little guy ~ Domestic violence ~ Abusive violent relationship ~ Gift is a bait to take more from you ~ worm on a hook ~ black eye puncture wounds

Seraph of the End ~ Guren Ichinose ~ Balance between codependent and honorable narcissist

Bastard ~ Dark Schneider ~ Darsh ~ Tia Noto Yoko ~ Codependent and narcissist

Volcano lighting eruption ~ Don't abuse patience kindness ~ build up rage, blow up, consequences

Cold ex ~ Relationships break up ~ Frozen hell ~ Morana, Demon Ice princess, Dominance War IV

More: Shad Wolf ~ All adventures 10

Get a grip on codependency
Emotional vampires

(I put the end here but he found new ways to harass me, provoking me to reply in anger to get a foot in the door, so he could get my attention to manipulate me until I gave him everything he wanted. I used my site to vent instead. Avoid, ignore, forget.)

(After he harassed me for two months, using another email after I blocked him, pushing my disgust & murderous anger even further.)

Laina ~ Overly attached girlfriend meme ~ Scares the hell out of you. Stalks you even in your nightmares.

Harassment is criminal, no other chance to cause pain ~ Creepy clown bloody screaming at running woman ~ Come back, Hell no ~ Bad relationship, abuse, codependency

Burning bridges ~ Move on and don't look back. ~ He can't drag you back ~ Rage comic Derpina problem like a boss

No abusive relationship ~ I do what I want with my life. I don't have to justify my free will. ~  Assertive angry rage comic

You are dead to me ~ Suicide threats ~ Save the planet kill yourself ~ Woman with glasses and a sign

Bolt puppy eyes Family guy dog throwing up ~ Harassing someone ~ Disgusting vomit

Comic: Refusing to share, then you don't deserve it.

Dracula untold ~ Warning ~ Impaled people ~ sunset background ~ Abusing kindness ~ Inconsiderate ingrate ~ Ungrateful ~ Revenge, death

You remind me of my ex. I murdered him. ~ Overly attached girlfriend meme

Neglects you when together. Harasses you after you leave. ~ Overly attached boyfriend ~ Patrick Gill ~ Rejection, refusing to share himself, taking for granted

Black book and pages ~ No means no an explanation ~ You can't reason, beg or force someone to respect and love you.

It's a trap ~ Scumbag Steve ~ Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars Episode VI ~ meme ~ What he says vs. what he thinks ~ douchebag

Scumbag Steve meme ~ rejection, tries to get back, manipulator, loser, liar, fail

She's gone. It's too late to try. You've done enough damage. It's time to stop hurting her. Pan. Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman)

The end is a new beginning ~ Relationships gone bad

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