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Behold all my custom made creations! They're in the order I made them. It's the images only. The different sections in the right menu have the text too. The comic section is included but not "Shad Wolf" because they're not really demotivational.

Don't miss an occasion to laugh! Sarcasm is funnier than denial~

Laughter is the best therapy and you can laugh at your own misery with compassion.
Sometimes the best you can do is let go and enjoy your life anyway!

Demotivational posters can bring amusement and even motivate you to improve yourself. So forget politically correctness, conformism and shades of grey; you’re not a robot, feel alive! Have a laugh! Maybe you’ll even learn something too~

Open your mind to the silly wonders of the world~ Let go, rejoice and enjoy!

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Get calcium from greens, not milk. People, cow, elephant, dinosaur, god.

Furry bodybuiler wolf

Body builder werecrotch - You're the man! - Wolf head crotch

Monkey with banana up his ass. Psychiatrists, specialists in bananas (Full of bullshit)

Doctor monkey banana ass - Orthomolecular medicine, naturopathy

Clowns want to kill youl. Don't trust their food. (McDonald's)

crucifixion kills jesus

Al Gore Chainsaw

Jesus reality vs fantasy

Dr House Sarcasm

Tenacity - hang in there even if it kills you - dead cat

Tenacity - it can kill you - dead cat - pink

Curiosity: It sure killed this cat

Letting go: Sometimes it's the best option

Dead cats: They are easier to wash, just hang to dry

9 lives: I guess it was his ninth (cat)

Zombie cats: they like to sleep on power lines

Seagull buffet: Now doing deliveries in the sky

"Sharks: At least they can't fly, but the cat is still fried."

Choices - Silly emo, you thought you didn't have any - Approved by the devil - 666

Not fat ~ Full of wind

Facebook: For psychopaths (Face book)

Facebook: For psychopaths (Face book)

Facebook: For psychopaths (Face book)

Salvation: Do it yourself. No one else is coming. (Jesus: I just wanted to heal you people!!!)

Prayers (for weight loss eating pastry): Tapeworms, cancer and AIDS could be the only answers to your stupid wishes

Prayers: God isn’t a wishing well. Try your luck with the devil or do it yourself! (The ring)

Pancreas: Turns excess sugar into fat. Until you exhaust it and get diabetes.

Sugar: If it can rot the hardest part of your body, it can rot everything else!!! (Child rotten teeth)

Melting fat witch - Oz -  Drank water instead of cola

Condoms: Less horrifying than a baby or castration

Broken: She could have become (Bacon) a beautiful swan...

Evolution: Strabismus is the logical adaptation to wide screen TVs

Anorexia: The ugly lie of beauty. EAT NOW!

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