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Attack on Titan - Hypoglycemia - Sasha Blouse - Bread

Attack on Titan - Emotional - Emo - Eren Yeager

Attack on Titan - Gratitude - Levi kicks Eren Yeager

Attack on Titan - Good mourning - Window

Attack on Titan - Enjoyment - Sasha Blouse

Attack on Titan - Sugar - Eren Yeager

Attack on Titan - Toilet - Eren Yeager

Attack on Titan - Smash - Eren Yeager

Attack on Titan - Spoon - Zoe Hange

Attack on Titan - Synchronized swimming

Attack on Titan - Rejoice - Sasha Blouse

Attack on Titan - Flesh - Sasha Blouse

Attack on Titan - Friendship - Zoe Hange

Attack on Titan - Santa

Attack on Titan - God

Attack on Titan - Insomnia - Eren Yeager

Attack on Titan - Hardcore nudists - They don't even wear skin

Attack on Titan - Ninja maids - It better stay clean - Cleaning Levi

Attack on Titan - Bloody bowling - Stress relief for sadists - Levi

Attack on Titan - Unfounded accusations

Attack on Titan - Bloody puppy eyes - Armin

Attack on Titan - Vegetarians - They probably have nightmares like this - Armin

Attack on Titan - Beans - They make you fart - Good for you, bad for your friends.

Attack on Titan - Forget anorexia - Levi watches your weight - Weight loss guaranteed or he cuts off more limbs

Magi - Misanthropes - humanity - disgusting insects

Attack on Titan ~ Staying a virgin ~ Keep your dignity!

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha ~ Lolicon ~ Death to pedophiles by suffocation with big boobs

Attack on Titan ~ Panty shots ~ Epic animes don't need panties to excite you

Attack on Titan ~ Eren  ~ Self harm ~ It turns you into a monster

Attack on Titan ~ Love at first sight ~ Beware ~ Eren ~ Zoe Hange

Attack on Titan ~ Eren ~ Two bitten thumbs up ~ Good job ~ Sort of

Attack on Titan - Shut up - Sasha Blouse

Dominatrix, masochism, self harm, whipping

Ghouls and vampires feed on like - Tokyo Ghoul

Bloody panty shot ~ Asexual misanthropes

Painful menstruation can hurt all over

Chrome Shelled Regios ~ Napping on breasts

Is this a zombie ~ transvestite ~ chainsaw ~ gay bashing

Eat and rest well. BTOOOM! Killing people feels wonderful.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka of the Dead ~ Is this a zombie ~ Eu ~ birthday ~ continue living ~ suicide

HD vs. SD war ~ anime, Noragami, Yato, Stray god ~ demotivational

Automatic RSS download torrent ~ Noragami ~ demotivational

Noragami: Appreciate what you have ~ Emptiness, loneliness, envy, frustration, anger, sadness, despair

Silliness is happiness ~ choose to enjoy the simplest things ~ Noragami

Noragami: Let suicidal people die ~ It's their life to live or throw away if they wish.

Strength is attitude and conviction, not superior number, weapons and bullying. Noragami.

Acne in the back, evil eyes, pop juices, dermatitis ~ noragami

Giant crab running after a couple, pubic lice, sex, Noragami

Laughing in adversity ~ Ha ha! You’re a ghost! ~ Noragami ~ demotivational

Finding a staler in your bed ~ Noragami ~ demotivational

Revenge is a dish best served at whatever temperature you see fit ~ Noragami ~ cement relationship

Savior and martyr ~ put your own life first ~ Noragami

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