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Thyroid madness & Adrenal glands fatigue

Comic ~ My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ~ Stop the Thyroid madness ~ Adrenal glands fatigue

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a really good cartoon, with great value, diversity and everypony is crazy in their own amusing way. Info at IMdB. I used the
Pony Creator Full Version by generalzoi at deviantart.

The endocrine system is wise and in harmony. A problem with one might actually be a wise way to spare the other. Everything happens for a reason and it's often a good one. Try to understand why and you'll have the solution for improvements. Stop forcing the body to do what he's deliberately trying to avoid for survival. Give him the means to do it instead.

No need to be a vegetarian to enjoy vegetables.

The way I named the comic reffers to:

Adrenal fatigue (See my section) and sites from experts: It helped me figure out how to take mega doses of vitamins and minerals safely, and in harmony with each other and my body. Without rushing my body (I used to take half a B50 complex a day, because I couldn't handle how energetic it made me, I crashed in even more pain... I healed and can now take 3). Gently nourishing myself as much as my body could handle and wanted.


Stop the thyroid madness
, an interesting site: "Thyroid mistreatment using T4 medicine and hypothyroidism misdiagnosis are too common. Find out the truth about this ongoing scandal."

Very informative and fun to read, but I don't agree with everything because they still have the same approach as the medical industry... a more natural thyroid replacement is still trying to bypass natural steps. Its best to nourishing your body so you can make your own hormones and function completely naturally. Especially since those missing vitamins and minerals are required for more than just your thyroid, and a low thyroid is actually a warning of deficiencies problems, a lower thyroid is the solution to survive malnutrition longer, not the problem itself.

TSH – Why It’s Useless: [Unreliable TSH tests] "can leave hypothyroid patients undiagnosed for years. And even when on meds, its dubious normal range leaves patients with continuing hypothyroid symptoms, including bone density and heart problems."

But when the only cure given is a toxic poison, not being diagnosed is doing people a favor. That's also why adrenal glands problems aren't recognized until the glands have only 2% function left, because using a steroid that will destroy your glands would be irresponsible, unless you're going to die for sure. But they use it anyway for many small things... that you'd be able to do if you had enough vitamin C because it's an anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine (prevents allergy symptoms but avoid allergens instead to burden your body), anti-toxins, antioxidant (oxidation are oxygen burns from breathing and burning energy), anti-invaders that don't belong in your body (bacteria are good for you), and necessary to renew and heal EVERYTHING.

It's so absurd to blame the thyroid for bone density and heart problems, even if it plays a roles in making them healthy. It'd be like blaming the cook for being unable to make a recipe without being given enough of the right ingredients.

Making strong bones requires minerals, calcium AND magnesium and the vitamin C to glue them together with collagen. The heart need to be made of a lot of flexible collagen to pump constantly... so scurvy will cause heart attacks... Lowering your metabolism will lower your needs... You want it higher? Forget any hormones replacements and patiently fill your needs until you repair the damage that YOU did to yourself from abuse and neglect.

External steroids atrophy your glands, even when natural and more complete, because they're still meant to replace body functions, so they atrophy your glands, because they adapt to not having to do it themselves, and your body doesn't keep what's not needed. That's why wearing clothes made us stop making the effort to grow out fur, and why people wearing hats lose their hairs except the neck that the hat doesn't cover…

Incomplete synthetic hormones will mess you up more than "Natural Desiccated Thyroid" because chemicals that aren't for your body are against it and toxic… and replacing only the T4 instead of all 5 hormones won't do the job completely… Eating thyroids from living creatures will give you the T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin… But it still won't enable you to make them yourself, whenever you need them, and exactly how much you need… which also mean not making as much as usual if you really need to rest from malnutrition and exhaustion!

Same with "Adrenal Desiccated"… you become dependent when you are supposed to be free~

Provide the nutritional requirements to make your own hormones and your body will regulate everything needed thorough the day, in harmony. Otherwise, it's still for a wise reason and it should be respected. You need more than hormones to function. That's just how vital organs communicate to build your body. Giving cell phones to construction workers won't make them build a stronger building faster if you don't provide the materials and tools.

That's how stupid it is to put steroids from a toxic chemical or a dead creature in your boy when you don't have the nutritional means to accomplish what the hormones are telling to do.

Nourish yourself and let your body decide how much you can accomplish with your resources. Respect your limits. And for the love of life, respect your own body!

Dialogue and extra comments to explain (I went berserk from hunger when I wrote, I should follow my own advice and eat, hahaha. I sure do.) :

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The endocrine system in wise harmony: Thyroid and Adrenal glands.

Adrenal Glands (Green pony): Please slow down. I’m exhausted and starving. I need to graze greens but I’m only being fed sugar cubes...

Thyroid (Blue pony): Of course, my friend! I can’t do this without you.

Extra comments:

While the Thyrois is like the automatic speed gears on a car, the Adrenal glands are more like the brain of an orchestra conductor.

The thyroid can be source of the problem if there's not enough iodine to transform it into hormones.

Hormones are the juice used by vital organs to communicate, nerves like the brain network of neurons uses electrical signals, so it's more vital to your ealth than sex.

Iodine is added to table salt, but it's not a healthy kind the way you can find in sea weed. I take kelp supplements and I noticed more energy, but I also eat more food, real food, you can reallystuff your face with vegetables andnot gain weigth, unless your muscles, skin and bones need to. Being lighter by sacrificying vital cells isn't going to make you healthier. The body will slow down in starvation, limiting functions to the bare minimum to survive. Like bears hibernate during winter from lack of food.

The Adrenal glands require a lot of vitamin C to handle stress, making the hormones cortisol and adrenalin... telling the entire body to speed up. But without proper fuel the adrenalin rush will make you go berserk without having a calmed functional brain to aim that energy properly. It's practical in time of dangers, to have an energy boost for the fight or flight, but sometimes the threat isn't as obvious as a lion... It comes from inside you.

An allergen, a food you are sensitive to that causes inflamation in your brain without the typical suffocation (anaphylactic chocs have many symptoms), or a toxin, being hungry or tired from overstimulation (you need to sleep to renew your brain cells, like a computer can't copy its exploitation system while being in use, you can't copy memories to fresher cells while awake and making countless unconscious thoughts association from everything that you see and feel).

So it's never "just in your head" when you have anxiety or depression. A need is amiss.

A symptom of low thyroid is depression. Taking antidepressants would be pointless and harmful because they enable you to ignore your needs even more. But you don't need drugs and hormone replacement either. It's just as stupid and dangerous, and still a way to keep denying your vital needs to function.

EAT, BREATHE, SLEEP, BE SAFE! That's so utterly simple that it's too often cruelly overlooked. Then we look at extremely advanced technology like nanotechnologies to heal us… WE CAN HEAL OURSELVES! It'd be as stupid as cutting off a broken leg and replacing it by a mechanic one! Just eat minerals and vitamin C to make the collagen to glue them on your bones, and you'll heal!!! You just need food and rest. The best doctor is your body! No one and NOTHING can do better than life itself. So eat living stuff!

The Adrenal glands also tell the liver to free the reserves of fuel, the glucose (the best type of sugar) from the liver. The pancreas stores it there and in fat (vitamins and toxins are also stored in fat) and then the adrenals sends the message to free them. If they don't have the nutrition to slowly release a stable blood sugar, it will spike then crashes, making you feel as bipolar as your fuel.

They need B vitamins to release and burn energy. They are required, along with vitamin C to absorb iron, to make red blood cells and carry oxygen. So you can eat sugar until you become obese, but you won't be able to burn energy.

So the adrenals will be exhausted from the malnutrition. They also require electrolytes minerals to keep you hydrated. Salt, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate... They tell the kidneys to recycle salt. If they are too starved and beat up by stimulants to do it, there won'T be any materials to make the juicy message to the kidneys... they will throw away the salt, it retains water so water will follow... you'll basically pee your blood out... Ending up with low blood pressure, as if not having enough red blood cells wasn't bad enough... the heart will have to pump harder to compensate for too little of everything... but that will require energy... the adrenalin message to beat harder will make you feel anxious and freake out... normal and natrural since your body is in a bad situation... The energy will need to burn vitamin C... it will be taken out of your collagen, reverted back into vitamin C to do something else with it... so your heart won't be given vitamin C to become stronger... it will be taken out... weaken it... until he gives out.

And then you're dead... statins can't prevent that... the arteries will use fat to coat themselves if there's not enough vitamin C in the diet to make elastic ones. The blood pressure can go higher instead because when you thighten a garden hose the pressure goes up, you need the elastic collagen to expand blood vessel widers...

So it's best to lower the metabolism until food is available... until YOU finally make healthier food choices.

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Forcing the Thyroid higher with an artificial steroid hormone drug.

Human doctor: Go faster stupid horse! (He force feeds him pills.)

Thyroid (Blue pony): *Cough!?*

Adrenal Glands (Green pony): So hungry...

Extra comments:

That's not what Thyroid medication looks like. I chose that image because it looks scarier... and the long shape reminds me of a dick raping your mouth... and drugs sure will fuck you up.

T4-only meds like Synthroid do NOT work, exclaim many patients! at stopthethyroidmadness.

But patients won't admit it to their doctors, of course... you don't contradict god in a lab coat, that would make you the wrong defective one... right? Tch... Some do and they are given a bigger dose, more of the wrong thing won't make it the right! But people write true honest feedback online. That's what educated me... So I know more than doctors. About some stuff.... such as my own body. We all have unique situations, so we all have unique needs. You can't learn a "one size fit all" from a narrow normal sample and claim that you know how to take care of every body. Some people are in extreme situation and need extremely high amounts of nutrition.

I was prescribed that Thyroid medication... but I never took it. My body knew better.

I was in that exhausted situation... (still am but I respect my body more) working 100h a week while being anorexic because I had no time to eat... I didn't think it was important. But that's like saying that I don't have time to breathe! Well, lack of B vitamins, C and iron causes anemia... from lack of red blood cells to carry oxygen. So YEAH! Thinking that you don't have time to eat IS thinking that you don't have time to breathe.

Take the time!

So I went to the doctor, after becoming an invalid. I couldn't even sit. My blood pressure was so low... I was getting too dizzy... And I lowered my salt instead to increase it because it's emonized and claimed to be unhealthy. Table salt is unhealthy because it's full of chemicals. It's stupid to mix iodine with it because the need for salt and iodine are different between people. Table salt won't hidrate you. You require trace minerals that are present in the Grey Celtic Sea salt that I use.

Not the bleached "sea" salt from the grocery store... it smells and tastes like bleach... you can't ferment vegetables to get more healthy gut bacteria (it works to just eat vegetables and nourish your collony, but sauerkraut is delicious). Table salt would kill even the good ones, probably from the toxic bleach to make it look white, and the horror to prevent grains from sticking. Real salt tastes sweet so they add refine sugar to it sometimes! Madness.

But real sea salt will kill the bacteria that are incompatible with life (their job, along with mold, is simply to help decay the death, back to the earth, so the cycle of life can restart anew. So they're not bad, they just don't belong in you.) The bacteria necessary for your survival to digest (THEY produce acid from fermentation, the bacteria digests, not stomach acid. People with low stomach acid have low bacteria and try to digest things like card board grains that can't nourish gut bacteria or you.)

So to be well fed you need to eat life forms, so bacteria can make vitamins for you. Not just refine sugar (and refine grains are the same thing as pure sugar... white powder flour... same thing as cocaine).

Eating sugar thinking that you can just put gas in the tank... it won't work. You are a complex colony of unicellular organisms evolved from bacteria... AND bacteria... so stop blaming them for being sick and start feeding your friendly one food to survive, so they can feed YOU.

Even machines need more than gas. They don't renew their metal, but they do rust away... Our cells don't live very long, every 7 years it's a whole new us, we are clones of ourselves even if we don't grow up anymore.

Sugar is over rated... and a dangerous drug! A stimulant just like refined cocaine powder... meant to be a message that the vegetable and fruits are ripe and full of nutrients... but added to cardboard grains, like crush glass, to fool you into thinking that the toxic waste is edible.

It's dangerous to trust companies, they only care about profits, to take care of your health when it's YOUR job... You believe that they are there to help and make it convenient... as if there was something more important in life than cooking and breathing and attending to your OWN most basic vital needs... To go win more gold... really? that won't save you from pain and misery. Gold is toxic to eat. For what... to buy gadgets and status to impress people? You know what impress people? Someone who's healthy and smiling. The girl can have the biggest fake tits, but if she doesn't have a smile, she won't look approachable... and if she's skinny but don't have stamina to play... it will be boring. Make up's goal is to give your face colors so you'll look healthy... Bad nails can be a sign of health problems and nutritional deficiencies... but people glue plastic on them to hide it... That toxic cancer crap won't save you... It's pointless to attract a mate if you are too sick to have the extra energy for a libido.

Because sex isn't vital even if you think you can't live without it, so when your body starts shutting down from lack of nutrition, it's one of the first things to go... If your heart is too weak to pump blood, it won't be able to pump a hard enough pressure for men to get hard... and the heart won't be able to pump up blood against gravity either, so fluids will accumulate in your legs... Not from water retention, you NEED that water, it's your blood! You need a stronger heart from nutrition (collagen from vitamin C). Giving diuretic drugs is foolish and dangerous. They are toxic and destroy your kidneys, which are the ones to make you pee so it will backfire if water retention was the problem... Ginger is a delicious diuretic with many health properties. It does the job and detoxifies you. The adrenals love it. Curcuma is even more delicious. I eat both.

I learned a lot trying to understand myself, thanks to google, hahaha! But real researchers and patients gladly put their research, finding and feedbacks online... so it's way more up to date than a medical class based on old facts twisted by religion and profits, so they only focus on drugs... and at some point denied anesthesia because god wanted us to suffer for eating a fruit from the tree of KNOWLEDGE... So... stop praying and save yourself... never trust everything blindly, not google, but not "specialists" either.

Everything started to make sense when I discovered naturopath medicine and
Adrenal Fatigue.

I knew that my Thyroid problem wasn't just or even from the Thyroid... because I also had reactive hypoglycemia and low blood pressure... and that's the Adrenal glands.

My metabolism was slowing down to help me. The Thyroid was asked by my Adrenals to slow down because they lacked the materials to do what needed to be done. They are like the brains on top of your kidneys... they filter everything and monitor what's going on. Your brain is all over your body, in every cell. Being a colony of unicellular organisms means that you're a giant brain working in harmony, not isolated components... even society is, being disconnected and alone is an illusion. Everything that you own was made thanks to many people, many things made it possible to build... It's the same for your body.

So being narrow minded and blaming the thyroid as defective, when it's a CHOICE to slow down, and a wise one... that's not professional to give drugs to stimulate it without even understanding why it does what it does... only blindly wanting what you want and be too stupid to provide what's needed...

Like a child screaming that they want a cake to be baked but without any ingredients and the oven is dead. The cake won't happen and it's a good thing, the balance of nutrients was broken by modern technology, so it's not compatible with your needs.

So I went to the doctor... at least they can do tests on me, I don't have a lab...

I've been told for decades that I'm just insane... (If I wasn't then, after all that mental abuse, I sure am now!) so when the doctor finally discovered my hypothyroidism and reactive hypoglycemia... after struggling for a decade to diagnose myself because even when there was pee in my urine they just dismissed it as being a woman... or sometimes "it just happens for some people". Yeah! People with kidney disease and soon failure, assholes!

So when my doctor gave me Synthroid (Levothyroxine Sodium) pills... instead to harass me to take antidepressants even though I wasn't depressed, I was EXHAUSTED from all the hell that people put me through... from... allowing it... MYSELF... to please... and feel useful... well I sure got used and abuse... and sure did it to myself until I was burned out completely...

I wanted to believe so hard that the pill was going to save me... to make everything okay... that my body was just dumb as shit... defective... for no freaking reason than being an invalid human being... born as trash...

But that was the same stupid idea as claiming that depression is an imbalance in the brain, when it's your body trying to warn you of danger... Babies don't cry because they have an antidepressant deficiency... They do it because they are hungry, soiled in shit, over stimulated, tired, bored and needing stimulation so their brain can develop... You don't give antidepressants to babies... you take care of their needs so they won't die... so you MUSN'T give them to teen and adults! Vitamin C will do the job way better because it won't just help your adrenals handle stress, it will actually HEAL YOU! And the brain needs a whole lot of reserve to heal.

There are two kind of vitamins, fat soluble that are stored in fat, and water soluble that get peed out so you need them everyday... because they are so important that your body will make flesh with it... Vitamin C won't be stored in fat, it's stored in vital organs like the Adrenal glands and the brain, it makes connective tissues, strengthen bones by making them flexible with collagen, strengthen the heart, fill your skin (wrinkles has nothing to do with old age but with prolong vitamin C deficiency).

I knew it was stupid to call my body stupid and take drugs... to force him...

I just wanted to believe that a magic pill existed... that my life long hell (of malnutrition and hidden allergies as my body tried so hard to keep me healed) was finally going to get better... I had found answers... it wasn't insulting my identity as a person... but yes it did... it insulted my body...

And my body sure knew better.

I was told by the pharmacist that I could just try the drug, that it has no side effects and I can just stop it cold turkey (without lowering the dose slowly... like BAM!). But it's not even true with vitamin C, the safest substance ever. But I so wanted to believe it... But it was like a drug pusher on the streets claiming that cocaine will be fun, you can do it once and stop forever, that it won't haunt you... that it will make you cool, sexy and happy... Doctors do the exact same... in fact... heroin and cocaine is how psychiatry used to "help" people... when they didn't destroy their brain with hardware tools...

I was given a paper along with the Thyroid pills... it warned me that if I have an adrenal glands problem... it will make it worse and the drug must be avoided for people like that. Basically when you have adrenal problems you need to rest (but that won't be enough without nutrition, that's why people wake up tired or in the middle of the night... The body needs materials for repair, and not just to stuff the gut with junk.)

I was waiting for tests on my Adrenal glands! It was irresponsible and dangerous of my doctor to prescribe the Thyroid drug before we got the results!!!

And when we got them, it was so very low, at the limit of survival... and he told me I was just fine!!! But the test was messed up because they tested cortisol... while I was being given cortisol because my ass was bleeding more than a period!!! A hydrocortisone steroid cream!!! Because my adrenals couldn't make enough!!! I didn't even need a test; it was obvious that there was a problem! I never passed the test again; I need my blood to stay in my veins... And the damn steroid almost killed me... because it replaced my glands, atrophied them, and when I ran out of cream... I got an adrenal crisis... I couldn't breathe... I almost died! I've been at the edge of death often... I wished it often... I got operations... I got countless infections (actually damage from allergens, and rotting from malnutrition) this was way beyond anything I ever faced... Steroids are DEATH! They weaken you.

But still... when I got that magic bottle of pill... as if health was a on-off switch that could happen suddenly without slow lifestyle changes... I desperately wanted to try it... what if… I was wrong… maybe I'm just crazy… well, I was being tired to think that. I put out such a fight… was that pill the reward or did I have to struggle for another decade… I couldn't take it anymore… but the pill wasn't the answer… but I couldn't bear to search what I truly needed in confusion anymore… by taking that pill… I was about to give up on my life!

I took the pill out... slowly tried to put it in my mouth... and then my body froze. I couldn't move my arm. I could move it down just fine, but I couldn't move it up. I tried for a while that seemed very long but was probably seconds... before I acknowledged what my body already knew... from all my symptoms, experiences and information that I had collected and stored in my brain...

The drug would have made me worse... and killed me... the drug wasn't a cure... it was a threat... it was death.

The only other time that my primal brain took over my body and bypassed my will is when I tried to slice my wrists as a child... there's just so much rejection, bullying and abuse someone can endure... there are things far worse than abortion and death: making your child regret being born... by not taking care of their needs... or appreciating their life... But I can do that for myself.

The pill wasn't a cure. The pill was suicide.

The answer was so simple: nutrition.

It's not as impressive as stimulants, but they just cover up the problem, they are a lie, they make things worse, they are false hope. No need for hope and prayers when you have the cure, when you know what your body needs because you respect and understand that it has wisdom that you might not be aware of… and vital needs that you can't live without or compensate for with anything else than the very basics that makes sustaining life possible: nutrition, rest, safety.

That's why drugs are bad, kids. Not because adults don't want you to have fun from some morality that you have to be perfect... but because poisoning yourself to death while ignoring your most vital needs WON'T MAKE YOU COOL! No matter who say so... they are trying to escape their own self neglect and abuse with the wrong things too. Brilliant artists and actors, devoted to their art, but exhausted from how much it takes out of them yet wanting to do and give more... but there's just so long you can ignore your needs and mask them before the warning turns into actual death... and that's if you don't kill yourself from the agonizing misery.

You can rest before the eternal rest. If someone think ill of you for taking care of yourself, then he just want to exploit you like a slave and throw your corpse in a ditch for the next one when done sucking the life out of you. That's not the kind of person that you should take life advices from...and unfortunately, no matter how the medical industry claim to be there to help, and no matter how doctors at the base of the pyramid sincerely wish they could, the monster on top, Big Pharma, just want to sell drugs and profit from your misery, keeping you sick, making you sicker with side effects that will make you look like you need more drugs when you actually need NONE... they even hide the cures that can't give them huge profits, and even made them illegal if they discredit their poisons... Putting your life in their hands would be like a cow going to a machine to get milked.

So instead I bowed to the wisdom of my body. I don't agree that my Thyroid is slow because it's stupid. But to save my life. I refuse to be insulted as a person, not my mind and not my body. If that's the best they have to offer as a therapy... then I'm better off with nothing. At least that won't make things worse the way their drugs do. Feeling better by denying your body the right to tell you that something is wrong, and being healthier with nothing bad to report, is completely different...

Denial doesn't work very long… I don't want a doctor that will enable my denial and refusal to take care of myself, taking over my own life like a god… I want a doctor that will teach me how to make myself healthier even if that takes hard work. "Doctor yourself" by Andrew Saul was awesome to read. More books that helped me save my life by making myself healthy and happy to be alive too:

Health ~ Recommendations ~ Books

Anybody can learn anything when given the resources and time. Even someone with a low IQ can understand the general idea from my comics. That's how my subconscious explains stuff to me, I don't understand everything, I don't know many Latin words for every bones... But I understand that stimulants can't replace nutrition... it has to be taken from somewhere... if it's not from external foods, it will be taken from your internal organs!

A drug addict took the stimulant drug speed instead to eat, but he ended up only skin and bones…He was so hungry and denied food… but forced to have a fast metabolism… so he jumped on somebody and ate his face… that's actually the wisest part of the story, although I feel utterly sorry for that man… Eating is life… you need to eat to function… and you need to eat life forms… forcing your body to function when you don't provide what's required leads to disaster!

Speed is given to ADD/ADHD children! If you are malnourished you won't be able to pay attention... and if you are only fed refined sugar and grain cereals with chemical colors in the morning... you won't be able to function, think, but the massive fuel will make you run mindlessly and unable to stop... but they expect kids to sit still on a chair all day... when that's not even natural with all the calcium and magnesium that life forms need to be calm and use muscles effectively.

Stop trying to force what you think you want!!! Your subconscious, the will of your organs and thoughts so complex an fast that you can barely catch a glimpse, you could consciously think for eternity and not be as wise as your inner mind... So stop being led by ads and whims! Look for your needs! Find a way to have the wisdom to discover the difference between a want and a need!

Don't force on your body what every cell of your being is screaming not to!!! Especially not with drug that cause what you are trying to avoid!!! Antidepressants cause depression, Statin causes heart failure! WTF! Pharma! Profit? Yeah. I do appreciate the irony… now that I no longer see that industry as a kind savior… but the sickest thing I ever seen! The medical industry is sicker than death! They prey on the vulnerable, the elderly, the kids, and the depressed… They all just need what the body need to live, and that sure isn't drugs, because they where invented recently and we survived on food for thousands of years just fine!!!

What I want is irrelevant, what I want almost killed me.

Only what I need matters.

I don't need drugs, I don't need to work 100h a week on less than the minimum salary for ungrateful clients, trying to afford the junk that rich people can and have the same status... it just won't happen anyway, not that way... That asshole client didn't even pay me at all!

I simplified my life, this also simplified my problems.

Everything has a down side. Less things means less stuff that can upset you, break, require repair… The metro is nicer than having to dig out a car out of ice in winter. There's an upside to everything too, looking at it that way is less stressful, but acknowledging darkness and sadness as something natural as well. It's what you do that defines you, but also what you don't do. So doing nothing can be as good as doing awesome & horrible things at the same time. At least don't make it worse, don't hurt yourself, and don't hurt others unless they want to hurt you. (Hurting people for fun will make people throw you in jail, because people don't want to be next. But letting people and even yourself damage you is bad for you.)

Sure I don't have a job but I don't harass people with telemarketing to sell them things they don't need. I don't exploit children or women as sex slaves, I don't get rich sitting in a CEO chair while my employees starve on minimum wage. I make comics... that might spare someone the hell I've been through... or give them perspective and options when he'll be told that a drug for life is his only hope because there's no cure for scurvy bone and join pain... when vitamin C works very quickly when you take as much as you need... and that sure isn't the RDA, for anyone... that level is just some random number so you won't spit your teeth and burst in a puddle of blood instantly. But there are more subtle pains and damages.

So I don't need drugs and be on top of the money world... I need my life.

I need nutrition and REST! Until my body is nourished enough to move. I can move now, that's why I'm writing and creating. But forcing myself to would exhaust and damage me even more.

Running like a healthy person won't make sick people healthier... it won't make a weak hearts that can't handle the strain stronger; it will give them a heart attack. That's why people with a weak heart will have a slow metabolism and will be unable to do things... the nutrition is lacking to make the functions happen and burn energy... but also ON PURPOSE to save your reserves and stretch them to survive as long as possible, until you find nourishment again... and wisely put it in your mouth. THEN, and only THEN, will your metabolism go faster.

I started to force feel myself until I got stuffed. Fuck being skinny. Of course I didn't use super size junk food and donuts... I used mostly vegetables... I poop like I never pooped before. I feel so clean inside hahaha. I stopped smelling rotten. I stopped rotting...

I lovingly and respectfully acknowledged my Thyroid and Adrenal gland wisdom and needs... I did my best to understand and provided them.

I worked! Side effect? Feeling better in every ways, even for things that I thought normal (I NEVER have menstrual cramps and they used to be debilitating)... and of course pooping... but at least I'm not full of shit anymore. HA!

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The Thyroid can’t slow down to survive longer the lack of nutrition.

Adrenal Glands (Green pony): Slower... I beg you... I hurt all over!

Thyroid (Blue pony): I can’t. Something is bypassing my will. But I’ll try.

Extra comments:

When you take drugs... you end up being given higher and higher doses... If the body was just defective and the drug was needed, this wouldn't happen. But the body is desperately trying to do what needs to be done: SLOW DOWN! Stop running to your death!

When you push yourself past your limits, past the limits of the nutrients and materials that you provide to function and renew damaged cells from exercise... You end up in pain all over. Fibromyalgia is a symptom of scurvy, the way vitamin C deficiency is called. But doctors are so narrow-minded in their labels that they don't see the obvious!

I used to hurt all over, in constant agonizing pain... for months... I was scared to move. Not because of some mental hypochondriac phobia... when I moved I ended in agony! No need to be a genius to learn from pain...

I recently wondered... is it really from muscles and joints? Osteoporosis is actually caused by scurvy too... so maybe it's actually bone pain. I did a search... apparently muscle pain will go away if you stop moving... my pain didn't, but avoiding to burn myself out by staying utterly still in bed was at least not worsening it... and moving was unthinkable... I had to cling to my furniture to stay up... Exercising for health? The hell with that!

So bone pain was described by someone as a truck hitting you, rolling on you back and forth, then parking on top of your body. Yeah... that's how my pain feels.

But as horrid as it gets... if I take massive amounts of vitamin C... it goes away.

I hurt my wrist badly, I couldn't move it... probably because I stupidly ate my allergens (wheat and soy, they're bad for everybody but my body can't handle mistreatments anymore)... I burned a lot of vitamin C to heal... I was in a fog, antisocial and hostile like a wounded animal, I just curled up and thought of death thinking that I was doomed... but no I feel awesome right now. It lasted for days... I didn't think so little bad food would hurt me for so long... it took a while to start so it's harder to make the connection with the cause... but I know by now... It turned out that forgetting to buy canned corn stopped my ass from itching and bleeding like crazy... I ate that everyday... for years... at some point my Adrenals couldn't get enough vitamin C to try to heal and lower the inflammation... so all the vital functions that it orchestrate went to hell, my thyroid had to slow things down... don't run a marathon with a broken leg! Even if you're not bleeding out for everyone to see... internal injuries are much worse!

So eating allergens weakened my body... that's how I hurt my wrist from small movements that I can usually handle easily (like typing~) I took extra vitamin C... my wrist healed in a day! It was a little bit stiff but no pain at all!

But of course I didn't take the RDA recommendation of 0.06g... Unlike us and the guinea pig, most animal produce their own... it's minimum 4g a day, 20g when sick... and much more...

I take 4g a day as a base, in 4 doses to give my body the time to absorb it... but if I want to kill myself, I just take a handful, 5g, in one shot. My body doesn't react as if I was trying to commit suicide; it allows me to swallow that much. And more. And then I feel freaking awesome and relieved. Because I heal.

The body doesn't eat much time to heal... just like old age problems aren't caused by old age... healing takes a while because we get so little vitamin C from even the best foods that it takes a long time to gain enough materials for repairs. That's why supplements can make a big difference. But of course if I swallow dozens of bottle of pills, I won't heal in one shot... it still take some time... and nutrients work in harmony.

I take the best kind of vitamin C, not from corn but from cherries and citrus, the natural kind. With the least chemicals and avoiding allergens. But it's still an acid. Thankfully my Grey Celtic Sea Salt is alkaline (table salt is acidic) so it balance things out. I also bath in bicarbonate instead of soap full of cancer causing dyes & perfumes. My gut bacteria didn't like being given bicarbonate, they like to be in the acid they make, so I suck it in from my skin... It's less convenient than carrying it in my gut bag for hours, but it works the same with external skin.

Also... to make red blood cells, you need B12 and iron... so if I take massive doses of vitamin C and make lots of red blood cells with all the B12 I have... I can end up running out of B12. It's not that vitamin C causes a vitamin B12 deficiency... it's like running out of salsa while you eat chips. They work together.

I also had massive cramps in my legs... apparently vitamin C work in harmony with magnesium too... I took that as well, and calcium... I stopped kicking and went back to sleep peacefully.

And about rebound scurvy if you stop vitamin C... it's because when your life style doesn't have enough of that or other nutrients, your metabolism will wisely slow down functions... If you take supplements, the Adrenal glands will tell the thyroid that we can go faster and do things that we couldn't before... so your new state will be faster... but if you suddenly stop that new lifestyle, your body functions won't have the time to adapt slowly, in a way that you won't notice... so you'll notice symptoms of scurvy. And faster because your body is used to be able to burn a lot of vitamin C. It's like a rich person who gets poor, but still doesn't get it because the bankrupt was so sudden... so he uses credit cards thinking that money will keep coming soon... but it doesn't and he ends up in crippling debt.

Well, you can have nutritional debts, and the poor schmuck that ends up being beaten for borrowing what he can't repay from the wrong people, are your vital organs.

Taking drugs from big Pharma or the street pusher is like borrowing from mobsters... it will cost your life. You're better off giving up what you want to do or think you must do with more money than you can make on your own. If you can't get that money now, you won't be able to get it later, because you'll have spend your time wasting the money instead to use poverty as a wake up call to motivate you to know how to make money independently and be rich where it truly matter... Instead to be someone else's bitch and at their mercy. That's how it is to be taken care of by doctors instead to take responsibility for your own life... Forget being pampered, you're not a baby anymore. And some of them are beaten to death when they cry... So figure out your own needs... if you can't do it no one can.

Harsh? That's how my rational brain talks to my emotional brain. If I hadn't listened, I'd be dead hugging a bucket of ice cream and 12 cats to "comfort" myself... instead I found a way to no longer need to be comforted by providing my needs and ending my misery.

Magnesium make you feel like being in love, but finding a lover won't fix a magnesium deficiency. Cacao has some, but processed chocolate broke the balance with too much sugar and destroying vitamin C by heat... (used up as the plant tried to heal itself until it died)... raw almonds (not drenched in crappy oils and roasted rancid) are as delicious as effective. Supplements too. I sleep much better.

Magnesium is necessary to make serotonin, the free good hormone. You can take drugs trying to recycle the little you can make... destroying your kidneys in the process, becoming dependent which means that you are CAUSING an imbalance in your brain… or you can eat the materials required in its recipe to make more... It's made in the gut with magnesium. The gut is lined with neurons like a brain... what you eat matters this much for mental health.

That's why you are depressed when malnourished... Will you take the wake up call and figure out.

If you're nut, then eat the nuts.

And green stuff full of vitamin C... but if your body can't handle anything, then the deficiency got accumulated for too long, more than bearable, and supplements can help, since eating buckets of food all day to catch up to deficiencies isn't easy... some people manage to do it... but unfortunately they rely on the process junk that was nutritionally deficient, more of the wrong thing won't make them right... something artificial that can't nourish you from a natural amount won't either with a bigger amount... and that's how people end up obese... but the fat isn't the problem... nutritional deficiencies making people ravenously hungry for real food is making them sick. Just eat real food.

Processed junk with artificial flavors and colors that make you feel high is basically trying to survive by eating only drugs… They are void nutritionally and get you high… Make sure you at least eat what you need if you poison yourself… like getting enough vitamin C if you smoke so it won't be taken from the heart, joints and skeleton. Your body is a whole, so smoking causes more than just lung cancer… and people are madly hungry for a reason if they only eat cardboard and paint… because some money hungry asshole added sugar to fool them. If we could really survive with products having sugar as first ingredient in its list, then we would be able to survive by eating a sugar bag with a spoon... We can't. Many do it, you do if you eat disguised processed food, then people wonder why they are depressed and sick... *sigh*

The body is so amazing for keeping people alive with all the toxins that we pour everywhere, in the air, food, on our skin... don't think that you need drugs because your body is being defective... there's so much abuse and neglect that even the most amazing thing can endure... and there's nothing more amazing than life forms. Even if you mistreat your life until it's hell... life itself is amazing! Threat it that way, with respect and care YOURSELF, and it will become obvious for you too. You don't have to do anything to deserve it. Life just is. But you have to take care of it the way it needs.

Even if you manage to go fast from stimulants, you'll just deepen your nutritional debt and will be even more depleted, exhausted, depressed and in pain later.

Rest while nourishing yourself until you're good to go again... it's best to balance the nutrition in and energy out... but emotional people like me are so passionate that we give everything we have and more into what we do... constantly burning ourselves out, but we can do that for a limited time, before crashing harder and harder... make sure nutrition and rest is balanced later and not accumulated over time from not providing enough, only half replaying the debt before worsening it four times more... that's not good enough to thrive, no matter how much things get done.

That's the trap of alcoholism... it's like drinking pure sugar (a lot is added for fermentation, to make alcohol, but that's toxic so it's even worse), Booze is like drinking cocaine... That's why people get a boost on it, but then they crash even lower... getting enraged from what is actually a hunger rage (symptom of hypoglycemia, reactive... because it's caused by sugar so sugar pills aren't a cure... damn medical doctors are dumb!!!)

But instead of going for nutrition that will stabilize the blood sugar and give real energy, they go for another high, and the roller coaster restarts... same with cakes... cola...

But without calcium and magnesium to calm the nerves... you'll just freak out. That's not energy... a mindless high rush is like a gunshot in the dark... not a focused athlete accomplishing goals... That's why people have such a bad attitude when relying on stimulants, aim for balance not highs or it will balance itself with the lows that you are trying to avoid by being the CAUSE not the solution!

That's why more of the wrong thing will never make it right. Even if for a few seconds you feel good, the price and debt is too high... It's the long term effects that are important... and the long term effects of medical drugs are kidney failure.

Eat vitamins and minerals damnit!!! Even eating my shit would be better than the junk that you're being given from companies that focus on PROFITS, not NUTRITION. You have to do that yourself.

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Instead to understand why the body adapts, higher doses are given.

Adrenal Glands (Green pony): *CRIES & SHRIEEEEEEEEEKS!!!*

Thyroid (Blue pony): I can’t stop... we must hold on...

Extra comments:

Can you see now why depression isn't just in people's head? You need to rest but you can't... everything you ingest (and that includes breathing and putting on your skin) stays in your blood for 3 days... So the coffee in the morning and all day long is one of the reasons that you can't sleep at night.

Sleeping isn't just about being unconscious. This isn't the matrix, you aren't a rechargeable battery... and in the matrix they are actually being depleted while in comas.

Sleep requires energy, probably even more than being awake. It's not about stopping to run around so you can catch your breath. It's a huge effort to repair the damage that you did to yourself by running around. And you can't rebuild organs with sugar cubes! Even Gingy, the gingerbread man from Shrek, would need more than sugar to hold himself together.

Your body staying the same once it grew up is an illusion.

From dailymail "Believe it or not, your lungs are six weeks old". They won't be renewed if you smoke to cut your appetite. Sure sucking on a stick of burnt trash will cut your appetite, but that won't nourish you. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means that it heals damage done by oxygen, and oxygen is needed to burn energy by all your cells, so that needs to happen, and that needs to be healed even more. Breathing fire require even more vitamin C and cause direct damage to your lungs... feeding the cells weird mutated burnt chemicals that will produce mutant cells if that's all they have to reproduce... and will deform the good ones as well. The body will try to isolate the toxins in fat (so that won't make you skinny) and in tumors... to try to survive as long as possible... being poisoned... that will trigger a high alert, death is coming! You'll enter the fight or flight, kicking the adrenals directly, bypassing the wise reaction to slow down when starved... because you are being attacked, you have to struggle... hard.

So yeah, your metabolism will have a boost... you will feel alive... but not because you can function by being well fed... more like being trapped in a contraption from the movie Saw... "The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long." But that's not the expression I was looking for... Ah, I found it: "The candle burns brightest just before it goes out."

This is how it is to live on stimulants instead of nutrition.

Still wondering why you feel depressed like doom is coming? Because doom is right there. You did it to yourself.

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The body cannibalized itself for nutrients to function and broke apart.

Human doctor: How can they be dead? They where so lively a second ago...

Extra comments:

Doctors don't understand why people drop dead out of the blue from a heart attack. But that sure isn't from a Statin drug deficiency. They think there are no warning symptoms... there are plenty. But anxiety and depression are dismissed as being just in your head a stupid little hypochondriac wanting attention.

Well, then give better attention to yourself because doctors won't save you.

What kind of people are forced to go faster while starved and exhausted?


Oh you think you aren't one just because you can choose your cage and master? You think getting minimum wage is a fair share from the results accomplished together by companies that make billions from their employees?

Think again.

But in the end... you choose what you do with your gold and your time... you have the control over your life.

Worse case scenario that happens more often than you'd want to admit: You can burn yourself out, force yourself to go faster than naturally possible with stimulants, just because someone else demands the dangerous impossible, without trying to understand yourself and what YOU want, beyond what the ads tell you to scare the shit out of you, make you feel inadequate and buy their fake help to reassure yourself... If you don't understand what you need, feel, think, want... and then whine that no one does... you can throw your life away at anyone who promise you to take care of you, some lover who just want money or sex, even drug pushers (in an office or the streets)...

Or you can take care of yourself like your very life is the most important thing in your life... after all you can't live without it~ So be selfish, but you don't always have to be mean about it... but sometimes you do~

Go ahead, disappoint the people who want to abuse and exploit you for their own benefit at their peril. Even if it's your parents, because it's SOOOO easier to nag someone into accomplishing things to make us look good by association... than actually doing them ourselves...

Just make sure that you are well fed and safe so you can survive.

Bite the hand that want to disrespect your limits and needs if you have to... but if it's your own... then change and do better for yourself.

Cutting yourself will force your brain to release pain killers once the danger has passed... but just because you put the knife away after slicing and dicing you won't mean that your issues will be solved, and your nutritional deficiencies won't get better, especially since your requirements just got up for damaging yourself! Dumb ass. But you can handle anything when well rested and well nourished, especially when you have enough vitamin C for the Adrenals to orchestrate everything else... and for everything else to heal from the strain as you go.

Stimulants can be subtle like loud music... but that's like listening to lions screaming that they will eat you, to trigger the fight or flight, kicking the adrenals out of rest, by making it believe that reserves should be used because this is a life or death situation. Loud music is threatening to your body. It doesn't just hurt ears, big bass are a pulse, it affects touch! But worse than being hit because the sound wave can cross walls, so it cross your body, hitting your vital organs... damaging your cells... and not just your ears... and not just with hear loss.

The nerves are coated with something, the way you are coated with skin. It hurts to be touched on broken skin or have salt put on a open flesh, because there's nothing to block nerve signals... But nerves also have some sort of skin. Made with B vitamins, and probably C too it glues everything together with collagen. So when your nerves get over stimulated with not enough nutrition... their coating get damaged... the nerve can die... or become raw and even more sensitive... From sound damage to the nerves in the ears... every little sounds can end up causing agony (it's a symptom of magnesium deficiency too, lots of nutrients work together to do everything) and you can end up with tinnitus... hearing iiii all the time... It's awful. So that's anoter example why over stimulation is dangerous...

Socializing require all your senses and so many things to process... it's the most exhausting thing... when you are exhausted, it's natural not to be able to handle people. Fear is your body's way to tell you "I don't have the energy and means to handle this, it will exhaust and hurt me, let's not hurt ourselves to stay healthy." That's very sane. In fact, it couldn't be saner. Of course it's fun to be with people, well, some of them... but not everyone is an extrovert gaining energy by being with others (probably sucking it out of them)... introverts recharge by being alone and that's okay (they where probably the sensitive ones that gave everything that had so the extroverts could feel better... so they're not weaker.)

It's best to take care of ourselves so we can be and share with others... if you only give away and never take care of your own needs, never receive in return... the balance will be broken... one day will alone won't be able to force your body to function... you'll crash... with no reserves left, even depleted organs... and unless you put aside your old ways, and embrace balance... and even do the extreme opposite and provide MORE than you do until you catch up... you'll live all your life in agony until the end...

The only thing that you HAVE to do is survive... and the basics needs to do so. Everything else is a bonus.

Sure there are bonus that I can't imagine live without... But I had to give up my wants, dreams and even loved ones (especially the ones hurting me with disguised hatred)... but I had to so I can stay alive and gain back the energy to enjoy more later.

Every choices require a sacrifice... we can have everything. Even the richest have to choose between gold plating their car or helicopter... tragic.

As I proudly made that comic... I didn't have the pleasure of writing to my friends instead... I feel bad about it... not being emotionally available... but when I am, I give everything I've got and I feel deeply... the down side is needing to rest... so I can do it again. I need to express stuff out of my head... I guess I can give them the link and choice to read all that or not. I'm impressed if anyone can read that much. I can only write, hahaha. Hello, I love you~

I even eat junk from time to times... but the few minutes of pleasure aren't worth spending more than a week in a fog, unable to move from the dizziness and pain, unable to be near loved ones because I'm like a wounded animal wanting to bite everything, because I can't take more stimulation and I'm just plain hungry... to heal... nothing is that tasty or fun... But thankfully there are foods that are tasty and fun without sending you in such a hell that you just want to kill yourself, unable to remember that it was better and can be again... if you stop junking yourself up...

Detox hurts so we'll crave the very things that poison us to stop it... but if we allow the confusion of change... something much better can come out of it.

I am deeply grateful for my body for slowing me down and expressing his depressed distress... Even after years I'm still damaged, but I'm catching up... and even though I had to give up on dreams... better ones came true even though I never thought that I could feel so free~

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Respect your body’s limits.

Fulfill your needs and everything will function optimally. Life forms require real nourishment not stimulants. Coffee, cola, sugar, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs will never compensate for vitamins & minerals deficiencies. More of the wrong things won’t make them right. Forget worthless grains, corn, soy & toxic chemicals. Forget worthless grains, corn, soy & toxic chemicals. To escape misery: heal by eating fresh meats, veggies, fruits, nuts & probiotic yogurt. Horses are delicious too~

Extra comments:

I do eat horse meat. You don't need to be a vegetarian to eat vegetables. The problem with meat is that carnivores get vitamins from eating EVERYTHING... Joints, vital organs storing vitamins and minerals... we only eat the flesh and that's not enough. I boil my chicken bones until everything disintegrate away... and I get a lot of collagen gelatin... my body is trilled with delight. Forget the yellow powder. I add fresh curcuma roots when I cook the beast. I still eat mostly vegetables, to stuff myself up and get nutrients... with a raw salad to get live enzymes... and live cells to become my own... "welcome to the collective!" Vegetarians and vegans are against eating meat for some morality... as if lions where evil...

But locking a prey up all its life, with a diet that isn't what they need to fatten them up... with no nutrition... and stuffing them with toxins Antibiotics because they get sick... and eaten alive by the bacteria and mold that digest and return the dead to the earth... because their life is rotting away from malnutrition and insalubrious living conditions... locked up in their own feces without seeing the sun and get vitamin D from it... and giving them hormones to bypass their own, causing chaos, to make them grow faster... and even cyanide because a healthy chicken will have a pink flesh from lots of red blood cells thanks to good nutrition... or irritation from poison! Looking the same isn't enough to be the same!!! You eat all that's in them!

Nutrition was replaced by drugs... And we do that because we are over populated... so we over populate animals together, stressing them, making them violent... They cut the beaks of chicken so they won't kill each other... put them together in cages smaller than they are... crushed against the metal... instead to let them eat bugs outside... and then they spray toxins on plants to kill the bugs!!! Eating life is natural... plants are sentient beings too... sunflowers follow the sun... they can feel and make decisions. They don't have a brain, but like us, all cells have a brain and work together as a big brain all over their body. They just don't use a dedicated area. So eating animals is natural... torturing them all their life isn't okay...

They're not as nutritious and delicious... sick toxic meat will make you sick. Maybe not right away because our observation forget over time... but if we could see a life time in a day... the long term consequences would be freaking obvious. I worked at a McDonald... I saw new employees get sick and decay as they ate it... disfigured with acne, like someone threw acid at their face and their skin melt off... but that comes from the inside out... so the internal damage is even worse...

Tofu mimics estrogen, the female hormone, and will mess with your system. It's used as cheap filler because it tastes NOTHING so you can add artificial flavors and give the illusion that you eat variety when it's just the same crap crop.

During pregnancy, it's important to have reserves to face the ordeal of creating an entire new complex body... and sustains two lives instead of one... Belly fat would protect the baby like a cushion too. So women taking the pill make their body believe that they are already pregnant so the body won't make more eggs, to avoid carrying 9 babies at once... So they get fat... and men eating soy look like pregnant women too, with a huge belly (from fermenting the wrong foods too, like wheat) and even tits! And of course if your body ends up thinking you're a woman because of so much soy, you won't get erections either. Asian people don't eat that much, and they ferment it to lower the bad stuff in it... and eat it along nutritious sea weed, vegetables, and other meats. The B vitamins are found in meat... We need both... vegetables and meat... The war between vegetarians and meat eaters should end... they are both right and wrong at the same time... we should all point wheat, corn and soy as the problem.

Problems are always from having not enough of the right thing and too much of the wrong things (but wrong things shouldn't be taken at all. Unless you like feeling like shit...)

I avoid soy because it's a goitrogen, it inhibits the thyroid... basically it's a thyroid killer. I don't have menstrual cramps since I don't welcome soy in my life; it mimics estrogen so it probably made the whole period event even more intense than my own hormones wanted to... Being well fed allowed me to renew my uterus without feeling like I'm dying and bleeding to death... because I have vitamin C to ease the inflammation, B vitamins too to make blood, and magnesium to prevent intense spasms.

There is so much more to eat... such delights... many more flavors than pure sugar... a symphony of flavors and nutrients for your body to be in harmony.


Pony creator (generator) by generalzoi at deviantart.

Extra comments:

Here's the link I used to make the ponies. I can't draw horses. It's Flash and online, so it's safe and no need to install... but I wish I could because it's so awesome I don't want to lose it.

Pony Creator Full Version

I also used it to make the art: My Little Pony: Castration day

Oh I found a version 3. The older one seems faster to use, the new one is cut at the bottom, but that's probably from my old browser. Nope, you need to drag and drop the menu to move it up and down... Hm... that's hard to find out... I prefer to scroll my mouse wheel... Oh~ I can use the program then! Oh~ the new version has more stuff~ Oh I love tall hat accessories! The colors can now be copy-pasted from Photoshop's codes... easier to use. Oh that's super cool~ I wish I was that good at drawing and coding flash. Well, I can still play with it~ Thank you stranger. See, I told you being alone and disconnected was an illusion. Everyone do stuff that we can enjoy~

Enjoy and do some for yourself~
Lisa Of Shades
Comic: 6 September 2015
Text: 7 September 2015

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