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Movie soundtracks are unbalanced.
Conversations are too low: *Whispers* "WHAT!!!?"
Action scenes are too loud: BOOM! *Heart attack*

Technology that I want. Bigger and thinner is overdone. Give us more options to customize. Make a triple volume control: Average, minimum and maximum that will adjust itself as needed. But that would require an AI more intelligent than its creator, so I guess I'll have to do it myself.


I'm still young and it still bothers me. I used an older person to show that deliberately putting conversations too low and explosions too loud to surprise people could be too much to the point of killing people with a weak heart. It's annoying for the neighbors too. My neighbor sounds like he's watching thunderstorms all the time.

I like to watch movies in the middle of the night, I constantly have to lower the sounds for sudden explosions, and put it to max to understand the so called romantic whispers. I wish there was an auto fix for that. But screens have become a cock contest and people just try to get them bigger... So I'm not expecting anything, since people are too stupid to create anything more intelligent than themselves... I'm just putting the idea out there in case someone proves me wrong... or edit the sounds effects in a better balanced way.

I don't watch movies blowing up stuff that often anyway anymore... But it sure is annoying.


Lisa Of Shades
Image: 12 February 2016
Text: 12 March 2016

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