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Smear campaign by a narcissist. Rage comics: gtfo, derpina, like a boss, blueberry man I lied, forever alone


Dark Derpina: "Stop harassing me. Behind your cute mask, you have no heart. You wronged me. I don't want to be your friend anymore." GTFO (Get the fuck out)

(I'm Canadian and I'm indeed an overly nice person. I wait way too long to get mad. I do put my limits so nicely that abusive people dismiss it easily. They are so surprised when I slam the door in their face. But enough is enough. You don't even need empathy to understand that it's stupid to be inconsiderate of other people's needs. If there's nothing worthwhile in the relationship for me, I won't stay. I'll seek what I want somewhere else and you'll be left with what I owe you: nothing.)


Derpina: "You have no rights! I’ll kill you!"

(She was a Muslim. She threatened my life and spread hatred all around her. That's why they have a bad reputation. She accused me of being a racist because I didn't want to be her friend anymore. But it's not racism when they really are trying to kill you. That's unacceptable behavior and that destructive attitude is not even in her own best interest. No wonder she has problems keeping her friends. She claimed to be misunderstood. But she treated people like shit with a cute smile, then wondered why people didn't find her cute. It's because she didn't respect other people's rights, needs, feelings and limits. She tried to make me believe that I don't have any rights, not even to defend myself against abuse, not even to protect my own life. That's the most damaging psychological attack, it's even deadly if you allow it too long, it destroys your very identity and soul. I have zero tolerance for people with no empathy. She was ready to hurt on purpose to get what she wanted. That's not friendship. It's an enemy. I am my own master. I won't surrender my free will to someone who can't even control herself.)


Derpina: "Stop being her friend! SHE'S the liar manipulating you with sick mind games."
Forever alone guy: "Ok! I'll be your friend instead. Thanks! I tend to be naive."

(When he thanked the liar and called himself naive... I face palmed myself so hard. I felt hurt... but I didn't care about her anymore... and he didn't actually do this to me because I wasn't there... he did it to himself and we shouldn't save people from their own free will otherwise there would be no more freedom. I had to learn the hard way thinking that the attention of a clingy soul sucking person was nice... He won't see it as a problem no matter how much I explain her hypocrisy until he feels the pain himself.)


Derpina (as blueberry man): "Yes! You sure are. I lied~"

(She tried to reach me through my friends when I kicked her out of my life. When she saw that she wouldn't be allowed back in, she tried to win over me by stealing my friends. But stealing and destroying friendships makes her a pathetic loser. The only way to win is not to play. My friend isn't a tool to use or a prize without his own free will. So I let him make his own decision. He already did by letting my enemy in his life, he rejected me as an ally. There was no friend to win anyway.)


(Typical narcissist)
Smear campaign. Losers destroy. Winners create. A loyal caring friend would believe in you. An intelligent friend would ask questions to find the truth. If they're neither, they're not your friends. Don't worry about getting your trash stolen. Respect people's freedom to make their own choices. It's their responsibility to live with the consequences. Save yourself and find better by simply walking away peacefully~


It's the true dialog. When he thanked the liar and called himself naive, I face palmed myself so hard. I wanted to save him but he did this to himself. He wanted to help and be nice to everybody. But when you help an enemy who want to hurt your ally, you're just as cruel and a worthless friend.

I'm so appalled and disgusted by human behavior. To meet a 3rd narcissist before I even have the chance to heal from my traumas. I thought that the guy was kind and generous, finally a new beginning with better people in a new place. But he believed the worst gossip like a dog eagerly eating shit, without question... some people have the IQ of a potato.

It was pointless to try to explain him, he should have seen the obvious from the start. It was pointless to call for help, they saw me as the one giving them problems and causing drama. The only thing to do is to walk away. It's the best defense... and the best revenge too. Mourn until the memory fades away, there's someone who deserves your cares better: yourself!

This video on YouTube helped me know what to do, I did it before:
Friends of the Narcissist are NOT your Friends

The second narcissist lied to me and when I found out he did self pity, claiming to be the one who was hurt. He manipulated all my friends to pressure me into forgiving him and letting him abuse me more, instead to apologize and respect me better in the future. Everyone blamed me for making a fuss; I was the problem to them. They tried to convince me that I was wrong to defend myself against harm. That is an extremely dangerous brainwash that can make you lose your very capacity to survive, falling helpless into a deep depression. He tried to destroy who I am... so I'd be his complaint slave. I left the entire group. That's not friendship. I prefer solitude and freedom. Nothing is worth losing myself.

I made a lot of posters about the first covert narcissist that I've met:
Relationships gone bad

I did a lot of research to understand. I turned hell into a great learning experience.

Narcissists are not always grandiose, some are unable to hide their insecurities, but they're all manipulative to feel in control. They have no self esteem, but instead to try to better themselves, they crave admiration to boost their ego like junkies. The covert narcissists are even more dangerous by playing the needy victim. They use your heart as a weapon against you. To be free, it's not just a fight against abuse, but a fight against the best within us.

Learning about their manipulation techniques helped me be better prepared to defend myself and not allow my boundaries to be crossed. Narcissists deny reality by gaslighting, to make you question and blame your own sanity instead of their wrongdoings. Smear campaigns turn your loved ones into weapons against you, creating an army to crush you. They demand that you surrender like a good slave, or doing evil biddings so the narcissist can claim to be perfectly good. The level of madness is as unbelievable as it is utterly unacceptable.

Narcissists try to make you believe that you don't have the right to say no, to have your needs met, to defend yourself against torture, that you're the wrong one that should be punished if you even try. They fabricate false facts to claim that their abuse is justified, that they're punishing you for your own good because you're the bad one. They demand you to be devoted, trying to earn respect and love, but they're incapable of it. You should be giving it to yourself in the first place. They try to chaining you with empty promises and false hope, but only pain awaits you, even when they give you crumbs to renew the illusion. This is a brainwash to create codependents.

I thought that codependent meant to cooperate and depend on each other. I was horribly wrong. They have the same arrogant god complex as the narcissist but on the other end of the spectrum. One believes that he can give everything, the other thinks that he's entitled to receive everything. It's a perfect match in hell. The codependents are trained to be a slave, to ignore their own needs and devote themselves into exhaustion... with nothing but abuse as a reward... trying to earn what the narcissist is incapable of, the self care that they should be doing for themselves instead, letting others take care of their own lives.

The greatest control is the ability to let go.

When boundaries aren't respected, just walk away.

I can't change others or my own nature, but I can master myself and find inner peace. I can enjoy solitude until I find people who make it worth my time, and build a mutual relationship together. Until then I'll have a healthy relationship with myself.

Lisa Of Shades
13 February 2017

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