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Sharing torrents. Because you are one of the others too. ~ Demotivational wolf, chicken, egg

Sharing rare torrents. Because you want them too. ~ Demotivational wolf, chicken

Sharing torrents ~ Insanity wolf ~ Poop emoji ~ smileys happy ninjas gifts

SD is 480p tall and less. Faster to download. Faster to upload. Cheaper to burn. Looks like poop.

Sharing torrents

(It used to be in Demotivational ~ Anime jokes 3)

Not sharing: “Here’s a torrent I made. ~ Ha! Screw the others. ~ Asshole! ~ Aww... It’s dead.” Sharing once spreads: “Share it! ~ Sure! ~ Awesome! ~ Sweet!” Sharing twice multiplies. Sharing more... fireworks! Sharing torrents. Because you are one of the “others” too.

Thank you to keep torrents alive. When you just take without giving you waste the upload that could have been used to share, killing the torrent. It might seem convenient to you to deny this common courtesy, but sooner or later, you'll be the "other" unable to get what you want.

I have to confess that I don't always share it once. But I try to make up for it by adopting a torrent and sharing it many times. I gave the ones I made 50 times before deciding to adopt another.

I use wolf avatars online and I'm [WolfPack] at I like to make batches to improve the chances that a series is fully seeded, and it tidy up the program.

I showed off the poster at nyaa saying “Look at how cute it is! I'm going to eat so I won't see the wonderful insults that you're going to use to praise me. Enjoy~” Yeah… this is why I won’t program a comment option.

The wolf smileys were edited by me with other smileys. The chicken was from a Zelda smiley. I turned it into a chick and an egg. (The old riddle is finally solved: The chicken comes before the egg.) Thanks to sharing, we get a tiny bit that grows until it's 100%. Some eggs never hatch... being stuck half way is very frustrating.

Giving a torrent once might not be the whole torrent. You can give twice the first half. That's why you can reachwhat seems to be sharing once fully when you're not even done downloading the torrent yourself. So it's always best to share it more than once, but that's a start.

Try to afford some DVDs so the artists won't starve to death.

How to create a torrent at torrentfreak.

Thank you to keep spreading the joy. And enjoy~
Lisa Of Shades
1 October 2014

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Sharing rare torrents

Sharing torrents. "Share it!" "Sure"
But sometimes it takes a while for someone to need your help... "Hello?"
Please be patient to spread happiness. "Zzz~"
Don’t let them die. It could happen to you. "HA!" "Thanks!"

Sharing rare torrents
Because you want them too.

I give back my torrents more than 1.5 times, the ratio recommended by uTorrent, because only giving it back 1 time might not make a new seeder. The parts I give are random among many people so sometimes I send duplicates. I noticed it when I started to make my own torrents and didn't get a big amount of new seeders until I almost gave it twice.
Sometimes there's a very good anime that is strangely rare. It takes me a while to give it back, but since I'm the only seeder, because the previous one finally could make a run for it, I can't let the torrent die so I patiently wait.

I gave the rare torrent many times but there's still only one seeder. It means that many people are giving up seeding this torrent with rare demands, but it's so good that it must live...

The anime is "Eve no Jikan". A robot cafe where everyone must be treated as equal, where robots can finally act as people instead of emotionless machines. Robot means slave... but treating them like shit tells more about our own value than theirs.

It's the 480p version that I'm trying to preserve. Sure it's less popular than HD, but there are still many people who prefer it, and I can't play bigger. It's also faster to download and seed.

The minority deserve to have what they need and want too. Less popular torrents can be gems that are still worth watching.

So please be grateful and seed torrents back... The rare ones need your help even more.
Lisa Of Shades
Image: 18 October 2015
Text: 21 October 2015

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Part 3: Happy ninjas

Sharing torrent batches.
Wolf: "I gift-wrapped all the episodes to help you~"
But not everyone wants the same thing...
Poop: "Your video size is shit!"
Wolf: "I need it..."

It’s pointless to be mean about it.
Poop: "No one wants your shit!"
Wolf: "I do..."

Don’t act like shit about a gift. Even nice people can bite.
Poop: "You’re shit!"
Wolf: "Go die!"

Sharing torrents
I do it for the silent happy ninjas.


I read my old comments when I edited my torrents, so I had a year of shit in one shot. People really said stuff like that to me, for no reason. I did some mistakes but nothing that justifies this harassment.

There were nice people who thanked me and even defended me... We mustn't lose sight of that... Happy people are too busy enjoying themselves to write comments... like furtive ninjas... While shitty people stink up the whole place.

Oh the irony of being call shit by someone giving you shit. It's what you do that defines you... So whether I'm shit or not, you are for giving me a load of it... Instead to explain me constructively how I can better myself. And if we simply don't want or don't need the same things... Shut the fuck up and go die!

Your life might be about you, but my life is about ME!

And I wouldn't make torrents or offer anything at all to the world, ever, if I only did this for one person who attacks me with insults if I mess up, and even if I do it great. I don't keep that kind of negativity in my life, not even in my own head. Not for long. I flush it. Well, I vent it on my web site, so I probably don't seem that way... But it's easier to let go after having a laugh at it.

It shows how a nice person can turn aggressive and hostile after being hurt for too long and pushed past the breaking point. I think some people get off on that... On viciously making people snap while sucking up to moderators and get the person punished or banned while looking innocent... People like that sicken me... Suck ups manipulators who don't know how to have decent fun without ruining it for others. People with nothing good to share. They should be the ones getting the boot and I won't stop myself from biting back even if I don't look good and end up kicked. It's better than sucking up to these people... Maybe being nice without caring is better... I guess I care too much.

People can just push the close or back button if they're not happy with what they find on the internet.

It's not like you did a 5h drive with kids screaming in the back and a wife nagging in the front, to reach a shop where you had to pay a fortune for something, then figuring out that it doesn't do what it was advertised for and broke two days later. Then you can write an angry review.

But a torrent of free animes, made in a batch to make it easier on you, and with a clear title to let you know the video size without even opening the page...

You're really a piece of shit to go out of your way to say that this is not what you wanted. You have nothing better to do... really? Geez, thank you for dedicating a part of your life to tell me how much you hate me and my gift, I'm sorry that you have nothing better to do and that your life sucks as much as you. No wait, I'm not.

If you do that to all the billions of things that you don't want instead to go straight to what you want... No wonder you never get it and end up frustrated.
But you can only blame how stupid you are.

And if your goal is to attack someone to vent frustrations, then
you're shitting all around you in life and that's why your life is so full of shit.

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 13 April 2016
Text: 23 April 2016

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480p banner

SD is 480p tall and less. Faster to download. Faster to upload. Cheaper to burn. Looks like poop.


I made many torrent posters as a preemptive strike against haters, when I make torrent batches of anime series. But I run out of ideas, so maybe I'll use that banner... until someone pisses me off with inspiration.

I wanted to add a happy wolf at the end of each points but it took the punch away from the poop emoji.

It's a fair warning for the people who want something else. HD is necessary on huge TV screens, but I watch it with my computer so I don't see a difference, except the downsides of big files...

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 13 April 2016
Text: 23 April 2016

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