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Sharing. It means to both give and take. Otherwise we'd call it giving or taking.

Girl: "Please open up and share too!"
Guy: "No. I don’t even want to try. It’s bothersome & embarrassing."
Girl: "*Feels rejected and stops*"
Guy: "I still don't want to share for you but give me more!!!"
Jackie Chang: "WTF!?"
Business man: "KILL YOURSELF"

Forever alone. Can be a happy ending when it sets you free from uncaring abuse. If you refuse to give what you ask, then you don't deserve it. If you give sadness and suffering, then it's the only thing that you deserve.


He promised me more than he wanted to even try to deliver, so he could bite more than he could chew... he betrayed and threw up all over me constantly. I'm not going back to that. Ever.

This comic I made with rage comic faces is related to my relationship with a greedy and selfish brat. I finally found the right word to describe him. He's inconsiderate: "without due regard for the rights or feelings of others". That's harmful because mistakes can happen, but when someone doesn't care whether he hurts you or not, being near them means constantly having to push back their relentless assault to claw too much out of you. It's exhausting whether I give too much or succeed to fight him off. I just got rid of him completely. He's disrespectful, manipulative and abusive. I don't need that negativity in my life. He doesn't even want to try, and I don't have the energy to drag him screaming and kicking into heaven, so he can go to hell.

He didn't think that I was worth making an effort. I was not precious enough for him. That's why he lost me. He didn't appreciate me. He took me for granted. He thought that it'd be easier to just pretend and fool me than give it to me for real. I loathe him.

Codependency and greed can turn even the best of us this way. Sometimes codependency is because we don't put our limits, but sometimes it's because people refuse to respect us and manipulate our feelings and mind with lies to abuse and exploit us... They don't care, because they do it on purpose. They won't stop so you have to stop yourself from being in the relationship. They won't understand why they should make an effort and stop taking so much because so far they only see benefits from neglecting and abusing you.

When they cry it's to make you continue to be their slave, not because they suddenly started to care about you. They never will or they wouldn't have done this so viciously and subtly violently in the first place.

He made me cry by making me feel rejected and lonely when he refused to share so I could know who he is, love him and feel welcomed, trust ed and closer... saying that he's too boring... and when I agreed and stopped to want to know anything about him and left, he freaked out. By refusing to share he didn't just refused to make efforts, he rejected and sabotaged mine. He begged me to give him things but he wouldn't reciprocate or even welcome them. He rejected my efforts constantly while I was trying to grant his wishes, things that I never thought about or wanted before but did for him, and he rejected me when he asked for them! It was agonizing. Damn inconsistency, damn manipulations and lies. Then he begged me to have another chance... to do what, torture me again, abuse me, make me cry, despise him even more? NO.

I endured his shit for almost a year, he had hundred of chances. If he sabotaged them until what he wanted broke and he lost it, it's his own damn problem for not taking care of it properly, and no longer mine! I don't want his bullshit.

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Refusing to share means refusing to give but also refusing to receive.

Sharing isn't just about giving gifts, text and attention... It's also how much of yourself, your heart and mind, that you put into it. Quality over quantity.

If you refuse to give what you ask, then you don't deserve it.

FINALLY! I found a short way to express how I was feeling, why I was suffering, and why I gave up and won't go back to him. I edited my comic.

Being alone and free is a happy ending for me~


Lisa Of Shades
20 April 2016

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