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I first made it for my friend Th4n05 in the Shad Wolf section, but since my character makes such a short appearance in this cool health comic, I transfered it to my comic section.

L's real name is Lawliet.



Doctor: “L, you have diabetes and celiac disease. You must stop eating sugar and grains.”
L: “WHAT!?”


5 minutes later:
L: “Farewell cruel world...”
Squirrel: “Wait!”


Squirrel: “Try almonds!”
Mouse: “And cheese.”
Rabbit: “Veggies!”
Black wolf: “Meat too.”


1 week later:
L: “I feel so much better!!!”

Extra comment:

It felt like the end of days, but it turned out that the change brought a new dawn and better days.


Fat. Your brain is made of it and functions even better with fresh fats as a fuel. Especially with nutritious vegetables and meat. Death Note: Lawliet (L’s real name) ~ Shad Wolf

Dedicated to my friend Th4n05, thank you for the inspiration:

I made this for Th4n05 after our conversation about the anime Death Note, how L eats all those cakes constantly and it's tempting to do the same. But I'd get really sick if I did that, anyone would, and he looks very sick too. So I made this comic to raise awareness, because this story happened to me. If you think that your body works well by poisoning yourself with nutritionally worthless chemical food that causes diseases... I wish you could try something new and discover how much better you can think and feel.


Your brain is made of it and works even better with fat as fuel, instead of sugar. But it’s only usable if it’s fresh; fried fats are rancid and toxic. Vegetable oils are too fragile to be heated at all; butter is healthier. Boil the whole vegetables with meat. But not corn, it’s a grain.

You really can cure diabetes in a week if you stop poisoning yourself with too much sugar. It takes 3 days of eating my healing soup recipe to feel much better.

But healing the gut can take much longer, so we can't cheat a diet that is meant to stop killing you, if you have strong reserves you might not get sick right away, but it will still weaken you towards disease.

There are healthy and delicious alternatives to eating a sweet cancerous chemical. Like nuts and whole fruits, almonds, cashews, apples and strawberries are my favorites. Why eat fake flavors when you can have the real deal.

Grains are bad for everyone, for so many reasons.

It doesn't matter why, it's just plain bad. If it hurts you, it just hurt you and you have to stop. Eat vegetables instead!

Grains are refined into a white powder like sugar, so it's like eating pure sugar. It's too high on the glycemic index. When the blood sugar goes too high, it rapidly crashes too low. You get reactive hypoglycemia and a bi-polar sugar levels fueling the brain will look like having a bi-polar mind, but food is the problem, not the person. To get rid of the lows, you have to give up the highs. Trying to threat the lows with provoking a rapid high is recommended by doctors, but it's the worse thing to do, it only turns reactive hypoglycemia into diabetes. Reactive hypoglycemia is also called pre-diabetes and used to be called glucose (sugar) intolerance. So giving sugar pills created a disaster. That's also the cycle of alcoholism, because that's pure liquid sugar, they add a ton for the fermentation.

Celiac disease, grains can destroy the gut and make it impossible to absorb nutrition, causing such catastrophic deficiencies. But food doesn't just irritate your bowel (IBS, "irritable bowel syndrome", should be called "irritated bowel let's find the cause") or cause bloody hemorrhoids (that's just the tip of the bloody iceberg inside you) or colon cancer (you rot inside out)... food goes everywhere. So you end up kidney and brain damage.

Allergies, you can't just remove its gluten soul, the whole grains are bad. Especially if it's an allergy in the first place.

Intolerance, an allergy that has less rapid symptoms. But that's probably because your body still has the vitamin C necessary for the adrenals glands to make antihistamines and mask the allergic reaction (heal from the irritation before you can be fully aware that you're suffering and having the life sucked out of you... until you run out of vitamin C to make joins and muscle and drop dead from a heart attack.)

Void of nutrition, vitamins and minerals are taken out because it's considered more beautiful when it's as white as a dead ghost... like you soon will be if you have nutritional deficiencies.

OGMs are full of poison. If science spliced grain plants with dandelion greens, it might have been an improvement. The yellow flower is considered a weed on your lawn, but it's considered a medicinal plant. It has an incredibly strong root that goes very deep to reach nourishment, so it grows amazingly quickly, can't be suffocated by other plants with shorter weaker roots, is very hard to remove because it will grow back from any left over root, no matter how deep it is. If science had given that super root to other plants, they would have been able to reach more nutrition and grew faster, stronger and healthier too. For them, and as a great nourishing plant for us.

But what science did isn't to use a nutritional approach that promote grown and life for what they want, they used a murder approach for what they don't want.

They spliced OGMs with a virus that secretes poison!!! It kills insects instantly by exploding their gut... but just because we don't drop dead after one bite doesn't mean that it’s not killing us too! For us it's a slow agonizing death by a thousand needles. And food becomes you; your cells are renewed with what you eat! A man ended up with cells in his gut that were producing the toxin and poisoning him constantly!!! His gut released poison into itself. And/or the healthy bacteria that usually transform vitamins into an absorbable form and make some for us... started making poison instead. And the plants that are made to resist being sprayed with poison, just because they stand up doesn't mean they they're strong and healthy, being wounded depletes their reserves of nutrients, so they end up too empty to nourish us... and bathed in poison. It's like eating plants that have cancer but that aren't dead yet...

Sugar is just as bad, because it's the same refined white powder like COCAINE!

It's the B complex that gives energy. L was probably slim because he had massive diarrhea and couldn't absorb food with a destroyed digestive system, and not because he burned calories with by using his brain. He has black under the eyes and is all curled up like an anemic or someone with low thyroid trying to stay warm.

Now that I banned sugar and refined grains from my life I clearly, sugar made me fall into a hypoglycemic crash, caused by the too rapid high and lack of vitamin C and true vegetables watery fibers to slow down the absorption. I had to take coma-naps, I didn't get much extra energy, and I couldn't heal from the strenuous exercises if I used energy, because it's void of the necessary vitamin C for repairs. Sleeping or time itself isn't enough; you need the right materials to rebuild your body.

Sugar and grains are basically the same thing, they're both void of vitamins and minerals, both refined white powders, both addictive stimulants, just like cocaine.

Grains are said to be at the bottom of the food pyramid as the food that you need to eat the most of... but not to be healthy! To make easy profits with lifeless junk that last long on the shelf and ensure high profits.

Then you see cake and cookies at the top of the food pyramid as the food that you need to consume in moderation to avoid being sick.

But they're all the exact same thing! Just presented differently.

They're all made of grains and sugar. If you eat a toast with sugary jam or a cake with sugary coating... it's the exact same thing. If you eat a muffin it's the exact same recipe as a cake! Just because it's blueberry flavored doesn't mean that you get the benefits from this super food, because it's synthetic chemicals, not real fruits, and even if they were, they were cooked so the vitamin C and enzymes, the life that promotes life, was destroyed.

The bottom of the food pyramid is just as unhealthy as the top. And they should both be cut out entirely from your nourishment.

Eating whole grains or brown bread (and it's often white bread with a chemical colorant) is like saying that eating cardboard is healthier than eating white paper. They're both nutritionally worthless, and people will over eat until their gut explode begging you to swallow vitamins and minerals instead of worthless chemical waste in yoga mate filler, and subway literally add that in their “sand-witches” to make them look better... but they're no better than McDonald's... and they're all just bland chemical sponges that aren't worthy to be called edible foods.

Fast food is bad not because it's fat, but because the fat was fried until it became rancid, dead, unusable to your cells. It's stored in fat because toxins are stored there to protect you. If you eat fresh fat from almonds and avocadoes, your fat cell will be renewed with fresher younger ones, and the toxins will be peed away trapped in fat, that's why pee is yellow!

Sugar needs the B complex to be burned, but it's refined out of the grains, to look better on the shelf, even if disease and death won't make you prettier, especially if you eat yourself into obesity trying to find nourishment, not because you're lazy, but to survive with worthless junk. Because you'll need to eat 10 time more if there's 10 time less nutrition than in natural foods, but then it's all the more profit for the companies, especially since they add chemicals to trick your brain into thinking that it's the best food ever, chemical flavors that make natural ones seem bland by comparison... but they're also so toxic that they poison you... until you get cancer...

The base of your food pyramid should be vegetables.

You will never become obese from eating them, because you'll poop the waste out after absorbing a lot of nutrition to make your complex vital function possible, and THAT'S what gives you energy and boosts your metabolism, not calories like sugar and stimulants like caffeine.

Enjoy real food, real flavor, real nutrition, real health~
Lisa Of Shades
Idea: 9 April 2015
Finished: 23 April 2015
Moved to comic section: 13 September 2015

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