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Hulk smash potatoes ~ Green cook cooks greens ~ Be a superhero for your health ~ Eat greens

Hulk: "Hulk... smash!!! Hulk made smashed potatoes. Fresh food good for health." (Mashed potatoes)

Green cook cooks greens. Be a superhero for your health. Make your own meals. Use living ingredients with real colors and flavors. Don’t trust boxes of you’ll end up buried in one too soon. Don’t fry your brain with fried junk. Take care of yourself.


Greens are good for you. But not green potatoes. They're actually toxic, we can't eat the leaves. If potatoes are left in the sun too long, the toxic substance ends up growing on the potato itself too, and the green chlorophyll, while being super good for you, indicates that it has a deadly companion that will give you diarrhea and nerve damage... and that can always kill you.

So eat DARK greens and the color of the rainbow. White powders are void of nutrition and they add toxins to make that worthless sand seem edible. Avoid grains, especially corn, soy... and if you must eat potatoes, don't fry them! The precious vitamin C goes into the water when you boil them, so make soups with it.

Bio yellow potatoes with red skin are my favorites. They're more flavorful~

A raw salad with cucumbers and apples on the side will help digestion, thanks to living enzymes that produce vitamins (healthy gut bacteria).

Living creatures will help prolong your life. Don't extract and concentrate only one ingredient, breaking the balance with nutrients, or your health's balance will be broken and your emotions will warn you... If you eat shit, you'll feel like shit.


Lisa Of Shades
25 July 2016

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