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Hooked on McDonald's ~ lured by toy and kid ~ Junk food ~ Void of nutrition and full of toxins

First version with bigger separated images:

Hooked on McDonald's 1 ~ Kid is lured by a toy

Hooked on McDonald's 2 ~ Parents are lured by the kid, they give in, too lazy to cook

Hooked on McDonald's 3 ~ They get addicted, sick, fat and depressed

Hooked on McDonald's 4 ~ The clown is rich and happy

I made a demotivational poster with it: Hooked on McDonald's.

Junk food. Void of nutrition and full of toxins. Being fat & depressed is the least of your problems. Your body can't function and you get cancer. It's nutrition that counts, not calories.

1: Kid is lured by a toy

Clown: "Look! A toy~"
Kid: "iiiiii! I want it! I want it! I want it!"

Kids, the fish doesn't just get the worm, he gets the hook to. The fisherman isn't generous, he's not trying to feed the fish, he's trying to use them to his own benefit. Don't follow stranger sin a truck for some candy either... You don't want to know the price of that... let's just resume it with: slow and painful death.

2: Parents are lured by the kid, they give in, too lazy to cook

Clown: "Give me your money and eat my junk, or the toy goes and the kid cries."
Parents: "It's against our better judgment but ok, anything for our kid. (We both work, so cooking is a waste of time anyway)"

If you want the energy to work... COOK REAL NUTRITIOUS FOOD!
If you love your kid, use your own judgment, don't give in to the whims of someone who's not mature enough to know what they need and should want. Just buy the toy and throw the junk away.

Eating his junk can also mean sucking his dick. Think about that next time you’re hungry. Wait until you're home and cook real food from scratch. You'll get back more energy than you'll spend on it.

3: They get addicted, sick, fat and depressed


Family: "We're sick, tired and depressed…"


No kidding. What did you expect from food that looks like a piece of dry boot between Styrofoam? Your metabolic processes are complex and need complex vitamins and minerals in sufficient amount. Not just good will and taste.

Fat’s purpose is to store vitamins and toxins. The process is triggered by hormones. You’re what you eat. What are you made of? Are you junk? Chemicals and soy (cheap filler that's actually toxic when not fermented) mess with your hormones.

4: The clown is rich and happy


Clown: "I'm loving it!"

Yup... people are dying and worse: suffering with chronic diseases and hating themselves for what they look (since they don't know how worse it gets inside with damaged vital organs)... and that damn clown loves it.

And you think you love it too. That's like looking at a shark, happily eating a swimmer, and jumping in to be happy too and part of the fun.

You morron! Don't do what you're told. And if you were fed right, you'd be able to think... so it's a vicious cycle.

Hooked on McDonald's at Age 3 at content.time. How can 3 years olds even develop on toxic rancid fried cheap oils, artificial flavors and chemicals... their brain sure can't develop properly. When you'll get an hysterical retard shrieking around uncontrollably... know that it's your fault, not the kid's, and you deserve what you grew.

But it can be turned around completely with nutrition. Since we renew our cells and constantly evolve, feeding living materials can rebuild the body better and heal damage... but it takes a lot of nutrients to heal years of neglect, damage and abuse... and you might not have enough time left to live.

Don't be fooled by a clown and enjoy cooking real food!

Enjoy better~
Lisa Of Shades
Started 8 June 2014
Done 22 January 2015

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