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Homosexual couples: choice or not, either way it makes perfect sense.

Homosexual couples:
choice or not, either way it makes perfect sense. If your god isn’t happy, he can strike them with lighting himself. But I’m sure he made sterile unions to stop humans from destroying his whole creation with overpopulation.

Whatever makes you happy, without hurting anybody.

If someone hurt you for it, hurt them harder.

Of course the stereotypes don’t apply to everyone, men can want to cuddle and girls can be sluts. And some aromantic asexuals want to know nothing about anyone in both sexual and romantic ways. I gave up forcing myself when I noticed that women give cold sex to have affection and men give fake affection to have sex. I don’t want to play this hypocrite game. I don’t want to sell myself like a prostitute to be paid with fake affection anyway.

It sounds like hell itself to me... worse than loneliness... having the right to expect companionship but only being used coldly... I've never been so alone and miserable and unloved than when I was in a couple. I waited for 10 years to find someone who'd care enough to try to know me first before harassing me for sex, who'd give me respect and dignity like a person, not a toilet. I stopped counting the years. I stopped looking. I noticed that I don't want sex at all.

It's not worth the risk to my health and life. No one is worth it, especially not some jerk that is in a hurry to dump a #3 load. I don't feel at ease with girls, they want sex anyway.

But I can't judge anyone's choice to deal with this problem if they find happiness. But a woman who gets beaten by a man and says "I'm happy anyway"... That's not love for the person she's with, it's fear and hatred to by herself. That's cold, I think it even deserves to be slapped around.

I don't want to bathe in the energy of people who choose to stay in violence, hatred and misery... especially not in the name of love... I can't stand stupidity.

I want to be really happy. And I am. I'm not getting anyone to make it better, but they never do, they only add their needs and wants to my pile... so at least I'm not letting anyone ruin it for me. If the solution is being gay, if that's who you are, then go for it... because people are going to judge, despise, hate and want you dead anyway.

What happens between two willing adults in their bedroom is their own business. But we’re all entitled to our opinions as long as we give them the damn peace, since we all do weird stuff, or wish we dared to.

Men can be such misogynists, if you despise women as inferior, why would you want to share your life with one. If you’re going to be such a jerk, obsessed with dicks, then you might as well share your life with another one! It would be better than beating the crap out of your wife because you hate your real gay desires, or everything different about women.

Women, it’d make more sense for you too… if you get in heat once a month when you pop your egg, unlike men who make countless spermatozoon every second, you can’t really expect men to want to cuddle when their brains is overrun by something lower.

Men and women start the same and develop different body parts and skills from their hormones, but we’re the same, and we’re supposed to help each other out. But we no longer need strong men to hunt, and affectionate women to nurture the wounds and babies. We made businesses out of everything. We overpopulated so much that we turned sex into a hobby; it’s about pleasure, self gratification, insecurities… and no longer about babies.

For that you only need to have a heterosexual sex once in a lifetime, but preferably zero. We mess the woman’s body, mind, and give her cancer with hormones that stop her from producing an egg, then wonder why she’s not in the mood, when ovulating is the only time she’s meat to want sex.

And you don’t even need to have sex once with artificial insemination.

So if people only care about sterile pleasure and don’t want to open their minds to other people’s needs and ideas, then instead to complete each other with different genders, couple might as well be homosexual.

Sexual orientation isn’t a choice. But you can force yourself into something that makes you utterly miserable anyway. By why beat your wife hating the very idea to be with someone that you can’t love and desire… Why hide your shame in church and abuse the innocent in secret.

There’s so much hatred in the world, so much fear of companionship, if two people love each other and hurt no one, then leave them the hell alone! It’s a freaking miracle.

If your god doesn’t like it, he can go fuck himself. The god of Christianity committed his own mortal sin of adultery by stealing another man’s wife for a one night stand… and he didn’t even do that himself, he sent his gay lover, the Holy Spirit, to do that! There are 3 guys and no woman in the holy trinity! It’s gay up there in your heaven!!! So don’t you give me bullshit about god’s will!

Why should I listen to the shit he has to say if it makes no sense and he doesn’t even preach by example. His followers killed people in his name after he specifically told them that murder is the #1 sin that he’ll hate you for and doesn’t want you to do.

So if you want to hate gays, hate them, but own it: don’t go claim that some dude up there sent voices in your head telling you to hate and stop them; because then you’re even crazier than you think they are, and can’t judge anyone.

The world is overpopulated. I’m asexual, I only belong to myself, and even if I was into one gender or another, I wouldn’t belong to anybody just because the puzzle fits! People are more than their crotches. And men if that’s how you want to think, then get with someone who think the same. Chances are… you’ll be happier with a guy.

And the whole homophobia bullshit… it’s only with 2 guys, there’s a classic fantasy about women. So it is NOT about homosexuality. But about being grabbed and forcefully violated like a thing, for once. If men treated women with dignity and respect, they wouldn't be angered to have men after them for a change... they wouldn’t be horrified at the idea to be the one at the mercy of a man, on the hunt for some hammering, if it was a good thing. Heterosexual men would be happy and flattered about having other men be interested in them... if they truly offered anything positive to women, or anyone. Not so fun to be harassed, to have things that you don't want forced into you, when you’re on the violated side, uh!

Homosexuality isn't the problem. Heterosexual misogynists are.

I have enough of those damn assholes who are too in a selfish hurry to share, won't care, don't respect limits, and don't stop when told no. Because they think they’re entitled to whatever impulse they have, because their mother filled their needs when they were helpless... so they think all the women they want must. As if women had no other purpose than serving men, not even living their own life! Go fuck a blender!!! If your mother accepted to be a sperm dumpster from lack of self esteem, and had a baby because she couldn’t think of anything else to do with her own life, not everyone is stupid like that, but many are. Yet, don't assume that I will too, because it's not my fault if you got shat into this world, and I owe you NOTHING. Go find another man and become each other's sperm toilet. That'd be fair.

So women… unless it's your idea of a happy ever after... you’d be better off with another woman.

I think the best is to just be the hell alone, and free! Because men, women, homos, lesbians… you’re just as much as a pain in the ass to me, for different reasons, but just the same. So if you refuse to open your mind and understand each other, choose someone who’s the same and who already understand you and want the same.

Save your hatred for pedophiles and rapists. They deserve the pain they cause.

Either way, enjoy, or you're missing the point~
Lisa Of Shades
9 August 2014

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