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Hypothyroid, Adrenal Fatigue & anorexia

Hibernating bear vs. partying bear ~ low thyroid ~ Hypothyroid ~ Adrenal Fatigue ~ Anorexia

Ì worked extra hard for 5 days on the comic, because my friend Tij likes bear and I like him~

The pill is from my previous comic about the same topic:
My Little Pony: Thyroid madness & Adrenal glands fatigue

Dialogue and extra comments to explain:
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Hibernating bear in summer:

I'll eat enough nutritious reserves to survive winter with scarce foods. My fat will insulate me from the cold too.

Extra comments:

Putting things in your stomach isn't enough. They have to be nutritious with vitamins and minerals. The purpose of fat is to store fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, toxins, and protect you from the cold. Make sure it's vitamins and not toxins that are making you heavier and you'll be healthy.

The water soluble are even more important to have everyday because you can't store extra in fat. They are so vital that they are used for body functions and to build organs right away. The water soluble vitamins will be taken from vital organs and tissue if you don't have enough to function and renew your cells. Many diseases are from nutritional deficiencies, the rest are from poisons.

You can heal and protect yourself from invaders when healthy, so the problem is having a body weaker than a few tourists, not the bacteria or viruses themselves, they can have a good purpose in nature, even for you, bacteria are vital for digestion and protect their homes (you) from incompatible bacteria. Using toxins (antibiotics) to kill them, hoping that you'll survive because you're bigger, is as stupid as nuking your own country and people… send your soldiers to take care of the problem and protect you.

White blood cells' job is to defend you, but they are useless without sufficient vitamin C, like a gun without bullets. High doses of vitamin C are like giving your white blood cells bazookas! Vitamin C supplements will also make the collagen to heal the damage. A cold is actually ripped flesh from sudden temperature change, making your tissues expand and contract brutally from the freezing winter to your warm inner temperature. Vitamin C will make your flesh more elastic to handle it without breaking. That's why it's called a cold… and that's why vitamin C can heal and prevent it. Otherwise you can get pneumonia and die. But it's more dying of malnutrition tan the cold itself, because you'd be able to handle it if you were properly nourished.

So it's important to eat nutritious food, and not just pleasurable ones made of toxic chemicals that trick your brain... It's a good investment to build strong vital organs. It will make you look healthier, better, happier, and THAT'S what's most attractive.

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Hibernating bear in winter:

It's time for a nice long nap to preserve energy and resources~

Extra comments:

When there is no foods, the thyroid will slow down the metabolism to save energy and resources to survive. THIS IS A GOOD THING! Even if the foods are abundant, if you only feed yourself cardboard (grains), sand (sugars), and paint (artificial colors and other chemicals to make it look like real food) you'll still be starving even if you look obese.

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Partying bear in summer:

I avoid eating. Skinny is more attractive, right? My fake coconuts breasts are as good as flesh ones. (But I can't breast feed.)

Extra comments:

People are so superficial they can't see past the skin, well, of course because our eyes aren't x-rays. But we can still use our brains. Only caring about how light we are on the scale to compete as the lightest person on Earth isn't healthy. Because bones, flesh, brains, nerves are heavy too... and losing that weight sure isn't going to make you healthier. You need fat to survive the unexpected... like pregnancy, wounds or disease. But you need that fat to be storing nutrition.

There's nothing wrong with fat. Even fat full of toxins because it protects the vital organs from cancer and it traps toxins to expel them in pee later. That's why fat and pee is the same color. Cell membranes are made of fat... your brain is made of fat... Without fat you'd die. Being nothing but skin and bones with ribs are obviously artificial breasts under is repulsing!

Breasts are flesh and fat! If you want breasts you'll have to be fat somewhere else too, like a round but, because your body will want to be proportional. Being skinny is more dangerous than being fat because you have no energy reserves, you need fat to absorb the fat soluble vitamins so you're probably deficient in those with vital functions being impaired, like a ticking time bomb of disease that you'll notice sooner or later...

If someone wants you to starve until you become frail and weak to control you more easily... if someone wants you to be butchered open and risk being disfigured by a bad operation, die on the table, or end up with rotting wounds and lose your breasts... that person isn't just an heartless asshole incapable of loving you, he's plain dangerous. Demanding to someone to be perfect beyond what life forms are supposed to be to correspond to an imaginary standard of beauty, with insatiable greed for bigger and bigger but skinnier and skinnier at the same time... that's just sick. We should have health and we're supposed to have diversity.

Beauty and attraction is pure instinct to reproduce. If you are too skinny to survive pregnancy without dying or being so depressed from the trauma that you just want to die... what's the point in fooling your mate... you can find another mate who'll enjoy what you truly are and like to do instead, without the stress of constantly having to pretend to be someone you're not.

If you get a bigger chest but you end up unable to feed your own baby with your own breasts... that defeats the purpose.

Implants are uglier than real small breasts, even a flat chest is better. But if you have no breasts, it's sign that you should eat better to make hormones and flesh tissue. There is such a thing as a too low body fat. The solution is to nourish yourself more, not to stuff yourself with toxic silicon like a blow up doll... the implants can saw through flesh and make your breast rot. If you don't have enough vitamin C to make flesh for your own breasts, you won't have enough to heal from butchery.

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  • Highly cohesive breast implant manufacturers at cohesiveimplants. They show the ugly difference between two implants. One of them have a smoother triangle on top, apparently teardrop implant exist, so why do they keep putting ugly bowl shaped ones... It's like Mickey mouse ears instead of tits.
  • I felt like I'd been mutilated': Woman who nearly lost her breasts after having reduction for her 40th birthday at dailymail. Big breast can hurt, so I feel for her, but things can go badly even when you have good reasons. Men with boobs have hormonal problems, caused by malnutrition and substances that mimic estrogen (female hormone) found in soy and chemicals. It can go away on its own if you stop eating cheap crap and toxins, or get worse making you look pregnant and you become impotent.
  • Implant coming through rotting breast image from pinterest. If you don't have enough flesh to make your own breasts, you won't have enough to suddenly cover up huge implants. It will be stretched even thinner and will break apart. A girl got really huge implants, from A to E... BAM! And she was in excruciating pain. A proper surgeon should have told her to put her health before insecure greedy superficial things, but he chose to take her money and indulge her desires... more money for him if things go wrong. Don't trust self proclaimed healers. Trust your body to heal and do what's needed if you provide the proper materials… and that sure isn't silicone!
  • Botched. Documentary series infos at IMDb. "Horrible plastic surgeries gone wrong are looked at by two of California's best plastic surgeons."
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  • Nip/Tuck. Fiction series infos at IMDb. "The dark and twisted trials of two plastic surgeons." Probably inspired by the real surgeon in Botched.
Some women can breast feed with implants, but it can cause mastitis infection, painfully feeding pus to your baby, and worse if the implant is leaking poisonous silicone. Big breasts on a woman means that they are healthy enough to breed. For that you need to be well nourished yourself so you can make your own hormones that will tell your body parts to make breasts and milk when you need it. If you are skinny like a mummy, you won't be able to be a mommy.

The baby will be too much of a toll on your body and it will be flushed out like a threatening parasite. If you don't eat enough for one, you won't be able to grow extra organs for your child. Or he'll be born sick and you'll be too sick to take care of him. That's why big breasts are attractive... so being skinny like Death himself but sticking deadly silicone inside you isn't going to work out for the best...

It's best to have a balanced body in proportions made of healthy flesh.

But if you only eat things that you are allergic to, like grains, soy, corn... which are worthless for everyone anyway... The allergic reaction won't just suffocate you, it can also cause nausea and vomiting... You might end up too scared to eat and seeing eating as a bad thing. It's logical. The damage can shut down your metabolism and store fat to protect you... If you stubbornly only eat those foods because society push them on you as being the healthiest because it's healthy for their profits... or because you get addicted to the sugar they put in them to enslave you like a junky... you'll always end up sick... it can end up becoming bulimia... you get used to throwing up and play along with it... but then you end up starving and your body demands food uncontrollably... in a cycle of doom.

Eat as many vegetables as you want wish fresh meat... nothing processed. You'll be healthy. You'll smile. You'll be attractive no matter what you look like.

Everyone is insecure anyway and many are ready to love anyone forever with "being loved" as their only real criteria.

So enjoy real food together. Banging bones hurts, bouncier is better anyway.

And nothing can replace the nutritional mother's milk, certainly not liquid sugar and soy; that will mess with the baby's hormones and make him obese! At best... or he'll just starve to death unable to grow. Make sure you have the right ingredients for the baby recipe... and for your own because you might not grow... but you renew ALL your cells constantly. Survival isn't about having enough fuel; it's having enough vitamins and minerals to renew your vital organs before they break apart. Old age problems is the failure to do that... because every 7 years it's a whole new you... so you're never very old. Make sure your next clone is even healthier, not less.

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Partying bear in winter:

I'm exhausted but sleeping is for lazy losers. Whohoo! PARTY! There's no real food but I can use stimulants to have energy anyway.

Extra comments:

Alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, low thyroid (hypothyroid) T4 (levothyroxine like Synthroid), refine sugars (candy) they're nutritionally worthless. No vitamins and minerals. They act as stimulants but they don't give you the materials to make your vital functions possible without cannibalizing your own body. You'll crash harder later, you won't be able to sleep or have a restful sleep because you don't provide the materials for repairs during the day... Many of those stimulants give the illusion of energy because they are so toxic that they put the body in the fight or flight state, forcing it to unleash reserves to survive the life threatening situation... they put your body is a state of panic... that's not how energy is supposed to feel like.

If you need to drug yourself to have fun... you really need a hobby... if you need to drug yourself to dare to do stuff, then you don't really want to do it and you'll be better of listening to your inner voice that you don't need the trouble that can come with it.

If you're desperate for someone to love you and take care of you... it means that you're not doing it for yourself properly... and need to figure out how first. Otherwise your couple won't help each other, you'll just be a burden, and there's a limit to how long people will agree to have the life sucked out of them.

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Spring: Bears burned reserves from hardship... or died without any.

Partying bear: Love... me...

Hibernating bear: Ewww... Nothing but skin and bones. You're not fooling me with those useless breasts. I'm not mating with that.

Extra comments:

The bear became slimmer naturally. We don't have times of famine because food is always available for us, but we can have everlasting famine if we don't make the right food choices. So nutrition is all about nutrition. Not about fake famine only relying on milk shakes made of pure sugar. It's nutrition that counts, not calories. If you eat extra calories to manage to get all the vitamins and minerals that you need to function... it's much better... and that's why people can't stop eating when they rely on worthless refined toxic products. The toll increase your nutrient needs to heal from their damage instead to nourish you!

Anorexics and bulimics will always be able to find someone who'll want to bang a bag of bones with no stamina and a heart about to give out from weakness... butchered people will always be able to find someone who prefer to be fooled by silicone than chew on real flesh... morbidly obese people will always be able to find another and eat garbage happily after together... until they die of a heart attack caused by scurvy (low vitamin C).

So you might as well take care of yourself in a healthy manner, without neurotic insecurities because no one is perfect even if some are better are pretending they are... but you haven't seen them naked, without make up and photoshop... or what's under their skin... how much they feel in pain and sad... Without all the fluff you're probably healthier and happier than them. Otherwise many wouldn't die of overdose.

There will always be someone more beautiful and uglier than you... about at least one detail in their body and lives. There are downsides to every upsides, and upside to every downsides... Usually as big... So make sure you choose according to both sides because you'll have to deal with both... and to have an extreme up... you'll have an extreme down cause by the very up tat you pursue... That's why stimulants like alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are so addictive... they cause a bigger down than the one you are trying to cure with them... so they give the illusion that you need even more when they are the problem, not the solution!

So aim at being healthy, there's nothing more beautiful and attractive than that. It will be easier to have sex and have babies if you aren't sick or at the limit to be.

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Nourish yourself & rest.

It's the only good thing to do. Life is that simple to be healthy~ Stop complicating it.

Extra comments:

Most of things that you think you MUST be and do... you really don't.

Getting drunk out of your mind might seem fun (what!?) but throwing up, getting raped unconscious, fucking someone that you'd never have sex with in your right mind, needing an abortion or to take care of an unwanted child that you can't afford for decades, losing money that you could use to better your quality of life and yourself... Some fun can really complicate your life.

Simplify your life and you'll simplify your problems.

I don't have a car, I take the metro or ride my bicycle. I don't need to pay to renew things or unexpected repairs, or sudden raise in fuel prices...

Smoking becomes one more "need" that destroys vitamins and minerals to repair the damage it does instead to nourish you. It's already hard and costly enough to eat without making it more complicated with a toxic "need". Break free of the impulse by enduring the painful detox process and you'll feel relieved. Just eat almost snacks and take deep breaths. Suck your thumb if you have to, it's psychologically the same thing.

Getting a big house will be costly to buy furniture and heat it... A smaller home gives you more freedom for other things. Less bills, less worries. People always push their budget to the limit and end up with no money, and in debts because of unexpected costs associated with what they get... Even rich people do. There's always more to get, you can gold plate anything with diamonds... but that won't make you healthy.

So focus on your health. Just the way it's wiser to save some money for the unexpected complications, it's wiser to have some fat and nutritional reserves, instead to be as skinny as possible.

Enjoy living food and you'll enjoy life~
Lisa Of Shades
Comic: 8-13 September 2015
Text: 12-13 September 2015

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My Little Pony: Thyroid madness & Adrenal glands fatigue

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