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Comic: Heal anemia for energy ~ Red blood cells ~ vitamin C, iron and B12 ~ diabetes, obesity ~ sugars and grains

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Burning energy inside your watery body:
Cell (left): We can’t burn anything without oxygen.
Cell (right): We need carriers. Let’s tell the brain to eat materials to make them.


Cell (left): Nooo!!! Not even more sugars & grains! That’s too much!
Cell (right): Where’s the vitamin C, iron and B12!? We need to make red blood cells or we’ll be anemic!

Extra comments:

Plants that are sweet naturally always contain vitamin C, the flavor is there to let you know that they are nutritious and ready to be eaten. (Their seeds are pooped away so it's a good deal for the plants who want to spread.) But refining products to concentrate the flavor gets rid of the vitamin C and other nutrients. So it becomes completely pointless to eat, no matter how much the flavors pretend to be the most nutritious thing ever, it's an empty lie. Anemia is believed to be from a lack of iron, but you need vitamin C to absorb it.

The metal iron is dangerous and its overdose from supplement can kill a child, but vitamin C is a much more helpful and safe material that doesn't have that risk, supplementing extremely high doses is very safe and often appreciated by your entire body. Lack of B12 is called pernicious anemia. Pernicious means viciously deadly, I guess they précised it because that's even worse than anemia by lack of iron. The water soluble vitamin Bs and C can't be stored in fat, they're so important that they are used as building materials as much as possible.

The B vitamins work together, so it's best to have all of them and not just B12. Grains are believed to have some but not enough. They are refined out and corn need a special process dipped in dangerous lie to make it available, the modern industries won't bother with extra steps, so you can't absorb it… B12 must be obtained from animal products like eggs, strict vegetarians and vegans are at risk to get this dangerous deficiency if they don't take supplements.


Cell (left): So heavy... so tired... so hungry... so cold... so sad...
Cell (right): Let’s tell the pancreas to store the sugar inside fat cells. They can handle it better.

Extra comments:

The cells aren't hungry for more sugar and they don't have an antidepressant deficiency! They need nutrition. You can be morbidly obese and still starve on the cellular level.

The purpose of fat cells is to seal what would kill your vital organs away. Don't blame the fat, blame the poison that you ate that had to be put there to survive.


The pancreas is trying to make enough insulin to send the message to fat cells:
Pancreas: I was never meant to make so much insulin so quickly! So much sugar is unnatural! I’m becoming diabetic! The strain is killing me!

Extra comments:

Taking insulin isn't the solution… you must get less sugar and more nutrition. It's exhausting and damaging the pancreas, but the reason why diabetics become blind and amputated isn't from the sugar, it's from the lack of vitamin C… but because they don't have the materials to renew their cells. The B vitamins are vital for nerves and vitamin C to heal and hold everything together.


Fat cells are inflated like obese balloons:
Fat cell: Please don’t make me store more sugar and other toxins... I’m going to burst. How about eating some fat soluble vitamins? A, D, E, and K are tasty~ I’ll gladly store them.

Extra comments:

That's probably insulin resistance. Your fat cells are meant to store nutrition, fuel and toxins. You don't actually get fat because you have too many fat cells, but because they are too full of garbage, like blowing a party balloons… from eating too many birthday cakes. We celebrate with one once a year and it's seen as special, because you're not supposed to eat them everyday! They can be a threat for some, and plain deadly for others. But in all cases, they're not enough to be the basic of life; they don't have the nutrition to sustain it. At some point your fat cells just can't hold more toxins anymore… and when there's that much sugar, it becomes toxic to your body, that's why it has to be stored… to save your life… thanks to fat.

It's not fat that makes you look fat, it's sugar and toxins!


Red blood cell made with vitamin C, iron and B12 carrying oxygen:
Thanks to nutrition from greens and fresh meats... ...the exhausting anemia is cured!


Burning fuel from moderate sugars and fresh fats, thanks to oxygen:
Cell (left): Yay energy!
Cell (right): I feel so good I could run in circles!

Extra comments:

When I started taking supplements of the B complex, I could barely stand up and walk. I was trembling, my nerves felt like pin and needles as they twitched and died… they didn't have enough materials to be coated in a protective materials, so everything hurt… sounds… light… even slight touch freaked me out. It was like living without skin…

But after taking my very first supplement, I got so much energy that I started running in circles in my kitchen. I did a major cleaning and then found myself hobbies. And before that I barely had the energy to breathe, at some point it was a conscious effort. After the supplements, I was even able to run, and longer than I ever did… suddenly, without any training to build muscle. Because my body repaired itself and became stronger, just by sitting on my ass and eating proper materials. My blood could carry oxygen so I wasn't out of breath after a step.


Eating fresh fats renews old fat cells and expels their toxins in urine:
Newly eaten fresh fat cell: Hello! I’m here to replace you. You’re going to travel.
Old bloated fat cell full of toxins: Awesome!

Extra comments:

This is why eating fat would actually help you lose weight: pounds of toxins. If you eat fresh usable fat that is still alive. Not fried rancid fats that became toxic.

Fat and urine are both yellow, it's not a coincidence. Fat traps toxins so they can be expelled... that's why diabetic urine smells sweet: excess sugar won't give you more energy, it needs to be balanced with nutrition the way edible life forms are in nature. Otherwise it becomes a toxin that the body will gladly get rid of. Fat is a more stable fuel because it doesn't provoke intense blood sugar fluctuations, so the brain has stable energy for its functions, without mood swings.

Water is best to detox with pee, not fizzy liquid sugar or you'd be taking in more toxins than the water in it can carry out.

If you don't drink enough water and don't eat sufficient plant materials, you won't be able to detox so the toxins will have to stay in your fat cells... but at least they don't damage vital organs. The last resort is to seal toxins in a tumor, but that's not the cancer, the cancer is the poisonous substances that you ate, inhaled and absorbed through your skin. If you can't renew your organic cells with them, then it's DEATH, no matter how convenient, tasty and pretty it seems. Perfumes are bad like cigarette smoke.

Fried foods are bad not because they are fat, but because while cold slow down life and preserve it longer, heat speed it up and kill. Fried fats are like eating dead rotten mummies… It's bad for you because it's rancid and toxic. You can't renew your living cells with badly burned dead ones. Maybe dehydration of the cells concentrate the flavor, but it can't renew yours. An it's often flavorful from toxic chemicals that excite your brain cells so much that they burst dead. MSD and artificial sweeteners do that.


Your body also detox with poop made of absorbent juicy plant fibers:
Useless burned fat cell that became toxic: I’m fried...
Boat made of green plant fibers: Hi, I carry damaged cells and toxins. Do you want a lift out?
Old bloated fat cell full of toxins: Sure!

Extra comments:

Fiber from grains, eating brown wholesome instead of white, is the exact same problem. Eating white paper or cardboard won't work to expel toxins. You'll just clog your gut even more. It's gelatinous juicy plant fiber from greens that can suck in the bad stuff. And of course drinking water, not liquid sugar. Give your body a rest from that useless sand!


To be energetic, healthy & happy refined sugars and grains are NOT enough.

Extra comments:

Cure anemia with nutrition and you'll become able to burn energy.

Burning energy requires oxygen and its carriers: Red blood cells. Made of vitamin C, iron and B12. Nutrition cures anemia. But not refined sugars and grains, they cause obesity and diabetes.

The base of life should be fresh life forms: greens and fresh animal parts not processed goo or grains that are refined as much as paper. That won't nourish you, it will poison you… no matter how obese you get from eating that… you will be desperately starving for real usable nutrition.

I overused the word "so" a lot. Because the health problems are from getting too much or the wrong thing... but also not enough of the right things! It's like burning the candle of your life from both ends... give yourself a chance.

Enjoy real food for a change~
Lisa Of Shades
17 August 2015

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