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What they should do and think they do:
Mod: “We don’t always agree with our personal preferences…”
Member: “…but we feel safe in mutual respect as equals, protected from abuse by mods.”

What they seem to do:
Mod: “Worship and obey me, you unworthy spammer! Or I’ll send you to Hell!”
Member: “Yes, Mod...”

What they really do:
Member: “Delete that post from my thread, I don’t like his opinion. Mute/delete that user away from all his friends, he insulted my ego.”
Mod: “Yes, be pleased so I can feel useful and think that my life has value.”

It’s like god: nobody knows what it is. So you can believe that it’s anything you want, to justify maltreating anyone that you dislike. To avoid such abuse, verify the facts. You might be misunderstanding the accused. And the complainer could be the true bully. Teaching with an explanation is more constructive than punishing to hurt for revenge. Not everyone is careless, but everyone make mistakes. Even you.

I made the mod look like the Christian god. Because I've seen them believe that they are. But they're not, that would be the admins. But even them aren't full creators. Not the way I have control over my own custom made website. I don't use a blog template. I don't need to control others because I can control myself. I don't need to feel powerful by being given glory by stats, because I enjoy my own creations. Then I offer them to the world.

I am really weary of seeing people use the word spam or god to justify crushing what they simply don't appreciate.

Sometimes the problem isn't what you think.

Sometimes you poison yourself and all the people around you by giving into your insecurities and letting it come out as a cruel obsession to control.

I've seen kind posts be deleted because someone thought that "clean" empty threads were better than friendship... when posting is the whole point of forums.

I've seen people delete others just because they dislike them, based not on facts against the rules, but their own personal vague feelings.

Mods aren't there to be policemen, or satisfy bullies by lending them their harmful power. They're supposed to make the community flourish by posting themselves and encouraging others to do so, by helping them feel respected and safe.

Next time you mute or ban someone, just because they screwed up their joke, think about the heartbreak of all their friends. And next time you reward people for points, think about the fact that you are encouraging members to forget about friendship and put points above all.

Next time you feel scared and insecure, instead to try to claw power from others to feel like you have more value... GIVE loved ones more value and cherish them. You will feel a power much more powerful than being all alone on top of a tower, looking down on others. You'll have a life worth living regardless of your worth, points or money.

Enjoying is a much greater power than controlling. You don't need to control everything to enjoy. But even if you had the whole world at your feet giving you everything, you could still neglect to enjoy it.

So enjoy now, enjoy the small details, enjoy the stupid stuff. Because if the small good things aren't worth fighting for... then nothing big can flourish.

There is no greater power than making someone smile.

Lisa Of Shades
28 May 2015

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