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Cutting to cope backfires - cut lover - she kills him

Coping mechanisms.

Make sure they don’t backfire

Just get rid of the problem.

That's why hurting him worked for her, but at the end his skull cries blood.

When the guys "cut cut cut" it reminds me of the sound a chicken make in French: "cot cot cot"… Being too chicken to do anything would be an improvement, compared to making the pain worse!

It's a vicious cycle: Pain, cuts to feel better, gets more pain... Unless you try something new, you’ll never escape.

Never be your worse enemy or it will feel as if your whole world is against you.

If you don't respect and protect yourself, no one will!

Don't focus on pain, or you'll never be happy even if the whole world was at your feet pampering you.

Find a reason to be happy anyway, because maybe your life is as good as it will ever get, and it sure can get worse. Don't make it worse.

More hurt won't make the hurt go away, what kind of retarded logic is that!!!? No wonder you're in pain! STOP IT!

It'd be better to do nothing until you figure something out. THINK!

Make a web site and art to vent your anger constructively or something. I laugh like hell.

She says “How could you do this to me, I loved you.” (But it doesn’t mean that he loves you back, even if he says so.) She loves him, but she beats the hell out of him too. The opposite of love isn’t hatred; it’s indifference. So everyone is capable of violence when hurt and betrayed… even against what they love, once it turned out to be a threat.

But when it is dangerous, when it brings violence and pain... then you have nothing better to gain by staying, and everything to loose, so just walk away.

No one is defenseless... not even against their own feelings, wants, desires, and even needs.

Nothing is worth being in danger, hurt and dying for… because then you loose everything. You can die from an infection every time you get wounded, if you lack vitamin C you’re more at risk. If you can’t find an intelligent way to cope, it’s a sign that you need more. Your brain and adrenals need a lot.

When you’re exhausted, weak, distressed, stressed… it’s definitively not the time to burden your body with more wounds to repair, more hurt to deal with. Hell, that’s stupid and nothing good can come out of it. How short sighted you must be to think that cutting can possibly make being hurt better, in the long run, and in the immediate moment too!!! There is no glory in being the king of morons!

Control yourself. You will never be able to control others. It's always up to them, even when they happen to do what you'd like. Your life is always yours to live as well.

Stop wanting unrealistic things.
You only doom yourself to frustration and disappointment.

Let go.

I couldn't resist making a demotivational poster out of it, but I made the comic myself. I thought I'd make it cheap to do it in one day, but it actually looks pretty good!

I had a friend once who cut himself. As much as I tried to help him, he was his own problem and only him could stop himself. More pain won’t improve pain. It’s true that the brain secretes endorphins once the physical danger and harm has passed, but the reason why it doesn’t happen for emotional problems is that you need to mentally process the issue and do something about it. It can be as simple as letting go, changing your views and priorities… allowing yourself time for the mourning process… but you have to do something about it. As long as you stay in a bad situation, with a bad behavior that brings you nothing good, cutting yourself to have a drug from your brain that says “everything is ok now” is a LIE! You’re just making it worse.

And if you have to cut yourself just for daily little issues, what are you going to do when a true crisis will occur, like the death of a loved one or the loss of a job… are you going to cut off a whole arm!?

And if a loved one needs you to comfort her, if all you know is cutting, what are you going to do to cheer her up… cut up her face!???

A coping mechanism shouldn’t be something that makes the pain worse, neither right away nor later.

Drugs backfires because you become dependent of yet another need, that you never needed in the first place, but that can make you suffer if you run out of it once you’re addicted to it.

Alcohol might give you an energy rush since it’s basically liquid sugar, but it has no nutritional value to help you heal from the exhaustion. The sugar crash will cause you a shock all by itself, crashing into hypoglycemia lower than if you didn’t eat at all. The primal instinct will take over, as your emotional and rational brains shuts down from lack of energy. This will make you unable to make calculated decisions, which could be deadly in a vehicle. And you won’t recognize loved ones in your agonizing panic, attacking the very people that you’re supposed to protect, ruining and loosing the relationships that you want to enjoy and hold dear.

The rich of powerful of this world never made their fortune by gambling, not with a machine programmed to make you loose, or someone trained to make you fail! They knew wisely whish battles they could fight, with calculated risk, not a blind addiction to shiny lights and buzzing sounds. The only ones who ever made money with casinos are the ones who owned it and let stupid people waste their money away. People fell to ruin and lost everything believing the mirage of the easy and quick way, but such path are nothing but bait offered by people wiser than you, and really to go to great calculating length to win. Don’t fall for it, if you are being mindlessly lazy, you can’t possibly win against them. If you do, they allowed you, so you’d get cocky, bet more... and loose everything they can get. Even your home.

It’s even true about sex and any relationships. The good is irrelevant if it causes even more harm… or any harm at all. What’s the point of a few seconds of pleasure if it gives you an incurable life long disease? What's the point of being "loved" if you receive hatred and hits? It doesn't sound like a gain or improvement, it's NOT better than nothing!

Learn self respect and walk away for what seems good but isn’t.

If you want to cope, then accept what is… and to reach that best part of the grieving process, allow yourself to feel what needs to be… and if you need to vent this page is for you:

Health ~ Coping ~ Vent anger for balance & inner peace


Lisa Of Shades
3 August 2014

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