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Covert manipulators fishing for victims aren't what they seem. Ogre comic.

Bigger comic version


Puppet: "I'm so hurt and sad..."
Guy: "Get lost! Loser."

Extra comments:

The wall is a red flag. It's not there to protect something warm and wonderful, but to hide something cold and destructive. You can't earn what's not there.

Look deeper than the first impression. Things are more complex than what they seem. The puppet isn't the victim, he's an aggressor in disguise. The guy isn't heartless, he's protecting himself from abuse.

Some people deliberately try to look powerless, sad and hurt even if they aren't. It's to manipulate you into surrendering your power to them, making you feel guilty and obligated until you put their wants above your needs. But abuse and neglect can only make someone wither away. Sooner or later, you'll lose yourself and they will lose you.

All they care about is to be pampered like a helpless baby forever. Some immature adults still scream their head off to get what they want, they try to control others with violent intimidations instead to do it themselves.

Have self control. No matter how much you try to control others, to feel strong, superior and safe... Only your own qualities, strength and knowledge can make you feel truly powerful. It's natural to fail during training, don't let that stop you. But letting your potential rot without even trying something new is pathetic.

It's not reassuring your insecurities and justifying your flaws that will make you feel better, but by cultivating your qualities. Nurture your best instead of your worst.

It's not loss that makes you a loser but your bad attitude, neglecting and abusing until you lose what's precious to you. If you don't take care of yourself, you'll suffer and die.

Someone refusing to enable your vices might actually be doing you a favor. Only you can overcome the challenges of life and feel proud of yourself for it. That's how we gain self esteem, not by having others compliment and serve us.


Girl: "Aww, poor sweetheart."

Extra comments:

She's not being nice. That's a very condescending comment. Being happy when someone is sad isn't empathy, not even if it's being happy to help. She's looking down on him to boost her self esteem. She wants to make him dependent on her services so he can't abandon her. She's taking advantage of him as much as he's trying to take advantage of her. That's abuse too. That's codependency.

Don't assume that someone in pain is an innocent who got bad luck or was preyed upon, it can be a predator in disguise... And sometimes bad people finally get back the pain that they've caused. They shouldn't be helped, they have a lesson to learn from the consequences of their choices and actions. Don't take that opportunity away from them so they can better themselves.

He's turning his head away, rejecting her affection!

A sad person can't share joy. You can only share what you already have.

"Happiness comes from within."

Someone who indulges in misery will suck all your joy like a black hole until there's nothing left of you. Some even find that agony cool and poetic.

There's always a good and bad side in life, we can choose where we put our focus, but don't ignore the hateful actions of someone who claims to love you.


Girl: "What can I do for you?"

Extra comments:

People who are too eager to please are easier to abuse. That's why they attract the worst predators: Narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths. They'll manipulate you by any means necessary to get what they want.

But people pleasing is a manipulation too, even if it's to make people feel better or avoid conflict, you try to make them feel and act the way you want them to.

The guy looked down on him too, but at least he didn't try to take over someone else's life.

"Often codependents will attempt to solve problems for others that can only be solved by others taking personal responsibility."

"The key to overcoming codependency is relaxing and building a loving relationship with yourself."

"Work on taking care of your wants and needs."

People pleasers want to earn the right to improve their low self esteem, but they only need their own permission and to start valuing their own life. They also do it to avoid conflict, often because of previous abuse. But being already trained to be the perfect victim attracts the next abuser, or they go to them because it feels familiar, thinking that they don't deserve better... So they fall in the same toxic patterns until they change their own behavior.

They must stop trying to deserve the respect and love that others refuse to give, and start giving it to themselves.

To break the pattern of abuse, stop abusing yourself by allowing it! Everyone has limits, so learn to say no to save your energy for what you truly need. Simply choose what you want, give it to yourself and don't tolerate disrespectful people in your life. That's how you get and enforce boundaries.

Don't go too soon and too fast towards people you don't know, first impressions can be deceiving, especially when we want to believe too much. Don't allow yourself to be desperate like an addict, otherwise you'll accept the unacceptable while doing it too, scaring good people away.

Because being starved for cares means that you don't know how to take care of yourself or anyone. The people looking for a fair and balanced relationship won't be interested. The people who'll accept you in a weakened state will want to take advantage of it with a hidden agenda. If you are toxic, you'll suffer from your own toxic behavior, and you'll end up in toxic relationships with toxic people.

Learn to have a good relationship with yourself first. If you find yourself unbearable alone, no amount of people will be able to change that, no matter if they serve you of if you serve them, both sides of codependency are unhealthy. Develop hobbies and skills to gain happiness and self esteem, then you'll be able to share something good with others.

Being neglected and abused is worse than loneliness, and solitude can be enjoyable because you are free~

Wanting to be useful means that you are wishing to be used. Be careful what you wish for.

Help your own needs first, because if you exhaust your limits into a burn out and neglect your needs into a depression, you won't be able to help anyone.

People can need support and at least to be given opportunities, but if they don't want to even try, then it's futile to cooperate with someone uncooperative.

You can't help someone who doesn't want to save themselves. Some people don't want to improve their bad situation because it's easier to whine than make an effort, and also because they benefit from it. But they want to dump the downside on someone else's shoulders. Get out of their shit shower. Even if you find a way to solve their problems, they will push change away.

Empaths are highly sensitive people who can feel other people's emotions. It makes them more susceptible to fall for emotional manipulation, and they suffer more intensely. But while Empaths intuitively feel other's pain as they own, they can still refuse to feel empathy for others, and they don't have to solve everyone else's problems. To end the pain, they can simply avoid the people who want to drain them, and let them solve their own problems.

Saving the world isn't your responsibility, only saving yourself. If you are alive by the end of the day, your life is a success. Especially if you are healthy and happy. People try to reach the top of the world but they neglect the basics and abuse their limits. Taking care of your own vital needs and finding balance with your limits is all that it takes to have a successful life.

Figuring out how to live is the most important and noblest goal in life.

Don't be a martyr. It didn't even work out for Jesus.


Ogre: "Feed me."
Girl: "*SHRIEKS!?*"

Extra comments:

Not everyone wants love... Some people want power to feed their (insecure) ego.

Cruel predators aren't obvious, otherwise their plot wouldn't work. Not all narcissists look grandiose, some hide their low self esteem, showing off arrogantly to gain praise and admiration. But others try to look pitiful to make you feel obligated with a guilt trip, using your own heart as a weapon against you. Covert manipulators try to look harmless and kind, even helpless and needy. They force themselves on you, against your own will and best interests, so slowly and subtly that you feel trapped when you finally notice.

There are always signs from the start, but the evidence adds up with time, until it becomes too painful to deny. Don't wait until it's too late, save your life.

Fishermen don't put delicious worms on hooks to feed their beloved fishes, but to gain an even bigger meal to feed themselves. It's sad that people hunt each other, but it's also a fact. You can't stop them from trying but you can stop yourself from falling for the bait... at least once you notice it.

They lie even when it's not necessary, because knowledge is power, they deny you informed consent and free will to keep control over you, so they can turn you into a soulless puppet.

Abusive people want you to take all the risks and make all the efforts, while they reap all the rewards. That's unacceptable.

You can't even have the satisfaction to help someone else's happiness while you sacrifice yourself. Because they won't open up their hearts to welcome the results, so they can't appreciate anything and it will never be good enough for them.

They're mean because of who they are, not because of you, and you can't change them.

The richest people can be the most miserable because no matter how much they have outside, they can feel empty inside. Life has more precious to offer than things. Being able to afford the best means that you can also reach the worst... and destroy yourself with the wrong type of pleasure. Greed can turn against you because you end up exhausted from having too much to handle. People want more than they can achieve on their own, so they want others to work for them, but not to share the profit, they want to profit from them.

Don't let others exploit you. A simpler life means simpler problems.

Ungrateful people will complain with a full mouth, even after your greatest gift, let them choke and walk away! Some people only realize the value of what they have after they lost it and will beg you to return, but sooner or later they'll restart taking you for granted. The honeymoon phase will be replaced by a new cycle of abuse.

They won't be motivated to change if you reward them with your presence, but even failure and loss won't, they'll just try to find a more compliant victim. You can only make sure that it's not you anymore.

Don't throw your heart at the cold wall of someone who refuses to be vulnerable enough to share. If they refuse to let you in and trust you like an ally, then they will treat you as an enemy.

There's nothing more dangerous than an enemy disguised as an ally. Manipulators are toxic. There's no such thing as a white lie. Their intentions are pitch black. They want to hurt you for personal gain, everything they give is only so they can take even more, and they are plotting their betrayal from the start!

If they'd rather lie than let you know their real selves, then you can't love what you don't know. It's sad that a lie is being loved instead of a person, true happiness can't come from this. We can't have a healthy relationship with someone who won't meet us half way.

They could be a sincere friend or partner, but instead they choose to deceive you. They could care for your feelings, but instead they choose to hurt you. That's not a mistake, it's a deliberate attack against you, and that cannot be allowed! Forgiving the past means that you found inner peace, not that you'll allow more of their crap in the future.

Look at people's actions instead of empty words. If you're in pain, don't hold on to beautiful dreams for the future, all you'll ever get is the present. Don't run after a mirage, you'll die of thirst while being devoured.

Ted Bundy impersonated an authority figure to gain compliance, or pretended that he was injured. He asked kind women to help him put his bags in his trunk with an innocent smile, then pushed them in. That's what they got for helping anybody. But he never stopped torturing them to death, no matter how much they begged for mercy.

Kindness is a rare gift that must be offered wisely.


Girl: "But... I love you..."

Extra comments:

Your love changes nothing for them. That's not what they want. They want power and control, your love is just the leash binding you to them like a slave. Their life isn't about you, it's about them. They don't care about your feelings, only their own. They only love what they can get from you, but they don't love you. They don't care if they hurt you as long as they get what they want. They don't care if you feel worse as long as they feel better.

Wake up from the lie and face the truth right in front of you!

She should admit the obvious... she was fooled! The longer she waits, the harder it will be to admit that all her efforts were wasted in vain. But better late than never.

By saying "I love you" to an abusive person, instead of "No, piss off, jerk!", they think that you're giving them the permission to keep abusing you. Even if you say no, if you do nothing when that no is disrespected, then it's not much of a no, because you're letting them do whatever they want anyway. If they don't have any bad consequences for bad behavior, if they don't lose you either way... then they don't see why they should make the extra effort to give you anything in return... or to control their desires to benefit from hurting you.

Make the harm stop by stopping yourself from going near the harm! Stop loving it! The only thing to love in that hell is yourself, and you'll do it better without allowing anyone to get in the way. Have self respect or no one will have any for you!

That's not love or determination. That's just denial and desperation.

No, she doesn't love that monster, she loves her idealized version of him, but that's just an illusion. She loves the idea to be in a loving relationship, but that won't happen if she stays in a harmful one. She loves the idea of being in love and loved back, but the other doesn't! There's nothing you can do about it, they will even despise you for trying and being so easy. Some hunters prefer harder preys, conquering and crushing those gives them more satisfaction!

You can't make it work with someone who doesn't have the same goals. If life doesn't take you apart, the predator will rip you apart. It's allowing someone to hurt you that you should fear and try to avoid at all cost, not being alone and safe! The most damaging violence isn't physical or financial, it's emotional and mental. Broken bones can heal on their own, but it can require a huge conscious effort to rebuild your broken free will.

That's why slaves don't always dare to run away once they're freed from their chains. They lose the will to live their own life for themselves, they're already dead inside. They were so desperate to bond with another human being that they ended up loving the only person around: their aggressor. That's how Stockholm syndrome happens. And that's why manipulators and sects isolate you, so they can slowly indoctrinate you without anyone waking you up from their nonsense.

Wake yourself up! If promises are too good to be true, they probably are, wait until they happen to believe. If something feels harmful, don't mindlessly blame yourself thinking that you are responsible for everything, the harm might be done against you. You aren't responsible for other people's behaviors, they are!

Trust your intuition. Fulfill your emotional needs yourself. Educate your reason. Don't obey what you're told mindlessly from ignorance and fear. Run away from threats instead to obey them!

If the only thing that you have to gain from your efforts is to avoid punishments... instead of gratitude, respect and love... It will be more effective to kick the harmful ingrate out of your life completely.

Fight for your life the best way that you can. Sometimes saying no it all that it takes. Avoid, ignore, forget.

But killing in self defense is a legal option if necessary. Don't go down without a fight. That's an honorable way to lose. But you might actually win even if all odds are against you!


Ogre: "CRUNCH! Hmm~"

Extra comments:

She's dead and he's wagging his tail with delight!

They only love what they can get from you. Even if it hurts you. They don't care.

People don't have empathy for cattle, only their own hunger. But they are healthier for us and more nutritious if they have a better quality of life. We shouldn't threat people like food to consume, we shouldn't even threat cattle the way we do now.

When a being dies quickly before their fight or flight activates, the cells will peacefully become part of us to replace our old damaged ones. Otherwise, the bacteria that are their immune system will attack us even after brain death.

During a war, someone took the decapitated head of an enemy as a trophy. He tied it up next to him before running away on his horse. The teeth cut his leg and bacteria invaded his body. Killing him as a revenge from the grave.

How you threat the people around you matters because everything is connected. If you shit all around you, or allow shitty people to do it, you'll live in shit. Sooner or later you'll end up eating shit.

Take the habit to be polite with yourself, so you can have a respectful and trustworthy inner voice. Then you'll know how to do the same for others and have more satisfying relationships than just consuming everything around you until there's nothing good left. That's what happens when you try to take the maximum by giving the least. It might seem like it's the most profitable short term, but nurturing properly makes it more rewarding and sustainable in the long run.


Sheep: "Share. Mine ran away..."
Ogre: "NO! STARVE!"

Extra comments:

The aggressor is sad that his victim got away! The only way to comfort him would be to drag her back into abuse, or to become the new victim. Not everyone should be helped!!!

Unfortunately, common friends might pressure you to forgive and go back, so they can cling to the illusion that we can all be happy friends. If they choose denial instead to admit the obvious danger for themselves too, if they even want to do the predator's biddings like mindless drones, then they're a danger to you too. Grieve and move on from that entire vicious social circle if you have to, and be safe.


"When somebody crosses your line and then tells you that you've overreacted and even suggests that you're the problem, it's time to flush. People with integrity don't run around busting boundaries and invalidating people's feelings on the matter. Certainly don't bust your own boundaries or invalidate your feelings on their behalf."

"How do I deal with people who pretend to be your friend but they backstab and abuse me behind my back? Ignore their existence, presence and needs. Once you know who they are, just leave them alone, and move ahead. It's your own page of life and you are not the one who auto-corrects the other's mistakes."

"I discovered that the opposite of victim is not survivor. The opposite of victim is creator. When I remembered that I was the creator of my life, victimhood could no longer exist and the wound was permanently healed."

"I am the creator of my life."

"Healing from the Traumatic Belief of powerlessness is embracing ones intrinsic power, not the power that comes from control, but rather the power that originates in the core of your being and connects you to the universe and all that is."

Predators don't even care about each other. They don't even care for themselves, otherwise they wouldn't ask others to do it for them, especially if they truly believed that they're the best. They know that they have nothing good to offer, that's why they only make promises and never try to deliver. They know that you're have useful qualities, that's why they use you.

Don't let them look down on you! You're the one with the power over your life, just stop giving it away! Don't grant everyone else's desires except your own! All you'll get from it is resentment and exhaustion.

They won't return the favor. They won't appreciate your sacrifice. They won't even bother to try, and you shouldn't either, not for abusive people. Don't waste your energy if there's only loss and no rewards whatsoever. Having a blood sucking leech all over you isn't better than being alone.

Be safe. Be free. Enjoy yourself.

Covert manipulators

Not everyone wants to share love.
Predators desire power to feed their ego.
Caring for them rewards their abuse.
But people pleasing is a manipulation too.
Let others take responsibility for their own life.

Extra comments:

This was my first text, shortening it is a challenge that helps me understand more clearly:

Not everyone wants to share love, some people wants to take power to feed their ego. They don't care about you, they don't even care about each other. Don't be so eager to feel powerful and in control by helping someone helpless, it could be fake emotions as a bait, to use your kindness against you. This is why narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths choose a special type of victim and why empaths attract them. People pleasing is a manipulation too. The best way to help people is to let them take responsibility for their own life. If they refuse to take care of themselves and end up in pain for it, they won't take care of you, they will dump their pain on you and suck your happiness out of you until there's nothing left of you. That's abuse.

The story that inspired the comic

I've been in a codependent relationship for months. I woke up when he complained about my best gift, he wanted to beat me without even trying. I ended up seeing that he never has any love for me. He consumed my life by pushing my limits over and over until I even forgot that I have needs. It was really hard to dare to break free, his guilt trips were so powerful that I ended up with nausea. I forgot myself and it took me a while to heal. Eventually I rediscovered my passions. But going towards new people and daring to trust again took a lot of courage.

I did a lot of research to understand what happened to me, and I read a whole lot about codependency, covert manipulators and their techniques. It helped me move on and know how to prevent it from happening again.

And it happened again... but at least this time I woke up right away.

I had a bad feeling about someone new, it felt like I was falling in old patterns. He tried to lie but I found out right away. Instead to have the respect to apologize and never try to fool me again... he tried to manipulate me harder. He was completely inconsistent. He tried to shame me in public to intimidate me into letting him threat me like shit as much as he wanted. He admitted the lie while accusing me of being the liar. He said that I have done bad things in the past, but even if that was true, that wouldn't justify or excuse his own wrong doings to me now.

I saw him whine in self pity to anyone who wanted to listen... not just trying to lure me back but also fishing for more victims who'd be willing to fall for more and more bullshit.

That's when I understood how predators fish for victims, why they always end up with the same kind of prey. Emotional people attract them like a plague... because they are the ones to go towards them! Only very sensitive and caring people would give compassion to a stranger faking pain for attention... Most people would simply walk away and save their energy for themselves and loved ones.

Sadly, it's the fragile people who fall for this manipulation, because they are already in unbearable pain and can't bear to see more in others... so they are compelled to help... only to have more suffering dumped and inflicted on them!

He wasn't the victim, he was the aggressor!

I saw the whole picture... It didn't look cute and innocent to me anymore... I could see the real monster clearly.

I was so appalled.

It took me a lot of courage to dare to refuse bad behavior right away. Because even if it seemed insignificant at first, I knew that this disrespect eventually lead to a lot of pain... This time I wouldn't accept to slowly be dragged to hell.

Like a frog being boiled. If you raise the temperature very slowly, they'll get used to it and won't try to jump out when it becomes dangerous... and they'll die.

I explained to the person who wronged me that he's the one who caused me pain by betraying my trust, I'm the one who has the right to complain that I'm hurt, not him for failing his attack, and I won't comfort him when it's his own fault. That he should have apologized instead. But when he finally did, I didn't accept his apology, because it wasn't sincere but another manipulation. When he understood that I was in pain, he looked down on me with a condescending victorious smile. He said that he was there for me, right after I told him to stop harassing me.

Claiming to be the solution when he was the problem! Disrespecting me and claiming that he was doing me a favor!

The mind fuck was so extreme, it was unbelievable.

But our common friends fell for it... and they all pressured me to forgive.

I always verify what's going on when I feel hurt, by expressing my feelings, instead to jump to conclusions. To see if the person care about me. I explain my limits and see if they have the good will to try to avoid hurting me again. Mistakes can be forgiven. But someone who deliberately hurt me for personal gain is a threat that must be eliminated by any means necessary!

My friends wanted me to give him the opportunity to do it again, when he clearly refused to stop and mocked me for even asking! It wasn't for my safe or even his, but so they could continue to cling to their illusions that we're all happy friends, and that the world is a perfect happy place. They expect me to suffer in silence, so they wouldn't have to fear the fact that he's probably manipulating, lying and backstabbing them too!

If they want to be ignorant fools and risk getting hurt by something obviously bad in the name of fun, that's their choice. But they tried to impose it on me by making me doubt my own rational judgment and sanity! That's a tactic that manipulators use, but I didn't expect to see his victims do it to each other!

But they enslave people with fewer efforts if they convince their slaves to keep each other chained, instead of revolting, they won't let anyone escape. It's horrific... That's how advertisement works, they make us believe that joining the ranks make us better, and that we should bully and reject the people who don't fall in line. That's what peer pressure does. It's like a chain reaction... to keep you chained.

My friends told me that I'm paranoid... but I'm not if someone is actually trying to get me. I wasn't just scared to be manipulated again, it was happening!

They even told me that I'm the problem. I am being lied to and I'm the problem for refusing to have my trust broken!? To them I was, because they wanted me to suffer in silence with a smile, so I wouldn't bother their blissful ignorance, even if they were being betrayed too.

If I had agreed to this and gave in... I wouldn't have lost a bad "friend", but I would have lost my self esteem and dignity... I would have lost myself again.

The reason why he lied is because he liked me and wanted to be my friend... but he thought that I wouldn't want him if I knew the truth, so he tried to force himself on me against my will... without even giving me a chance. My friends thought that it was okay because he had nice intentions.

For himself... but against me! We don't like, want or need the same things! He didn't want to respect mine and tried to force his on me!

That's the kind of mentality that makes people abuse, assault and rape. I'm not going to wait until it reaches the worst case scenario (death) to see that I'm being mistreated. If I have enough, then it's bad enough already.

There's nothing friendly or likable about betraying someone's trust! It's understandable to be stabbed by an enemy who hates you, but it's much more heartbreaking to be backstabbed by an ally who loves you! It doesn't make it better or acceptable, it makes it worse!

"Hell was paved with good intentions."

If I can't even trust the people who love me to refrain from hurting me, then I can't trust friendship and love itself, I can't trust anyone! Except myself. It makes the world a very dark place... and it is. But daring to look at the dark is the only way to escape it. Denial only prolongs and worsens the pain.

Realizing this was devastating:

It's not the people who hate and want to hurt me that destroyed me...
It's the people who want and love me...
It's not being hated that I must fear... it's being loved.

The people who are indifferent to me aren't out to get me by force.

How I coped with such despair? By realizing this:

Trying to please everybody is dangerous.
That's not how to avoid abuse, that's how you allow it.
But I don't have to. I shouldn't. And that's liberating.

Self love is pure love. The only unconditional love comes from within.

Nothing can ever compensate for a lack of it, and no one's love can ever replace your own. You'll never be truly alone, because you'll always be there for yourself. Taking care of yourself will make you feel loved and precious. It's not selfish, it's the will to live.

Self respect is the key to self defense.
Being bad can be necessary and good for you.
Knowledge is power.

I value truth and freedom above all else and I won't let anyone take that away from me. Not without fighting with everything I've got.

Instead of trying his best to be the mature person that he knew I wanted... he lied about his age! I didn't want a number, I needed someone I could trust, so it was completely against the point! I'm too old for this shit.

He claimed that it was just a white lie. But having a relationship with someone under aged can end you in jail, it was my right to know even if it was just platonic friendship. The lie wasn't to make me feel better, it was for personal gain, to coerce me into something that I didn't want and could hurt me... That's as pitch black as a lie can get!

But there's no such thing as a white lie. For example, telling an obese person in a too tight dress that she doesn't look fat isn't nice. Because she'll lose opportunities by looking unattractive with clothes that don't fit, and she'll stay in denial that she needs better nutrition to prevent health problems.

It's not what he lied about that was the problem, but why he lied, and the fact that he lied.

Saying that it's no big deal to break my trust and hurt my feelings... IS A BIG DEAL!

That's disrespectful and adding insult to injury. When someone goes that far, it's no longer excusable.

He chose deceit instead of honesty, betrayal instead of trustworthiness, abuse instead of respect, mockery instead of remorse... That's not just doing mistakes, it's much more profound than that. We are defined by our actions, so that's who he chose to be. He didn't just do this shit to me, he did it to himself, he turned himself into shit. And feeling shitty is why he acted like this, so it's a vicious cycle of low self esteem until he makes the effort to choose better. But there's nothing I can do to make him change, that's up to him. I like friendship, I want a friend, but he is not and I don't like him. So if that's the best that he wants to offer, I'll choose otherwise.

The abuse affected me a lot, but not because I loved him, I did not. It's because I love myself a lot that I've intensely defended what's most precious to me: my own self. I had zero tolerance for his attacks and kicked him out of my life. Anyone telling me that I have over reacted doesn't have much esteem for me and my wellbeing. But I do. And I kicked them out too.

I don't like to kick people, but sometimes you have to kick back. You can't be kind to everyone, some people will make you regret it, and being kind to them would be cruel against yourself, so you have to be cruel enough to deny them the opportunity to hurt you. I would gladly help a friend in need, but I won't lend my back to a traitor.

You don't need that kind of negativity in your life, their influence will change who you are. If you start thinking that it's acceptable to have suffering inflicted on you, then you'll start doing it to others. That's not who I want to be, no matter the benefits. There are more creative ways to vent and feel better than bully others until they feel worse.

I don't want whining people near me, because their emotional manipulations and abuse make me whiny from pain, and I end up disliking myself too. I'd rather solve problems than cause them.

I refused to accept harm as "love". It's worse than nothing.

If toxic relationships are the best that I can get, because I ended up toxic from them, then I'll stay alone and use my energy to improve myself until I can reach better.

But I'm already giving better to myself! So I'm happy. But I forgot how to laugh for a while, that's how miserable I was with them in my life. Letting go was scary but for the best.

I ended up with severe social anxiety. Maybe it seems crazy to feel dread, fear, anxiety, panic and depression at the idea to see people again... but if they harm you, wanting to avoid that is perfectly rational, and it's the sanest thing in the world to protect your own life. Trust your survival instincts over anybody else's selfish desires.

Try to avoid generalizing, fearing that everyone will be bad to you. We all have the potential to be good and bad if we want to. Don't condemn someone for other people's crimes, but stay alert. Taking a chance to trust can bring you something good, at least for a while. You're not helpless when you socialize, sometimes you'll like it, and when you don't it's okay to walk away.

But if you're exhausted, you'll need to temporarily avoid even the good people and focus on healing until you are ready. Take all the time you need to figure out the truth, the problem, the solution, what you want, who you want to be, and to grieve.

I lost my ability to care about others and I felt bad about that, my heart withered away, but I think it's because the people around me didn't deserve it. Once I'll feel safe again, after cleaning up the threats around me, I'll blossom again. Until I'm with genuine friends, I'll save all my cares for myself.

If I'm going to be with fake people having fake emotions... I'd rather watch animes.

Or anything that makes me happy~

I don't have to justify myself about how I choose to live my own life, I just have to live it that way.

Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh:
"There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way."

When I made this comic to express myself, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. It's not the best, but it's probably one of my best arts so far. I rewarded myself with a treat, by doing something that I love, and it felt awesome!

We don't need constant external reassurance and gratification when we simply like ourselves and what we do.

By turning my pain into a fun art, it helped me cope and move on~

Lisa Of Shades
6 October 2016
Edited: 7 October 2016

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