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Emotionally needy clingy people. They will suffocate you. ~ Aliens: Facehugger + Chestburster

Aliens: Facehugger + Chestburster

(1) “Hug me~” “SHRIEK!”
(2) “Ah yes... Warmth~” “HMMMM!!!?”
Emotionally needy clingy people. They will suffocate you.
(3) “SHRIEK!!!” “Thank you for being my friend anyway!”

I made that one about myself because of the way I’ve reacted when missing them and fearing to lose them from technical problems.

I jumped at a friend's face like Garfield thinking that she didn't wanted to say hello anymore, but she was just unable to come.

Then a friend of mine worried that he was being annoying for writing so much, when I needed so much attention. The thing he was afraid to be hated for was my reason to love his company so much. I can’t always have the mental energy to read and write a lot, but when I do, I adore a long conversation; it makes me feel closer to my friends.

Then I wasn't feeling so good and I bit a friend from fear and confusion; but thanks to her defense I realized how much efforts she was giving me, much more care and time than I thought. So my art is also an apology.

And a thank you.

Also I worry about the people who like cuteness and still want to be my friends... I'm into horrifying things. Well, it's kinda cute. Compared to the real aliens.

Alien (film) at wikipedia.

The real alien was played by The tallest man Nigeria.

Bolaji Badejo, Height is 7' 2" (2.18 m).

Very impressive and reassuring to know the face behind a creature that terrorised my childhood.

Lisa Of Shades
19 May 2015

Get back up ^

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