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I’m having an increasingly hard time to find animes in low quality 480p. I didn’t like HD, it was too sharp and who needs to see sweat stand out so much. I can’t afford a new computer to handle them anyway.

I met a friend who kept saying that he has many and can encode himself to change the format. He said it over and over… I thought that he offered me his help, but I soon came to realize that he was just bragging.

To this day, the only link he ever gave me was to a damn 720p that he didn’t do himself. So if someone say that he can do it when you confide an issue, it doesn’t mean that they won’t to help, sometimes they just brag to bask in the fact that they don’t share your misery… and don’t intent to share anything either.

(I made this comic first, but I just moved it from the Demotivational section)


Lisa Of Shades
24 January 2014
Moved to the Comic section: 10 August 2014

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