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Comic: Antioxidant effect of vitamin C ~ magic pill ~ heal cancer and diabetes

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Oxidation inside your watery body:
Cell: "Thank you Oxygen for helping me burn energy. (Even though you burned me a little.)"

Extra comments:

I used blue instead of bloody red because it's easier on the eyes and more relaxing.

Fire can't burn in water, but an air bubble would stop blood flow in your heart and kill you. You need to make the red blood cells to carry the oxygen. For that you need vitamin C to absorb iron and B12. Sugar isn't enough to have energy, there are complex processes to make that vital functions happen, and they require many nutrients that are ignorantly removed from the refining process of junk food. That's why it's best to feed yourself from the complete sources that are still full of life to provide.

When you cut an apple and it turns brown after a while, it's burned by oxygen until its reserves of vitamin C can no longer heal the damage. When you put citrus juice on it, it stays healthy longer because citrus have a huge amount of vitamin C. The same happens to all your cells if you don't get enough vitamin C.

Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid. Kids, if you want to do acid to feel good, forget drugs, take vitamin C.

Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid. Kids, if you want to do acid to feel good, forget drugs, take vitamin C. At high doses it can act like a sedative… because the brain needs a lot to function properly, and he'll be tripping with happiness to have what he needs, especially if he's been stressed out, because the adrenal glands need a lot to handle stress so they will suck vitamin C out of everything. That freaking hurts all over.


Oxygen: "You’re welcome Cell. But I didn’t do it for free. I’ll take some of your electrons in exchange."
Cell: "Wait... what?"


Note: inaccurate number of electrons.
Oxygen: "Aaah~ Much better."
Cell: "EEEK!!!!!!"

Extra comments:

I wanted to draw a panel where cells would steal each other electrons / legs and beat each other up... causing a chain reaction, a domino effect of doom... until they all look deformed like mutated cancerous cells. That's just one cell... and that looks painful. Imagine your entire body.


Antioxidant & healing power of vitamin C to the rescue!
Vitamin C: "Have some of my electrons, I’m ok without them. And I’ll make collagen to heal your burns."
Cell: *sniffles*

Extra comments:

I first wrote "And a nice breeze to heal your burns" but the metaphor about blowing on a burn lovingly to help feel better... waving with her cute little angel wings... was too confusing since wind is made of oxygen.

The healing is from the vitamin C becoming a part of you. But if vitamin C go right through you, it can still help you, by restoring balance in your atoms by sharing electrons.

Messing with a few atoms can blow a whole country up (atomic bomb), so don't underestimate how vital this electron gift is.


Vitamin C: "I’ll give the rest to your friends on my way out."
Cell: "Wow thanks! I feel better than ever!"


Ask your doctor... if he’s out of his freaking mind:
Doctor: "You shouldn’t take more than 0.1g of vitamin C. It comes out in urine anyway and could hurt you. But it’s perfectly fine to eat hundreds of grams of refined sugars and grains, as long as you exercise. (Trust me, I’m paid a fortune to sell drugs and I have a lab coat.)"

Extra comments:

"Ask your doctor... if this or that drug is right for you" is a publicity tactic to make you go get drugs that you don't need, by using fear and self doubt to go see a doctor even though you didn't feel the need to. I prefer my version.

Yeah the vitamin C can come out in urine, along with precious hormones (juices that your vital organs use to communicate). It doesn't mean that they where useless, but that they are done accomplishing their job. If vitamin C comes out in urine, it's been absorbed. If you couldn't turn it into flexible collagen to strengthen your whole body, vitamin C could have been useful anyway by sharing electrons.

That's why radiations can mess your cells and why breathing in nature relieves the tension and "bad vibes". There's an energy exchange and balance is restored. Beyond atomic level, everything is pure energy. So yes, if all that vitamin C does is rebalance your energy by sharing electrons so life can prosper, it's doing a damn good job for you. That's why it can prevent and cure cancer.

The recommendations for vitamin C are ridiculously too low. I take 4g to help my adrenals stabilize my blood sugar, and I have to avoid refined sugars to avoid getting too high then crashing too low. The maximum I took was 25g in one day and that was when I was so in pain that I wanted to kill myself.

No, vitamin C DOESN'T cause kidney stones, it event prevents them because they detoxify the toxins that cause them. Dehydration can also cause those painful stones. Vitamin C is vital to make the collagen glue that holds your whole body together... your joints, veins, heart, bones, adrenals, eyes, brain... otherwise you can have pieces that rot off or drop dead from a weak heart... and don't expect to be able to have sex what that deplorable deprived body.

Taking 25g of vitamin C is considered HUGE. My bottle of supplements recommends max 1g and that's 10 times more than what is recommended for health...

But when I foolishly bought a chocolate bar... I discovered to my horror that it contained almost 100g of vitamin C! They tried to hide it by saying that it's 20g for 7 pieces, but there was 3 times that amount. That's 60 freaking grams of sugar that will kill your pancreas and make you obese so you don't just plain drop dead from having sugar cubes in your veins. And that's just one chocolate bar. People don't eat only a square or 7... They even eat more than one bar! That's an insane amount of sugar! I couldn't sleep for 2 days and I was completely hysterically hyperactive, even though I am normally bed ridden. This shit will show no mercy to small kids.

Of course kids and even adults will get ADD and ADHD! Of course you'll get diabetes. Of freaking course you'll be obese. Even athletes wouldn't be able to run that much every single freaking day! Especially if you have nutritional deficiencies, and you will since they refined the vitamin C and B complex and everything good out of those chemical products.

Grains are really bad for you for those reasons. White flour IS pure sugar too!

Trust me, my career doesn't depend on you staying sick. But my very life depends on being right. Well, Hippocrates, the father of medicine himself, said to use food as medicine. If he's a quack, then medicine is. At some point, when they used natural plants, maybe they weren't. But they need to make entirely artificial compounds to patent it, get the exclusivity and get rich... It's no longer about saving your life. We're overpopulated and fooled by false hope, so no one notices that doctors kill more people than Hitler, and we thank them for failing to help us, blaming ourselves. Now that's sick.

Doubt the food you are given, not your body or mind.

If doctors are paid a fortune to sell toxic drugs, they won't suggest vitamins even if they research that they can help. You can't patent those to get rich and they are cheap! They will laugh and discredit them or they will lose their credibility, jobs and ego. Saving your life won't put food on the table or gas in the yath.


Damage from oxidation, exercise and toxins couldn’t be repaired by sufficient vitamin C.
Cluster of damaged mutated cells: EEEK!

Extra comments:

By dismissing the importance of vitamin C, the cells ends up dirtier and more damaged than ever. They don't have a chance to heal, the cure is being denied to them as being useless.

Exercise is claimed to be the cure for everything. But you can't outrun nutritional deficiencies or convert toxins to muscle, your fat is doing you a favor by sealing them away from your vital organs! And yes, exercise damage you, and deepen your nutritional needs. So that advice would make you worse and not moving is a survival reflex for self preservation!

Sugar alone isn't enough to be able to function and be healthy. Otherwise, if people with heart problems to ran marathon, they'd get healthier... but they would drop dead instead. Because their heart didn't get enough vitamin C to make collagen so it could be strong and flexible. What you need isn't to exhaust your reserves of nutrients even more but to finally eat something nutritious for a change. Don't trust a taste from refined sugar and cheer chemicals; they'll fry your brain, pancreas, kidneys, and everything else.


Doctor: You have a cancerous tumor and diabetes. (We don’t understand why. But only our ideas can help.) You’re sick but you’d be crazy to feel miserable & depressed. We help with chemotherapy (but it causes more cancers & destroys your vital organs.) You’ll be just fine with insulin & antidepressants. (If you survive our toxic drugs.)

Extra comments:

If doctors don't understand the cause and wisdom of people's bodies and mind… then it doesn't necessarily mean that they're being crazy or defective for no reason, it can be THEM who are just ignorant! By receiving the wrong information from pharmaceutical CEOs who care about profits instead of health, or willfully to avoid noticing that they're not godly saviors!

With help like that you'd be better off doing nothing. To be fair, my new doctor is caring, but he still almost killed me with steroids, trying to force my body to do something that I couldn't survive. You can be sincere, and be sincerely wrong. But doctors work for Pharmaceutical companies, their CEO's job is to make profits, not heal people. Doctors are merely their representatives. The most caring idealist can be a murderer with the wrong tools. They sell drugs, they don't know about nutrition. But at least doctors know about biology enough to patch you up amazingly if you hurt yourself. But psychiatry doesn't know about biology, even less about nutrition. So when you start feeling awful from malnutrition, they'll both threat the cry of help from your brain with condescending disdain as if you where defective... now that's the stupidest and crazier thing ever. No wait there's even worse: calling such a cruel attitude help.

The chemical industries, food and medicine, are in such denial that they are poisoning us with incompatible chemicals that they mistake the cause for the cure! It is KNOWN that chemo therapy is carcinogenic... CAUSES cancer. How can they possibly consider that the ONLY allowable cure!!! People healed themselves with greens and stopping to poison themselves and lowering stress. But people died faster with recurring tumors from chemo "therapy" because tumors are a survival mechanism to seal toxins in the first place! The best way is to seal them in fat until you get obese, better that than dead... but the ultimately last resort is to seal toxins in a cluster of damaged cells... Tumors are not the cancer... TOXINS and RADIATIONS are the cancer... And everyone knows it! Science proved it time and times again!

But to admit that would be admitting that the FDA is failing at protecting us, that food companies aren't helping us out but feeding us DEATH, and doctors are literally killing us faster than doing nothing on our asses! That's the world you live in... and damn... when you are sick, no you can't run, you can't be happy, and you can't be sane.


If doctors are paid a fortune to sell toxic drugs, they won't suggest vitamins even if they research that they can help. You can't patent those to get rich and they are cheap! They will laugh and discredit them or they will lose their credibility, jobs and ego. Saving your life won't put food on the table or gas in the boat. But making you sicker with side effects will make the corporations richer… selling you junk food that will keep you hungry on a cellular level, starved for nutrients even if you're morbidly obese from the raw sugar and toxins… and psychiatry sell you more drugs because nothing make people feel more miserable than nutritional deficiencies… the brain can't work properly and you look crazy… but the problem is in your food… And all those industries pack each other's back… depending on each other… to make and keep you sick… and get rich in the process. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself… no one will save you… but people will enable your fears, ignorance, and lack of self responsibility as much as you want… because it helps themselves. They sleep well at night because they are convinced that trying to "help" you is good enough, an so arrogant that they make each other and themselves believe their own idealistic lies.

But drugs will never replace real nutritive foods. Antidepressants will never compensate for how miserable it feels to have your vital needs deprived.

Only nutrition can save you. Toxic drugs will merely deepen your doom.

New edit:

I first wrote that it destroys your kidneys... which is as bad as it gets because if you can't detoxify you'll be poisoned to death even by normal organic functions... But chemotherapy destroys ALL vital organs. Not every bodies sacrifice the same parts, vitamin C can be sent to certain areas more than others to repair the damage... and be taken out of the collagen of certain body parts (painful muscles) to repair more important organs (your heart)... but it all goes to hell when you poison and fry yourself with chemotherapy and radiations.

My biggest concern is not to be full of shit (that's what this site is about), so to know that chemotherapy destroys kidneys is clear to me that it does more harm than good. But if you are a romantic instead, it destroys the heart too. And if you love sex above all, it will destroy those too.

Oh doctor helps all right... just not you... they help the cancer with MORE chemicals causing cancer and death!

Vitamin C from vegetables and supplements, and bicarbonate, has been proven to be a very effective cure for cancer without any painful side effects. Chemotherapy makes you throw up because it's so toxic that it destroys your kidneys. Losing all your hairs like someone terrorized to death in a horror movie shows the intense shock to your system.

Doctors want to destroy the problem, that's why they nuke your body with toxins… hoping that you'll somehow survive in the process. Naturopathy has a different approach: empowering the body so he can take care of himself the way he can when given what he needs, and avoiding what hurts him… not doing that is the reason why you got sick in the first place. More poison won't cure poisoning. That's why the cancer comes back with chemotherapy. That's why cancer can go away on its own by starting to live with healthier ways.

Chemotherapy = chemo therapy = chemical therapy = toxic therapy = poison therapy... Life needs to be organic with materials compatible with survival. Drugs or not, even when they try to mimic substances in your body, and they certainly can't promote life if their goal is to KILL!

It makes no sense to think that it could work! To think that chemicals don't cause cancer when all the studies show that they do, even when they try to twist the facts as much as they need to be allowed to sell the drug and get rich, exploiting the desperate suffering people... Denying them the truth, the cure... and poisoning them even more. Chemotherapy is so toxic that they consider you cured if you survive 5 years, but then people die right after. Like a warranty... You'd be better off not buying their false hope and help yourself. Doing nothing and letting nature follow its course will have more chance to let you survive, if you turn to all natural ways and get rid of the poison in "modern" life... because nature is alive and wants to stay this way. Chemicals kill. Period!

Trying to kill cancerous cells is stupid because the tumor save you by sealing the poison from spreading in even more vital areas... fat cells does that in the safest manner but it's not always possible (if you avoid eating fat...). The toxins would still be in your system even if you don't have tumors... so trying to kill the cells trying to protect you by adding even more toxins is a recipe for DEATH! Even if it didn't destroy all your vital organs, nerves, brain… everything in the process.

The list of side effects is horrible and the list of destroyed organ too:
Side effects of chemotherapy at

"The benefit of treating a person’s cancer usually far outweighs the risk of developing a second cancer from chemotherapy treatment."

WTF!!!? How can that be true!? You get all your organs destroyed, in pain all over, become sterile... only to be given a second cancer instead to be cured... and that second cancer is a greater benefit than just one? It's better to have 2 cancers than let the body heal naturally? FUCK YOU! You money hungry sadistic butchers! They should go get their own radiation therapy until their head, genitals and everything in between rots off, the monsters!

Eat your freaking greens full of vitamin C and get rid of toxins!!! You will avoid and cure the core reason of cancer.

Deny them the pleasure to get rich by torturing you while taking away your chances to survive. Help your body heal yourself naturally, the way it's meant to. We constantly get cancel cells, if we can't do constant regeneration and cleansing anymore, then there's more toxic stuff coming in than good stuff that would allow the body to throw them out.

Greens will restore the balance.

A second cancer from chemotherapy will only benefit the people who want to exploit your suffering. And if chemicals where really promoting life, we'd drink gallons of chemotherapy and would start radiation salons. Well, that sure would solve the overpopulation problem... There's always a positive way to look at the most horrible things... and that's what the chemotherapy industry is doing... just not for your sake.

Does chemo for breast cancer cause core harm than good?

I'm a big fan of Mercola, what he says finally fits how my body reacts:

"...chemo does not help most of those treated."
"...the conventional health paradigm is clueless about the origins [of cancer], and proper treatments."
"[there are] huge amounts of money at stake"

"Are these cancer drugs worth it? Hardly. These expensive medications often give patients just a few more months of life -- and sometimes they even kill people prematurely or CAUSE CANCER themselves."

"What the drug companies do not want you to know is that you have within your body the most powerful weapon against cancer and all disease, and it is yours to use freely: YOUR MIND."

Dr Mercola thinks that emotional conflict causes cancer and resolving them will cure it. From what I experienced in my own body, this explanation is incomplete.

Stress, any stress but emotional one can be especially draining, requires your adrenals to burn vitamin C to get the energy and hormones to cope and heal... your brain also must contain and burn a whole lot by thinking.

If you are under stress, you'll burn massive amounts vitamin C just to think and feel... so you won't have enough left to heal damaged cells... which will cause your body to break.

If you don't get more vitamin C than a person without emotional crisis, finding a way to end the emotional conflict will make more vitamin C available for healing. But you can also use supplements... it will help you cope, think of solutions and heal.

Also, during a stress, your body enter the fight or flight (or freeze) mode... healing stops to put all your energy to fight or run to save your life. An emotional conflict, even with a loved one, or from a good TV show that you like, or just scenarios that you invent and worry about... it stops the healing mode.

So you need to get rid of stresses, and people can be as toxic and deadly as toxins... because they drain your vital nutrients and organs just like everything else... and if it's past your resources and limits... then you'll die. Even from emotional stress alone.

So yes, emotional conflicts can cause cancer... from requiring more vitamin C than a regular diet provides (especially the regular junk diet claimed to be healthy enough). And vitamin C is so vital that many things can go wrong without it. Every cells, every organs, every vital function including detox, every thought processes and your very life.

Vitamin C is life.

"Chemotherapy can inadvertently encourage cancer growth" from

"The reason chemotherapy eventually fails when treating advanced cancer, said Nelson, is because the dose you would need to give the patient to wipe out the cancer would also kill the patient. In the lab, you can "cure" almost any cancer: you just give a huge dose of toxic chemotherapy to the cancer cells in the petri dish. But you can't do that to patients, because the high dose would not only kill cancer cells but also healthy cells."

And yet they are using that approach anyway, boosting health instead to murder life isn't on their agenda. Now I understand why they are so foolish if they work on a petri dish trying to blindly murder your cells without trying to understand why they became this way, just wanting to murder what they don't want without even thinking about the possibility that it might have a purpose, a lesser of two evils, and actually be saving your life from poisons... they forget about the PERSON! If all they have is the damaged cells without all the other detox processes made possible with digestion... they will NEVER find the cause and cure!

They don't know how intelligent every single cell in your body is, it's way beyond anyone's understanding. The wisdom of millions of years is written in every strands of DNA with more knowledge that the conscious mind can ever hope to grasp, especially when they focus on murdering the unwanted and maximize profits. So trust your body and respect what he's trying to do for you! If he works all wrong, YOU treated yourself all wrong!

Even the tumor cells that are so hated only wants to help you live. If they turn into tumors... it's because they have to. Because something very poisonous is going on... Blame the poison, not the body's reaction to the poison as it tries to survive. And give the poor beast vitamin C, you can't make your own from sugar like most animals, you mutated defective beast. Even cockroaches are better than you. So stop thinking that man made garbage is better than nature.

Eat your green stuff! If you only want to eat meat, you'll have to eat their organs where they store extra nutrients (I can't bear the taste), and the fat to get fat soluble vitamins, without frying it so it won't be too damaged to use... and boil the bones to get the collagen from cartilage (delicious gelatin!) and minerals from bones. I keep encouraging you to eat vegetables, but I also probably enjoy meat more than you do. Flesh isn't enough. Grains are for birds. Vitamin C is more important that anything, especially drugs.

"Cancer treatments are becoming increasingly specific, using precise "sniper" approaches to target key molecules rather than general "scatter gun" approaches such as damaging DNA."

Do you really want a gunman to heal you? Do you really think they can? Or do you want a healer? Do you want someone who knows how to survive properly and make their life force yours... well, then eat life forms. But don't eat your doctor; humans are so full of toxins that they wouldn't even pass the toxic limit for pork, which is the worst. No wonder we get cancer. Getting more toxins in your body isn't the solution. The kill approach will never promote and save life. Vitamin C is absolutely vital and necessary for all functions and body parts… It couldn't be more obvious that it promotes life.

Choose life for life, and death for death. It's simple.


Eat green! Nature knows best. Only organic life forms are compatible with your organs. Vitamin C supplements are the only pills that can give magical looking results, if you take as much as you really need.

Extra comments:

Of course it's better to get your nutrition from food, supplements will never compensate for trying to survive on junk. But if you are trying to catch up to deficiencies, supplements can help you heal faster. Since vitamin C will go right through you if you take too much, "bowel tolerance" indicate how much you can hold, if your stool are too liquid, lower the dose or let some time pass between doses to give yourself the time to absorb and do something with it. Of course pains can be caused by other deficiencies and I had amazing results with the B complex too. And there is no such thing as a magic pill.

But vitamin C is involved in so many vital functions that high dose supplements, finally curing agonies for real (instead of toxins covering up symptoms and causing more problems… like sudden death…) vitamin C really feels like magic. And not having enough, scurvy, really feel hell, worse than death… and that's rightfully depressing. Especially when the so called specialists claim that you are doomed and that your only hope is to become their slave junky. But that's just bullshit. You need to eat everything that you need to survive, how can you possibly call that quackery… unless you are trying to cover up your own quackeries.

I actually own the copyright for that art. I wanted to make it since ages. It turned out even better than I thought.

Enjoy greens with your meat~ Both are important. It's the grains, sugars, artificial junk and drugs that actually kill you.

Lisa Of Shades
14 August 2015
Edited #8: 18 August 2015

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