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ADD ADHD, gift from god ~ depression is exhaustion ~ gratitude is the key to happiness

add adhd from boring teachers ~ also caused by malnutrition toxins dies exhaustion

Thirsty for animes - Bragging - Not the same as offering - Cactuar

Cutting to cope backfires - cut lover - she kills him

Homosexual couples: choice or not, either way it makes perfect sense.

Hooked on McDonald's ~ lured by toy and kid ~ Junk food ~ Void of nutrition and full of toxins

Comic ~ My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ~ Stop the Thyroid madness ~ Adrenal glands fatigue

Emotionally needy clingy people. They will suffocate you. ~ Aliens: Facehugger + Chestburster

Forum moderators ~ mod god janitor ~ demon abuse bully ~ forum, equal, discrimination

Comic: Antioxidant effect of vitamin C ~ magic pill ~ heal cancer and diabetes

Comic: Heal anemia for energy ~ Red blood cells ~ vitamin C, iron and B12 ~ diabetes, obesity ~ sugars and grains

Comic ~ My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ~ Stop the Thyroid madness ~ Adrenal glands fatigue

Hibernating bear vs. partying bear ~ low thyroid ~ Hypothyroid ~ Adrenal Fatigue ~ Anorexia

Sharing torrents. Because you are one of the others too. ~ Demotivational wolf, chicken, egg

Sharing rare torrents. Because you want them too. ~ Demotivational wolf, chicken

Comic ~ Abusive parents ~ Chores ~ Child kills you in your sleep ~ Keeps you alive for food

Comic ~ technology ~ sound volume in movies is too low and too loud ~ bigger thinner ~ heart-attack

Comic: Holy & Shad ~ Get a grip on codependency ~ Needy helpless vs. Real affection respect love

Comic codependent emotional vampires ~ suck blood and life out ~ abuse

Rage Comics ~ Sharing means giving and taking ~ unbalanced, unfair, abusive & toxic relationship. ~ WTF, Jackie Chang, Kill yourself, forever alone

Sharing torrents ~ Insanity wolf ~ Poop emoji ~ smileys happy ninjas gifts

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