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ADD ADHD, gift from god ~ depression is exhaustion ~ gratitude is the key to happiness

First version with bigger separated images:

ADHD ~ Gift from god ~ 1 ~ Exploit people

ADHD ~ Gift from god ~ 2 ~ People break

ADHD ~ Gift from god ~ 3 ~ God makes them stronger

ADHD ~ Gift from god ~ 4 ~ Energetic kid enjoying life

ADHD ~ Gift from god ~ 5 ~ Even own parents see being different as negative

ADHD ~ Gift from god ~ 6 ~ Kid is forced into unhealthy normal habits

ADHD ~ Gift from god ~ 7 ~ Kid gets sick

ADHD ~ Gift from god ~ 8 ~ God  doesn't want to help the ingrates anymore

1. Exploit people
2. People break
3. God makes them stronger
4. Energetic kid enjoying life
5. Even own parents see being different as negative (doctor sees it as a disease)
6. Kid is forced into unhealthy normal habits
7. Kid gets sick (mother questions god instead of what she did to the kid)
8. God doesn't want to help the ingrates anymore

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is seen as a problem. But maybe those people are simply different from the majority… and even for a positive reason. Maybe having too much energy isn't only an effect of eating too much refined sugars, grains and caffeine! In our overpopulated competitive society, so focused that people are exploited into disease and exhaustion while others can't find jobs, maybe an excess of energy is a necessary evolution for a better chance at survival. A gift from your god!

Drugging those children and forcing them not to move until they become obese, instead to appreciate what they have to offer and allow them to express themselves, is criminal. We should adapt our ways to each other, to the child, instead to try to force something shaped like a star in a hole shaped like a heart. To each their own, and everyone belongs to their own special place.

I've done this with coloring crayons. I lack the innate skill to comprehend spatial perspectives, so my drawings are not as proportional and accurate as I wish I could make them. I'm not good at perspective and backgrounds either. I drew on memo cards because they were the perfect format, so the drawing ended up bigger on screen, making the flaws even more obvious... I could make them as big but I want to use the available space, and they'll be easier to see and read.

But even stick characters can express a point. What matters is to express ourselves with art and to enjoy some fun~

Lisa Of Shades
(Drawings done maybe a year ago)
9 June 2014

Text added after turning the images into a demotivational poster:

Dialogue with explanations


Greedy CEO: We will fire a fourth of the employees and make the rest work 4 times harder and faster.
Employees: “Good idea! Go for it!” But they wouldn't dare to disagree someone blind by his own ego, and oblivious of the wellbeing of others for money. They would just get fired too if they accused him of slavery and warned him that it could make people, the company and even society collapse in misery and sickness, from the abuse.


Exhausted woman drugged on Prozac, to force her distress to go away with antidepressants instead to find a solution for the genuine cause:
“Oh god I can't take it anymore…”

Man at a bar, becoming an alcoholic trying to find energy with a drink high in sugar but void of the necessary B complex to burn it:
“So exhausted… I hate my life!”

Homeless person who won't be hired because of the insane standards, while others have to make themselves sick working too much:
“I wish I had a job…”


God forging a new human with clay:
“I can't stop people's greed. But I can make you stronger. More energy, endurance, speed…”


New type of person with so much energy that he might be able to endure unhealthy high demands of production without falling sick:
“Wow a butterfly! I wonder if I can catch it. Wow a tree! I wonder if I can climb to the top. Wow a rainbow! I wonder if I can find where it lands. Life is wonderful!”


Mother who wanted a child as a pleasant decoration to boost her self esteem. She's unpleased because she can't control him as a helpless baby locked in a crib anymore. She wants him where she can manage him. Like a doll to play with. A pet to soothe herself. Oblivious to his true identity and own needs. Instead to accept him for who he is and find him activities to thrive, she assume that he's defective and want to force him to be part of the furniture, when that's abnormal for a living being to act this way:

“Doctor what's wrong with my kid!? He can't sit still!”

The doctor will gladly make a life long fortune off the innocent child, against his will, like a drug pusher, claiming to be there to help. Gladly blaming and stigmatizing the child for something that isn't his fault and could even be a great gift:

“He has a disorder. Give him Ritalin.”


Then the mother can feel like a good mother by having utter control over the child and feeling useful by feeding him garbage. High stimulants and sugar that would many any creature run like they're on fire... but forbidden to move. Those toxins are stored in fat, making the child become obese, and destroying his pancreas with more sugar that it was ever meant to handle:

“More cola and cookies sweetie?”

The child must obey or he'll be labeled as a bad uncooperative child, because everyone believes that adults know everything and should be obeyed like gods:

“Sure mom…”


The mother returns to the doctor as the child is so sick that she can no longer be in denial that he can't even move normally, when she wants him to, to be useful to her.

“Your son has diabetes”

Instead to see that it's the result of her own actions, she blame a imaginary father figure what magically has control over everything, she's just powerless with her own life in front of such a being. This allows her to do atrocities guilt free by putting the responsibility on someone who cannot be hold accountable either:

“Oh god why!?”


God, after granting wished with a gift that is spat on and considered a curse, see how pointless it is to try to help someone who won't help himself, then blame others for their unhappiness, when they poisoned everything around and inside them with greed and ingratitude:

“Make up your mind! You're on your own!”


It's the key to stop abuse. It would help you welcome the changes that you wished for to be happier. Everything can evolve for the better or worse forever. ADD / ADHD may be a gift, not a disease. Learn to appreciate every little step. Enjoy life today.


ADD / ADHD, it may be a gift from god to answer all the depressed exhausted people abused by greedy corporations. But people's greed and stupidity are only equaled by their ingratitude. Depression is a natural reaction to exhaustion and malnutrition. But happiness is the result of a grateful attitude.

Life is about living. That's why all the other creatures feel no need to have all that we have to be satisfied.

Don't dig your grave with your greed and ingratitude. That's be stupid.


Lisa Of Shades
29 May 2015

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