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add adhd from boring teachers ~ also caused by malnutrition toxins dies exhaustion

First version with bigger separated images:

ADD boring teacher 1

ADD boring teacher 2

Teacher ages from uninterested to jaded.
You can’t expect kids to pay attention to your boring attitude.

Demanding to drug children so they can be as mindless as you, to avoid doing YOUR JOB PROPERLY, is criminal. Teach the parents about the importance of putting nutrition a top priority and not load them with sugar and caffeine. They need less toxic chemicals to mess with their brains, not more! Food additive like preservatives and colorant is known to cause hyperactivity.

Many kids don’t get a breakfast to start the day. Some get sugary cereals and cola that doesn’t nourish their brain but unleash a massive sugar high, which demands to run around like crazy or to store it in fat, then followed by a zombified crash. You can’t possibly expect malnourished kids to pay attention.

We’re not meat to sit still and stare on a chair for hours, especially not healthy children! But what do we expect them to stare at… They’re not a fun TV show or their favorite videogame… They’re teachers who are too lazy themselves to do their job and expect kids to stare like the robots that those teachers are, so they can just mindlessly read from a book, bored out of their freaking mind, but expecting kids to be in awe in front of their dull asses.

You’d expect a teacher to grow into a more competent one, but they’re just more jaded. They got into teaching for the wrong reasons and staying there, sick of it, out of habit. How about making it more interesting and interactive for kids before drugging them with dangerous street drugs, Ritalin is speed of all things!!!? It’s as pathetic as it’s outrageous.

Feed the damn kids, stop acting like teaching is a boring chose, make it interesting… and if the little bastards aren’t disciplined after giving them everything they need and only teaching them useful survival skills that they will need, then just hit them with a ruler.

But ha! Looking back almost everything in school was pure garbage. It wasn’t taught in a practical manner. Math should explain how to do a budget, to save money for projects over several months, and how to avoid ending up homeless by not partying with the rent. Instead to teach about religion, leave that to parents and churches, teach them the civil laws of society.

Such as not putting loud music at any hours of the day, because some people work at night and sleep during the day. Teach them to respect neighbors by not doing screaming contests. There are no drugs for any of those behaviors, it has to be taught… and I never learn that in school.

Yes, it’s wonderful to try many different subjects to find your own skill that you can contribute to society, instead to be stuck with your parent’s job for generations… But there are various types of intelligences, and various ways to learn. Some do by doing, others by listening. Some are good with their hands, others with their mind…

We should stop trying to put people into a boring mold… everyone is different and everyone tries to suppress others… If we all let people just be the best they can be, the world would be a better place… But I guess it’s easier to bitch… at least I gave constructive ideas… and drugging children deserve the worst outrage.

Enjoy~ And make it enjoyable~ Or fail trying.

Lisa Of Shades
(Drawings done maybe a year ago)
9 June 2014
Edited: 11 June 2014

Text added after turning the images into a demotivational poster:

Dialogue with explanations


I don't care about the kids. I got the job for the 2 months summer vacation. I can't wait for my pay check.


(year later) Teaching is more work than I thought. I'm tired. The damn kids better be quiet. I can't wait for retirement.


Caused by malnutrition or exhaustion. Nutritional deficiencies: vitamin C, B complex, minerals... Unstable sugars swings from: grains, cola and candy. Toxins: Artificial sugars, dies, preservatives, mercury, allergies, intolerances… Sleep deprivation or bad sleep from an unhealthy lifestyle. But Attention Deficit Disorders are also caused by boring people.

Enjoy the demotivational format~ A better lifestyle... and if people aren't in awe before you, instead to drug them, try not to be so boring.

Lisa Of Shades
29 May 2015

Get back up ^

ADHD gift from god



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