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Comic ~ Abusive parents ~ Chores ~ Child kills you in your sleep ~ Keeps you alive for food

Abusive father: "The only reason I keep you around is because you do most of the chores."

Child: "The only reason I keep you around is because you work to buy my food."

Abusive parents. Should know that kids are younger and stronger versions of themselves. Think about that before teaching them to be mean.


I forgot to upload it. I made it for a friend who felt powerless about his family's abuse. You're only as helpless as you allow yourself to be, murder is always an option. Abusive people use intimidation to dominate their prey when they're often feeling even weaker than them, that's why they feel the need to do this. Parents abusing children or their spouse in front of them teach them how to live by being observed.

A child will think that this is acceptable behavior because this is all they know, and they are trapped in the home to survive, so they get attacked and love them, just like the Stockholm syndrome when being kidnapped. Because love is a need. So they end up justifying their attacker. They end up thinking that their parents are right to beat them up physically or destroy their self confidence and boundaries psychologically.

My mother even said that if someone hurt me then I must deserve it because everything happens for a reason. But that reason can be because people are unfair assholes who can't vent frustrations properly. When a child accept the violence as normal to cope, it might help their grief to reach acceptance, but the problem is that they will let it become a part of them and will do the behavior to their own children later... and probably to everyone else too. In a never ending cycle of abuse and violence.

My mother trained me to be her docile victim, her psychological abuse taught me that my needs don't matter, that I must only care about other people's needs to appease them and hope to have their mercy... So I ended up with no self respect, no self esteem to impress an employer and get a decent job, no ability to have strong boundaries letting people walk all over me... The crueller people got, the nicer I was to them, rewarding bad behavior. Healthy nice people wouldn't tolerate me as a whined and complained hoping to get some care with emotional manipulation... in my victim mindset... and I've been trained to be the perfect victim, so I attracted pedophiles and a fiancé that got violent against me because he felt so unworthy of love that he thought it was easier to scare me into submission than giving me a happy reason to stay...

Parents prepare their children for life... Abusive parents prepare their children for more abuse. We tend to go towards what we know, familiarity is comforting even if it's horrible, so patterns are extremely hard to break. I kicked my entire family out of my life to be able to move on and find a better way to live with myself, because I discovered that emotional stress was a physical stress requiring energy like everything else, and I was getting physically sick, my depression was my body's way of telling me that my vital organs are shutting down and I'm slowly dying miserably (Adrenal Fatigue, the adrenals handles stress with lots of vitamin C and B complex).

I was rewarding bad behavior, so even the best people abused me because I let them, it was my responsibility to respect my own limit and I wouldn't, so I'm actually the one who abused myself. I should have said no. I should have walked away. I do that now. I even did it to my friend because he didn't respect his own words and that tormented my heart and mind. Because he chose self pity and self hatred instead of choosing love and appreciation even on Valentine's Day. Because I found out that he didn't do this to himself and me because he was shy or sad, but to deliberately manipulate me to get pampered even though he didn't do the efforts to deserve it.

I don't want to be a codependent devoted slave anymore... only running after false hope.

Wanting to get more than what people are ready to give is what disgusts me the most. When people use physical or psychological violence to claw more out of me, torturing me with fake promises and empty dreams, I'm done.

I will give happiness and love to myself instead to waste it on people who don't even want to try. It's a big red flag when they won't even do it for themselves. I can only live my own life, and I'm going to save it.

Avoid, ignore, forget.

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 2 January 2016
Text: 12 March 2016

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