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Intro ~ How to be less stupid

I discovered how to find the answer to every answers.

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How to be less stupid?
  • Admit that you are ignorant, at least to yourself. Knowing that you don't know everything opens your mind to the infinite possibilities~
  • Provide everything that your brain needs to be able to understand.
    • Food from various sources to get all the nutrients required for optimal function, avoiding toxins.
    • Information from various sources to gain many perspectives and discover the whole complex truth, avoiding deceit.
Nourish the body, nourish the mind, and your soul will grow.

Life is that simple~

"The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know."
Albert Einstein.

Understanding starts with a capable brain. A brain with its needs fulfilled to be able to function optimally. Brains need:
  • Lots of B vitamins to make its nerve networks and be able to link ideas together and have complex thoughts. Also useful to copy old memories into fresher neurons at night.
  • Lots of vitamin C from greens, bone soup with the cartilages or supplements if you've been deprived for too long. It's required to be flexible and heal from strain. The eyes need a lot to be able to change its lens' focus and see. The adrenals require a lot to handle stress.
  • Vitamin B, C and iron make the red blood cells that carry oxygen to the brain to be able to burn energy, sugar alone isn't enough. Healthy saturated fats are good insulator between nerves and the brain is mostly made of it.
  • Proper sleep, which include the REM state of dreams, where memories get to be transferred in newer and more efficient neurons.
  • To avoid toxins that disturbs its natural functions, even if we don't like the way they feel, and even if we find the toxins tasty, to have a clear mind without irritations. Allergies and intolerances can cause inflammation anywhere because the food goes in the blood and it goes everywhere. Inflammation in the brain is referred to a "brain allergies" and can manifest as emotional disturbances, because who would feel well with a brain crushed against its own skull.
  • To avoid excessive stress to preserve energy. It which include energy robbers, people who take more than what they provide and are detrimental to your emotional, mental, and also physical health because everything is linked. Emotions are the result of nerve stimulation and can be exhausted in a similar manner as muscles can be. When their protective coating disintegrates, the nerves become oversensitive. Sensory stimulations can become rapidly over stimulating and painfully unbearable.
  • A good blood glucose balance, by avoiding sugar and refined grains, including corn. Because they are concentrate stimulants without proper nutrition, just like cocaine, and will cause an imbalance between the fuel, capacity to burn it, and the capacity to heal from damage. A stable fuel is a stable mind. Blood sugar crashes can cause seizures.
  • A proper electrolyte balance of minerals so the electrical impulses will work smoothly to transmit messages. Calcium contracts muscles, magnesium relaxes them. Magnesium is used to make the serotonin, the feel good hormone, produced in the gut. It's basically rewarding you for nourishing properly.
  • A good hormonal balance in your endocrine system. Hormones are the way your body communicates too, not just electrical impulses but juices. Making sure that the adrenal glands have enough water soluble vitamins (B & C) ad minerals to function will insure that all the others that depend on them will be as well. Including the thyroid, which won't boost your metabolism to burn energy unless the adrenals are nourished enough to handle it.
  • Once your whole body's needs are in balance, you'll be at your best mentally and will be able to think of solutions and welcome change, which require connections in your brain to be ripped apart sometimes and grown anew, and if you don't eat the right materials, you won't be able to.
This page will help you figure out what you need if you search your symptoms:
Health ~ Nutrition ~ Vitamins & minerals

You obviously won't be able to have good judgment if you are malnourished, sleep deprived and poisoned.

You won't be able to remember what you already know so you won't be able to apply it constructively. You won't even be able to understand your own senses. Self care is very important and must come first, because then you become able to comprehend and accomplish everything else.

Being at the peek of your health can even make you score extra points on an IQ test. But having a superior intellectual potential doesn't guarantee you to avoid being ignorant. Even a genius can be mistaken, by not being properly informed, or reaching the wrong conclusion if they have not discovered all the facts yet. Someone with a slower mind but more patience and better access to information can end up with a smarter knowledge than someone who's more gifted.

There are different kinds of stupid. The one that I usually refer to is the worst kind: the willful ignorant who deny the evidence and think that they are the only ones who have all the answers. Their mind is closed to the truth, because they confuse facts with opinions, and they are blind by their ego. Putting oneself above the truth is a dangerous kind of stupid, even for your own sake.

You can't figure out what will truly make you feel good if you are unwilling to face the fact that you where wrong.

Some things can seem to have immediate rewards, but create a devastating effect in the long run by causing trauma on the body or budget by trying to get too much too soon. Other things can seem to be a tedious pain to slowly nurture, but they will have a sustainable and stable effect that will feel better in the long run, because a rapid high is quickly followed by a rapid crash. Balance and stability is more important. That's why a detox can seem more painful than continuing the poison, but by moving forward through that phase you can reach a much better baseline. It will improve your wellbeing by getting used to a better lifestyle, but figuring things out can be scary, it's okay to be, just don't let it discourage you. Sometimes listening to the warning can save your life, but sometimes your salvation is in the intimidating unknown.

Look at both the details and the big picture. Both the short and long term effects. Both the god and positive sides. Some goods aren't worth the bad that comes with it.

Choose both when you make a decision, not only the greatest good, because it can require the greatest efforts and sacrifices, and end up being the greatest pain. Simplify your life and you simplify your problems. Trying to do and gain more than we can handle is a typical source of misery, even when it turns out the way we wanted it to be, the exhaustion ruins the pleasure because nothing is more valuable than health. Everything has a price, but not necessarily in money, and not necessarily one that you'd like to pay... Trying to make the best of a bad situation is admirable, and so is to appreciate the positive. But refusing to admit your doom won't make it hurt any less. Plan ahead by weighting the pros and cons before making a decision.

Healthy life choices, by putting your needs above your wants and whims, are always a good decision. You can't accomplish as much if you're sick or dead. Put what's the most vital as your top priority and you'll be at your best. You won't need to be comforted by others or junk food because you won't be in distress from self neglect & abuse. Have a good cycle of self care, not a vicious one indulging the worst in you. Focus on your strengths, instead to try to reassure your weaknesses, and that's what you'll grow.

Once your brain can function at its maximum efficiency, provide intellectual nourishment. Your brain craves this otherwise you suffer from boredom.

Realize that you have the potential to do something to better yourself. Find the motivation by knowing that you'll benefit from it. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is infinite. Knowledge is an infinite source of power.

Intelligent people conquered the world and reached above people stronger, richer and more charismatic than they where. Smart people propelled entire civilizations into new eras. The wise are the advisors of kings who'd be lost without them. Intellectual people are on top of the world because they can master their own skills and adversity. With enough patience and research, you can find any solution and discover how to create your own world like a god.

Don't ask questions unless you are ready to have the answer shatter your world.
Ask a lot of question.

Interacting with various people with different experiences can help, but it can cause conflict. Arguing is a good way to make discoveries unless you stubbornly close yourself to anything different than what you're used to. Not everyone is willing to speak honestly. But you can do research alone thanks to literature. You can read books, but thankfully there's no longer a need to kill a tree to pas on wisdom. Basically... Google a lot of different things and read on different types of sites. The common folks can have the best accurate information, from the experiences of actually living the topic, instead of a specialist who merely memorized outdated theories.

"I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail."
The law of the instrument, Maslow's hammer, said by Abraham Maslow in 1966.

If you go see a medical doctor or psychiatrist for a problem, the only tool they have to justify charging you money are drugs, so they will, but it doesn't necessarily mean that this is what you need to resolve the root cause of your problem. Naturopaths threat with nutrition, which is something that your body actually need to survive, so it had great success for me.

Sometimes doing something so unusual that you end up looking bat shit insane is the only way to reach the truth that will save you.

Don't let your arrogance fool you into thinking that the solution is complex, you might be forgetting the most basic principles of life that everyone takes for granted. It's easy to eat, but it's just as easy to swallow something wrong, it takes proper biofeedback to figure that out. Pain and sadness isn't the enemy, even a tumor is trying to prolong your life, and the causes are the real problems. Look further than the surface. If you find a truth, it's just the tip of the iceberg, but congratulation, you found the iceberg.

Someone who is very rich will have a different perspective, value and attitude than someone who's very poor. But both know different wisdoms that allowed them to survive and that can be useful.

Everyone is capable of stupidity and wisdom. When you gather all the wisdom from everyone, you become enriched. Don't reject a treasure of knowledge because you don't like its container. Don't swallow bullshit from a pretty vase.

Dig deeper than the surface, face the controversy, there's always some truth in myths, and lots of lies in ads.

True pride is rooted in truth.

Don't hesitate to admit that you don't know everything, even the greatest geniuses don't. Their success was paved by mistakes, it's necessary to make them, they are the best teachers.

"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried."
"When you procrastinate you become a slave to yesterday."
"Failing to plan, is like planning to fail."
Stephen McCranie, cartoonist.

Failure is never a complete end, it can be the beggining of something even better after you readjust your goals, so your wants will be in harmony with your needs, and your actions will be balanced with your capacities.

Don't lie to yourself. You'd be denying yourself the chance to reach your true potential.

Pain killers merely silence the warning that you are being harmed, it doesn't stop the damage. Face the truth. Abandon all hopes, make it happen. Otherwise your dream could be a nightmare. Never trust blindly. Trust that your body has a good reason for being unpleasant, find it, and correct it.

Just like food must be taken from a variety of sources to ensure to have all the various nutrients, seek information from many sources. This will open your mind to the endless possibilities. Opinions can be wrong, even facts can be mistaken. But the truth has many sides from different perspectives. The more you welcome different ways to see, the closer you are to grasp the whole truth of the world.

Just because something is scary doesn't mean that it's going to hurt you.
Just because something hurts you doesn't mean that it's not what you need.
Just because someone claims to love you doesn't mean that they'll give you their best.

The truth is much more complex than black and white, everything is and the whole shades in between. It all depends on how you look at it. Even a bad situation can be reframed into an opportunity to make the best out of it.

Giving a chance to what look preposterous can help you to finally have the right common sense... Just because something is accepted as gospel doesn't make it right for everyone at all times.

Time and people changes, so does your need, and so should be your knowledge.

The best for you won't be the best for someone else. The best of the best in a situation can be the worst in another.

Always keep your mind open to the possibilities.

In quantum physics, the laws change whether or not there's an observer. Everything happens at once on the atomic level, unless there's the awareness of a sentient being, then only one path is chosen.

Your thoughts have the power to forge the very universe, but while you're on a path, all the other possibilities keep existing even if they're out of sight, they are there, in this universe.

You have the power to forge your own reality, but believing a lie won't make it true.

Reach out to new knowledge and never stop learning. Never assume that you're completely right or that someone else is completely wrong.

The truth is everything. Keep your brain healthy and your mind open to possibilities.

Knowledge will come to you, take the time to welcome it~ Nurture it and preserve it.

Don't be complacent in mediocrity; something worth doing is worth doing right. Write properly instead to indulge in bad habits because it's easier. Doing it right will become just as easy as doing it wrong once you get used to it. Don't spread wrongs into the world otherwise this is the world that you'll have to live in. A small step is all that it takes to start changing yourself, your life and the whole world. Everything is always in motion; make sure that you steer in the direction that you truly want. That responsibility is your power.

The purpose of life is simply to live. To gain a variety of new experiences. That will enrich the collective mind across the ages, thanks to all forms of life as a whole. Together they make everything possible, in one form or another. Birds fly, fishes breathe under water, jellyfishes glow in the dark... and you never know what can be possible for you until you try long enough to find out~


Lisa Of Shades
28 March 2016

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