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Health ~ Weight ~ Over exercise is futile & dangerous!

Telling obese people to exercise to loose weight is futile and DANGEROUS. Yes exceptionally healthy people are able to run marathons. But inflicting that on sick people, to mimic healthy people's capacities, won't make them healthier!

Hearts problems are often caused by a lack of vitamin C, you need enough everyday to make strong and elastic collagen in the heart muscle; regardless of the amount of calories. Each vitamin has a quantity that's needed everyday; it’s not just about calories. Sugar can't replace vitamin C, especially when it's processed out of the sweet forms of life that contains it. So you can be obese but have heart starving for proper materials.

If you make someone with heart problems run a marathon he'll die from the strain! It's true for the elderly as much as obese people. Even the healthiest people wouldn't be able to run that much while carrying hundreds of pounds in their backpack, the way obese people have to.

So telling obese people to do intense exercise to loose weight is pointless, ignorant, sadistic and deadly.

They're not fat because they're lazy. They don't have the energy, even with the best of wills, because they're malnourished. They're starving. That's why they're so hungry all the time.

If you feed on cardboard, plastic foam and dies/paint... your stomach will be full but your cell will stay hungry, so you'll feel hungry and will stretch your stomach to infinity and beyond.

But once you understand that it’s toxins that make you fat... not fat... it gets a bit easier to turn your back on junk. The reason why fast food is so fattening isn't from the fat, but because it's overcooked until it's black, rancid and TOXIC. The sauces have nothing to do with vegetables anymore; they're so full of synthetic food additives that you're basically eating plastic foam with paint. Even if you eat a super size truck load, as long as you don't eat LIVING foods, you won't satiate your hunger, and you won't be able to renew your cells and produce body processes that will allow you to move and burn energy.

So move gently. When you walk your lymphatic system gets pumped by gravity, the way your heart does for your blood, but for your immune system and to flush the toxins that would otherwise be stored in fat or cause cancer.

Moving is important, but keep it pleasant. A gentle walk in nature or enjoying a trampoline giggling like a child... It’s good enough. It will go a long way and won't exhaust you even closer to your grave.

Running won't enable you to eat junk food. Nothing ever will. You will pay the consequences and getting fatter is the least of your worries compared to heart disease, rotting flesh, becoming blind and broken bones; from a disintegrating body that doesn't have the nutrients to renew itself.

You can't outrun toxins and nutrient deficiencies.
You'll even produce more toxins and augment your needs for nutrients. That's why starving people don't move: for self preservation!

The body is wise, stop blaming it. BLAME WHAT YOU EAT

Enjoy everything in balance according to YOUR needs and capacities~

Lisa Of Shades
8 June 2014

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