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The first thing you should know is: health authorities can be corrupt by bribes from powerful companies. You can only trust yourself. The results speak for themselves.

If you want to make health and happiness a priority, what helps every aspect of your well being and life looks closer to the image below.

Except that corn is the worst grain (vital scam infos at marksdailyapple), High fructose corn syrup is a deadly monster, your pancreas doesn't have a chance. Squashes and cucumbers are way better. Go easy on tomatoes; they're fruits (proof at oxforddictionaries) and there are toes in their name. Hehehe~ But better toes than corn, wheat and soy, it's toxic. Oh yeah, it's that bad. Soy has a safe GRAS status only to be used in cardboard; wheat is the equivalent of that, so no wonder you stay hungry.

The food pyramid is really bullshit.
But you can't get wrong with greens.
Food pyramid without deadly garbage

"Grains are not healthy and they are toxic to the body."
Read more about How grains are killing you slowly at wellnessmama.

I thought that it would be impossible to ban all grains, but it happened naturally. I simply sought what made me feel the best, and then one day I noticed that I haven’t had any in a long time, feeling better than ever! I threat myself to sushi on rare occasions, which makes them feel even more special~ That way I can afford a great buffet.

It’s best to have a fancy fruit tart once a year than get Twinkies several times a day... Greed makes you loose sight of quality and empty junk is precisely why you can't feel satisfied. Look at those beauties: fruit tarts pictures. Heck, forget the grains and sugar, if you want something REAL sweet, just get the fruits!

Appreciate the delight of nature.

Now I enjoy foods more than I ever thought possible.

The medical authorities won't make me believe that a diet based on Kraft dinner and pretzels is healthier than one based on savory green vegetables. That's just absurd! And don't get me started with muffins... they're cakes!!! That’s not a breakfast. There’s no way kids can concentrate with this. Have you ever seen a vegetarian splatter sugar all over greens, to make them bearable, like it’s done with cereals? No, because there's no need. They’re freaking delicious already!

Stop dirtying your tongue and brain with all those artificial flavors, those shameful imitations, get the real thing and you'll see what you've been missing. It will also do miracles for your body. Why would you settle for any less? They're not more expensive, especially not if you end up eating a ton of garbage, hopelessly trying to find some nutritive value in it. You won't!

Nothing's good enough to endure disease and misery. Some people end up in a wheelchair unable to clean their own ass. Really? I worked in a McDonald for a year and half, even the special sauce isn't that good. I wouldn't even do that to myself for cheese... and their full of delicious morphine and amphetamines. Not even for a million dollar, asked by someone I was madly in love with, for some strange sadistic fetish...

I tried pastry after living on greens for a while and they felt as if I was eating the vomit of someone who ate cardboard. No wonder they need a hell load of sugar, but that wasn’t enough to fool me… it was like eating sand. Puke in the sand.

This is what's making you crave. The addiction to white powder. Cocain anyone? It's okay if we bake it instead of sniffing it. It's more similar than you think.
Read Pure, white & deadly in the health section.

And it turns out... fat isn't only good, it's vital for you. But many other things are as well.
Read The purpose of fat in the nutrition section for more information.

Your fat is there to protect you. If it needs to protect you from what you put in your mouth, unable to use it and unable to excrete it... Then what you put in there isn't food.

You're not fat because you're lazy and gluttonous...

But because you are starved for real food and poisoned by the toxins used to trick your brain. Companies fools you into thinking it's edible and to addict you like a slave. When your health goes to hell they blame you and try to sell you more garbage to diet.

Hate them and their junk. Free yourself.

Watch Sugar: The Bitter Truth on YouTube. You'll see that you're fat because you're being deliberately poisoned.

You can't get energy, healing and brain transmitters out of white sand, no matter how sweet you think it tastes.

It will kick you high then let you crash. Your mood will follow.

An athlete can't win by eating junk; you can't win the race of your life with it either. Eating even more cardboard isn't the solution. No matter how pretty the artificial colors painted on it are. It will just poison you more...

Don't let companies fool you. The blame isn't on you, but on the food you think you like. There's no way anyone can burn poison and transform it into muscle with exercise... not when you're starving and have no building blocks.

In nature energy is balanced with nutrition. Sugar is a taste to let you know that you can get vitamin C. They refine the vitamin C out to have a concentrate of sugar. In a glass of coke there's like 20 meters of sugar cane, it's like a tree branch. You'll shoot your pancreas, there's no way it can handle that much that fast.

Diabetes isn't an illness. A healthy pancreas has a limit of how much it can handle sugar in one day and can't possibly deal with the stress. Your limbs rot because you need vitamin C to constantly renew all types of cells. If anything you're sick from scurvy. That's from severe vitamin C deficiency... from starvation.

It doesn't matter how stuffed you look. Furniture is stuffed but it doesn't mean they're nutritious. The diet you rely on as a lifestyle is even more absurd! The people you entrusted your life and health to lied to you!!! What do they care if you die as long as they get your money? Their kids need braces too. They like expensive stuff too.

But you should make your health a priority. What good are things if you wish you were dead!

You might not grow up anymore, but you still renew yourself. Every 7 years it's a whole new you! Make sure you have what it takes to live on.

Feeding is like a transplant. The cold helps to slow down cell decay, but you can't transplant a limb that has been fried dead. Same thing with food. It doesn't matter that you like it, you're eating DEATH.

It's not because it's fat, it's because the fat is DEAD!!!

Stretching your belly like hell by filling it with artificial fried dead things instead of nutritious living organism... of course you'll still be hungry! You're alive, you can't build your body with objects. No matter how much you allow companies to treat you like one. Just stop...

And there's no way you can burn that much sugar, no way you can burn poison... you can only seal them in fat cells or, when there's no time to move it away from the vital organs, in cancer cells.

Exercise can't help, not even if you ran to the moon! But real food will!

You need vitamins and minerals. It's not about calories. It's about nutrition!

If you knew better you wouldn't even want that junk.
Go and discover the rainbow, and I'm not talking about skittles.
Discovering new forms of life and flavors is really fun.

My research inspired me to think that people aren't sick because they're fat, but they get fat because they are sick.

What you eat eventually leaves the stomach, but they can't stay in your blood.
The pancreas store fuel with insulin.
The adrenal glands tell the liver to take it out with adrenalin.

If you are stressed the last processed can't happen. Read on adrenal fatigue here or at adrenalfatigue.

What you need isn't more sugar, but providing a slow and steady fuel. Ironically, fat can help you. Not dead black friend ones, but healthy living fats in almonds, fish and olive oil... The famous omega 6 and omega 3.

What you need isn't to put more in your mouth, but to make sure it is by choosing it more wisely. Read, knowledge is power.

Company use a lot of salt to open your appetite and thirst. Soda is an endless vicious cycle because it has salt, sugar and caffeine. They don't care if it will cause high blood pressure, shut down your pancreas and explode your heart. They want you to spend more on their junk.

Can you feel it? Their arm up your ass controlling you like a puppet? Maybe that's why you can't poop it out.

If you eat vegetables the fiber will slow down the digestion but speed the excretion process. You're full longer but poop sooner. It's win-win! No more rotting food inside you, toxins being reabsorbed, until you rot along with it and develop cancer; which only serves to try to prolong your life.

You deserve to choose better than what publicity offer you.

Take control. Make your own food.

If you are patient enough to allow your taste bud to get cleaned and your brain to learn true flavor, everything will tastes sweet. Even celery.

If you like the crunchy sensation of chips and cookies, you're really missing out because vegetables are much crisper.

To help the grain industry, the food pyramid makes you believe that grains must be the base of your diet. But they're not even vital. In fact, they can literally destroy your gut; which means your ability to absorb food. Not just if you have celiac disease. Corn gives me such a head ache that it can put me in a 12h coma... It took me a while to figure out that I wasn't lazy. When the harm accumulated to the point that I started to shit blood, it was clear that it wasn't in my head or personality.

If you have a diet, a lifestyle, that is healthy... you will be. You'll have energy and you'll be happy.

I use supplements to catch up and I'm always amazed at how much of a huge difference big doses can do. Nutrients are vital for every aspects of your life.

Dieting is meant to trick you. There's no way you can make up for years of self neglect by drinking nothing but milkshakes for a week, of all thing!

If you want to stop feeling lousy and bad about yourself, then give up that diet and embrace one full of color and life! Your health and mood will follow... and of course your weight.

If you want to change your life... then change it.

Don't drug your body with appetite suppressants. Understand what it needs and provide it. If you crave chocolate, forget the sugar and chemicals, it's the magnesium that you want. Just eat some nuts. If you want ice cream, forget the sugar and artificial flavor, get the calcium in greens. That's what cow use. It's more effective to cut useless steps.

Read Cravings: what do they mean, and when should you listen? at rawfoodsos.

Don't trust adds, trust your body. Keep a food journal. If you feel awful, look at what you put in yourself.

It's just not worth it, not when there's so much tastier out there.

Start by discovering almonds in their utmost natural form. Read about their goodness at healingisessential: Eat 7 Almonds daily. But don't count almonds or calories; just choose nutritious foods. They're filling and satisfying.

Knowledge is power and the best coach to stay motivated.
Taste and feel it... for yourself.


Lisa Of Shades
8 August 2013

Someone asked me how to hide their disgusting fat.

You can't really, people will notice. You can't do a magic trick that will make it go away. Diet fads prey on that wishful thinking, but selling products to supply the demands to indulge delusions and providing real results is different.

It all depends on the proper goal and asking the right question.

I'm more worried about the "disgusted" part. If you repulse yourself, then clothes are even more useless because you'll have to take them off and see yourself sooner or later. And even with your eyes closed, you'll know. So why not attack the cause. There's no way cakes are worth feeling this miserable.

No matter how thin and awesome you look, if you choose to look at yourself with contempt instead to simply do your best, you'll always act this way even if you end up having everything. That's how people who are thinner than bones still manage to find themselves fat.

Opinion and facts are different! An opinion doesn't make it a fact, and in spite of a bad fact you can still have a good opinion. That's free will!

And the answer varies with body shapes... but something too tight doesn't look good on anyone. Even when you don't have extra fat, a too tight short shirt and too tight pants will squeeze the natural skin out in between and give you big handlers of flesh even though you don't! If you constantly have to struggle to pull up your pants because there's not enough room for buttocks, and showing a big crack like a plumber when you bend over... it's not going to be gracious even if you look like a princess.

The right question is:

What can I wear to emphasize my good traits and lower the attention on the bad, to balance it better.

And the answer varies with body shapes... but something too thight doesn't look good on anyone. Even when you don't have extra fat, a too thight short shirt and too thight pants will squeeze the natural skin out in between and give you big handlers of flesh even though you don't! If you constantly have to struggle to pull up your pants because there's not enough room for bottocks, and showing a big crack like a plumber when you bend over... it's not going to be gracious even if you look like a princess.

I am small, with big boobs, a skinny ring under, a so-so belly, a huge bouncy ass and tiny ankles...

If I was to wear a big baggy shirt to hide my breasts, it would fall so further away from my actual belly that I look like I have an extra 20 pounds... SO I wear a tight shirt. It makes my bra more comfortable since I feel the whole shirt equally, and not just the elastic choking my lungs. It feels like more support too. (Having big boobs hurts, it's harder to find clothes that fit.)
But if I was to do the same with tight pants, my fat ass and thighs would really stand out compared to my tiny ankles. So I wear elephant cargo pants, those wider at the ankles, it brings balance and ease the width of my hips, which should be wide to bear babies and hold children on it like a seat. They're that way for a reason. Since the elephant pants are tighter at the knees, I get elegant curves on my legs too!

So I end up all curvy. Which is nice~~~

It's more appetizing than an anorexic showing too much skin like a cheap whore desperate for clients. You don’t need to be approved by sexually obsessed people to be worth something. All you have to do is decide that you do and choose accordingly.

I saw a movie where an overweight child wore too tight pants. It got inside her slit and gave her crotch a "camel toe" look. Someone took her shopping and bought her a dress which solved the problem and made her look classy and gracious.

I shopped for clothes, I saw gorgeous clothes in the + section, it was even better than what was in the regular one... so there's no excuse to wear garbage. Save, buy things that make you look and feel good. It's best to have fewer clothes than a lot of garbage.

It's also true for food. If you buy quality food, it will nourish you more, so you won't need to eat as much. The more expensive foods are actually cheaper; especially if you buy in bulk. A lame processed meal can end up way more expensive, especially for your health, considering that it won't nourish you nor satiate your hunger... and poison you with all the chemicals put in to boost sales… It's always disappointing compared to the photo.

If it needs a picture for you to know that it's food, then it's not food!

You need fiber and WATER to be able to poop. You need the vitamin B complex to be able to use energy. If you accumulate it in your fat, it's because it's too useless and toxic to be even pooped! Your fat is saving your life by sealing it. That's not what,s disgusting, that's what you eat! Instead to blame yourself, blame the companies that offered you such a devastating option. Then you simply will see that all you have to do is choose different. That you don't want that junk. You won't let it trick you anymore!

Then you'll be truly free. You won't live in fear. You'll have to shame to hide.


Lisa Of Shades
25 August 2013

You can't convert poisons into muscle with exercise

From that logic, if you take the most anorexic woman in the world and make her run like hell, her atrophied muscles would grow back. But it doesn’t work that way. If she stopped drinking coffee to keep going and started to eat vegetables, the vitamin C would rebuild her muscles without having to do anything more than lifting her fork!

It’s even better with chop sticks because it gives you the time to chew, compared to a shovel down your throat. So you can absorb your food better if it’s liquefied properly. You appreciate your food more and gain a dexterity skill.

Sumo wrestlers are very healthy. Here's a YouTube video, a sample of a show I can't find but it says a lot: What you can learn from a Sumo Wrestlers Diet

If you manage to get obese eating a whole lot of celery, then your fat will be used to store vitamins and your vital organs will be well build. Your health will be completely different than if you become big from eating Twinkies and artificial toxins. You’ll get sick from those and from nutritional deficiencies even if you’re skinny.

The problem isn’t exercise and it's not your fat… it’s nutritional deficiencies and POISON!


Lisa Of Shades
27 September 2013

See the YouTube video by SciShow. Hank tells us some of the surprising things that could be causing or contributing to the obesity epidemic:


Lisa Of Shades
21 March 2014

Sugar makes you fat, not fat. And hormones too!

I discovered that xenoestrogens make the menstruation process much worse by mimicking the female hormones, and I stopped having PMS when I avoided soy and other chemicals. As I read more about soy, I discovered that the Americans eat much more than Asia, and not in its healthy fermented form that get rid of toxins.

It’s used as filler so much that it’s like taking many contraceptive pills a day. The pill works by tricking the female body into thinking that they’re already pregnant, to avoid ending up with more fertilizations and more babies than a human body can hold, the ovum aren’t produced anymore.

But the hormones also tell the body to do other things: store a lot of fat to the gut to feed and protect the baby, to grow bigger breasts for lactation. So weight gain is a side effect of taking the pill… obviously taking 5 a day from soy cheap fillers is going to have even more of an effect.

Males and females actually start as the same in the womb; it’s hormones that give them their distinct sexual characteristics and specialized body parts. The ovaries fall out as testicles, male nipples grow into female breasts, the female clitoris becomes longer into a penis for internal transfer of genes… but we’re basically the same.

THAT’S why men are starting to look pregnant, grow boobs, and are unable to produce sperm! The food supply with cheap soy and even cheaper and deadlier toxins are turning them into pregnant women!!! And making it impossible for the women to become pregnant for making them believe 5 time harder than the pill that they already are!

To that problem, add a huge amount of sugar that insulin will have to send right into body fat, toxins that can only be sealed in fat, and a ravenous appetite desperately seeking nutrients in empty processed foods… and it’s more than natural to become obese, it’s VITAL!

People aren’t sick from their fat, they’re NOT DEAD THANKS TO THEIR FAT! They get sick from nutritional deficiencies, more sugar in a day than the body can handle in a year, and toxins that were never meant to be eaten and can’t possibly be turned into a life form!!!

Now telling those poisonned people that it’s because they don’t exercise hard enough is absurd! They are in no condition to walk, even less run a daily marathon! But they should run for their lives away from convenience and junk food… towards REAL food!!! Then their body will be able to function, detox all the poison trapped in fat, be happy, and run marathons if they feel like they have more energy than they know what to do with… and with natural nutrient rich food, it tends to happen.

Hormones are so powerful that it also influences the brain and skills that were particular for a male started to emerge after being given hormones during a female to male sex change, even losing the female specialty to recognize facial emotions, useful to understand and care for children while the male hunt and protect them.

We have two sexes to create hybrids that are more unique, to make it harder on parasites to adapt to us and exterminate our whole race, the way the first seedless banana crop did. The body is a wonder, and fat is there for a reason.

The desire of the medical industry to destroy the gene that allows us to make fat would send us to extinction. They store fat soluble vitamins, we’d starve, it’s already hard enough getting the vitamin B complex and C everyday and their deficiency are connected with probably all diseases, for those vitamins can help heal everything. Fat stores toxins, so without it we’d get cancer faster than we can grow tumors to protect us, so fast our internal organs would melt from all the toxins added to the foods.

Fat is your friend, it's saving your life. The reason WHY you need to be fat to survive... THAT's the real problem.

Stay away from the Twinkies! Muffins are cakes. Cereals are dried shredded cakes! IT'S ALL THE SAME! Brown is slightly less bad than white... but it's still BAD! It's cardboard, sugar laded painted and drugged to trick your taste buds and brain...

Eat what you need, not what you want... and you'll end up able to taste what real flavors is really like... Natural sugars are richer than just a plain sugary taste... And a calorie with sugar alone is going to have a completely different effect than a calorie full of vitamins and minerals.

Because if it was true that we only need calories to life, then we'd all just eat a bag of sugar with a spoon. And if you read the ingredients, you actually do. And it might be even healthier to eat it straight from the bag, without the dies and cancerous food additives...

So, yes, the standard diet that's considered healthy... is killing you. And the only way you can stop it... is to STOP EATING IT!

Run for your life... away from that shit. But actually... eating organic shit would probably be an improvement. That's how bad the official diet is. All about profits, about fattening cows as fast as possible with growth hormones, even if it means to sell an unhealthy meat... And then those drugs pass onto you... and mess you up until you become a fat dead cow too. But you'll be so full of chemicals that even the worms won’t want to eat you. And you should give your hard earned money to someone who want to feed you such garbage.

Enjoy life forms, vegetables, fresh meat and fruits, in their natural form~ And maybe your ass will stop looking like a muffin. If it doesn't, at least it will be a healthy fat full of vitamins instead of being full of poison.

Enjoy fresh, not rancid friend fats, they're good for you. Your cell membranes and most of your brain is made of fat. Better is better than vegetable oil loaded with toxins to mimic butter… Vegetables are good for the vitamin C and fiber, their fat is too fragile to be heated. That’s why people end up with cancer under the sun… that and toxic sunscreen that cooks inside the skin and mutates your cells even more. Sun is good for you. Vitamin D is good for you. Man made SunnyD drinks and cola… hell no!

Fat stores toxins. It’s said that diet coke make people even fatter because the sweet taste make people crave more carbohydrates… but eating more of the right ones, the vegetables, would be a good thing. The reason why you get fatter is because artificial sweeteners were never meant to be eaten, they’re an industrial product… something that doesn’t belong in your body just like floor varnish and solvent…

That’s why you get even fatter than with sugar… because it’s pure poison and you can’t use it at all. You’re not obese because you’re fat… you’re a balloon full of poison! You’re not sick because the number on the scale is too high, if it was muscle you’d be fine. You’re sick because you’re being starved with fake food and poisoned by it.

Keep reminding yourself this the next time you crave it… the next time you think that synthetic chemicals is better than eating the real thing because it stimulate your tongue and brain much more, until your brain cells literally burn out and die from the over stimulation… It’s called an excitotoxin… aspartame is one, and MSG might have been from a real food at first, but just like cocaine it’s not natural anymore… and you can’t survive on drugs alone… no matter how much your pleasure center of the brain seem to reward you… Your true reward is chronic disease, self loathing and at best: death!

But don't despair... if you eat life, the outcome will change. Because different causes create different consequences.

And different types of food affect your body differently.

It's not calories that counts, it's nutrition!

And being free from poisons. The food may be cheap, but you should value your life and have more respect for yourself.. because if you don't... no one will... and no one will save you, certainly not drugs... at best they only prolong the agony and the inevitable... but they just add to the toxic load AND THAT'S THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

Stop eating lies!!! Get the real deal!

Enjoy different, be different, feel different~

Lisa Of Shades
2 December 2014

I wrote this in the page Symptoms of depression to debunk the absurdity of using antidepressants:

Nourish yourself better, treat yourself better, live better, and you’ll feel better with a better life. Side effects? Pooping and loosing weight. Because if your body is no longer under massive attacks, you won’t need a thick body armor anymore!

Lisa Of Shades
2 December 2014
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