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Health ~ Weight ~ Aim for health

Path of greensWhy loose when you could win. Instead to try to loose weight, try to gain health.

Read The purpose of fat in the nutrition section. It's there to protect you... to seal POISONS. Get rid of the junk, it's so dangerous that you can't use nor even get rid of it! If you know better you won't think that it's lovable anymore and won't feel deprived.

You need vitamins and minerals to function and heal, also fiber to get rid of toxins. Sugary refined junk are unbalanced, they mess up then crash your body and mind.

Commercial products are loaded with chemicals flavors and coloring to trick your brain; they damage it in the process. When fat isn't enough, toxins get sealed into tumors!

Read about Cancer cures. Nutrition is that powerful and vital. Don't let company fool, exploit and destroy your life with chemical toxins disguised as food!

If you feed with real living foods, you'll feel fulfilled, because your complex needs will be.

Make your own meals. Ideas in my page: Recipes for happiness

Trying to lose weight and only thinking about calories is a big mistake. Especially since being overweight can be a symptom that your body's health is suffering. So denying yourself proper nourishment will only make it worst. Your thyroid will shut down your metabolism even more, to adjust to the fewer resources. You'll store fat to insulate yourself to save energy and have reserves to face the famine.

Muscles and water is heavier than fat, an athletic body is heavier. Losing bone mass and being dehydrated to be lighter is absurd, dangerous and disease can't possibly be beauty. If you have wider bones you'll need a bigger size and fat has nothing to do with it. Breasts are made of fat, you can't be super skinny with big breasts, you'll loose them. Don't destroy your health aiming for an ideal of beauty that is imbalanced and artificial.

Dieting is futile because your body is the result of your whole way of life, you can't get away from malnutrition, lack of proper vitamins and minerals, and stored poisons by denying yourself even more food... for a week. You actually need to eat more, because what you put in your mouth wasn't food to begin with! Otherwise your body would have used it for healing or fuel! But you need the vitamin B complex to be able to turn protein, carbs and fat into energy. It's processed out so you end up with sand. Ban even whole grains. If you want fiber, vegetables are properly balanced with water; they have vitamins and minerals too!

It's sugar and toxins that makes you fat, not fat. What’s bad about fried foods is that it ends up black and dead, your cells and brain are made of it, fat is vital. But to prolong your life, as your cells die and renew themselves with new materials, you can't use dead decaying matter, or chemicals that weren't alive to begin with.

Feed on life if you want to live and be happy to be alive.

It's nutrition that counts, not calories.

If you think that only the scale matters, you end up believing that it's okay to basically eat sugar with a spoon, as long as you don't get above the limit of calories. The milk shakes for dieting are raw sugar and chemicals! The exact opposite of what you need: fiber, vitamins and minerals. Sugar is like feeding your body crushed glass, even worst than sand which has needed trace minerals! Refined white powder, just like cocaine, isn't needed and therefore harmful to your body and mind, no exceptions. Feeding on dead fried foods instead of life can't possibly maintain your own as well.

To only focus on weight regardless of the path make you think that you can eat garbage as much as you want as long as you let yourself starve once in a while, or run a marathon. You can't outrun toxins. You can't turn them into muscles either!

Starvation and extreme exercise is slavery. That's awful to treat yourself so cruelly for many reasons. Don't damage your vital organs. Exhaustion cause gain weight in the first place. You can't use your storages of fuel if your adrenal glands are exhausted from stress and from not having enough vitamin C to handle their hundreds of functions! Read more about my Adrenal Fatigue ~ Gift of Knowledge.

Nothing can compensate for poisons.
But water, fiber and antioxidants like vitamin C can be a great help. If you want to loose weight, fix the cause of its purpose.

You need vitamins and minerals to function. To learn more about this, see this page in the nutrition section:

Vitamins & minerals

Being over fed isn't the same thing as being over nourished. You can be over fed and undernourished, if you rely on empty junk. Vitamins and minerals can help you become well nourished so you'll be content with being well fed.

Being over nourished can help you heal and gives you a real boost of healthy energy... of health.

Because being under nourished cause diseases. Scurvy (lack of C), pellagra (niacin B3) and beriberi (B1) cause both physical and mental distress; they are recognized by the orthodox medical profession. Forgetting or not seeing the link about other diseases won't change the fact that they are caused by lack of proper nutrition.

Every 7 years it's a whole new you. Make sure you build your body with things that are bearable to live in... Because no exercises will be able to make up for poisons. It's even more important if your body is growing too! You need specific nutrients to even be able to use energy, fats and build muscles. Your hormones and neurotransmitters are messages made of fluids, you need materials to make them; such as magnesium for the brain.

It's what's inside that matters: your vital organs!

There are far more important concerns inside your body than your outside look; which reflects your deepest health. So it's more effective to start there instead.

It's not the destination that matters... every destination in life leads to death...

Rainbow dietWhat's important is the journey.

Don't make yourself sicker for appearances.

There are so many colors to discover.

Not in make up to cover things up but in your food!

You'll feel colorful inside out!

Read What is Rainbow diet? at kish. (Photo)

Aim for health. The weight will become healthy naturally.

Read more information about the dangers and misinformed motivations of unhealthy extremes in my pages: Anorexia & Bulimia and Obesity.


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Lisa Of Shades
8 August 2013
Edited: 27, 29 August, 18 October 2013

What Weight Watchers Can Learn From Bodybuilders.

Interesting article at trimupfitness:

"Most weightloss by women also includes muscle and bone loss. (...) [Bodybuilders would never drink Slimfast] they know that drinking products high in sugar and low in protein is a killer in a weightloss program. (...) "low carb, high protein" diet has been advocated for decades by bodybuilders. (...)

"Eating Clean" is a term well known in the bodybuilding world that means you are only eating whole foods and no processed food. It may seem bland at first, until your taste buds adjust to the flavor of real food and you lose the taste for artificial flavoring and high fat and sugar additives. Bodybuilders also know that they can not build muscle without enough nutrients and calories in their diet. (...) I really hate the phrase "everything in moderation" because I see it as an excuse to not fully committing to better eating habits. Even if you don't need to lose weight, regularly indulging in bad-for-your-health, processed, high fat (dead rancid fats) and high sugar foods (junkie poisons) is risky business, even if it is the "American way". (Then it's a stupid way, don't be stupid.)

Broccoli has carbs... Like the reply at forum.bodybuilding says based on the site lowcarbdiets:

"The carbs in broccoli are mostly undigestible fiber (half of them soluble and half insoluble), but there is a very small amount of digestible carbs.

There are so few digestible carbs that, while a baked potato has a glycemic index of something like 85, broccoli is at about 15. It takes at least half a cup of broccoli to have any measurable increase in blood sugar.

The digestible grams in various broccoli florets will of course all vary slightly, but it's definitely closer to 1g per 100g of broccoli than 7g. I would estimate it at 1g to 2g of net carbs per 100g."

If you want fiber, eat greens. If you want calcium, do like cows, eat greens. And by green I mean almost everything that grows on something green, so it includes carrots. Greens have many elements to maintain your life; your body has complex organic structures, functions and reactions...

You can't possibly think that a freaking Twinkie is the same and okay as long as you don't over eat calories... It’s best to eat too much if that's what it takes to get the nutrients that you need to survive, and your body will force you to do so mindlessly, so make sure that you have real food around... or you'll just poison yourself.

There's not much difference between a cake, a muffin and bread... You need a B complex to be even able to use energy and it's be processed out of the grains, as if they weren't hard enough to digest and even destroying the gut already... especially since they genetically modified them to do it to bugs, but it also does it to us even though it takes longer. Soy too. Meat is good and greens enhance its flavor, and vice versa, but vice free!

If you manage to be obese on celery and carrots, good for you, you'll be healthier than a gaunt looking person. Don't inject fat and collagen in your face. Put almonds and greens into your mouth. Beauty is health. What's the point if you end up in a coffin... but there are pains way worst than death. Eating broccoli isn't one of them~ Yum!


Lisa Of Shades
21 November 2013

Still feel like eating some junk food?

McDonald's Tells Workers: Eat Less and Sell Your Christmas Presents
(and other possessions... like what, the furniture?...) at ibtimes.

The workers are paid "$7.75 (£4.80) an hour in the US" (In 2013, wtf) they are starving, and McDonald tells them to just eat less... and other horrible coping mechanism, like going to church (oh yeah say your prayers if you go there) in the video McResources (YouTube) a parody of their web site, they should have used the money to pay the worker more instead to put such a shameful site online. They even told employees to get food stamps... better eat nothing than the cardboard and boot soles they sell...

Hm, here's some wisdom, don't eat there at all, and make your own food by buying in bulk, you'll save tons of money!

McDonald put on their web site helpful caring advices like "Stop complaining, it raises your stress level" and "Sing to relieve stress" that's just plain sadistic... I recommend the throat punch, way more therapeutic.

I worked there... for a year and half... the stressful inhuman pace was hard enough, but the psychological violence was even beyond... what I can express... It's an industry of misery and death, they exploit their employees, and they exploit you and your children's health, don't encourage them. No it's not convenient and tasty, that's the chemicals tricking your brain.

Make a statement and change the world today! BOYCOT FAST FOOD!


Lisa Of Shades
21 November 2013

Forget the scale, balance nutrition!

More: Health ~ Nutrition ~ Purpose of fat
Lisa Of Shades
17 April 2014

You hear all over the place that being fat makes you unhealthy, and being slim makes you healthy. But it’s the wrong way to look at it.

Eating healthy happens to make you slim. Eating junk food happens to make you fat.

But if you drink diet cola, coffee, smoke and take appetite suppressants instead to EAT... Even if you end up slim, you WON’T be healthy.

And if you manage to become obese by eating celery and other vegetables, fresh unprocessed meat and avoiding toxic chemicals... your fat will be very healthy. It will be healthier than someone with no reserves to face crisis, such as diseases or being stranded without food.

So eating healthy makes you healthy… and loose weight.

Eating unhealthy makes you unhealthy... and toxins gets stored in fat... and you constantly starve for real nutrients.

But blindly trying to loose weight with dangerous and drastic methods, like anorexia, poisonous fake sugars (that makes you even fatter in the long run) or drugs… you’d be better off fat.

Eat healthy, accept yourself. Some diseases will make you fat, for your own protection. A polar bear will be fatter to resist the cold winter and survive in a period when food is rare. So denying yourself proper meals will make you fatter.

Grains, even whole grains, are too refined, spike your blood sugar, trigger insulin, gets stored in fat, then it’s hard to get out. Trust vegetables instead as a staple food. They're tastier than cardboard.

Unlike grains, you can eat vegetables straight from the garden, fruits too. That's a good clue that something is good for you. (You can also eat meat straight from the animal… no need to be into gore to enjoy eggs. But for the flesh, have the mercy to give him a swift death first, after a healthy agreeable life. Please and thank you~)


Lisa Of Shades
8 June 2014

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