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Health ~ Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism ~ Metabolism speed

Thyroid The thyroid controls the metabolism speed according to your needs and the nutrition that you provide it.

For this it needs iodine. Unfortunately the one added to salt is a dead chemical accompanied with bleach and cianide. Sending toxins to your thyroid might end up building up into a tumor and cause you cancer.

What you need is the living iodine found in life, like sea weed. I take supplements of kelp since I don't always fancy the taste. It was much more effective and complete than thyroid medication; which causes severe side effects and doesn't fill all the complex process that your thyroid does if you feed it properly.

Read STOP THE THYROID MADNESS™! at stopthethyroidmadness (STTM). Here's their list of low thyroid symptoms.

Medication is never an answer, here are the side effects of synthroid at drugs, one of the T4-only thyroid meds. I really love side effects like "troubled breathing" and "seizures", they really inspire me trust... that nothing would be better and to try something else.

My doctor and pharmacist told me that there's no side effects and that I can stop anytime, ignorant lies. I got a paper with the prescription that stated that if I have a problem with my adrenal glands, that the medicine is contraindicated because it will make the adrenal glands more exhausted and sicker, by forcing them to go faster when they need to rest. But the atrocity doesn't end there:

STTM says that "low cortisol (an obvious sign of adrenal insufficiency) is common with hypothyroid patient"... also "As years go by without a diagnosis, the adrenals can take the hit trying to keep you afloat" but worst "stress-busting adrenals may be kicking in big time with cortisol and adrenaline to keep you going on an inadequate treatment".

Here's what it means:
  • The cause of low thyroid is exhausted adrenal glands, suffering from too high stress demands and not enough nourishment to handle it. The body enter a catabolic state (Dictionary: destructive metabolism; the breaking down in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones, with the release of energy) eating itself; and the thyroid slows you down to survive as long as possible on self cannibalism.
  • Thyroid medication only provides T4 when the body needs T1, T2, T3, T4 and calcitonin, all working synergistically and harmoniously... So people are still sick on it. It's useless because it doesn't fix the underlying cause and forces your body to speed up without the proper nourishment to speed up the metabolism.
  • Thyroid medication will worsen and cause adrenal insufficiency, even on healthy glands, if you are among the few who only have thyroid problems.
  • Take care of the adrenals and the thyroid will follow naturally.
STMM proposes to take desiccated thyroid, to eat the thyroid of animals with everything the thyroid has to offer and needs, but it's still the same approach: trying to force the body to do something that he can't without understanding why.

This is the answer:

Provide the materials and building blocks needed with NUTRITION, so your organs can do their purpose, the way they evolved and adapted to nature!

If your body is slowing down, then maybe you need to. You're just a living being, not a machine, and even them can break when over worked. Try to take it easier, simplify your life and rest.

Society added iodine to salt, but our needs for both is different, so it can cause problems. Also table salt, and so called white sea salt, is refined and full of chemicals. Salt isn't supposed to be acidic.

I take kelp supplements because I don't fancy algae everyday, and as much alkaline GREY Celtic Sea Salt as I crave.

The body is meant to do its functions from nutrition, not chemicals.

There's a huge difference between a dead rock and organic living matter. We're not plants, but even them wouldn't thrive in all those chemicals void of proper minerals and trace elements... But also, our need for salt and iodine aren't the same. If you have Adrenal Fatigue you'll need a whole lot of salt because you can hold on to it. But it will be a time of rest, so boosting your thyroid with too much iodine at the same time can tire you even more!

If you take too much, you'll end up with hyperthyroidism. I think if you try to fight fatigue with coffee and sugar to boost yourself up too. If you truly want energy, rely on a vitamin B complex. I ran left and right in my kitchen the first time I tried one. But go easy on it because I crashed even more tired after. It converts protein, carbs and fats into energy. It's processed out of commercial foods, so don't count on grains for it, they destroy the gut. Any white powder is just as unbalanced, wrecking and addictive as cocaine, and the companies know it!

When you end up with hypothyroidism, it can be simply because you're not feeding its needs. But the thyroid can slow down to protect you!!! I you over work yourself to death and refuse to rest; your body will shut down your metabolism speed to do it anyway. Not to sabotage you or for being defective; but to prolong and save your life as much as possible. To save you, from yourself.

If you try to force the thyroid by bypassing it with drugs, when the adrenal glands most likely ask it to slow down so they could rest; you'll deepen the exhaustion towards agony and death even further, and atrophy your glands even more; like corticosteroids does to the adrenal glands. I almost died from a simple cream that put me in accute adrenal crisis, dumb chemical worshippers.

The endocrine system works together. If you don't have enough energy to walk or breathe, your gonads will stop the sex drive. The least vital functions will shut down, then the vital ones too, until you die.

If the thyroid continues to run the body at optimal of above maximum speed, you'll degenerate faster with exhaustion and starvation from lack of proper nutrition. But if it slows everything down, the needs will lower, and it will prolong your life.

When your speed is low, you feel lousy and cold because energy is preserved for where you need it the most. To be able to heat up the vital organs in your center, the extremities will be scarified and you'll be cold. You won't be able to handle getting even colder for you’re already too cold since you don’t have what you need to make proper energy. Heat by comparison will seem hotter, the sudden change will be harder to handle, because you have to adapt to a wider difference than others.

Eating usable REAL organic foods (not chemical products) in sufficient amount and more often will raise your metabolism.

When you're metabolism is higher, you feel better. But the issue is more complex than just boosting it with drugs! If you take speed without eating, you'll crash into Hypoglycemia much faster and with harder symptoms; your body will have to devour himself to survive, even your vital organs, to comply with the speed that he cannot handle, but that you are forcing on him.

Respect yourself and your body. If you provide your needs your limit will improve. If you try to force your limit higher with no regards for your needs, the deficiencies and exhaustion will pile up in even more agony, disease and distress. Look broader at the beautiful big picture, life is complex.

Bring back harmony to your life by balancing nourishing, acting and resting.

So it might not feel as good or be as gratifying by the people wishing to exploit you, but it's better for you to slow down. Don't be a willing misinformed slave.

Take the time to enjoy life and bring back balance into your life.

If you need to rest, rest. It's better to look lazy in the eyes of ignorant than to be dead. (Why can't I put "ignorant" plural in English, there's so many of them...)

If you try to force it, with drugs or others, you could end up with too much.

Don't try to control something that you don't understand, humbly ask yourself and your body the purpose instead to just assume that it's defective. What need is amiss? Did you over do it? Even machine can burn out, but life forms are even more complex.

So provide living usable matter and building blocks, free of toxins, to your whole body; and he'll gladly adjust everything the optimal way. Until then, trust that deep down, at least your body knows what its doing wisely. Make it your ally and believe his messages over any ads or external demands and you'll feel more balanced and in harmony.


Lisa Of Shades
20 October 2013
Edited to add more STTM 29 November 2013
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