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Book: Adrenal fatigue, the 21st century stress syndromeDr Wilson's book "Adrenal fatigue, the 21st century stress syndrome" (eBay) saved my life, in every possible ways. This is the most precious knowledge that I’ve ever had the chance to learn in my whole gifted life! It's well written and entertaining too! It's important even if you don't suffer from it; because you always win when you learn how to take care of your needs, respect yourself and your limit.

Wish list:

Curing the Incurable, Vitamin C, infectious diseases, and toxins.
By Dr. Levy's website is at peakenergy.

Owen made a wonderful description of the book at owen.curezone:

"Did this information ever become common knowledge? Of course not! Alas, we live in a culture where all the money is to be made at the wrong end of the pipeline.: by treating the symptoms of horrific diseases with expensive and unnecessary surgery, lethal radiation, poisonous chemotherapy, and dangerous prescription drugs...instead of preventing the illnesses from occurring in the first place. There's no money to be made in prevention! You can't patent vitamin C. So that's why its superb record as a healing substance has been known only to a few alternative doctors and academics."

He states, as I read myself from various sources, that: the root of the problem, for human beings, is that we are one of only 4 species in a million with bodies unable to make any vitamin C whatsoever... We're dramatically not eating enough compared to what all the other creatures are making to function optimally and stay healthy.

Read more of such valuable information in Owen's wonderful summary.

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16 March 2014
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