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I bought myself a mini food processor. The Cuisinart smart stick. There's a chopper grinded attachment. It's more powerful than the Starfrit chopper that I had to turn by hand. Maybe you can mash it like potatoes. I got a sudden inspiration: making my own spaghetti sauce. I don't tolerate tomatoes well, so I got inspired by the creamy Alfredo style:

Boil vegetables in a little water (preferably chicken broth), enough to allow some evaporation and avoid burning the pot, maybe an inch. You can add more water as long as you can drink it all to get the nutrients, less water will make the taste more concentrate.

  • Yellow squash (a big one; it gives the best taste)
  • Mushrooms
  • Broccoli (tops but it's a wonderful way to eat the feet too)
  • Carrot
  • Celery
  • Green onion
  • Red bell pepper (I froze mine in slices and add 2 slices)
Once it's boiled, drain in a colander, SAVE THE WATER back in the pot.

Mix everything in the chopper grinder:
  • Bio plain yogurt with probiotics (couple of spoons). It's so tasty that I stopped adding a slice of old cheese. Better cold to avoid killing the friendly bacteria too much.
  • A tea spoon of Grey Celtic Sea Salt (not bleached chemical junk)
  • Add vegetables a little at the time to avoid breaking the Smart Stick, unless you have something powerful. Empty the bowl and refill; you can mix the different batches with a spoon after.
  • Half or a full avocado. Optional. There's a lot of potassium in it, so feel free to add more salt to taste, to balance it. It's better cold.
You can add the sauce to 100% sweet potato noodles (I get mine in china town) but it's so delicious that I ended up eating it like baby food. Health experts say to juice vegetables to be able to get more vitamins, but I could eat huge amounts of this creamy delight; which provides juicy fibers to help me detox. You can add slices of chicken, fish or eggs on top of the spaghetti if you wish, or save it for the soup. Red meat wouldn't be too fantastic with creamy Alfredo, it's best digested with an acid like tomatoes. My favorite is chicken.

The soup to get the vitamins that escaped in the broth:
  • The soup to get the vitamins that escaped to the broth: You can add chicken, eggs are nice (sometimes I only put the white and save the raw yolk to put on my noodles, it's best to save nutrients and deactivate bad stuff that hinder absorption, but for this recipe I used hard boiled eggs once and it was nice). Salmon if you can afford it. I make sure to put it in my budget once in a while.
  • A sliced mushroom
  • Some piece of green onions
  • A tea spoon of Grey Celtic Sea Salt
  • Optional: Parsley (I froze a batch because I kept loosing it)
With a salad:
  • Red leaf lettuce
  • Slices of green apples
  • Slice of cucumber
  • Optional: grated carrots, avocado, parsley, apple cider vinegar and olive oil but I love my green apples so much that I gave up the sugary dressing completely without the need for substitutes.
Enjoy the pure luxurious heaven~

Lisa Of Shades
28 September 2013
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