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Save money by baking a whole chicken. Save your health by using the conventional oven!

The basic ingredients & tools

Chicken meat, dead and ready to cookGinger root grated1 Tablespoon of real salt ~ Coarse Grey Celtic Sea Salt ~ Selina Naturally ~ alkaline with nutritive trace minerals
Roaster oval ~ black and white dots ~ pot oven ~ porcelain covered pot ~ enamelware liddedOven door white ~ 375 degree FahrenheitOld watch ~ one hour

The options to add flavor

CranberriesDill ~ herbTap water

Ingredients with more details

  • Whole chicken
  • Grated ginger (1 inch ball or more). I grate the roots without peeling them to avoid wasting food and energy. I freeze batches in advance in thin bags.
  • Grated turmeric for its curcuma (2 cm ball, 1 inch or more) I take mine in china town. I now put a lot more than ginger because the spice tastes so epic.
  • 1 big table spoon of Grey Celtic sea salt
  • Fresh cranberries or dill (optional)
  • Sometimes I add a little water to steam the flavor through the chicken, but it can work with the beast's own juices. But if it feels too dry, you can add extra moisture and lower the cooking time, for the next chicken of the same size.
I use an oval pot, it's black with white dots, with a precious lid to steam the chicken in its own juices. I noticed that I had to choose between a juicy chicken and gooey skin (I add it to my chicken broth) or cripy crunchy skin but with a dry meat. Since there's so little skin, I'd rather enjoy the big chicken more.
  • Pre-heat the oven at 375° or so
  • Make a bed of cranberries (or carrots, squash, green onions are good with anything, etc. I put the dill on top but you can use it under too. You can put parsley on top as well.) I like to keep it simple to make soup easier to keep. But I boiled my batch 1-2 times before adding the cleaned boned to my older batches. Vegetables can ferment and be kept in salted water a long time anyway.
  • Put the chicken in the pot. I use a black porcelain covered pots with the white polka dots, old style. I'm not sure how to call them. Enamelware lidded oval pot. Roaster. Graniteware...
  • Cover the chicken with salt (Be generous it will end up in the broth later)
  • Put the frozen grated ginger and curcuma in a little water until you can put it all over your chicken.
  • Put the lid on
  • Bake for about 1h. You can verify after 45 minutes if it's cooked inside if the chicken only had the breasts. But it might take longer if the big chicken was still frozen.

    I want it juicy so I never leave it until the skin is crunchy. You can remove the lid and cook it at the end, but that will make the white too dry. I peel the skin off and cook them later in a glass plate until they get perfectly crunchy. That method might not look as good when taken out of the oven, but it tastes better when coming into your mouth. Or maybe you can figure out the technique to have a chicken crunchy dry outside but super juicy inside. But I don't think we can have both extremes at once so I chose to do two steps.
You can really add anything you want, but this is the way I love it. The magical ingredient is the salt, ginger and especially the curcuma.

I removed all the skin and fat before cooking once. It was less trouble to find the meat but it was dryer.

You can strip the meat all at once to make the broth with the bones, but I usually have soup from the previous chicken so I take small pieces as I make my meals.


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3 October 2013
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