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Healing vegetable soup for a happy body & mind

It can heal anything because it addresses deficiencies, making you stronger to cope with physical and emotional stresses. It avoids allergens and toxins while helping you heal and detoxify. It stabilizes your blood sugar and therefore your mood and energy levels.

It's so healthy that it can cure anything! Even exhaustion, diabetes and depression.

I made this recipe when I was very poor. I thought that it was best to have a little food that is highly nutritive, than more of cheap worthless foods.

The recipe evolved over the years, you can modify it with more vegetables. I like to add Chinese leafy greens.

The basic ingredients

Broccoli - like a mini treeCarrotsCelerySummer squash green yellow
MushroomsGreen onions - scallionsGinger root grated
1 Teaspoon of real salt ~ Coarse Grey Celtic Sea Salt ~ Selina Naturally ~ alkaline with nutritive trace mineralsChicken meat, dead and ready to cookSweet potato vermicelli ~ Yam noodles ~ gluten free ~ no grainsTap water

Complementary recipes
  • Oven baked chicken

    I rarely add ginger and turmeric in the soup since I put so much to flavor the meat.
  • Chicken bone broth

    To get the gelatin, the flexible collagen built with vitamin C, and minerals from the bones. I keep boiling them with my new batch of bones until they completely dissolve.
  • Salad ideas

    I always eat one to complement my meals. Salads increase satiety and ease bowel problems. Raw vegetables and fruits provide raw enzymes to digest and be part of your immune system. It's best to use fresh living cells to renew your cells.

It's as simple as cutting vetegables into pieces that can fit in your mouth and boiling it until it looks edible.

I put hard vegetables like carrots, broccoli feet and celery in my boiling water first so they have extra time to cook while I cut the fragile leafy greens. If they turn brighter green, they're done. If they turn brown you rot them and they will taste awful.

I grate and freeze big batches of ginger and turmeric in thin layers in plastic bags.

Ingredients with more details
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Squash. I usually use the green summer squash because it keeps longer, but the yellow one is fantastic too. Or butternut winter squash, it has a beautiful orange color but I prefer it as a puree.
  • Mushrooms
  • Green onions
  • Grated ginger. I grate the roots without peeling them to avoid wasting food and energy. I freeze batches in advance in thin bags.
  • Turmeric's curcumin (plant curcuma longa)
  • Grey Celtic Sea Salt: 1-2 teaspoon per meal and more if you need it or if you make a big batch. A percentage of real salts are trace minerals so it won't be as salty as table salt that has a bleach smell. (coarse is cheaper, alkaline with nutritive grey trace minerals. This is the brand Selina Naturally. Himalayan pink salt is fine too. As long as it's real salt and not bleached white, with toxic anticaking agents like ferrocyanide and even sugar!)
    10 benefits of Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt
    at draxe.
  • Meat: chicken, preferably bio and farm raised so it will have a nice life and quick death, without using arsenic to irritate the flesh into a false healthy pink. Or fish or eggs (if you're not allergic). Red is too hard to digest for this healing recipe, pork has too much toxins. Use grass fed animals if you can afford it.
  • Sweet potatoes vermicelli (yam noodles) optional. None if you need to rest and heal or only a pinch for extra energy. Make sure that you have more vegetables than noodles. I buy the Ontrue brand from china town. The texture is like gummy candy (but without the toxic sugar and dyes) instead of cardboard grains. Don't trust them even without gluten; removing the only nutritional element left from the processing won't make them safer.
  • Water, tap is fine (unless you have fluoride... then demand that they stop poisoning your water with the aluminum industry's toxic waste "for your own good"). Plastic bottles leach chemicals, pollute and are tap water anyway. Brita filters turn water too acidic. Reverse osmosis take the vital minerals away. The best is chicken broth, or other boiled bones. Tap turned into a super nutritious food.
  • Optional: Yellow and/or green haricots, fresh in their juicy shell. Or sugar snap peas but they're better in a salad to keep the crunch. You can also add peas or some bell pepper too. Romano cheese as well.
Cut everything in small enough pieces to fit in your mouth. Soften at medium heat until the green vegetables become more colorful. If they turn brown, you over killed them and they won't taste very good.

I used to cook all vegetables with steam separately since carrots take longer to become soft, and sometimes I boil those and the feet of broccoli first while I cut the rest. But I often just throw it all in and live with the mix result.

Sugar snap peas are best raw. Align one with the side of your teeth with its side up and down, and slowly chew down with your mouth open, trying to make as much noise as possible. It's bliss. Probably impolite though.

It's important to have raw foods to benefit from the enzymes. Otherwise you don't have them to help you digest and absorb your food, and it might end up looking like a foreign invader and trigger reactions; 51% raw foods prevents this. Using a microwave to warm food up is a destructive mutated disaster, it exhausts the body and succeeding to build himself with those dead deformed molecules is dreadful. Ban microwaves, like whole countries did, for a good reason. I had such a boost of energy from that alone… it was amazing! Read Microwave cooking is killing people.

Raw salad:
  • Red leaf lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • Green apples
  • Sugar snap peas, raisins, lime and/or grapefruit, etc...
Break the lettuce with your hands, and cut pieces of the rest. You can do a vegetable version with grated carrots, sugar snap peas, parsley, peppers, parsley and/or spinach (or use them in the stew). Or you can add more fruits like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and/or grapefruit pieces.

With this delight you won't even miss the salad dressing. The sugar cause mood swings, from diabetes to its hypoglycemic crash, and soy is a Xenoestrogen (wiki) that messes with your hormones. It can worsen PMS in women and cause impotence in men. Not worth the pain. You can make your own dressing with bio products: olive oil that was cold pressed to preserve its nutritional value, and apple cider vinegar with "mother". Garlic clarify the blood and can worsen anemia, so I save it for special occasions only.

To prepare the meat:

I cook it on the side, with a cover to steam in its own juices. Or use heat resistant fat like butter or coconut, but I'd avoid the taste of coconut unless it's for noodles. Meat can be thrown in directly, like in the case of eggs or fish. I make sure the chicken is cooked thoroughly.

To cook a chicken:

The most delicious way is in the oven: Oven baked chicken.

But it can be sliced, even half-unfrozen, it's actually easier this way. Slives are great in a pan with a lid to steam the chicken in its own juices; then I add vegetables and sweet potato noodles. But a soup makes vitamins so much easier to absorb and hydrates you.

Meat can even thrown in water and boil them. Avoid frying. While cold preserves, heat kills. You need living building blocks to replace your used up ones. It's true about vegetables but also with meat.

To heal, eat the soup 2-3 times per day, or more; for at least 3 days.

Everything stays in your blood for minimum that long. But to clean the toxins that fat sealed in to protect you it will take longer. (Read my Purpose of fat)

Don't trust any companies to make your life easier for you. They even use arsenic to fool your senses. Read 10 American Foods That Are Banned in Other Countries at mercola. Or 13 banned foods still allowed in the US at shape if the site doesn't bugs for you.

The time and energy that you'll put into making your own meals from scratch brings rewards in health, looks, mood, self esteem and the energy will come back to you a hundredfold! I had to put my head against the refrigerator to be able to stand up; it took me hours to cut a few vegetables. But thanks to that I can walk and breathe easily now. Give yourself a chance instead of excuses.

Supplements help greatly too, their positive effects are limited by the amount; but also by what you put in your mouth and on your skin: it's either death or life itself. Make sure it makes you feel good instead to only look good. It's what's inside that counts: healthy vital organs!

Clean up your thoughts and the things and people that surrounds you too~

Everything matters. Watch the movies: Sugar the bitter truth, Food Matters, Hungry for change, Fork over knives & Fat sick and nearly dead.

Take the time to chew well for better digestion and absorption.

Learn to love! Want what your body needs.

And of course... Enjoy~

Lisa Of Shades
3 October 2013
Edited: 11 June 2014
Edited with images: 13-14 October 2015
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