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If something doesn't have nutrients, it's not food!

Discover the delicious beauties that renew, heal and improve your quality of life. You'll be happy that it's prolonged. Feed on life!

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When you choose health, you have way more things to eat than useless processed sugar, grains and soy; masquerading under many toxic disguises!

It's not calories that counts, it's nutrition!

If you feel the need to over eat, then you're stuffing yourself with worthless junk; you can be obese and still be starving from malnutrition:
  • Cardboard (grains)
  • Plastic foam (added to bread. Subway does it and others)
  • Antifreeze (propylene glycol in fake blueberries)
  • Paint (colorant)
  • Cocaine sand (sugars)
  • Brain damaging toxins that makes you fatter than sugar (fake sugars, mgs)
  • Poison ("preservatives". If it preserved instead to KILL small organisms that'd eat the food before you, the elderly would be drinking it to stay young.)
  • ... and lots of other horrors. (Formaldehyde, methanol, and other solvents used to embalm corpses are actually found in processed products. Not so convenient and sweet now, uh~)

Don't trust corporations to feed you, they put wealth before your health.

Know better. Do better.

If something doesn't have nutrients, it's not food!

You'll stay hungry if you don't give your body the vitamins, minerals, fats, water and even enzymes necessary for health, happiness and survival.

Synthetic products are not only useless but toxic to your body. They get sealed in fat to protect your vital organs and tumors when it's not possible, cancer is a survival mechanism. Always make sure that you have more antioxidants than toxins in your body to tip the balance towards life!

When all you are told to eat is processed package and canned products, you can end up thinking that you can't eat anything, when you decide to clean your life and make health and happiness your priority.

But look at the colorful wonders that you could be missing in life. You have to feed on life forms to prolong your life and renew your cells. So, eat real food, be healthy and you'll be happy to be alive!


Lisa Of Shades
11 June 2014

The secret of health and happiness is foods with nutrients; especially with vitamin C, like greens.

Actually if something doesn't have nutrients... it's not food.

Nutriments: (noun) Any substance or matter that, taken into a living organism, serves to sustain it in its existence, promoting growth, replacing loss, and providing energy.
Anything that nourishes; nourishment; food.

Nutrients: (adjective) Nourishing; providing nourishment or nutriment. Containing or conveying nutriment, as solutions or vessels of the body. (noun) A nutrient substance.

I confuse the two words, especially since the adjective became a noun too. But at least I don't confuse chemical toxins with food anymore. If you want to be healthy: learn not to get fooled by ads propaganda. They're all absolute lies. If someone tries to get money from what they're telling you, expect the truth to be the opposite. I spend money for this site, so I'm a safe bet; even if everyone makes mistakes, even with the best intentions. Especially doctors, everything they do are based on a lie: natural life and chemical toxins don't mix! The cure isn't more of the problem!

When I started to seek what hurt me in my diet, I proceeded by elimination. Getting rid of monsters like preservatives (citric acid and everything you can't pronounce), high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils... Soon I noticed this simple general rule:

If it needs a picture of food so you can know that it's food, it's not food!

Turn away from canned and boxed craps. Their wrapping cause problems on their own! The best way to make sure products will stay preserved a long time is to sell you one that is already dead or never been alive. But you can't sustain your life on death!!!

If you can't imagine what life it came from, if you're not even able to pronounce it, then it's not food; it's an artificial chemical that will suck nutrients out of you and damage you. Avoid this burden. It's poison!

Then you end up shrieking "I can't eat anything!!!" after companies made you believe that there is nothing beyond commercial products. Go look at the images above again.

There is so much more than wheat, corn and soy disguised with paint and chemicals; tricking your brain into thinking that you're eating super ripe vegetables and fruits, when it's just cardboard and sand. They refined them so much that they're exactly like cocaine: unnatural monsters, drugs to addict and poison you. It's in fact way worst than empty calories.

Sugar is exactly the same. It has been used to make easy to break glass in movies. What do you think this crushed glass does to your arteries and brain? It makes your blood sugar unstable, your brain and mood can't possibly be from this.

White flour is the same principle. Fiber is from vegetables because water is important and it keeps your food alive. Don't feed on death, if you do, you'll feel miserable and will be sick. The French word for "bread"... is "pain". I'm not kidding. It probably wasn't on purpose but it's incredibly appropriate. Grains destroy the gut, it's not a Celiac disease and you don't need a diagnosis, it's what they do. Just like an unnaturally high amount of sugar will fry your pancreas: diabetes isn't a disease; it's the proof of the wrongs that you did to your body. Maybe they didn't before we modified them genetically and refined them artificially, but they sure do now!

All white powders are dangerous, even salt which is filled with bleach and cyanide. Real sea salt, like Grey Celtic sea salt, is alkaline and can balance out your acidic wastes into neutral safer substances. But refined and bleached ones, even when from the sea, are acidic and damaging, like waste. White is the real filth.

Companies only care about profit. Only you have the responsibility of your health. There's the word heal in it for a reason. It's not achieved with drug medicines or drug foods; but with the vitamins and minerals that you need to function, or catch up to deficiencies and damage. Stop drugging and start feeding.

Broaden your horizons with the colorful rainbow of happiness that you're missing.

Discover so much more than the crap you're leaving behind. You really don't need to be a vegetarian or vegan to appreciate the best foods available; but here's a web site with pretty pictures of the rainbow of life, to get ideas by discovering new things:

List of fruits and vegetables for amazing energy and health at vegan-nutritionista.

Vegetables make meat taste so much richer.

You need vitamin C to absorb the iron in meat, there isn't much in it; but there is a lot in vegetables... AND protein, and iron too. So it's meat that is actually incomplete!!! Plants won’t hurt you if you eat them raw (if you chew them) to preserve the precious enzymes that help you digest and absorb your food.

Natural green recipes can cure anything, even suicide, because hypoglycemia can make you feel this way since you're actually dying. The fiber of vegetables will keep you full longer but will make you poop your waste faster. It's win-win.

In nature there are 3 basic elements of food: Nutrients like Vitamin C for healing, glucose for fuel and fiber for cleaning. If all you have is refined sugar, you decay and can't excrete your toxins, they get reabsorbed. Toxins end up sealed in fat to protect you, or they're made to gather tight together directly in your organs as tumors. But you don't die from cancer, you die from poisons. You can't even use the carbs, protein and fats without the B complex. So you're just eating useless sand. So you're always hungry, tired and miserable. You won't be by feeding on the life of nature.

They're tasty too!

Everything is relative, if you put chemicals behind you and learn the richness of true flavors, even celery will taste sweet to you. Raw sugar snap peas are amazing!!!

Vegetables make the time of your life worth living

There’s 24h in a day, if you take 3 meals a day and chew them thoroughly, you end up eating for 3h. So if you only want to eat junk that might give you a buzz from the high sugar and artificial flavors for a few minutes, but then creates chronic diseases, fatigue, brain fog, depression, hating your look, lacking self confidence and being suicidal…

Then you might as well eat the things that you hate for 3h and end up feeling awesome, loving life and yourself for being so energetic and healthy. For a long time I repeated to myself “What you want is irrelevant, it made you sick, it hurts you. The only thing that matters is what you need!” After seeing the results of living vegetables, I’m so grateful and in love with them that they’re the only thing I want!

Vegetables are so tasty now; I don’t want to screw up my taste bugs and brain damage myself with chemicals. I can feel their real taste: sand, chemical waste and an insult to my senses; because even if the taste is way too strong, it pales in comparison of the rich complexity of the real flavors.

But it’s a choice, make sure you weren’t trick into thinking that it’s want you want. No one can possibly desire the results of junk; and embracing colorful life forms can’t possibly be harder than the suffering that grains and chemicals cause!!! Make sure that your diet, which is the lifestyle that you choose, makes you feel good most of the time instead of only a few hours or minutes.

Junk is not worth the pleasure if you end up miserable most of the time.

I love every second of my life on greens!

I'm so happy; I'm in fire with more energy than I know what to do with!

Enjoy! Nature-ally~

GAPS diet

Read about the GAPS diet: Gut and psychology syndrome. It's similar to what I did and still do with my healing soup. But they explain in details with many stages. Your brain can’t function adequately when malnourished, tired or poisoned (Food Matters the movie).

For this you need natural nutrition, but also proper gut bacteria to be able to digest and absorb your food. They are an important part of your immune system because they don't allow unhelpful bacteria that (probably belongs in another creature and) would work against you.

Antibiotics therefore make you weaker and sicker. You need natural foods and probiotics. Pro-biology, not anti-biology. Because you are a biological life too, not a chemical thing so they don't belong into you! Ever. There's always a natural way that works way better.

"This connection (between the gut and the mind) has been known by medics for a very long time. The father of modern psychiatry French psychiatrist Phillipe Pinel (1745–1828), after working with mental patients for many years, concluded in 1807: “The primary seat of insanity generally is in the region of the stomach and intestines.” Long before him Hippocrates (460-370 BC), the father of modern medicine has said: “All diseases begin in the gut!” The more we learn with our modern scientific tools, the more we realise just how right they were!"

Medicine is wrong. Forget everything you think you know. What you think is healthy and good is making you sick, depressed and killing you. The recommendations are for the stock holders. Governmental organisms, like the FDA, got infiltrated in a majority by the very toxic companies that they were supposed to protect us against! Trust your feelings and pain! Trust your body, doubt your doctor!

Hippocrates, father of medicine

"First, do no harm."

"Let thy food be thy medicine
and thy medicine be thy food."

"The body has an innate capacity for self-healing."

Hippocrates (460-370 B.C.)
Considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.


I made the montages myself but I don’t own the photos. I probably possess at least part of the copyrights. You’re welcome to them if you don’t make money from it; unless you grow the good stuff and want to promote your harvest, as long as it's not to sell the harmful wheat, corn and soy. There's enough propaganda for such garbage.

Notice how simple my art started, then my skills improved as I worked at it, until it turned out amazing! I screwed up and made a lot of edits; but I didn’t let it discourage me. It’s natural that it takes times to polish a gem.

Enjoy what you do~ It never turns out the way you want, but often... it's even better!

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