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It couldn't be simpler! Don't use boxed or canned diluted preparations. Why pay extra for the toxins that the container leaks into the broth... and those put in on purpose~

The basic ingredients

Chicken carcass ~ bones ~ ready to boilGinger root gratedCoarse Grey Celtic Sea Salt ~ Selina Naturally ~ Real salt ~ alkaline with nutritive trace mineralsTap waterBig pot with lid

The options

Chicken feetBeef marrow bones

Ingredients with more details
  • Chicken carcass after removing the meat from the bones.
    I used to throw them away after boiling them 3 times, but after reading that dogs let the bone decompose underground for a year, I just add more bones and make sure that they are under water so oxygen can't promote the growth of mold. The top shelf of my refrigerator tends to freeze a little so it stays extra cool.
  • Sometimes I add a table spoon of salt to be sure that it will be preserved and only good bacteria can ferment it if it does, like my vegetables. The soup always tastes fresh. Maybe because it gets re-boiled weekly. But I usualy add 1-2 teaspoons of salt when I reheat my portion.
  • Chicken feet optional. They have a lot of collagen. I took mine in china town but the left over bones are sufficient. Unless you need to start with something.
  • Beef marrow bones can be used instead for a different soup or mixed.
  • I don't actually add ginger and turmeric again since I put so much when I cook the chicken, but they're in there, and I probably should add more when I add water to boil another batch after using it all. I make soups but I also use it to steam everything. I grate the roots without peeling them to avoid wasting food and energy. I freeze batches in advance in thin bags.
  • Bring to boil, lower heat, let it be for hours, if the water evaporate a lot, remove from the heat and let it sit in its own heat.
  • Let it cool. I leave mine all night and I never had problems.
  • Refrigerate the pot.
When you want some as a side dish, heat on the stove adding:
  • 1/4 to 1 tea spoon of Grey Celtic Sea Salt (or to taste)
  • Slices of mushrooms
  • Slices of green onions
  • Grated ginger and curcuma (turmeric) if you didn't add them when you cooked your chicken
Or use in recipes by adding all the vegetables you can think of and pieces of meat:
  • Chicken
  • Scramble eggs if you’re in a hurry. It's delicious and the B12 is vital!
  • Fish
  • Even red meat

You'll save so much money and chemical burdens if you just make you own. Instead to buy expensive chicken breasts, buy a whole chicken! Instead to throw the bones away, boil the nutrients out in a delicious soup!

Chicken legs
need a whole lot of collagen to be flexible and strong enough to support the weight of the animal on those tiny paws. They're especially wonderful to get a whole lot of gelatin!

Just throw the bones, skin, fat and everything in a big pot instead of the trash, add water until it covers everything (less or more for a stronger taste or more soup).

Boil for hours, at least one but I even left it a whole night (a lot evaporated though, the taste was concentrated). When the broth is darker and you think it looks tasty enough, it's done!

You can boil it again! You'll get more minerals but the delicious gelatin will be gone.

Let the pot cool on the counter to avoid shocking your refrigerator's thermostat and motor.

I store the whole pot in the refrigerator, because I don't like to clean Tupperwares, and they leach xenoestrogens when heated (it messes with your hormones, men can get breasts and women suffer more during their week). And it's wonderful to only have to clean the pot and not many plastic containers.

Warm on the oven to avoid the mutant making waves of the microwave, you don't want to renew your cells with deformed and disfigured materials.

You can add anything you want. If you want to be healthy, you'll make healthy choices~

Enjoy the tastiness!

More info: Homemade broth: A food that heals at livingthenourishedlife.

Enjoy health~

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3 October 2013
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