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Health ~ Nutrition ~ Purpose of fat

Fat is good for you, your whole body needs it, your cells, your brain is made of it, and your hormones that controls vital functions with their messages need cholesterol as a building block.

Accumulating fat is a glorious survival mechanism that protects you. If scientists succeed in their research to destroy the gene that makes it possible, the human race will soon die and cease to exist.

Your fat is made by a good process, but not necessary for a good reason. Your body might be doing it to compensate for a threat, and that’s what needs to be addressed.

Here are the purposes of body fat:
  • To store fat soluble vitamins
  • To protect against the cold
  • To seal toxins away from the vital organs
And that's besides the uses of the fat in your food as a nutriment. Your whole body needs it: every cells, organs, brain, glands, hormones... read more about that aspect in the page Vitamin and mineral ~ fat.

Fat won't make you fat. But if you get fat, your body does it to help you. The reason he has to is what might not be as healthy and the real cause of illnesses.

See my section Weight ~ Aim for health, both extremes are just as dangerous.

To store vitamins

There are fat soluble vitamins, like A, D, E and K, can be stored. So you’re less likely to get nutritional deficiencies and all the painful symptoms if you made reserves before the famine. Unlike the water soluble vitamins Bs and C, those need to be provided daily and constantly in order to function without wasting away. But you need to have fat cells or you don’t have storages units.

If the scientists succeed to isolate and destroy the gene that makes us accumulate fat... it will be a disaster. Deficiency of vitamin C causes scurvy: the body needs it to renew all cells so it rots away (easier to see in the mouth, we now think it's only gingivitis when it's just the peek of the bloody iceberg). Imagine if all vitamins were flushed out at the end of each day and could cause that too... instead of an epidemic of obese people it would be of rotten zombies (the brain is made of fat). Kinda cool, but not as much as eating this:

Carrots, a source of vitamin A, great for the eyesSalmon, a source of vitamin D and delight, the best being the sunNuts, a source of vitamin E and much more

Broccoli, a source of vitamin K, among so many others Carrots, salmon, nuts, and broccoli.

Food sources of vitamin A, D, E, and K; respectively. Not the highest but they offer many other nutriments. They are as delicious to eat as they are beautiful to look at.

Search the page Vitamins & minerals for more information.

I even found this article: Use nuts to burn away fat.

Back in the 1600 or so, when all the food available was natural and the worst that it could be was unripe or rotten, rich people who could afford becoming fat were envied; because if the harvests were bad, they were more likely to survive. It was even considered beauty and prized.

To protect against the cold

If a squirrel ate nothing but broccoli in winter, he'd freeze to death. We're supposed to get fatter in winter. The polar bears, penguins and walrus are naturally chubby because their natural habitat is very cold. They adapted to survive by growing a layer of fat to isolates their vital organs, because sometimes a coat of fur isn't enough.

Polar bear and cubPenguin and fluffy happy babyWalrus baby riding parent

Walrus on a beach I think we can all agree that walrus are rather unsightly, especially on a beach; but bears have been used massively as plush for children, and everyone knows that penguins are just too adorable. But they’re all fat, and for the same reason.

A few centuries ago, we heated ourselves with less reliable fireplaces and used canopy beds to limit the air that would rob our bodies from heat, having less to warm up with it. People got terrible illnesses from hypothermia, like pneumonia and others. People who could afford to eat well enough could benefit from fat insulation. Those who were so skinny that you could see their ribs were the lower classes, suffering from malnutrition, and were utterly miserable. Making such a thing our standard of beauty is beyond my understanding, unless it’s a revenge on the rich…

Protecting against the cold isn't always from outside sources. If you have a slow metabolism from:
  • Not eating often enough and being in starvation mode
  • Being exhausted. Your glands will slow down hoping to slow your lifestyle down and force you to rest. (Hypothyroidism can be there to help adrenal fatigue recover, or if they don't have enough natural iodine to function, boosting them with drugs will worsen the problem to the adrenals.)
Your body will do everything he can to keep your vital organs warm by:
  • Withdrawing blood from the extremities, by deliberately impairing blood flow, making your feet and hands cold, to save that heat for your more essential organs are for your survival, since you don't have enough energy for everything.
  • Insulate your whole body with fat, but especially your center. The body is usually warmer than room temperature, which can rob heat from you to balance both, insulation slows down that process.
Eating fat and feeding more often with smaller meals and healthy snacks will:
  • Give the cholesterol and other nutriments (you need the B vitamins to burn fat) needed by your glands to execute their many functions; such as energy and heat production.
  • Speed up your metabolism.
  • Let your body know that he's not in a starvation period, so he doesn't need to store everything that he gets.
  • It will avoid the survival mechanism to kick in, throwing yourself on the fastest junk foods and wolfing them down, too much and too quickly; overeating because your stomach and brain need time to tell you when they're full. It's best to be ready by preparing nutty snacks, so you can reach your home and prepare real nourishment, for a much smaller price to your wallet and health!
So you'll actually lose weight, because the body prefers to burn it for heat and discard what he doesn't need... When offered the choice, if he receive enough in the diet and doesn't need to hold on to it desperately.

To seal toxins away from the vital organs

It takes a long time for decaying food to turn into fertilizer and earth, even with worms. Wouldn’t it be nice if an animal could speed up the process so that a new generation of vegetables could grow to feed the animals, like us? But the rotten stuff would poison bigger creatures like mammals, we are meant to feed on life to sustain life, not on acid putrid corpses. But an animal evolved to be able to handle it and help nature faster: the pig! His poop is indeed considered a wonderful fertilizer.

Pig ~ baby cute and fluffyPig ~ round and round~Pig ~ Sure made a lot of fertilizer!

Red squirrel in Lazienki Park, Warsaw, Poland. By Pawel Ryszawa (please don’t sue me, it was too cute)Even the pigs don't start as fat. But if you eat garbage like a pig, you're going to look like a pig. If you want to be slender like a squirrel: eat nuts, vegetables and don’t be scared to bounce around happily. (Actually they look fat too; I don't think there's a single creature that only has skin and bones... expect maybe the dead ones...)

It took me forever to figure it out many questions, and when I understood their link everything became clear:

Why does some religions forbid to eat pig flesh under the angry threat of god?

Why the hell does chicken farms use arsenic, the worst poison known, to make their chicken bigger???

Because… when the body can’t eliminate toxins with bowel movements (poop) or sweating… it stores them safely in fat, hopefully temporarily. So harmful substances will be out of the blood, away from the internal organs, where it can’t do damage: sealed in fat, because oil is rather impermeable. Until it can be eliminated safely by:
  • First, stopping the ingestion of chemicals.
  • Drinking water to help flush waste out.
  • Eating fiber to trap and carry toxins out, acting like sponges or boats.
  • Taking antioxidants like vitamin C, in greens, or you might need a supplement if you have to make up for a lot of neglect and abuse. They do wonders.
Or the body will have to keep them stored for life, sealed in fat, to do the least damage possible, in the hopes to have the best and longest life possible. Like the pigs, so they can help organic decaying matters get recycled faster, their purpose in nature. But if you eat flesh full of toxins, like theirs... you're going to be poisoned... a burden that your body really shouldn't have to cope with... and if you give arsenic to chickens to make them bigger, they won't provide more nutrition with more flesh, they will poison people. Appearances aren’t everything; we must not let them fool us.

You might get away with it for a while, but you'll have to deal with the toxins that are there and it will waste precious energy that your body could use to stay young and thrive. You might even seem to get away with it for life, but the children that are made of your flesh will have a heavy start... and might not get so lucky. That's why the worst happens to younger and younger people.

Unfortunately… in our era, people don’t get fat by eating broccoli and fresh grass fed meat abundantly anymore… they get fat because of the most dangerous reason: to store toxins.

Artificial man-made substances that are said to help us, because the body’s organs are meant to use organic nature and don’t know how to handle chemicals… they are therefore toxic which means poison!

The reason why fried foods are bad isn’t because they're fat, but because heat made them rancid... it sped up their life until they became rotten, putrid, dead... and that's toxic!

When you store food in the cold refrigerator, or freeze them… they get preserved because cold slows the metabolism down, so their life span is stretched on a longer period.

What do you think heat does? It excites the particles and makes the metabolism go faster, but at a price: you get tired more quickly, and for an uprooted vegetable that cannot find nutriments to restore itself, it means going quicker towards death.

That is why if you steam broccoli lightly, it becomes an exciting and vivid greener color, but if you cook it too long, it turns brown and tastes putrid. Anybody would hate that, and kids tend to have instinctive underrated wisdom.

What do you think frying does? It quickly dead deader than dead…

Raw food would be like a cute kid or teen, lightly steamed food would be like a woman who hit her 30 but is still well preserved, overcooked food would be like your grandmother, and fried food… have you ever seen what a mummy looks like? That’s what you are eating. That’s what the putrid state of fried food would look like if they were people that you wanted to have sex with… That’s what you put in your mouth.

You get fat but not because it’s fat. Your body is not storing fat… you’re storing toxins, because it is toxic. Your fat cells are most likely always there, they get bigger as they get full of poison, and sealing it safely in fat is what stops you from dropping dead! Your body and fat deserves respect and praise, whoever is feeding toxic decaying matter to you… not so much.

When people look at fat people, they don’t get disgusted because it’s ugly, but because they instinctively think of how you treated yourself to end up like this, and that's what is disgusting.

Our brains have mirror cells, they mimic what we see so we can feel and understand. Psychopaths are said to have less, and I believe Empath have so much that they can’t choose to ignore it. Our brain run simulations in our head, just like pilots use programs to practice flying and such, our brain practice living before it acts. Usually it’s done unconsciously, and it’s a process and calculations that are extremely quick. Then the body lets you know. We usually refer to those messages as “intuition” which can take any forms from words to images… They’re just thoughts but some people who don’t understand that natural yet misunderstood process might panic, but your body always wants to help you. So we can end up “having a bad feeling about something” without being able to explain why… because our brain calculated many extrapolated outcomes and many announce danger. I can do it at will but it takes me a while.

So when we meet people who are disfigured from burns, the reason why we get scared and can’t stand to look at them isn’t because they are ugly or bad people, but because our brain runs the simulation of what it took to end up like this, on how it would feel, we can almost literally experience it, which is very disturbing.

That is why victims of sexual abuse often get blamed and rejected. They have done nothing wrongs even if they did dress provocatively and wanted sex at some point but changed their mind half way… which is perfectly natural. But such breach of personal freedom and dignity, especially with violence, many can’t stand to feel their pain. And if they admit the person’s innocence and unfairness of the situation, it will mean that it can happen to them anytime, and that’s just not something that people can live with, so they run from the victim, trying to run from reality, which isn’t very sane, but we do what we must to protect ourselves, as should you…

The same process happens when we see fat people… we instinctively think on how someone treated themselves to end up like this… the junk they ate, shoving it deep in their throats barely chewing… like force feeding a duck more than his stomach can take it for foie gras (fatty liver, which was considered a delicacy but is now illegal because it’s too cruel). We look at obese people and want to puke, not because they look gross, but because we can feel how they eat, and they really should throw up!

But what’s the most ironic and tragic, is that the bigger someone is, the more the body is actually starving and desperately trying to get nourished… in vain because you just don't give what it needs!

Vitamin C, for example among many, is very important for absolutely every functions and cells in the body. I’d say even more than protein, but your life, health and well being depends on them all. There is no taste for vitamin C… there is sweet, salted, sour, bitter, umami (savory or meaty taste found in many fermented and aged foods, like cheese and soy sauce (the properly aged Asian one). The food that contains vitamin C, what do they tastes like? Sweet. So when you crave sweet… what you body wants is vitamin C, not chemical toxic candy… or cookies, or refined foods that end up being nothing but sugar and air, like white bread or pasta… and if that’s what you give to your body… he will store the toxins.

The sugar, as you body claims for more vitamin C but only gets more toxins, will be too much for what your pancreas is able to handle… 1g of sugar = 1m of sugar cane, and a sugary drink can have 27!!! Try to digest 27 meters of food in a few seconds… that’s why your pancreas shuts down… from exhaustion! That’s what diabetes is… your organs are fine, what you do to them is very shitty. There is no way your body will be able to spend that much energy… some children’s little bodies tries… they obviously can’t sit still, especially since no living things were meat for this (except maybe the sloth animal… but give him cola and he’ll die… like human babies). Some children scream hysterically and bangs their head in the walls… people can’t stop feeling exhausted, cry, they want to get the death over with… not because they are crazy, but dying… from starvation, poisons, and exhaustion…

And fat people, diabetics, alcoholics... they all try to compensate for this the wrong way. By giving basically raw sugar and toxins (ethanol in alcohol is a poison!) for a very short boosting kick before a worst crash, instead to nourish the body so he can make his own energy! Malnutrition, that's the real problem, and not even a disease, but a mistake and natural consequences of not filling your vital needs: you suffer, you decay, you are depressed, you feel ugly and old, and you die.

Don’t eat more sugar, especially if you have hypoglycemia, BAN SUGAR!
Life’s logic is more complex than we can comprehend.

That means anything that is high in the glycemic index, like white bread... and especially fake sugars because that's just pure toxins. The pancreas gets order to create insulin as you taste the food too, not just in the stomach or blood... that's how clever your body is... but if you trick it with chemicals, it can mess with your blood sugar as well.

Tasting good is meaningless compared to feeling good... AND tasting great.

Real food does tastes way better and richer! Once your tongue and brain gets re-educated, if you give it a chance. Changes are confusing and unpleasant, even for the most motivated, but they can be good and of vital importance.

Just be patient for 3 days, then a week, then a month. I repeated to myself: What you want is hurtful, meaningless, irelevant, is killing you, focus on what you need, it's everything: from your happiness to your very life.

You'll lose your ways like I did, go back to feeling awful, find relief, and then you won't crave the junk, you won't want it, and you'll even feel a weeping horror seeing people eat it. Maybe you'll make a website to cope and share the bliss... Hahaha. Recruiting like religions do. "Broccoli loves you and is your savior~~~" My body is my temple. I wish I could make T-shirts. But no need to send me money, just spend it on your wellness, for a change.

Eat fat, but fresh ones, not boiled into something more putrid than death itself. If you feed on death, your life will waste away.

Fat is absorbed slowly so it will satisfy your hunger longer. It will feed your brain because it’s made of it. Cholesterol is the substance of life, eggs are good even for your heart otherwise chicks would die of an heart attack trying to break out of their shells…

The problem is vitamin C deficiency.

I hope that I helped you see that fried fats are bad because they are putrid, not because they are fat... but there is worst… why junkfood is such dangerous junk:

I worked in a fast food store, I don’t want to get sued by saying the same but it’s the most popular… and they're all the same. I worked there full time for a year and half. Changing the oils was hard to miss because the corridors were small and they got in our way… Maybe they did it when I wasn’t working, or when the restaurant was closed… but in a year and half I think I saw people modify it only twice… and even if they bothered to change the huge amount everyday (ha!) with so massive amounts of foods dropping parts that burned for hours… the oils were always black… that means rancid, and that means toxic. That can happen in a matter of minutes with animal fats like butter, and seconds with more fragile plant oils… yet they boiled all day… and night… and they sure didn’t put them in the refrigerator when done… now imagine if they did use the same for 6 months… actually it doesn’t make much differences because it’s already mega toxic as can be… Even if you eat the stuff raw from the freezer, its so full of chemicals that it will still hurt you… and don’t get me started on the sauce… you might as well eat sugar with a spoon, drink shampoo, and sniff bleach… (Please don’t…)

So that’s it…

Fat is wonderful:
  • Good for you
  • The substance of life
  • Vital for your survival.
But anything over heated, dead and putrid, sure is bad… even over cooked broccoli. Frying is the worst amount of heat.

Here's a story of a 2 year old oil burn victim:

"A pan of deep frying oil has fallen accidentally and poured over her chest, arm, and neck. It was a miracle that she was still alive. As they removed her clothes, her skin was stripped from her body too. [Can cause dehydration and infection...] got a fever, she was convulsing, her life was in danger, severely at risk of catching infection, as the skin controls the body temperature there was little hope of her temperature stabling. It is normal practice in local hospitals (where there are no burns specialists) to clean severe burns every day and scrape the burn (with absolutely no sedation even for small children). It was hard (...) to endure [hearing] the screams of hysteria of [the child whose pain cannot be described.]"

The pictures of that poor child burns are heartbreaking, the flesh turned black and peeled off.

It’s impossible to find such a thing appetizing, but that's what is done to fried food... and for much longer... Obviously then such food hurts you, ... the pain happens to you inside out. Less directly and not as obvious but the damage still occurs, because you are what you eat!

Here's why from a mix of my knowledge and ideas: If steaming lightly destroys the enzymes that help you digest and absorb food, then such heat can do even nastier effects than starve you. Like microwaves, it can disfigure the vitamins and minerals into something unknown to your body, something he can't use, but worst, causing inflammations. The immune system attack the parts of the body that managed to rebuild themselves with those dangerous deformed materials, because they are worst than nothing.

To remind you: The problem is not the fat. Some life forms handle heat better than others: if you put an animal in a sauna, he'll lower his internal body temperature by sweating; but if you put a plant, she will wither very quickly. If you use a flame thrower, neither will be edible, even if you like the taste for some strange reasons. That's why cooking with butter is safer because it will go rancid (burned into a toxin) less quickly than vegetable oils, or nut oils that are great for salad dressings. If a fragile oil is chemically made for frying, it might look better, but it just double the poison.

The problem is death. A plant still grow in your refrigerator, she is still alive when you eat it. You can take an apple off a tree, it remains alive, you eat it and discard the seeds, and they have so much life force that they can grow a new tree! But you won't like to eat the apple if it's rotten; the same is true with body parts. There are independent life forms everywhere in an animal. Life is so powerful that a headless chicken survived 18 months. So an animal might be dead, but the cells are still alive. When they are no longer, it's the difference between nourishing and poisoning you. The life must be there to feed you!

Dead things turn acid, that's why they're putrid, and you can't feed on that to sustain life. Vampires are fictions are fiction so it's exaggerated, but it's based on truths that we didn't understand at the time, so there's logic in it. They can't drink the blood of the dead to extend their existence, or it kills them... because a vampire doesn't just steal blood, he ingests life to use it as his own.

It can explain why some vegetarians can't bear the idea to eat meat, but the plants are alive too! Your life needs vegetables but sometimes fleshes too, eat both! Animals have the precious fat cholesterol in abundance, vital to make your hormones, collagen in your joins and avoid wrinkles. Fishes have omega 3! Fight to make the animal's existence a good respected one, instead to turn your back on them.

There are 2 types of cholesterol in the body, but actually they're not even cholesterol but lipoproteins. So to avoid confusion, let's forget the name and call them "floating particles in the blood". They vary in sizes, even among their two main classes:
(Extremely interesting info and perspective at chriskresser)
  • The big fluffy ones "high density lipoprotein (HDL)" help lubricate everything so it runs smoothly... they are made of fat, like the actual cholesterol ingredient in food. "A high HDL level is considered very healthy, since it has a protective role in guarding against heart disease."
  • The nasty little ones "low density lipoprotein (LDL)" are hard tiny grains that can cause blockages, because it sneaks where it shouldn't and build up... it's from... sugar! The same foods that raise LDL raise blood sugar too! Coincidence? I think NOT! (Actually there is a big and small LDL too; and the big ones are not a problem like the bigger HDL. So it's the really tiny grains without the fat HDL to lubricate that gives heart attacks... Watch Sugar: The Bitter Truth, by Dr. Lustig to have a more medical explanation by a pro.)

    Sugar also means refined carbohydrates from grains because all that's left from processing is pure sugar. That sure can turn into fat, because it's so refined that its toxic, and fat traps toxins. Actually even the most natural grains are hard to digest, can destroy your gut and makes you bloated. Actually, even in their most natural form, grains are too hard to digest, especially corn even if it's eaten like a vegetable. They can destroy your gut and makes you bloated. So you might want to avoid them altogether and turn to greens, starchy vegetables will spike your blood sugar; because starch is a type of sugar. (Info at carbsmart). Fructose in fruits is toxic by itself (Video: Sugar: The Bitter Truth, by Dr. Lustig) and the sugar, especially without being balanced with the fiber of the fruit if it's a juice can mess your blood sugar, pancreas... lead to diabetes... and heart disease. Not so sweet now, is it!!!? But enjoy all types of fats. They're wonderful.

    If a bad particle looks like fat, it's probably because the body wraps the sugar in it. It's as refined as glass shards, so with protective goo it won't rip your arteries open... or pile up like cement as easily… that’s why fat raise your good big particles and the more you have HDL the healthier is your heart.

    The bad tiny stuff shouldn't be regarded as cholesterol, it's not from it, and it's not even that but a lipoprotein. That sure can mislead and confuse someone. Maybe on purpose since the American Heart Association recommend precisely what will damage your heart... could they care more about selling you pills and making almost half a trillion than saving your life? Nooooooooooo~ Unthinkable. Who could live with that much death on their conscience? I guess they're too busy counting their money to see they were wrong or to feel guilty.

    "The USDA food pyramid was brought to you by Con-Agra, Monsanto, and all the other companies with a stake in keeping you fat, stupid, and stuffed with high-margin corn by-products. The profit margin on anything processed is far higher than on real food." (Quote from a comment at chriskresser about the good of cholesterol.)
But actual fats are good for you; all natural types, for different reasons.

But not modified ones like canola oil. It's from the poisonous rapeseed plant; the only good thing about it is the profit margin. Saying it's healthy is just a publicity scam, it's poison. They changed the name because no one would want to eat the seed of rape... but "you can call it with any other names"... it stays bad, specially selected or OGM or not, it's poisonous. You won't make me believe that you can turn that into the healthiest thing ever, they selected it because it grows like bad weed, not because of health properties... and hydrogenated ones are full of chemicals to thicken all fats, including the ones in the cell of your arteries and your whole brain. They do that in part because you are too lazy to mix your own peanut butter 2 seconds, or they think that you are too stupid to be able to do it; and to trick you into thinking that you're eating delicious looking butter when it's a cheap imitation.

You have their arm deep in your ass like a puppet, can you feel it?

Don't use vegetable fats for cooking they're too fragile, EAT vegetables! Use the steam of their own juices or animal fats at a gentle heat. If you want to grill and fry your heart, go ahead, but don't blame the fats, blame what you do to them before using them to make your body...

Just like we’re not supposed to have a birthday cake everyday, on occasions it won’t do much damage in your whole life… but if you make it a lifestyle, it can overwhelm your body's cleaning process... it becomes you. But I don't even eat cake for my birthday because then comparison happens, it dulls my senses, cause addiction, then compulsion, and before you know it's a lifestyle because that's all you want or can eat. I don't miss what I don't tease myself with. Actually if I eat cookies it tastes like sand and as chemical as shampoo to me; now that my point of comparison is the delicate delight of nature. I too thought that I couldn’t possibly live that way, heck I wonder how I survived otherwise… I almost didn’t… Fats are one of the things that saved me. They’re not even bad to lose weight and a healthy amount actually enhance beauty.

But burning fats until they turn as black as death... is very bad, for everything, even too much sun is bad for you and it's important to make precious vitamin D... by transforming... cholesterol!!! Even the most demonized fat is actually vital to your health, when sugar is to blame!

If you want to be thin, then instead to deprive your body of a vital nutriment, since the purpose of fat is in part to trap toxins, you might want to stop ingesting it.

Eggs and butter are good for you, but if you cook them at high temperature until their fat becomes as black as death and stick to the pan... they will become dead, toxic and stick to your arteries. Not because it's fat, but because it's poison. And a body under attack tends to wrap itself in armor... You can eat the same but using lower temperature and some patience and it will do a huge difference on your health and weight. Stop killing your food, you're killing yourself.

You might want to reconsider painting arsenic and heavy metals on your face, because they are allowed in make up, your skin absorbs everything... they go everywhere... and the best you can hope for is to see your body seal them in fat cells. If you are healthy, you won't need to paint color on your face.

Statin drugs are used to lower cholesterol but can't possibly be a good idea either. The more good cholesterol the better, and the bad one doesn’t even come from cholesterol foods. I seriously doubt that the drug is intelligent and only target the bad. The proof is that doctors forbid cholesterol foods at the same time, when those make the good one, and that mustn’t go lower than a certain limit!

Older people have higher cholesterol because they need more repairs... the body use it to make the collagen needed in joints... and in the heart! Those drugs are what give and worsen people’s arthritis and heart disease, not old age. Blaming cholesterol would be like blaming the higher amount of nurses for having more patients in busier hospitals.

Eat more eggs and greens, but less bread and sugar because those cause problems... and you'll balance the good and bad particles in your blood properly. You can't get away with bad nutrition by taking more toxins. Cholesterol is the substance of life! But of course you need other things as well. If you eat nothing but fat, you'll get sick, but not because fat is bad, but because you need the other things too!

More about cholesterol and vitamin D.

Fried foods are bad, not because we use fat to make them, but because we use too much heat that precipitate their decay towards death, and ours.

There's a big movement of people eating only raw foods: to preserve the nutrition and avoid damage to food and therefore our bodies. They most likely eat the fat used in fried food, but fresh and undamaged, not rancid and toxic from heat.

The movie "Food matters" states that 51% of raw food, a little more than half, you can benefit from enough enzymes to be able to digest the rest and avoid seeing your body treat them as invaders, so he won't trigger an auto-immune reaction. But that was about steaming vegetables lightly... frying and adding lots of artificial chemicals, sauces that look like paint more than food... that's a more morbid story.

From ehow/treat-skin-burn "Hot cooking oil burns are common. Third-degree burns are severe enough to destroy nerve endings." As if it wasn't bad enough already. Even if they were healthy and nutritious, and they sure aren't, that way of cooking causes injury and permanent damage. That should be enough to convince that they're not the best idea, and you deserve better.

Could eating fried food feed, repair, and avoid damaging nerves... or everything else? Hm~~~ No... Obviously... Your brain is made of fat... want to fry that hm? Oh could that cause mental problems, seizures and Alzheimer? "Noo… fat only makes you fat", right? WRONG! The fat isn’t the problem, what you did to the fat is… and that will happen to YOUR WHOLE BODY, because all your cells use that poor mutilated and mutated fat. Everywhere. Basically, what makes your fat cells bigger is storing things in them, like vitamins or toxins... which one do you think it is with fried oils?

They can't possibly have nutriments left...
Nutriments: any substance or matter that, taken into a living organism, serves to sustain it in its existence, promoting growth, replacing loss, and providing energy.

And that's just what you don't get... but worst, overheated oils are rancid and toxic!
For the love of life and happiness, notice how miserable and sick you soon feel!!!

The short good taste is not worth the long agonising pains and depression that follow sooner or later!

Your health and happiness are worth more, they need and deserves better!

But it's still a choice... But know that the taste is from chemicals to trick and addict you, as the fast food companies know full well how dangerous it is and how mush you'll suffer. *deep breath and exhales* I think we could even sue them for misrepresentation for calling it food, but I think they never actually use the word but invent names to call their products, hmm… THINK!

Fast food companies target children with toys and publicities… because they don't know much yet, so they are easier to trick and addict against better judgement. Then they can pressure you to bring the whole family there, playing your sensitive vibe claiming it as a proof of love or a reward, even if you do know better. Can you see the devious manipulation that those companies do to you? Using your love for your children as a weapon against you? Horrifying. Sometimes love is to say no, and let kids cry briefly than fall in depression later from mal nutrition. Hm-hm~ What's good and right for you isn't always easy... but much more rewarding.

Making people put friend oils in their stomach, do you think it’s better than splashing fried oils in their faces? It IS just as bad… I’ve seen the acne progression on people who started to eat it on a regular basis at work… their pores pushed the toxins out, it burnt them, and their flesh literally rotted away. Cleaning creams won’t stop the wounds from happening, stopping the harmful toxins does.

And all that horror is besides the risk of dropping boiling oil on your child and disfiguring her for life after an unspeakably long agony. Still find it delicious? Try steamed vegetables. You'll know better. Not convinced? Add ginger, grey Celtic sea salt and heck grate cheese and put it in the oven... you're really missing on delight, health (physical and mental) and safety... Instead to fry chicken, put it in the oven on a bed of carrots (zucchinis are awesome and celery adds a nice perfume~) in a little water (I add fresh cranberries with turkey, even better) grate curcuma and add fresh spices, like parsley, cover it with Celtic salt… You’ll discover what flavor really is.

I wish you to understand that the impacts of things in your life last much more than the spark of an instant. The effects of what you eat last much more than the few seconds that you have them in your mouth (minutes in my case since I chew well to make absorbtion easier, as you should).

Food stays in your system for minimum 3 days, and allergic reactions or intolerances can happen anytime, and the damage can build up over the course of weeks, months and years.

You don't grow up, but you grow inside out, every 7 years it's a whole new you. And if you don't eat the materials necessary to make a human, a organic living thing, you'll end up noticing that pieces of your vital organs are missing... can you imagine how much pain, misery and sadness that inflicts on someone?

Look at the child again. Imagine being burnt like that, but inside, every time you put food in your mouth, because that's what happens to your body if you eat burnt oils. Then you get no relief because you don't eat what could heal you, like the vitamin C in greens... You won't see the flesh peel off and turn black in front of your eyes... but you'll get damaged inside. Of course you're going to feel depressed! Do you think it's only in your head? Do you think antidepressants will make you immune to pain? Of course not! You can't keep eating death and expect to be happy to be alive. Antidepressants cause depression in their side effects... so more toxins is obviously not the cure. Why numb your mind when you can get rid of the pain.

Hydrogenated oils are also bad, because we added toxins deliberately, chemicals to make oils ticker. For example, to avoid mixing your peanut butter by stabbing it with a knife for a few seconds. Oh the horrid effort! Then you have more time to lift weight at the gym. The absurdity! I buy bio peannut butter, which is the same price. Bio means poison free. They also have almond and cashew butter in that section... the door of heaven open to me!

It’s also added to vegetable oils, which are liquid, to give them the same appearance as butter, because animal fats are solid. That’s how margarine is made. Then they claim that it’s healthier, well it sure isn’t anymore!

All foods, if they weren’t tampered with to turn them into poisons, are needed in the body for different reasons. So you can’t say that vegetables are healthier than meat. Because you need both for different needs, even if it’s easier to digest vegetables and that without their vitamin C you can’t absorb the iron in meat… you still need animal protein. Your glands need cholesterol to make hormones, and that’s how your vital organs communicate together…

The chemicals to make hydrogenated oils turns any type of fat thicker, your brain is fat… what do you think it does to it? The chemicals are still there and still do what they do… So when you ingest them, you carry them everywhere with your blood, even in the brain… And don’t count on the barrier because it was never meant to filter chemicals like that, and microwaves stays in the food after you used the machine, and those can compromise your brain barrier. That’s probably why they got banned in Europe. See Microwave cooking is killing people. Just like fats aren't the problem in fried foods, or any real foods (when it's a digestible food that you are not allergic to), it's not the food the problem but what you do to it. If you fasten its decay, turn it putrid, poison it, mutate it... its revenge on you will happen slowly but surely.

How can a chemical that thickens fats can possibly spare your fat brain from getting thicker… calling someone thick is insulting his intelligence… SEE. So many illnesses without a cause, so many toxins without a consequence… do the math! That can't possibly make concentrating easy and of course your brain won't reward you with happy juices! You're killing it!

Of course many problems can have many reasons… Can if be one of the causes for your misery, hell yes!

They seem insignificants separately; even the FDA approves a certain amount of arsenic in food and self care products… the worst poison ever known. But toxins add up and accumulate in your body; they slowly but surely kill you. Do the math with all the products that you consume in a day, I bet it's way beyond the FDA... If don’t take enough vitamin C, fiber, water, to help flush the toxins… then you're in for a disaster! Your body will have no other choice but to store them somewhere, he sure can't grow useful body parts with poison! So it makes fat with it, away from your vital organs… But if that magnificent survival mechanism fails, by not being able to redirect and seal them fast enough, there is one last hope for your survival... To seal the toxins in the vital organs, but in balls of flesh with a separated blood system... that’s what a tumor is… The cancer isn’t your immune system gone wrong, but it doing the most amazing job when you should be long dead... It’s the small dose of poisons that you thought you could handle that's been killing you all along... And your body just can’t handle it in a way that you won't notice anymore…

Your emotions try to warn you from start to end that something depressing is going on... but they sure aren't the problem!

Did you know that 1-2 handfuls of nuts have the same therapeutic effects as antidepressants? (But without the sudden death possible side effect, and other horrors, like, of all things, depression!) Probably because your brain is made of fat and needs it in the first place. And their calcium and magnesium content sure are soothing too!
Cheese is also a wonder. It contains morphine, a natural pain killer; and amphetamines… Meth contains them and is a dangerous street drug, but cheese won't rot your flesh and make your teeth fall out, because its boost of energy is balanced with nutrition. Ritalin is like meth, a dangerous chemical that doesn't provide anything that the body needs to function... and we give it to kids… why aren’t we giving them cheese instead? It sure makes me calm and happy to concentrate. Of course I will have a unpleasant behavior when I get hypoglycemia, my brain is starving, how can it not freak out! And that's besides the allergies and poisons like food additives and preservatives...

The answer is NOT adding more chemicals, but taking them away, and feeding yourself.

So why aren't we relying on almonds and cheese, instead of dangerous drugs that damages our kidneys with their toxicity... Because you could get fat?

Fat doesn’t make you fat!!!!!

Unless you want to look like a bag of bones that doesn’t even have red flesh… then even broccoli and celery is going to make you fat. But don't fall for that sick and twisted idea of beauty. Cheese will give you boobs! Beautiful squishy boobs like a drop of water, instead of implants that makes you look like you got bowls stuck under your skin, with the edge demarcation even above, repulsing balloons. That nonsense is all about making you spend more money. Look for failed or over done plastic surgery and you'll see that the people who preach those values know little about beauty... Their goal is to gain profit by preying on people's insecurities, low self esteem, and their need to be appreciated. Don’t fall victim, realise that you have it all already! Just take care of yourself, that will put a smile on your face and you'll be irresistible.

There are more important things than looking thin like a starved corpse, and many people who succeed feel so bad that they wish they were dead. I really don’t see who’s getting happy about the results, men like big boobs, and those are made of fat too. That contradiction makes no sense. So focus your willpower and efforts on your health. It’s the foundation of life and the answer for everything; even a good weight, because too low is just as unhealthy as too much… and probably even worst because your body has no reserves to face the unexpected.

My diet is based on greens, and preferably the easiest meats to digest directly from animals like fish and chickens… But I sure eat as much as I want, I stuff myself on a whole lot of cheese and almonds.

I’m either fat or skinny it depends where you look… I’m 130 pounds and I have those really big boobs and bouncy buttocks… Voluptuous curves do attract unwanted attention, big boobs are painful, and having an buttocks makes it harder to find pants... yeah… it’s tragic… but it doesn't stop me from having a huge smile on my face, thanks to all the calcium and magnesium that I eat, I feel great and have amazing teeth! Thanks to the fat too!!!

I used to be jealous to my skinny friends who looked like a pole with no forms whatsoever; they could wear everything they wanted. Until I saw my friend's teeth... Some were rotten to the gums, turned into putrid grey goo... It was repulsing to see it, imagine tasting it all day long, and feeling the pain. The teeth are harder than concrete and the strongest part of the body, but they are still porous and need nutrition. If her mouth was rotten from starvation, then the rest of her insides must be terrible... I sure don’t envy skinny people after I saw what food deprivation does inside you…

I cherish my pearly whites and I like to show them off with pride when I smile. So I won’t let the weight on my chest get me down! And my bicycle makes it easy to carry my fat ass. Hahaha!

Still here? I'm really flattered, thanks, you sure have endurance. But go buy cheese and raw almonds already, make sure to chew the almonds to milk the delicious goodness out of them, and so you won’t choke, it’s probably going to feel very new to some people... as cardboard-like processed stuff disintegrate by itself... no wonder they need to chemically enhance the flavor... you'd rather starve than eat it otherwise... but you end up starving and having your organs disintegrate if you eat them...

Sometimes nothing is better... children refusing to eat might do so by wisdom; unless you allowed companies to trick their senses and twist their judgement, addicting them to sugar and artificial flavours… Everything is relative, so chemicals can make the subtle taste of natural foods seem distasteful by comparison, but their savor is much richer and they have nutrition instead of poisons. Time to learn a better judgement.

Your belly might be full of white sand and silence its hungry rumbling... You might be huge looking with your fat cells full of toxins... But you are still as starved as those too skinny people with ribs sticking out... So you might as well be patient for real food, until you get home and make it yourself. Really if you want something done right, and not get fooled, you have to do it from scratch.

And for the love of life and sanity, stop giving your kids caffeine products loaded with sugar, like cola, if you want them to be calm. Or stop wondering why they get obese if Ritalin shut down their bodies and mind. You're poisoning them with too much sugar energy than anyone can use, and then you just plain poison them with drugs. How can return better than the hell they get!

I am hypoglycemic, which should be called "glucose intolerant" to avoid the mistake to think that I need more sugar, it's the problem, they're too intense, caused crashes by damaging my tired pancreas. I am allergic to corn but it doesn't affect my lungs. It gives me inflammation, like bleeding hemorrhoids and also inflames my brain, which makes it a brain allergy. If I drank cola, with the high fructose corn syrup, I'd be in such pain I'd cry my eyes out. And with the caffeine boosting the agony... Pure hell. I understand why many kids are so desperate that they hit their head in the walls, it's for a good reason. Things like Cola should be questioned, not their sanity. Eating cake made me want to slit my own throat, and it was the best birthday ever! Broccoli put me back into my usual happy mood right away. That's when I saw how powerful of an impact food has on well being, body and mood. I got tested for glucose intolerance, and it finally explained that I wasn't fainting in the streets because I was depressive, crazy, or with a bad personality, like some doctors told me, for 10 years of humiliation and useless suffering. If I wasn’t crazy back then, I sure am now! Hahaha! My humoristic personality is what kept me alive during that exhaustion and mal nutrition, who wouldn’t be depressed from that, but I wasn’t! Dumb asses.

I had to find the truth by myself, and the cures as well. One of them is seeing the truth beyond the myths about fats:

Fats are a lifesaver!

They are slower to absorb than sugar, so they keep my blood sugar steady and therefore my emotions. They help the abortions of vitamins. Fats can lid my fat brain like a Christmas tree and I can concentrate. Natural sources of fat like almonds and cheese contains much more, like calcium and magnesium, which make me calm and happy.

Of course I also got rid of sugar, processed foods, grains, allergens and toxins, and people can be toxic too! I got rid of the bad and nourished myself with the good, with plenty of rest. With the problem I have I should be obese, but I don't try to compensate by eating even more sugar... and that's the difference with diabetes. Eating sugar and processed foods is the problem that makes them look so unhealthy big, and made them sick in the first place. The body claims for more hoping to get more nutrition, but what he needs is something different. Like fresh fats instead of processed sugar.

Sometimes what you need is rest and to respect your limit, not kick your body with sugar and caffeine. If the body is unable to produce energy, he'll store it... You need more than sugar, you need vitamin and minerals. The vitamin B complex is needed to use fats. If you can't use it, fat is not to blame, it's because you didn't balance your meals well.

Instead to eat more, I simply eat better! I'm not constantly hungry for nutrition because I give my body what it needs; I snack on almonds whenever the need arise, so I never binge on junk out of a sudden survival impulse of desperation. Fat satisfy me longer. I don't get fatter with fat, but if I eat processed things, even simple bread, my stomach ache and I gain weight very quickly. I base my diet on greens not grains; I have to add fat on purpose to stay healthy. Fats are vital. All of them. For different reasons.

"Food matters", watch the movie.

There's another good thing about eating fresh fats. My skin is more resistant to the sun. When I made my cell membranes with already rancid and burned fat, it didn't take much more heat to burn my flesh. The sun made me turn red in a few minutes and I wanted to scream my lungs out in pain. But after taking out hydrolyzed junk and other twisted fats, eating more fish (omega 3) and nuts (omega 6) I don't even wear sunscreen anymore! I could burn through long sleeves clothes. Of course I am still careful. But even after a full gardening day, I didn't feel like my skin had a trio in hell.

Your skin is your shield against the sun, and all cells are made with fat among other things. If a knight goes fight a dragon with a wooden shield that's been fried and burnt to a crisp, the dragon will sneeze and the shield will fall into dust. But if the shield is made with fresh wood still full of it's natural juicy moisture, then it will take much longer to evaporate before it starts crumbling. If you use add iron, it's even stronger.

Your body is constantly rebuilding himself. The materials that you feed yourself with make a huge difference. Choose wisely, you’ll live in it.

Here's a joke to finish with a laugh, or at least make you think some more about companies wanting your well being, offering products to make your life better and easier… are they really? They sure would benefit from making you believe anything to get your money; they wouldn't be the ones to suffer if it’s bad for you. They're not the ones who should care about the quality and safety: You are. Your money is their power, so you have the power. Choose wisely.

Man: Is it really safe if I put your gun against my temple and fire?

Salesman: Suuuure~ Just buy the bullets first.


But makes sure it's still alive and kicking fresh!
Or at least not over dead putrid decay,
that can turn the healthiest things into poisons.

More stories to add:

Writing this page helped me to dare trying a change:
After writing this article and reading Microwave cooking is killing people again, I put my microwave into storage, along with my toaster-oven since I don't eat bread anymore anyway (you can put anything in nori algae sheet, not just sushi.) My kitchen got bigger and I feel liberated. I added an old clock since that's the only thing that I'd be missing. I eat mostly home made stews so cleaning my tiny pot and letting my food get filled with real heat while I do my salad is a breeze. Or I can have an excuse to clean some of my accumulated dishes. The warmth is more uniform; I noticed that even by increasing the time in the microwave, I didn't get the same comforting feeling. I've been thinking about it for a long time, and now I finally dared to welcome change. I told myself that I can always get it back from storage in a week if I don't like it. But it's going to be less trouble than cleaning my tiny saucepan, I always neglected cleaning the microwave, it's just not easy to handle, and the results were dreadful. Not anymore!

Update: A few days later I surprised myself thinking "wow, I sure accomplished a lot today, I wonder where that came from, what I did different, and I sure want more of that!" And then I remembered about the microwave. I was amazed, the food did taste much better in a pan, even with nothing added, just the roasted look instead of the decomposed blob texture was awesome. I thought the very sick people in the article got better after months... that it would make a difference on my health in my old age... It was an excuse to get back space on my counter, really... I was tired of cleaning it... But it really did change my health! Instead to fight mutated cells, my body can save that energy to have some fun. It’s awesome! I didn't think the annoyance of change would be worth it, but it is!

A story about milk:
At some point in my life, I was drinking skimmed milk. But since I know that cholesterol is vital for my exhausted adrenal glands, I slowly went up to 2%. So I went to buy my cow juice and felt like comparing its nutritional value to the dreaded 3.25%. The calcium was the same, when sometimes it gets lost by removing the fat or making yogurt thicker, like Greek yogurt. But I noticed something wonderful for my exhausted adrenal which adore cholesterol: Milk is about a big 7$ but "Wow, only 50 cent extra for twice the cholesterol! What a bargain!!!" So I bought the fat on purpose, and it was delicious! I’d like to find raw unpasteurized milk, and not just for the precious enzymes that helps you digest and absorb it. I put kefir (fermented milk) in my milk and it stopped my digestion problems. But I sure would enjoy the mega creamy goodness once in a while. And not that creepy sugar thickened with corn syrup… but living fat that helps build a new born life form. Maybe that could help me heal mine. I used to freak out at the idea to eat fat things, but I thought that once my damaged organs would be rebuild, I can always lose it. But why would I bother losing precious parts of my vital organs ever again! They need fat and it's there to stay! Along with my happier mood~

Horror story: Cement butt implant causes death, no kidding...

Cool rant at geekologie. Quote taken from radaronline:
"Injected with a toxic cocktail of cement, tire sealant and mineral oil into the butts and faces (...) silicone injections (...) then sealed with cotton balls and super glue."

How can people agree to do that to themselves... and be cheap about it by trusting someone who's not even certified in regular cosmetic "butchery". Surely they must have a deficiency of fat in the brain...

EAT FAT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll be gorgeous!
Collagen is made from cholesterol, don't get injections, EAT!

What's the point in succeeding to be skinny if you'll find it so ugly that you're going to get implants and other horrors to get back the beauty that you lost with the weight...

Now that's some serious bullshit!

I knew someone who ate thicker slices of butter than the bread he put it on... and he was super skinny. He used a bicycle to move around and did sweat oils, unlike the dry cracking itchy skin that I used to have, when I was missing on the goodness of fats, but at least I always worshipped cheese!

In some country almonds are the only candy, pure treasures that are supposed to taste sweet not salted; we don't know that and we're supposed to be the rich ones.

Processed food companies have to add sugar to make it palatable after removing the fat, because it tastes like cardboard. That’s as bad as the chemicals to simulate flavor. That’s what’s poison us.

Your heart loves fat!

Enjoy healthy fats the way nature intended and you'll reveal your natural beauty~

Update 18 April: The strangest thing happened.
I used to buy boneless chicken, but I like to make bone soup for the calcium and magnesium. I already have great teeth and hopefully bones thanks to all the cheese I ate maybe, so it's more because it's delicious. It comes with awful fat and skin, and I forced myself to eat those for the cholesterol, to make my adrenals happy and because of this page. Even if it was gross sometimes, but the full cream milk quickly grew on me~ I am taking a vitamin B complex for energy; it says that it converts fat, carbs and proteins to energy, I guess it finally had more to convert, so that explains the sudden increase of life... But what's odd is: I actually lost weight!!! I've been pigging out on really gross fat, being careful not to make it turn rancid black by steaming it in its own juices with vegetables, grey Celtic sea salt, ginger and curcuma (delicious!), with herbs like dill... It gave me more energy to run around, I gladly did chores... and my cargo pants became too baggy and keep sliding down, I can tighten many more inches with my sliding belt, but I don't because the pants look crushed weird... that's how loose they got! (But I still have big boobs... I guess it's for the best.)

Ah~ the delicious irony!

Weight loss trick: Eat fat!
Lisa Of Shades
5 April 2013

Cholesterol doesn't raise bad cholesterol

Someone told me that his husband had to stop eating eggs because of high cholesterol.

But cholesterol doesn't cause high chlesterol. Not the bad one anyway.

While it's true that 1 + 1 = 2... -1 + 1 = 0.

Even logic can be more complex than the surface.

It's the toxins from the pig in bacon, refined white toast and sugary colored artificial jam that causes irritation. Cholesterol comes to the rescue to patch things up. Eggs are the only good thing in there. But of course don't kill them black to a crisp, not even a little here and there. I cook them in bio thick unrefined coconut oil, at power 7, which is 5 o'clock. They don't fry.

I like to steam my food in their own juices.

Food journal entry: "Oh god I think my brain started to get crazy good ideas and do many projects… when I added coco oil to my eggs!!! Oh wow that stuff works!!!"

I started to eat eggs for breakfast a few days ago and have way more energy. I wanted to eat coconut oil to help my hairs grow back faster and I thought it'd be more delicious this way than straight from a spoon. Adding it to my scalp made a mess when I wet them for a wash, but it's the most amazing hair treatment, it did wonder for my dry ends mixed with water. Eating that sure made my nails grow faster too! Eggs with coconut oil are awesome!

Of course don't eat a dozen to then sit on the couch. But obese people are gluttonous because they are starved with fake foods; and lazy because they have no energy since we need B vitamins to burn carbs, function, make blood and everything... Vitamin C too! Both are vital for the adrenal glands to make energy and all the other glands follows as well... and everything else, including the mood. You can’t store those two so you need to eat a lot everyday.

When we look at the nutritional value of fast food, we see that eating cardboard (wood is fiber) and sand (full of micro elements) would actually be a better choice... I hope that it makes you think. Artificial coloring and preservatives is like a diet of bleach and paint. The fat is probably the only good thing left...

We're supposed to gain a certain amount of vitamin and minerals (and other things) from the amount of food found in nature, if they're out of balance and barely there in the processed junk we make, our body will claim for more. I ravenously went through a whole batch of processed food and I kept thinking "where's the food... if I keep going I'll surely find something better than just this Styrofoam..."

I eat a pinch of nuts and I'm full. Their fat isn't what’s fattening.

In our era we get fat to store toxins, until even that can’t save us and then we make tumors… Something doesn’t increase the possibility to cause cancer in an uncertain future, the thing poison NOW! There’s enough bullshit and things to fight for already without this crap. Actually eating poop would be less dangerous and nutritive. It’s called junk for a reason!

It's about balance and respecting your needs. And we need fat, every cell membrane and your brain. But not the modified types like hydrolyzed or dead black fried ones. We can't use that, so it's a burden to get rid of... and a poison.

Nature didn't put those chemicals in our food for a reason.

Enjoy fats!

Bellies are supposed to be round.
If they cave in, you are starved, dead, or an alien just got out of you~

Whoever thought it'd be a good idea to starve women until they were so skinny that they didn't have breasts anymore, then sell them back to them as implants... and make up to hide frail nails, pale sickly lips and dark circles... and collagen injections instead to eat fat and vitamin C to make your own... he was a marketing genius, who probably hated someone in the food industry, women, and clueless about health and beauty. That's sadistic in a bad way; not a proper way to do S&M. Don’t treat yourself that badly. You're way more important than that!

To have a wasp waist (see wkipedia), women used a corset and girdle to have an inhuman shape. It caused "deformed ribs, weakened abdominal muscles, deformed and dislocated internal organs, and respiratory ailments. Displacement and disfigurement of the reproductive organs greatly increased the risk of miscarriage and maternal death."

That's beyond sick, once you're dead. Guess what: one, we're not wasps, two, wasps are freaking ugly! We're better but still twisted about what beauty is.

If thinner is better, then the most anorexic woman (Google images) should be the prettiest. I like when there's meat to eat. No fat is one thing, you have no reserves but can make it for a while... but not even red flesh between the bones is a problem, it means that you cannibalized your muscles and the heart is one...

Models use so much laxative that there's diarrhea all over the bathroom walls of fashion shows. Fancy clothes, implants and make up can't hide that repulsing fact about those women. Not so pretty now is it? Are you sure trying so hard to become like them is what will make you happy? Have you ever see one of them with a radiant smile?

Of course don't go pig out in fast food until you end up in a wheel chair or stuck to your bed unable to wipe your own ass...

It's about balance.

"Supersize vs Superskinny" is a great show proving that. I learn a lot. The episodes are on YouTube.

Don't blow your lips nor inject them with chemicals to be gorgeous. Smile!

Aim for health. You'll be beautiful and happy~

Fats are healthy if you chose unaltered ones wisely and treat them with care without frying the hell out of them. They become you, that includes your brain and therefore make your mood as well.

I can't repeat it enough. We're hammered with so much bullshit.


Added more the 1st June

At stronglifts they have this to say about eggs:

"Build Muscle on a Budget: The 10 Cheapest Sources of Protein

#2. Whole Eggs. 7g protein/egg. Lower your body fat rather than throwing the yolk away if you have bad cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol isn't bound to blood cholesterol, and the yolk contains half the protein and vitamins A/D/E."

How interesting. I knew about the fat being good but it's about precious vitamins too! Yes, the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K are best absorbed when you eat fat with them, fat cells store them. Isn't that nice~

Fat is our friend. Sugar is a manipulative hypocrite up to no good.

Enjoy cholesterol!

Lisa Of Shades
30 May 2013

Fasting is slowing your metabolism and making you fatter.

Some people think that they can just stop eating and force the body to use fat reserves to lose weight.

But there are 2 types of vitamins: Fat and water soluble. The vitamin B and C are water soluble, they can't be stored in fat, and you lose them and have to eat them everyday.

B vitamins are vital for energy; on my bottle of vitamins it says "Convert carbs, protein and fat to energy". So to convert your own fat to energy, you'd have to eat them!!! Neglecting to do that might be the problem in the first place and leads to disaster.

Vitamin C is vital for body repairs, your cells die and are reborn constantly, even without damage and illnesses. Every 7 years it's a whole new you... that means brain (which is made of FAT) and teeth too even if they're harder than concrete. So if you don't eat vitamin C... you decay, you age faster... Foods containing vitamin C naturally are greens, they are what cows use to make calcium, and we should too instead to drink their milk. Or that makes our teeth lose their strength and rot, then and only THEN the bacteria come to the cleaning rescue. I've seen skinny people with revolting grey goo as back teeth. But worst, since vitamin C can't be stored in fat... it means that you'd have to cannibalize your own red flesh and vital organs. You need it.

Stopping to eat put your body in starving mode. While it might be what you want, think again. It means that your whole vital functions will slow down to concerve energy, and even shut down into sickness. So you won't burn energy and your body will cling and store every bit that you'll eat. If you eat more often it will speed up your metabolism and you will be more likely to burn energy and lose weight. Usually it's smaller meals, but if you eat more you can still lose weight. Calories are not just a calorie, it depends what you eat, need and what you do.

Fasts for therapeutic purpose aren't done blindly. I've read information about curing terrible chronic diseases with a two week fast, but it was under a strict supervision and monitoring of a specialized physician, I think it was even in a clinic, but not a mainstream one.

The fasts I read about were called "Juice fasts" not anorexia fasts, and not any kind of juices either, definitely not that crap that's just sugar, coloring and artificial flavors. Toxins are sealed in fats, especially without proper fiber to trap and flush them out. I’ve had a hard time finding a 100% juice, Tropicana do one. But even with the pulp I got major blood sugar fluctuation, while eating too, so drinking that only would be worst than a roller coaster, it'd be like shooting your pancreas and whole body with a shot gun... It's too strong too fast and doesn't last long. The juices were home made, with their own juicer, and tons of vegetables. Green stuff.

So basically they were eating massive quantities of vegetables, of vitamins and minerals, juiced so they could ingest more than they would be physically able otherwise. So it's not actually a fast but a mega force feeding of vital nutrients... and yes, that one makes sense.

But starving yourself is a path that leads to disaster. I watched a show about anorexia and I thought "wow that sure works to lose weight, I'll do that, eat less more exercise, but I'm better than those foolish women, I'm in gifted student classes, I won't lose control." Little did I know, I'm human, I'm dumb too.

I challenged myself to stop eating for as long as I could, I glorified it. It made me feel in control of my own body, back then I was treating it like an enemy, instead of my most loyal friend... and now my god.

My stomach did shrink. I was doing 100 push ups and sits ups, and other crazy things like a marathon in stairs for 8 minutes. Try 10 push ups and 30 seconds running in stairs. Exhausting. What I did was pure madness. My body must have been shrieking and that surely played a part in my invalidating adrenal fatigue... but I was proud. I still kinda am amazed at myself.

But eventually... even by simply eating but smaller meals, my stomach shank so much that I couldn't eat at all anymore, even when I wanted to! Just one bite and I was so full I felt like throwing up as if I ate a whole buffet. I think bulimia is when the body's survival instinct kicks in, you ravenously go for the most energy dense foods (fats) and the sweetest because that's what ripe vegetables and fruits full of nutrients tastes like (but we get fooled by sugar and get sicker), and of course if one bite is too much, that will make you throw up massively... Bulimic people probably start by accident then expect it, so they make it happen... But it's the same problem, dealt with differently.

I promised myself that if I slipped, I'd live with the consequences because my body needed it and I'd respect it if he won against me. You don't beat up the winner of a race, you run faster next time.

I didn't want to be anorexic, just slim and loved... so when I wasn't able to eat at all anymore... I really got scared.

Thankfully I'm still clever sometimes; I listened to the rational part of my brain... and blindly obeyed my survival instinct.

The answer: If I can only eat one bite, then that gulp really has to count! White bread and processed meat is just foam and wind. I thought of an egg, it's so small but so nutritive that life can be born out of it. But I wouldn't be able to eat several bites it I cooked it. Then I remembered athletes or body builders wolfing down a dozen raw in a glass... GROSS...

But I wanted to live and be healthy.
Not an ugly pack of bones.

It was about control, but now starvation was controlling ME!

So I broke an egg in a glass, and I drank it. After that I tried eating a little more, then a little more, just like I did to make a mess of myself, but in reverse. Eventually I got my boobs back. I'm fatter, but I am happy and I am alive. If someone has a problem with that, they can go screw themselves. I suffered enough.

So if you want to lose weight, don't disrespect your body's needs, adopt a lifestyle that will fill them MORE.

Good luck getting fat on green vegetables.

Green soup with some meat, a side dish salad and nuts as a snack will give you a healthy weight. Water is heavy, but it’s important to stay well hydrated. And so are muscles, they’re much heavier than fat. The scale doesn’t tell everything.

If you get fat on a chemical free diet, then it's a type that is supposed to be there and won't hurt you. It's temporary to protect you as your body heals, perhaps you might want to move a little more or you can be in the Guinness record for eating the most carrots in a day.


Lisa Of Shades
31 May 2013

Eating more of the wrong thing won't satisfy your hunger for the right thing.

We all know that bodybuilders and athletes need protein to make their muscles. But everyone use them, and every single vitamin and mineral that our body can use is there for a reason: we need it.

If an athlete ate nothing but candy, yes he’d have the energy to run around like crazy, but would he have the material needed to build and repair muscles? No. They would waste away in pain. If he ate even more candy would it help his sore muscles? Hell no.

Having a job, a lover and kids demand way more energy than running a marathon. Yes, athletic bodies are the most appealing, but winning the race of life is all the more noble. It’s also all the more reasons to give your body the nutritious foods that he needs.

When you look at the ingredients of processed prepared foods, it’s basically raw sugar… with paint and poisons.

A rose by any other names would still smell the same. You can call a poison “preservative” it’s still going to poison you. It’s meat to kill smaller organism like mold that could get to your food before you. You’ll need much more rat poison to kill an elephant than for a rodent, but even at small doses, eventually the beast will get sick!

The food companies aren’t doing you any favors preparing shitty crap at a high price; and covering the scam up with artificial flavoring to trick your brain and you.

So this is another angle that explains why obese people are starving, and why fibromyalgia patients can’t heal their sore muscles, they might not be athletes, but we’re all running a much bigger marathon.

Vitamin C is very likely even more important than protein to build and heal tissues. It is the most mentioned vitamin in all the research I’ve done on various topics, used as a cure for even cancer with success. It’s the one that I take the greatest amounts of with the deepest trust. It is vital to absorb iron, so you could get anemia even if you live on nothing but steaks.

You won’t see a champion rely on fast food to run fast, and you sure as hell shouldn’t expect it to help you either.

Then you wonder why your body isn’t rewarding you with happy brain juices.

I hope I clarified it for you…

"Then why do I feel so happy when I eat that sugary crap", you ask? It’s because your brain gets tricked to think that vitamin C is coming, a sugary taste used to mean good news in nature.

Also a detox is painful, so if you poison yourself again, as ironically tragic as it is, it stops the process and makes you feel relief… But not a real one, you're still poisoned. So you have to hang in there until your brain sets a new healthier default that he'll fight to keep stabilized. Because stability is important for him, he’ll keep making you crave very intense sugar, that will keep your blood glucose dangerously high, for that reason if you send him to the roof, he'll be scared to go down. Because fluctuations and crashes hurt, so don’t get high in the first place and you won’t get the hellish side in the balance either! Because everything has two sides and you must take both into accounts while making choices, the greatest stuff comes from the worst as well.

Your health might not be worth it. I sure hope that you have more self esteem than that, if not, start now. You don’t need a reason, approval nor to deserve to. It’s your duty to value your life, so just do it.

How about your quality of life? Because that's what you're going to pay with. Death comes for us all but there are worst things to bear, and how you go can make a whole lot of difference.

I read somewhere that Coca cola is called that way because they used to put in the coca plant, the one used for cocaine, to addict people to their products and make profits for life; along with a cultural publicity campaign that you have to be cool like everybody else. They figured out that sugar was cheaper and worked just as well to enslave you. I wouldn’t want to give my money to people wanting to put a chain around my neck…

Fluids are supposed to hydrate and clean you. If you get thirsty, like the body will to flush out too much sugar, but drink sugary stuff… you get an evil cycle that can only make you crave more and get you sicker…

Also, you can crave cola it can mean that you crave calcium, but it’s acidic so it steals away the little calcium that you already have to make your blood neutral… so the more you drink it, the more you’ll crave calcium. If that’s what you teach your brain to crave when you are thirsty, its only option, then it will sadly ask you for it. If vegetables are so alien to you that your brain starts forcing you to eat clay in a wise desperation, then the way you were feeding yourself before that was the insane part.

Mine ask for greens, almonds, bone soup... and CHEESE! Even if it's probably one of the most acidic things in the world, but I eat other alkaline foods and I have great teeth. Kefir is great! It has probiotic bacteria that help me digest milk; I put some in my glass or on top of nuts. I thought I wouldn’t bear plain flavors at first but my tongue and whole body go completely wild with delight.

I thank you, my beloved brain, for kicking me depressingly until I got this right. Forgive me for taking so long...


Lisa Of Shades
6 June 2013

More in the section Weight ~ Aim for health about anorexia, bulimia and obesity.

Enjoy~ As always~

Lisa Of Shades
28 September 2013

You don’t have to run a stationary marathon everyday to burn fat. The brain uses a lot of energy and is MADE of fat. So if you want to burn what you eat… THINK!

But not everything can be burn as energy. You need the B complex to be even able to burn carbs and sugar. Refining the vitamins out of food to only get the taste is retarded. Eating colorful orange paint and rubber (candy) won’t feed you like an orange does!

If you get fat, it’s not because the junk food is fat, but because it’s TOXIC and your fat seals the poison away from your vital organs. You can have the same amount of fat cells, but they get blown up like balloons full of toxic juices. But too much fat without nutrients is bad too. Forget the scale, balance nutrition!

Stop blaming your body, and even yourself, blame the junk!!! See it for what it is: POISON. Then it will be easy to fight the cravings and break free from chemical SLAVERY!


Lisa Of Shades
17 April 2014

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