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We demonized bacteria and blame them for the consequences of neglecting our nutritional needs and abusing our limits. But all forms of life evolved from blue green algae, which are a colony of bacteria, and all forms of life are one as well. Most of the unicellular organisms that compose us became specialized and can't survive alone for long, but we still have pure bacteria in our gut.

They transform natural food into absorbable vitamins and they are part of our immune system. They attack other bacteria that wouldn't live in harmony with us, but that's simply from a lack of compatibility, not because bacteria are bad. If we are stressed and they end up in someone else, by coughing them away for example or close contact, they can consider their new host as an invader and attack them.

But if that body loses the fight against a few tourists it's because he has a poor immune system: malnourished bacteria and white blood cells that don't have the necessary vitamin C to fight. Nuking even the good guys with antibiotics is a murder approach that can only make more damage. What you need is better nutrition... and even more bacteria, but the right kind for you. Because if you destroy your gut bacteria completely, you die!

There are 10 times more of them than your other cells, your gut is coated with neurons like a brain, and your neurotransmitters are mostly produced in the gut, with food, like the happy serotonin is made with magnesium. We see ourselves as one person with the driver in the brain. But we are a colony of countless cells, a colony of bacteria, and the drivers are actually the citizens in your gut. The brain is merely a post office relaying the messages of countless unicellular "people" with their own feelings, thoughts and needs. You are a wonder of collaborating specialists, you are a society itself.

It's normal to feel confused and conflicted, your brain alone has various ways to perceive and analyze the world: your emotional, rational and primal brain have different functions so they will have different point of views. If you base your nutritional decisions on only what feels emotionally good in your mouth short term, you become vulnerable to all the artificial chemicals out there to addict you to toxic food void of nutrition. We can no longer trust our taste buds instinctively, because we refined pure sugar so a sweet taste doesn't mean a nutritious ripe vegetable of fruit full of vitamin C anymore. We need to use our reason and observe the long term results.

Foods that don't nourish you will leave you constantly hungry on a cellular level. You'll be weak and miserable because you'll actually be starving to death even if you end up obese with fat cells full of toxins and useless sugar (the B complex is required for the body's processes of burning energy, they make oxygen carriers and you can't burn a fire in a water environment.) You'll be sick not only because you have too much toxins to deal with, but because you have no nutrition for your vital processes. It's a deadly combination.

I learn important things from seemingly unrelated topics, but all life and all life forms are connected.

I have aquariums and otocinclus catfishes clean the algae. I read that they don't feed on algae itself but on the fermented yogurt that bacteria make in their gut. If they no longer have those bacteria, they starve to death no matter how much they eat algae, because they can't ferment the nutrition into an absorbable form.

I fully understood what digestion is when I made my own fermented vegetables. I always thought that we digested by swallowing anything, it fell into the stomach, a bag filled with corrosive acid, the stuff melted into a liquid and we absorbed it all through a special gut membrane. But it's not that at all, it's even the other way around!

To ferment vegetables, all you have to do is put life forms in an environment without air, a jar full of water does wonder. We add salt to prevent anything else to grow than specific bacteria compatible with life: lactic acid bacteria (also called Lactobacillus). Mold's purpose is to fasten decay to return the nutrients to the earth and let the cycle of plant and animal life restart anew. They are good, but if they start eating you, it's bad... not because mold like Candida is bad, but because it means that you malnourished yourself so badly that you are rotting inside, mold is trying to return you to the earth because they think you are dead! They can't feel your pulse so they probably can tell from PH. Acidic foods like processed sugar and grains are dead foods. Bacteria won't have the basic materials to release vitamins from the fermentation processes, only waste, like toxic ethanol alcohol made by different bacteria than the ones you want... But yeast thrives on sugar and grains... I would avoid feeding myself such worthless problematic things completely, but if you eat them anyway, make sure that you eat more alkaline nutritious foods like vegetables, or you'll end up with inflammation and all the slow agonies of nutritional deficiencies. I eat meat too but it's acidic and lacks vitamin C and other vitamins, unless you eat the organs (I can't...) and boil the collagen from the bones' joints (delicious). But people usually only eat the flesh so meat, or even vegetables alone, are not enough to nourish you, you need both. But you can't survive on a sugary taste alone; you need to have the nutrients that are supposed to come with it. Grains don't have any; flour is so refined that it became pure sugar.

So when we ferment vegetables, you need to ferment live ones. Not pure sugar, not grains, but living vegetables, preferable green and orange. My favorite is sauerkraut: fermented cabbage and I add some celery and carrots.

The fermentation will happen thanks to the bacteria that are in the plant. I never felt the need to add more. At the beginning the liquid is merely water, but as the bacteria ferment their food, it turns into acid and they produce more vitamins than there was in the plant at the beginning.

Your stomach is exactly like that jar. It's not your gut that digest your food, it's bacteria. It's not the acid that digests your food, that's the byproduct of the digestion made by bacteria. Along with gasses (burps and farts) powerful enough to break a firmly sealed glass jar. But it won't make you feel bloated like rotting grains and toxins do.

The lining of the stomach has to renew itself constantly because it's being digested along with the food in that sealed environment. What's special about the membrane in your gut is that it's full of hair-like lines of flesh, called Intestinal villi, to increase the surface that can absorb nutrients. Grains are so bad that they destroy it even if you don't notice. It's like eating sand paper for your gut, arteries and brain. But grains cause more problems than celiac disease, so I wouldn't risk having unstable blood sugar, allergies, intolerances, and Candida for a food that tastes like cardboard and is void of nutrition. It's good for profits because cardboard doesn't spoil on the shelves. But your gut bacteria can't release nutrition by fermenting them. You'll starve on grains. You might as well stuff yourself with your couch's filling... or like subway did to make their bread look better: the toxic ingredient used to make yoga carpets and shoe soles. Sandwiches are all bad for you. They're sand witches. They put you under a sugary addicted spell, trick your brain and starve you to death while sucking your money out of your wallet.

But the lining of your stomach is merely skin. It would be inconvenient to apply food to your skin, it's easier to carry it inside in a bag, but you can absorb anything from anywhere! We're basically a big bag of ocean water walking around, we're like a sponge. If we couldn't absorb substances from our external skin, we wouldn't be able to do it from the skin in our gut either. If substances couldn't cross our skin membrane, we wouldn't be able to expel toxins in our sweat, and unfortunately, we can suck them in too! Everything circulates. What you put on your skin ends up in your kidneys and brain. So if you want to look good, make sure that you eat good foods. You need enough vitamin C to make the collagen to fill the skin in your face. Vegetables are the best way to get this precious vitamin that also makes your joints cushiony, your heart strong and elastic, and helps heal, even to restore damaged cells before they turn into mutated cancer.

Since your gut is merely skin, it's bacteria that actually digest for you! That's why it is so important to have them. But it would be illogical to feed on products that bacteria can't eat, have your colony slowly starve to death and replace it by taking "probiotics" yogurts, letting them starve by eating artificial junk, processed grains and pure sugars all over again! They need vegetables to survive... so... so do you!

Of course real yogurt, plain bio yogurt such as Greek yogurt or kefir, are very delicious. Commercial yogurt isn't made of yogurt, it's dead and full of sugar and chemicals to pretend that they're full of fruits, but they're full of toxins, even being full of crap would be an improvement. They taste like so chemical compared to the real deal that it feels like eating shampoo. Eating plain takes some getting used to, but once the concentrated sugar is cleaned out of your tongue and brain, you'll enjoy more various subtle flavors and your pleasure will deepen. Natural food taste bland compared to chemicals that over stimulate your brain until neurons actually bursts and die... But everything is relative, so once you give up artificial flavors and overly sweetened products, you eventually become able to taste natural flavors again and everything tastes good, even celery.

You can make a strong colony of bacteria by letting them ferment vegetables in an artificial stomach (jar), giving them all the time they need. But unless you feed your new colony raw vegetables, they will die, starve to death, and so will you, even with a bloated obese gut full of rotten grains.

I'd never nuke them with antibiotics, but if you do, probiotics can save you. But lacking good bacteria was probably the problem from the start, so skip the nuke, replenish your army of symbiotic bacteria, and they will kick out the incompatible bacteria out of their own home. But most diseases are actually a symptom of nutritional deficiency, exhaustion or toxins. Bacteria digest materials in an oxygen deprived environment. They are wonderful in your gut, but of course you don't want to inject them in your eyes!!! Nothing is bad; everything belongs somewhere and has a purpose. If you are being digested by your own bacteria, you did something very wrong while taking care of your life.

Bacteria don't destroy teeth. But they clean decay. If your teeth are rotting because you drink acidic foods (phosphoric acid in cola is so corrosive that if you throw a tooth in it, it will dissolve right before your eyes!). Teeth aren't pieces of rocks; even your bones are alive. They require calcium+D3 to absorb it, magnesium, and vitamin C to make the collagen glue to make the minerals stick together. They are fed from the inside and the outside too.

If all you eat is worthless grains, you'll get scurvy: your gums will disintegrate and rot, your teeth too even though they're the hardest substance in your body, just like a pirate trapped on a ship away from vegetables... because having access to food to prevent scurvy is meaningless unless you eat it. The bacteria are there to clean the decay. Because it's toxic and if you absorb it in your blood through your skin it will poison you.

So bacteria eat your rotten flesh, it's better to have new friends than being poisoned by your own rotting flesh. But doctors blame the maid, when it's you who neglected to nourish your cells properly. Homeless people with worms in their wounds where healthier because they cleaned it, bacteria do the same in critical situations. Your flesh doesn't rot because bacteria are attacking it, it rots because there's not enough vitamin C to make the collagen to hold it together... and heal.

It's like my plants in my aquarium. My fishes can only succeed to eat them if they are sick and rotting. Otherwise they merely kiss the algae and small organisms off their strong leaves. But if I don't add the fertilizer to nourish my plants and the CO2 they need to breathe... they will rot away. It's not the fishes' fault. And if you rot away, it's not your bacteria's fault.

Bacteria have been demonized so much that to keep the illusion we call them under a different name when we notice that they are good for us... Probiotics... and enzymes.

All food contains enzymes and they are vital for biological functions. "Enzymes are complex proteins that stimulate chemical changes or reactions in other substances. Enzymes are a very important catalyst in our bodies, and they do so many important functions. There are three types of enzymes: digestive enzymes, food enzymes and metabolic enzymes." (Quote from The difference between enzymes vs. probiotics at truhealth.)

They can be produced by bacteria. It's said that we make them ourselves to digest, but that's illogical from the results. If you only eat cooked food, you kill the enzymes and you can't digest properly. So they're basically like bacteria (also called Probiotics and Microflora), living organisms that you need to eat to survive and keep your colony strong. But they are apparently considered to be different. Well, everything is different and everything is a unicellular bacteria.

The point is that you need some raw food along with your cooked ones, to make sure that you get the life forms that are necessary to your own survival. Your body is a society of various life forms collaborating. You aren't a lone person among endless invaders. If you are sick, it's not from bacteria, it's because of YOU!

Of course you it would be unwise to overwhelm your immune system with many bacteria from various bodies, fighting to defend what they believe is their territory, until your body can't compete with so many strangers. That would be like a world war inside your body. And that's what HIV/AIDS is... I think that the purpose of romance is to be in contact with each other's bacteria in a relaxed state until they acknowledge that the other person's colony isn't a threat. Kissing exchange bacteria. I think that in a relaxed state, those strangers will join your colony peacefully. But if you feel threatened, the stress will tell your bacteria to be in combat mode... they will try to kill their new host and won't be able to receive a calming signal from you. They will fight until they die, or if the person has a frail malnourished immune system, until the person dies. That's why romance and limiting partners was seen as a wise idea.

Because the cells are all independent people, they will survive for a while after the "driver's brain" dies. They can live longer as a society by making offspring to replace them, that's why you dream at night, you copy a memory from an old neuron to a new cell. And that's why you'd die if you don't sleep for too long (less than 2 weeks!). But they can all survive independently for a while... organs can be transplanted... and the immune system can attack even after the creature is officially dead if he died in a state of "fight of flight".

And that's why it will benefit us to threat animals kindly. As much as I claim that your gut bacteria need to ferment living plants to stay alive and keep you alive... the B complex to avoid debilitating anemia is best found in animal meat such as eggs. Eating animals is natural in the cycle of life. But torturing them in unsanitary and cruel conditions that will make them sick won't give us nutritious meat. It won't be tasty either. And their bacteria, which are their immune system, can have revenge from beyond the grave. Just like the movie War or the Worlds, when the alien dies from bacteria... after terrorizing and killing so many living creatures, their bacteria got into the aliens from the moisture in the air that they breathe and attacked them from the inside until the threat was annihilated. That's how wonderful your bacteria are. Maybe some diseases we get are bacteria that used to be an extinct animal... looking for a compatible host that doesn't exist anymore. But one thing for sure: gathering animals in confined places full of filth, decay, stress and malnutrition will start plagues.

But eating meat is fine if you give them a peaceful life and merciful death. Vegetarians give a bad name to vegetables. Tofu is made of soy and is actually bad for you as a staple food. It's too high on a substance that mimics the female hormone. It's so intense that it can even make men look like pregnant women, obese by messing with the hormones that decides how much fat you need, also making them impotent. It can do the same to women, and give them menstrual cramps, worsening their periods, and messing with their cells until they get breast cancer. If I had to eat tofu to eat vegetables, I wouldn't eat them either. But people who eat meat rely on rancid friend potatoes that become toxic and void of nutrition. They don't have the living organisms to help your colony or the living cells to replace your own. The best is meat with fresh vegetables. As a side dish, I always have a salad full of cucumbers, apples, raisins, slices of grapefruits and anything I can think of. It was to stop having gut pain to make fluffy layers and avoid feeling like a brick made of razor blades and going through me... but now that I gave up grains I don't feel that way anymore. I add vegetables to my cooked recipes. It's great to have chunks to chew, it's very filling.

There are advantages and inconvenient to raw and cook vegetables, you get bacteria to help you digest and make more vitamins in raw vegetables. But cooking makes some vegetables easier to digest and absorb. But heat can mutate the food and be considered a useless invader, because we can't renew our cells with dead things. Microwaves mutate them into things that where never seen before in nature, so if we manage to make cells with them, they can be all crooked, work weird... cancerous. But you can even heal from that because your body wants to be in harmony and won't allow anything less, if you give them the nutritional means and the life forms to defend you and heal.

Bacteria belong in you. They're not all compatible with you, and some can be in a bad mood, but they all serve a purpose. Their primary goal is to promote life. Antibiotics aim to kill, that's not a cure. Injecting incompatible bacteria known to cause problems to humans won't make you stronger; the people who aren't healthy enough to face the challenge will get sick and even die.

The best way to have the right bacteria is to eat healthy life forms, especially greens. Choose animals without toxins, without diseases and without stress. Their living cells will gladly welcome you as their new host as you welcome them, and they will prolong your life as a society of collaborating unicellular life forms.

Don't just eat taste. Eat life! Including bacteria, the ones from plants are super friendly. Enjoy~

Lisa Of Shades
11 August 2015
Right to be ©razy 2013 and beyond!