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Chemicals are added to our food and we think that they improve our life, but that's bullshit. The truth is the complete opposite: it poisons us, a burden on our body that makes us sick, threaten our quality of life and shorten it.

They are meant to kill not prolong life. They destroy small organism quickly and don't seem to affect us, but they still do. They poison us slowly, putting an unnecessary burden on the body, shortening our life span but worse, making our life miserable with illnesses; because they accumulate in the body.

In the page "Purpose of fat" I explain that our fat cells seal those toxins safely away from our vital organs; hoping for the day that you'll drink enough water, eat enough fiber and greens full of anti-poison vitamin C... and stop pushing those nasty substances into you.

  • Something that preserves or tends to preserve.
  • A chemical substance used to preserve foods or other organic materials from decomposition or fermentation.
If they were meant to preserves, we'd give bottles to old people; but that would kill them fast.

Food doesn't decompose or ferment on its own. When organic matter dies it turns acidic and toxic; then come the cleaning crews of bacteria and fungus to help it return to the earth, so a new generation of food and life can grow anew.

Killing those friends of nature might make it look like it's preserved, but it's not, the food is dead anyway:
  • The nutrients are decayed, so it can't nourish us; that means that instead to regen our cells we'll decay and look older and sicker. It takes life to prolong life.
  • The PH turned acidic, so the body will have to sacrifice alkaline substances from the bone and teeth to prevent the blood from turning into battery acid and erode the organs. That is what cause tooth decay and osteoporosis, not the bacteria that come to clean the putrid mess that you've done to yourself.
The chemicals are also acidic so it might look better but it only worsens the problem. A substance that is meant to murder the life forms that will get to the food will not only destroy small organisms but also big ones: us! Slowly but surely.

Preservatives might have the name but only in looks, it doesn't preserve, it poisons. We sure love to be fooled and deceived by appearances. We even add more poisons to make the food seem even prettier than nature intended to, or to trick you into thinking that artificial substances are edible with artificial tastes, when even less nutritious than cardboard. Then your body consumes them compulsively, desperately seeking for vitamins and minerals, when all it gets is empty sugar, more energy than it can use, too strong for the pancreas, so it becomes a poison to it and the entire body... Then your fat cells get loaded with poisons. Obese people are starved and poisoned.

  • Something that is added, as one substance to another, to alter or improve the general quality or to counteract undesirable properties: an additive that thins paint.
  • Nutrition:
    • Also called food additive. a substance added directly to food during processing, as for preservation, coloring, or stabilization.
    • Something that becomes part of food or affects it as a result of packaging or processing, as debris or radiation.
The fact that they used paint as example is far from being reassuring... If you think it's two completely different categories and doesn't get into the human mouth, think again:

The chemical used to make paint white is added to your toothpaste... Dentin is supposed to be yellow and the enamel is transparent, so having very white teeth is not healthy if they're full of paint. If your teeth are too yellow, you're eating too much acid and it eroded your enamel. The solution is get rid of the acid and consume calcium & magnesium from things like greens, nuts and bone soup. Using paint is not a good idea.

We only hide the warning of nature that the food isn't proper to consumption... that it's dead, acidic, will make us sick and can't help our cells regenerate... those chemicals let us die and kill us!

We even irradiate them, believing the claims that it can't possibly pass on to us, when we all know that we're made of matter: the very substances that we eat, not good will...

Then we wonder why we get cancer... Studies show that chemotherapy is carcinogen; and vitamin C can cure it with no side effects whatsoever.

So here are the side effects and the health problems that cause preservatives and additives. They can be in more things than the examples that I used, even hidden in products that claim to be free of them by being in an ingredient's sub-list:


Sulfur Dioxide (Sulfites)


Sulfur Dioxide


Preservative I found in a lemon juice plastic bottle.

Sulfur dioxide is a colorless gas. (That reminds me of terrorism for some reason...)

Sulfur preservatives, such as sulfites and sulfur dioxide, inhibit the growth of microorganisms and prevent discoloration of foods. Sulfur preservatives are used in fruit juices, dried fruits, vinegar and wine to extend the shelf life of products.

Names: sulfur dioxide, sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite, potassium bisulfite and potassium metabisulfite.

(So that's the sulfites that labels warn about allergy, but it's bad on its own! Everyone is "allergic" to poison!)


Resume: Damage lungs, heart, fats so it means all cells and brain, all life from trees to fish and us, buildings and the whole planet's climate.

(Whoa that's some bad ass toxic gas! I'll put that on my list if I ever become an evil overlord and want to exterminate the human race. Or maybe not since it kills trees and fishes... I like those. They never brought bullshit like this into the world.)

From livestrong:
  • Migraine Headache
    • Involves changes in the size of the arteries within and outside of the brain that may last from 4 hours to several days and affects nearly 30 million Americans, primarily women.
    • Increases emergency room visits for treatment. (If you end up in a hospital, it sure must hurt.)
  • Respiratory Conditions:
    From mild wheezing to potentially life-threatening reactions, even in short exposures.
    • Asthma:
      A paroxysmal, often (means not always) allergic disorder of respiration, characterized by bronchospasm, wheezing, and difficulty in expiration, often accompanied by coughing and a feeling of constriction in the chest.

      (Could panic attacks actually be a reaction to poisons~? Hm... Nooo~~~ It must be imaginary fairies in your head... Or not enough will power. You're too lazy to breathe properly, yeah that must be a personality disorder. Psychiatry sure is the kingdom of pure bullshit. Why the irrational unknown fears? It's not like you're being killed slowly. Or are you~~~)
    • Bronchial airway problems
      Bronchi: Either of the two main branches of the trachea that lead to the lungs, where they divide into smaller branches.

      (Wow, nothing says suffocation like having problem with the air pathway... except maybe being stabbed in the lungs but that's more obvious. A gas that destroys your ability to breathe... so it's kinda like smoking; and we all know that it causes lung cancer. But it's probably only going to occur with people who are allergic to death... Yeah, can't possibly happen to you. We all have to die of something, so why not suffocate in agony for a few decades to make it more trilling. Enjoy~)
    • Emphysema:
      A chronic, irreversible disease of the lungs characterized by abnormal enlargement of air spaces in the lungs accompanied by destruction of the tissue lining the walls of the air spaces.
      Any abnormal distention of an organ, or part of the body, with air or other gas.

      (Hm~ Other gas, sulfur is a gas... why not spray it all over our food! Doctors will surely invent a pill to reverse time, so who cares if the damage will become permanent. It's not like I need to breathe to live. Who need invisible things like oxygen, it's not even pretty. I'll just put more blush make up on my cheeks when I'll be all blue... in my coffin. Never looked better in my life! Oh wait... I figured it out but now it's too late. THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!!! It happens every time you allow that shit into your mouth.)
  • Abnormal Taste
    When wine is consumed with some fish, the sulfur dioxide in wine degrades the unsaturated fatty acids and increases undesirable taste and fishy odor in the wine.

    (Hmm... If it can pass from one food to another, obviously it can pass onto you quickly and screw you up too! But worst... every cells in our body and especially our whole brain is made of fat... if that poison is not just acidic but degrade fat... it means that it causes cell damage all over our body and brain damage.

    I might not care if I breathe, but I sure love my brain! Could it make it harder to concentrate and the real reason behind attention deficit disorders ADD? Nooo~ Just give meth-like drugs to kids. Then scorn teens for smoking leaves... The monsters, only pushers approved by the government should have the right to addict kids with dangerous substances. It's for your own good~~~ Now drink cola full of mega stimulants like sugar and caffeine, with no nutrition to make your body function properly at such a speed, and bang your head on walls until you get sick. That sure will help corporations fool you even more easily. You damn pawn, which also means hostage for money, isn’t that interesting.)
When the information is about food, it's used in small qualities so we stop tracing the devastating effects back to the source after a while. But it still accumulates slowly but surely in the cells and brains to cause disease that we don't seem to find a cause or a cure for.

I was already convinced that this thing is horrific but it gets worst when you look at the substance by itself, you see how dangerous that poison is.

From airquality:

"SO2 is a colourless gas. It smells like burnt matches. It can be oxidized to sulphur trioxide, which in the presence of water vapour is readily transformed to sulphuric acid mist. SO2 can be oxidized to form acid aerosols. SO2 is a precursor to sulphates, which are one of the main components of respirable particles in the atmosphere."

I am a fan of horror movies and I know the word sulfuric acid from there... when they want to melt and disfigure flesh into a gross and grotesque way... they say that they used that acid...

There's a countless amount of transformation in our body... we're made of water more than anything else... so you won't tell me that putting sulfur inside us won't turn to sulfuric acid when put into us... when it's acid anyway and that's how it kills the fungus and bacteria that are there to help dead decay decompose... Now if you want to feed on untouched dead decay and have battery acid in your veins... it's a choice. But allergy or not, that shit is horrific news...

Health effects of SO2:
  • Breathing problems, respiratory illness, changes in the lung's defences, and worsening respiratory disease.
    (So it hurts you, and makes you defenseless against other things that can hurt you... ouch!)
  • Worsening cardiovascular disease.
    (Then it means that it can cause it!)
  • Damages trees and crops.
    (So the food that should help you heal feeds you more wounds...)
  • Main precursors of acid rain along with nitrogen oxides.
  • This contributes to the acidification of lakes and streams.
    (Omega 3 in fish is good for you... unless they bathe in battery acid... oups no more fish!)
  • Accelerated corrosion of buildings and reduced visibility.
  • Causes formation of microscopic acid aerosols, which have serious health implications as well as contributing to climate change.
So... It's so acid that it melts buildings and change the whole planet's temperature...

But go ahead, eat it. You're more solid than concrete and bigger than the world right?

It only affects with visible agony the people who already have an illness... the others; they just develop that illness, symptom free... Until they too start to suffocate and their heart explode, of course... but it's much later~

Who want to be healthy when middle aged or older, it's the only way to get attention from pretty nurses... or anybody. Want some smokes while you're at it?

It seems like you have to get a full blown cancer to get the attention of doctors nowadays. I had blood in my urine and they told me they weren't worried... Hm...

You might want to mistrust the FDA saying that stuff like that is GRAS ("Generally considered as safe"). Generally means that sometimes, it's deadly not! When we notice it... but actually never is! They allow trace amounts of arsenic... whaaa...!

If it doesn't kill you right away but still can...

Smell those matches, hum, delicious, you sure want that in your food. It will burn your nasal membrane so you won't be able to taste food as much, wonderful for weight loss. You don't need to eat if you're too busy concentrating to get a gasp of air. And companies can sell spoiled food without anyone noticing, instead to have to throw it in the garbage where it belongs, a little chemical here and there to give it back its color and mask the taste... so they make more cash. Who cares if you freaking suffer as long as they can roll in your money! They have kids to feed and endless junk to buy too!

Everybody win. What a wonderful world!

It sure would be even better without that bullshit. I don't know for you... but I'm not going to eat that. I bought the plastic lemon juice to remove a oil stain on my laundry... but I think I'll hold my breath while using it... but actually...

Never again.

I hope you enjoyed the rants~
and know what sarcasm mean...

It's like a lie that is meant to be obvious and funny. Unlike what they do to your food.

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Mens sana in corpore sano: A healthy mind in a healthy body.

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7 Mars 2013
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