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Medical doctors know that vitamin deficiencies cause extreme symptoms and deadly diseases. But they aren't trained to find them out and cure you this way. They make a living by selling drugs, and they will do everything they can to discredit the competition. Even if a more natural approach is what you really need, and even if their toxic artificial drugs kill you. Good intentions aren't enough to save a life, especially not by using toxins.

Naturopath doctors heal you by trying to figure out what your whole body needs to heal you, and encourage you to make permanent life changes so you can provide it to yourself. That includes nutrition and megadoses of vitamins. That approach finally worked to end my physical and mental agony. I finally got back my health and my dignity, by taking responsibility and control for my own life & healing.

But more of the wrong thing won't make it right, it will be more dangerous. It's especially true with drugs because they go against your body, but it can also be true with some nutrients.

Water soluble vitamins are safer than fat soluble ones because they can't accumulate in the body as easily, therefore you need to consume more of them daily. Minerals are used a lot to function and renew body parts, but metals are only needed in trace amounts.

You have to find the right nutrients in the right amounts, as much as you truly need, and balance them all together, because they work together. Not all sources of calories have the same effect on the body because nutrition must be whole. All nutrients are needed, but they are for different reasons, at different times, and in different amounts.

Lisa Of Shades
14 November 2015
Edited: 16 November 2015

Nutrition vs. drugs, the choice is clear

Nutrition is a vital need, so if you want to use convenient pills, the natural forms of nutrients in supplements are definitively safer and more usable by your body than synthetic drugs. But supplements can only complement a healthy diet, not replace it. Juicing vegetables can be a safer way to have a megadose of nutrition, if you can afford the money and hassle, it's delicious.

But everything that has an influence over your very life requires caution. Trial and errors are a good way to learn. But make sure that you do your own research, to know what you are doing, no matter what you choose. Your own life is at stake, so don't let anyone else make the decision for you mindlessly, not even if they claim to be experts. Even they can be wrong.

Nature succeeded at promoting life since billion of years. Western medicine was created only a few thousands years ago by Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BCE), and he said to use nutrition first.

  • "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."
  • "Extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases."
    So he'd agree with mega doses of vitamins.
  • "Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."
    Natural nutrients give the body the means to do that.
History of medicine (wiki): "...the decline in many of the most lethal diseases was more due to improvements in public health and nutrition than to medicine."

If a medical doctor doesn't agree with the founder of his own profession and biology itself... then he's either ignorant from misinformation, too egotistic to see the wrongs of trying to surpass nature & life itself, or corrupt by profits. It's probably a mix of it all.

Enjoy healing with nutrition, slowly but surely~
Lisa Of Shades
16 November 2015

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Balancing nutrients together

To be fair, everything done unwisely can kill you. Water is undeniably vital for life, that's the most abundant material in living beings. But too much of it can dilute your electrolyte minerals and break the balance. So even too much water can kill you.

But claiming that water is dangerous and that you should only drink cola instead would be absurd, because the chemicals in it are even more dangerous! That's how drug sellers are trying to scare and fool you away from healthy nutrition. Megadoses of vitamins have risks, but they are much safer than drugs. So far the only side effect I had was to take a painless poop. Which felt really good too.

Vitamins and minerals must be balanced with your needs (it varies between nutrients and days), with how many your weakened body can handle, and with each other.

Multivitamins might be good for maintenance, but healing require specific nutrients in large doses. Especially the water soluble vitamins C and B complex. Those are very safe because they are either used to function, build something, or excreted easily.

Vitamin C is acidic. It's called ascorbic acid. So you have to balance it with alkaline minerals to maintain the neutral PH balance in your body.

Balancing your electrolyte minerals together is also important: Calcium, magnesium, salt with trace minerals like Grey Celtic sea salt, potassium from vegetables and bicarbonate (I wash myself with it to avoid disturbing digestion, the skin absorbs it).

Calcium requires vitamin D3 to be absorbed and to be balanced with magnesium. Magnesium is one of the most common deficiencies and you're more likely to need more of that one, even though the body need less than calcium, because we focus so much on calcium being more important that we end up having a magnesium deficiency. And taking even more calcium will break the balance further instead to correct the problem.

Calcium help contracts muscles, magnesium helps to relax them.

Salt and potassium must have the right ratio to keep fluids inside the cell properly, and avoid too low or too high blood pressure.

Salt have been blamed for high blood pressure, but it's also because of lack of potassium and vitamin C from greens. I eat a whole lot of vegetables and I need to add a lot of salt to avoid low blood pressure, also because my kidneys have a hard time recycling salt, so I can't hold on to water and I keep being dehydrated peeing all the time.

Diabetics aren't peeing a lot only to excrete excess sugar. It's especially because while they go for processed sugary foods, they don't eat the nutrients that the kidneys need to function properly. Without vitamin C to heal, you go blind and you get limbs amputated. The sugar isn't causing it, craving sugar is a symptom of lacking vitamin C, but if you only eat things that processed the vitamin out, you'll end up in a deadly vicious cycle. So sugar for energy needs to be balanced with vitamin C to heal from spending energy, and the B complex to be able to even burn energy.

Sugar is merely a taste to let you know which vegetables and fruits contain the most vitamin C from being ripe just right. Sugar is USELESS and TOXIC on its own! Energy can't be burned without the B complex.

Doctors seem to think that it's fine to eat 100g of sugar in a chocolate bar, and even eat many as long as you exercise. But you can't exercise without the B complex and vitamin C! You'd be in way too much pain and it would worsen exhaustion and that's freaking depressing. So taking a few grams of vitamin C is much safer, and MUCH MORE NEEDED!

100g is excessive especially as sugar, but 100g of vitamin C would be better than sugar. Too much vitamin C wouldn't cause obesity and diabetes, you'd just heal and shit a whole lot. Some people might need even more than 100g of C to finally heal.

Most people are obese, they could use "too much" vitamin C and have a nice shit to get rid of all the toxins trapped in their fat. But natural vegetables are much safer than just one refined isolated element, because life is complex. So to sustain it you need to eat the whole complex life forms, with everything that they have to offer. But if you want an extra of the best, vitamin C is what you need, not sugar, that's the worst and merely the taste to signal that vitamin C is SUPPOSED to be in there. Don't let the taste fool you.

Iron is required in such small amount that a bottle of supplement can kill a child. I was prescribed iron for anemia but it felt wrong, it was an unnatural form with suspicious extra ingredients. I get it from nutrition, but I supplement extra vitamin C to absorb it, that one is much safer... and effective! It's also thanks to the B complex that my anemia was cured.

Andrew Saul is called the "Megavitamin Man" not the "Megairon Man". Most precisely, the safest water soluble vitamins C and the B complex. Those are very safe. The B complex help you spend energy and vitamin C helps you heal from the tear and wear that it causes. So if you take even more vitamin C than the B complex, you can use high doses safely. Vitamin C overdoses pass right through you, as diarrhea. It's used to know the bowel tolerance which is a good indication of how much you need. It's painless, not razor blades the way grains did to me.

The B complex is absorbed and excreted in very bright colored yellow urine, which might tire your kidneys, but the vitamin C will rejuvenate them. They are both water soluble, all other vitamins are fat soluble. I always say the B complex because all the B vitamins work in harmony but even their doses are different:
  • B1 (Thiamin) The deficiency is called beriberi meaning "I can't, I can't" in Singhalese, which reflects the crippling effect it has on its victims.
  • B2 (Riboflavin)
  • B3 (Niacin) Andrew Saul praise this one a lot and suggest using mega doses of this one. The deficiency is called pellagra and the symptoms are the 4Ds: Dermatitis, Diarrhea, Dementia, Death.
  • B5 (Pantothenic Acid) James Wilson suggest a higher amount of especially that one for Adrenal Fatigue.
  • B6 (Pyridoxine)
  • B12 (Cobalamin) Doctors call the deficiency pernicious anemia.
  • Folic Acid (Folate, vitamin Bc)
  • Vitamin H (Biotin)
  • Choline
Thoughts and emotions aren't imaginary concepts; they are the product of nerve impulses. If they are messed up, then your nerves are probably messed up. Eating more of what they are made of (B complex) can rebuild them stronger, supplements can make the process faster because there's a limit to how fast you can chew and digest whole foods. But drinking liquid sugar with dyes won't even help you shit.

I take them all. My favorite, from experiencing the best results for my own problems & needs, is vitamin C. It's also the safest nutrient, and it seems to also be the one that we need the most, especially in time of stress. There's a massive reserve in the adrenal glands (they handle stress) and in the eyes... and in the brain.

If you lack vitamin C, the body will sacrifice repairs and vital functions. If you take high doses of supplements, the body will gladly start using it all. If you stop suddenly, the body won't have the time to slowly enter a partial hibernation from malnutrition, so you'll suddenly see symptoms of scurvy. Not because vitamin C is bad... but because stopping what you need quickly is an even greater shock than slowly. That's why people don't notice low levels chronic deficiencies until they drop dead from a heart attack.

But I took extra massive doses after a stressful day or feeling a cold coming, and I could lower it back to my maintenance dose abruptly because I no longer needed that extra. But my regular dose is high too. I take 4g daily in divided doses, and I can take extra 5-15g in times of crisis. Not taking it can make me extremely weak, in pain, and suicidal distressed for months. So for me the risk of pooping liquid is worth it, I just make sure to eat well and be hydrated.

The scary thing is... I don't get symptoms of overdose even when I take 15g... so we need way more than the recommended 0.1g!!! At least I do for sure. The guinea pigs can't make their own vitamin C either, and their need is the equivalent of 20g a day if they where as big as a human! So the 0.1g is really just good enough to ward off instant death, not to thrive physically and mentally for a long time. And that minimum is sure as hell not good enough to heal from agonizing problems.

Good for you is 1g of vitamin C gives you diarrhea and that you don't need more, apparently it's the case for the majority of people, that's why they reccomended less than 1g. But it only means that you're not under massive stress requiring high doses of vitamin C to survive, that could change at any time! And it's not true for everybody even if it's the case for the majority! Don't use your lucky health to deny healing to those who are dying!

Their only hope to join the majority is to take enough vitamin C to correct the deficiency and hopefully no longer need more than 1g anymore... but some lives are more stressful and require more than others... and some bodies just warn us of the problem sooner than others. Some ignore it until it's too late, and some look like whining emo pussies, but it's only by being disturbed by a problem hard enough to acknowledge it that we'll find the motivation to figure out how to improve the situation.

Most people want to use drugs to cover up symptoms of pain or discomfort... That just enable denial not healing. The problem keeps rotting you inside even if you feel happier about it. Nutrients will give you the means to heal, even if you don't feel happy about eating vegetables and fruits instead of synthetic toxic candies.

I choose to add vegetables to my meat and get rid of grains, sugar and toxins. That's my happy healing. If you choose to snore cocaine and only want to eat stuff made of white powders... That's your problem. Good luck with scurvy, it's worse than death.

Research nutrients wisely. It's fun and empowering.

I did, just search your symptoms in my compilation and add the food sources to your meals. If you are very sick, specific supplements can help.

Vitamins and minerals

For example, this is my vitamins & minerals that I take for my Adrenal Fatigue.

But everyone is different, with different needs and even the same cause can have different symptoms. It can require so much wisdom and time to figure out how to be healthy that medical doctors just try to cover up symptoms. Going to them and getting drugs to have a healthy life is as unlikely as going to a fast food restaurant to be well nourished.

The best for you takes time. If you don't want to do that for yourself, no one else will.

Never take any pill without investigating its benefits and risks first, especially not drugs. Concentrated foods are safer, but it's best to eat the healthy life forms, because they have s much more to offer than just one isolated nutrient, and that is how life works: complex organic materials in harmony. Even probiotic bacteria are vital to your survival, so raw foodd are important too.

Add more true foods, soon enough you'll stop craving the bad because you'll feel so much better.

Lisa Of Shades
14 November 2015
Edited: 16 November 2015

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Diseases known to be caused by nutritional deficiencies and only curable with nutrition

I felt very angry at disinformation done by a doctor, I think it was this article:

Megavitamins may be dangerous to your health

"Don’t try megavitamins for a solution. If they give you any relief, it will only be symptomatic: the cause of your problem will remain untouched. And the megavitamins may cause even further disruption of your health because of the many harmful side effects they can have."

This is true about DRUGS! Not vitamins!!! Health problems are often cause by nutritional deficiencies, NOT drug deficiencies!!! When the cause is lack of vitamins, vitamins are the ONLY cure!

Here are diseases that are known to be caused by nutritional deficiencies by the medical industry:

Anemia: lack of iron, but it's more likely to be from a deficiency of vitamin C to absorb it. That helped me more than the iron supplements, I'm scared to take those.

Pernicious anemia: Lack of B12, and probably the rest of the B complex since they work together.


Lack of vitamin C. But now the gum problems are called gingivitis. The heart problems are called heart disease. They see that there is a link between both but they blame bacteria, when they are vital to your health. And many other symptoms like depression and exhaustion.

Scurvy: "a disease marked by swollen and bleeding gums, livid spots on the skin, prostration, etc."

Prostration: "extreme mental or emotional depression or dejection, extreme physical weakness or exhaustion"

The problems are extremely common in our society that feed on refined sugar after taking the vitamin C out, but the medical industry wants us to take psychiatric drugs and exercise even if we can't! And tells us to avoid vitamins because they could hurt us, but artificial addictives are fine even though they are known to cause cancer!? Nonsense. They just want more clients.

Pellagra: Lack of niacin (B3) "is characterized by skin changes, severe nerve dysfunction, mental symptoms, and diarrhea." Also "It is characterized by 4 "D's": diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia, and death. Diagnosis of pellagra is difficult in the absence of the skin lesions, and is often facilitated by the presence of characteristic ones." So doctors won't believe that you're not lazy and crazy unless they can see it on your skin, morons.

Beriberi: Lack of B1 "a disease of the peripheral nerves characterized by pain in and paralysis of the extremities, and severe emaciation or swelling of the body." But they what you to vaccinate your child by injecting the polio virus that causes paralysis... blaming microscopic life forms for society's failure to nourish its people properly, when well nourish people are resistant to diseases and infections. But they don't even look into nutritional deficiencies, because they can't test it accurately, it rarely shows in the blood.

So doctor KNOW that nutritional deficiencies cause extreme symptoms and deadly diseases. But do they threat those symptoms with nutrition? No. Only drugs.

So of course they will talk against vitamins. But if it works, then it does. And it did for me. Of course I had to take the right vitamin and be careful to find the balance between what my body needed and what he could handle safely.

Doctors prescribed me iron for my anemia. It didn't work. Knowing that the bottle could kill a small child worried me. But taking water soluble vitamins, C and the B complex, finally helped. Along with very balanced meals free from grains, sugar and chemicals of course.

Doctors are trained to sell drugs. Not vitamins. So they will brag about what is profitable to them and shun what they don't even understand.

I have no training whatsoever. I am simply saying that without vitamin megadoses... My life would still be a hell worse than death. It helped me, so maybe it can help you if you find the right vitamins and the right dose. And that can be a lot!

Lisa Of Shades
14 November 2015

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Caution (First article)

I've seen warning from doctors that mega doses of vitamins can be dangerous. Well, it's safer than low doses of drugs, but I'll play the devil's advocate and give a fair warning.
There are various types of nutrients.

The fat soluble vitamins that accumulate in fat easily and the water soluble ones that you either convert to flesh because they are so important, or pee out because you couldn't use it all fast enough, even though you might need them.

High doses of vitamin A, a fat soluble vitamin, can kill you. If you eat the liver of a polar bear, you'll die of a vitamin overdose. But the people praising the effectiveness of megadoses of vitamins NEVER recommend to use that one.

Besides vitamin D to absorb calcium, they rarely suggest taking the fat soluble vitamins at all. But the water soluble ones, C and the B complex, are extremely important and mandatory to survive. That's the ones that can be needed in mega doses under ill circumstances.

But if you are having a health crisis, from stress, allergies, disease, anguish... you'll need high doses of vitamin C that will be hard to get from vegetables grown in poor soil. If you need them but don't get the high doses of vitamins, you'll get diseases and you'll die.

This is why I take water all soluble vitamins supplements, but not fat soluble ones.

Vitamins and minerals must be balanced with each other.

Vitamin C is an acid, you'll need something alkaline to balance that PH into the neutral one that you need. Vegetables are alkaline and have a lot of vitamin C because they also have calcium and magnesium. I take supplements of those minerals.

With some fat soluble vitamin D3, the natural form, not the synthetic D2, to help me absorb calcium... in a form that my body will be able to use properly. I get my vitamins from good natural sources. A vitamin C from moldy GMO corn that is unsafe as food in its natural form isn't going to promote health the same way as a high potency vitamin C made of citrus fruits and cherries that also has flavonoids that enhance the ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Especially if you are allergic to corn like I am.

Using synthetic ingredients for a natural body won't be compatible. The vitamin can be safe, but the other ingredients to bind the pill together can harm you. So it's important to choose one that isn't full of sugar, preservatives, hormone disrupters like soy, and common allergens that you might be allergic to without knowing. But processed "food" is full of those toxic horrors; at least supplements have some vitamins in them.

Iron is a metal, if you are anemic you're more likely lacking the vitamin C to absorb it and the B complex. Red blood cells aren't only made of metal. You only need a small amount of those. Taking too much iron can kill you. But I wouldn't recommend eating a fork with your meal either. But you can eat all the greens and nuts that you can swallow. Because they are full of water soluble vitamins and minerals, those supplements are fine as well.

Calcium needs to be balanced with magnesium. Potassium needs to be balanced with salt.

You can't just take one magic pill and make all the consequences of the abuse and neglect that you did to yourself go away quickly. You need to restore the balance in your life, nutrition, body, and mind. As you add healthy things, every other aspects of your being benefit from it as a whole.

High doses of vitamins can help you catch up to nutritional deficiencies debt. But if you try to take too much too fast, the wrong type, and not balanced properly in harmony... yes, you can hurt yourself. Yes, you can die.

But there is less than a handful of death from vitamins, and they're unproven. It's much safer than drugs that cause millions of deaths from expected side effects of drugs when they take it properly.

Even drinking too much water is dangerous. Because it needs to be balanced with electrolytes minerals.

So everything in life has risks when you don't do it wisely. If you are unwilling to do your research, try with trials and errors, and go gently... then you might as well do nothing at all. But the dangers of certain vitamins are insignificant compared to the pure poisons that are drugs.

You can get sick from eating the wrong food, and even from the best ones if you eat too much food too fast, but at feast. Supplements are concentrated foods, so the same thing is true for them.

But the risks of vitamins don't mean that drugs are safer! If doctors are scared of mega doses of vitamins, they should really stop drugging people!

So if you absolutely want to believe in some magic cure all pill, vitamin C is as close to it as you can possibly hope.

But don't do this with vitamin A and iron. It's not the same. It's not the vitamin that is used in mega doses therapies. Only the safest water soluble vitamin C and B complex.

Don't do anything anyhow. Don't trust anyone blindly. Don't swallow anything before knowing the positive and negative effects. That is true for food, supplements... and is radically true for drugs.

Vitamins give your body the means to function and heal. Mega doses can help accomplish a lot of healing faster than food could.

If you think that's scary, then never, EVER, use drugs to force your body to do something that he cannot do, force something that he refuses to do to preserve your energy and resources.

Do your research, experiment on yourself and your body will tell you if you're on the right path or not.

But instead to numb the pain with drugs, try healing it all away with nutrition. Pooping is a dirty side effect, but it's the best way to detox.

Lisa Of Shades
19 October 2015
Uploaded: 14 November 2015
Edited: 16 November 2015

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Example with vitamin C

If you have a nutritional deficiency for a long time, your body will degenerate. Both by lacking the materials to renew your cells and having to cannibalize them to have the means to execute vital functions.

The most important ones causing the most devastating effects are the water soluble vitamins.

Vitamin C:

Necessary to make the collagen and elastin that binds all material together. Without enough of it:
  • Your adrenals won't be able to handle stress and regulate blood sugar.
  • Your eyes won't be flexible enough to focus.
  • Your joints won't be thick enough to prevent your bones from painfully grinding together.
  • Your bones won't be resistant by being flexible and will shatter easily even with high mineral density.
  • Your skin won't be filled with flexible flesh so you will wrinkle.
  • Your gums will recede and your teeth will fall out.
  • Your heart won't be able to be flexible and strong ad could stop at any moment.
  • Your brain won't be able to think clearly.
  • You won't be able to absorb iron and make red blood cells.
  • You will neither be able to carry oxygen to burn energy nor heal the cells from that burn.
  • Your quality of life will be so miserable that you'll be depressed enough to wish to kill yourself.
  • You'll die from malnutrition.
Something equally horrific physically and mentally happens from a deficiency of the B complex, the other water soluble vitamins.

If you are in intense physical and mental agony, you will need a lot to repair the neglect and abuse.

Mega doses of vitamin C will definitively help you. But it's better to start slow and stop slow. Sometimes the body is too exhausted to handle even what he needs properly.

But if instead you take iron, a metal, or vitamin A, a fat soluble vitamin... NO it won't help. YES it can kill you.

If you test to see if vitamin C works with small doses that didn't even prevent diseases, NO it won't cure them! You need to raise it to a maintenance dose PLUS EXTRA to heal.

But you will still need megadoses of vitamin C if you want any hope to survive. The minimum won't be enough to catch up. It's not even enough to prevent symptoms of low grade chronic scurvy, calling each symptom by various other names won't change the cause, but it will make you lose sight of the cure!

So nourish yourself wisely. And if you didn't for years, it will take a long time to heal. There is no magic pill that can make everything go away without making changes. But vitamins can help your healing go faster... before it's too late.

But they will never replace good nutrition. Because the problem with processed junk was never the calories. And it wasn't just the lack of nutrition. It's because they are toxic. Far more than megadoses of vitamin C. It's been successfully used to threat cancer, without causing it later.

So enjoy, but slowly and wisely.
Lisa Of Shades
14 November 2015
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