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Health ~ Nutrition ~ Many illnesses are actually scurvy

Scurvy called by any other name makes you suffer just the same. But it will make you lose sight of the cure.


Introduction with a quick example

On my bottle of vitamin C supplements it says that it has those important purposes:

"A factor in the normal development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums and the overall maintenance of good health."

Scurvy can happen suddenly if you eat no vitamin C at all, but it can also subtly aggravate over time if you don't have enough materials to renew your cells adequately.

Here's the description of vitamin C again, I added the "modern" names given to what is actually various symptoms of chronic scurvy:

"A factor in the normal development and maintenance of bones (osteoporosis), cartilage (arthritis but also fibromyalgia, heart disease, wrinkles... they all require collagen), teeth (tooth decay, cavities) and gums (gingivitis) and the overall maintenance of good health (everything else such as: multiple chemical sensitivities, blood sugar imbalances, depression… cancer.)"

The more you look at it this way, the more obvious it gets... the Standard American Diet is clearly a recipe for disaster... and Medical drug approach is futile and harmful. The world becomes terrifying so you just want to close your eyes in denial… until you notice what it actually means:

Nutrition is an easy and affordable cure for what is believed to be incurable agony and doom. Because that's the problem in the first place.

Junk is the problem that makes you miserable, not the comforting and convenient solution. The genuine foods, without artificial flavors and sugars to trick & damage your brain, can make you happier than you ever hoped.

The root cause of all that physical and mental suffering is malnutrition, mostly vitamin C deficiency… it's the new names of what we used to call scurvy. It was clear that only vitamin C can cure scurvy. But unfortunately, various types of specialists became too narrow minded on different symptoms and lost sight of the big picture: the simple cause & cure. Doctors tend to arrogantly think that their modern science is above diseases of old, but artificial man made chemicals will never replace the most vital need to survive: being nourished by life itself.

Admitting that people still suffer from scurvy wouldn't be a shameful failure by science to improve the human condition. It's refusing to admit the truth and dismissing the ancestral wisdom that turned healers into such incompetent and even murderous drug pushers. Science have found new techniques, but they're not necessarily what is need or compatible with life. Because the body's vital needs never changed.

If you don't nourish yourself properly... you'll suffer on your way to die. Your body and mind aren't to blame; they accomplish wonders with the limited resources available. The problem is your food and self care.

Being narrow minded, misdiagnosing the symptoms of scurvy as a problem by itself, conveniently make doctors look clever and enslave you on pills for the huge profits of pharmaceutical companies. But it won't cure you; the "side" effects will create more diseases in a profitable vicious cycle… It won't save your life. It will even kill you. Medicine is the hidden leading causes of death, even when they are properly prescribed and taken.

Doctors and pharmacists laugh arrogantly at the idea that scurvy still exists in our "modern and civilized" society. But we have even more reasons to suffer from vitamin C efficiency than 3rd world countries.

Having an easy access to fresh products full of vitamin C means nothing if people don't eat it. Using technology to make artificial toxic food that poison you instead to nourish you, by focusing on taste alone and profits... is much worse than eating life forms straight from the mud, in a country lacking such deadly modern science.

We use our science and technology to make artificial products without any nutrition whatsoever because we focus on profits instead of health. Products void of life will last forever on a shelf so the companies won't suffer from loss, and people will eat them ravenously desperately seeking the nourishing nutrition that they only pretend to contain with chemicals that trick and addict your brain while destroying your organs.

You will get scurvy for sure if you feed yourself with sandwiches made of white bread and processed meat, macaroni and cheese and hamburgers... thinking that it's more convenient than making a vegetable and meat soup.

Companies and the medical industry claims that you're just being lazy if you get fat, but there's no way that you can run after eating a box of Twinkies, you'd have to run all day and all night, even Olympics athletes can't do that. But you won't have the energy to run, no matter how many calories you ingest, if you don't get the nutrition required to trigger the biological functions that burns energy. Like a car full of gas but without a battery or key, it's useless to add more gas! It's useless to eat more sugar and poisons. Because it's toxins that will be stored in fat, not fat itself, and you can't burn that. You cannot outrun nutritional deficiencies. Junk food isn't bad because it's too fat, sweet or high in calories, but because it's void of vitamins & minerals and full of toxins! That's why people can't stop eating, because what they eat isn't food!

And that's why people get sick. And a lot of illnesses blamed on fat, sugar or old age are actually scurvy!

More information: Vitamins & minerals ~ Vitamin C.

Interesting site: chronic scurvy at the vitamin C foundation.

I'm not a doctor, so mind isn't overwhelmed by a massive amount of Latin words, memorized like a parrot. I explain what I learned intuitively with my own observations. If you can only take scientific jargon seriously, there are a lot of sites and research that proves how malnutrition is the real cause of diseases. But it's easy to disprove by using extremely low doses of vitamins in their experiments, to justify selling profitable drugs and processed grains, both have many toxins and no nutrition.

Obviously, more poisons won't cure poison.

My pride doesn't come from an expensive medical degree; I welcomed any approach that could save my life. Drugs provided what seemed like immediate recovery, but they merely buried my body's warning symptoms, they added an extra toxic burden, making me suffer even more and almost killed me. But nutrition saved my body and mind, because I provided what I truly needed.

My pride comes from being able to let go of lies, even if it bruises my ego to admit that I was wrong, even if it's scary to be confused and lost, because it's the only way to become truly right, safe and happy.

Denial won't improve the problem, not even by using drugs, not even bought from an "expert" in an office. Painkillers won't help you heal; antidepressants won't get rid of what is making you feel miserable. But changing how you live will obviously change you and your life. Nutritional deficiencies cause agonizing physical and mental pain, only nutrition can free you from them, but that's very simple.

Anyone can use common sense and test the facts on themselves. You can too. Before giving up your self care and taking toxins with deadly side effects... try some new recipes. Maybe it won't seem as good as eating and drinking pure sugar and artificial flavors at first, but it could make you feel better beyond all hopes.

Anyone can use common sense and test the facts on themselves. You can too. Before giving up your self care and taking toxins with deadly side effects... try some new recipes. Maybe it won't seem as good as eating and drinking pure sugar and artificial flavors at first, but it could make you feel better beyond all hopes. The multiple subtle flavors or real food tastes way better than eating processed cardboard and sand. It's like a party in your mouth instead of the same boring overly sweet taste. That's the taste that indicates the presence of vitamin C in nature... so...

If you crave sugar your body is actually desperate for vitamin C.

If you keep choosing refined products that concentrated the sugar and got rid of the vitamin C in the process… you will get scurvy… one symptom or many. Your body will make sacrifices and even cannibalize itself from the deficiency… and if you don't eat vital nutrition, you will be deprived even if you are morbidly obese. It's not the fat or even the sugar that makes people sick… it's the vitamin deficiencies… and the artificial toxins that trick you into thinking that you are eating food.

Exercise won't change how nutritionally worthless and dangerously poisonous junk food is.

There is no such thing as a safe dose of poison. Eating substances that provide no nutrition ISN'T EATING FOOD! You might as well eat your yoga carpet and shoe soles and Subway used a common synthetic ingredient in their so called healthier sandwich alternatives. Calling people gluttonous and lazy while they are too starved and sick to move is cruel, don't trust those assholes to feed and heal you! Cook for yourself with real food, take care of yourself, and then if you become so energetic and happy you feel like dancing and running, go ahead. But don't force yourself to exercise if you feel like you can't... save your strength to survive until you improve your health.

Healthy people can run, but running won't make sick people healthier. Imitating healthy people, when your body is doesn't have the resources to handle it, will drain your reserves even more and make you sicker!

You cannot outrun scurvy.

Calling it a different way won't make modern health care better. Even the best doctor in the world will never be more vitally important than a farmer full of mud, the cook (preferably you) that will prepare balanced meals, and even the life forms that must be used as fresh ingredients. So the real healers are life healthy forms, the people who take care of them in a healthy manner, and YOU!

If you take doctors' impressive reputation and lab coat away and only look at the results, they're actually useless drug pushers and butchers at best, massive murderers at worst. So I'll explain many fancy diseases from medicine exclusive jargon... that are actually just plain old scurvy symptoms. Any pirate would probably be able to tell, at least when everything in the mouth starts to rot off, so they're also better than doctors and dentists too.

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Common cold from a fragile flesh unable to handle abrupt temperature changes.
Get a stronger immune system with vitamin C not dead viruses from vaccines!

The greatest scientists discovered their best ideas from accidents. I discovered the importance of collagen (made with vitamin C) by trying to make giant ice cubes. I first used a flexible plastic mold to make 6 popsicles. But I wanted them to be even bigger, so I tried a small glass made of hard plastic. Heat makes things expand and the cold make them contract... but water expands when frozen... The hard plastic couldn't adapt like the rubbery mold meant for ice... so the glass cracked widely.

Your body is warm, but when you are outside in the cold winter and breathe, the sudden change of temperature make the flesh in your throat and lungs contract and expand very quickly and violently. The creature in alien 3 exploded after being dipped in boiling metal then showed with cold ice, and it might not be much of an exaggeration.

If your flesh isn't rubbery enough to endure being crushes and stretches along with the rapid temperature changes, it will rip the same way as the hard plastic that couldn't adapt to the expanding ice. That's also why it's so bad to lick your lips in winter. They become dry on purpose. If you lick them, if you put water in the lines of your skin, it will freeze, expand, and rip your lips apart. It's not just the skin that freezes from the ambient cold, or it would happen even if you oiled them with a lip balm. But the oil keeps the water away by filling you're the cracks of your lips with a flexible substance, so the cracks don't get pulled apart by expanding water.

That's why your throat hurts when you catch a cold. Not because you caught a bacteria, but because your throat has been ripped apart in several places. That's why you can end up coughing blood if you let the wound worsen until you get pneumonia.

It can worsen badly enough to die, because you need materials to heal. You need collagen to glue your skin back together. Otherwise the edges of the wound will start to rot. You need collagen made of vitamin C. That's why it DOES cure the common cold, as fast as how much vitamin you take.

That's why Linus Pauling, winner of 2 Nobel prizes, was completely right claiming that vitamin C can cure the common cold, even though he didn't have the medical degree to explain it.

Pharmaceutical companies only want to focus on artificial chemicals that they can patent, own and get rich from. They ignore the effects of natural foods and the vital importance of vitamins and minerals. They claim that using plants and food is quackery, but vitamins and minerals deficiencies CAUSE disease because they are vital to biological processes and repairs. Hippocrates said himself to use food as medicine, he invented medicine in an era without the capacity to make all those chemical pills, and he cured people. Plant cures are what has been widely used as medicine in human history until very recently, Asian people still use them and are healthier than us, so the claim that Naturopathy is quackery is illogical. But of course you need to fill the right need with the right nutrient and use a sufficient amount of it, and that can be harder to do than "one size fits all" prescriptions, but they only mask symptoms by denying even more biological processes, that's not a cure. It causes even more problems. Great for profits, horrifying for you.

Even a nerdy child can understand the logic from my ice cube experiment. If you don't, try for yourself and take as many grams of vitamin C as it takes to cure your cold. I used to have bloody pneumonias; I can now cure it in a few hours or days with about 10g of vitamin C. A chocolate bar contains about 100g of sugar. The recommendation for daily vitamin C is less than 0,1mg. That's not enough to live healthy for long. It might be enough to ward off full blown scurvy, but not chronic scurvy. The body will sacrifice biological processes and be in stand by, like a hibernating polar bear, if you have nutritional deficiencies.

It explains things like low thyroid function, slowing down your metabolism to save you, and the "rebound scurvy" sometimes observed by stopping vitamin C supplements abruptly. If your life style diet doesn't contain enough, your body will slowly adapt by being in starvation mode, which will stop with proper supplements, but if you stop abruptly your body won't have the time to adapt and you'll quickly notice the true effects of your neglect.

And if I'm wrong and it is caused by bacteria, your white blood cells will deal with invaders if you arm them with vitamin C, otherwise they will be powerless. Either way you need vitamin C.

But logic doesn't points to bacteria. But it's possible that your bacteria end up in high alert from the damage from the cold (it's called a cold for a reason), they are part of your immune system and if they end up in an unknown boy, they can attack it as if they where the invaders. Anybody who's stressed out can end up shedding their immune system on someone else. But the solution isn't to nuke your entire body with antibiotics and become even more defenseless but to strengthen it with vitamin C, with your own bacteria army by feeding them greens to ferment. That's how probiotics are made; it's useless to constantly eat probiotics if you end up eating junk food that will make the new colony starve to death. Feed your own gut bacteria with greens. When your friendly population is strong, invaders will be taken care of by your own citizens. You don't need a vaccine against bacteria, shooting dead cells right into your veins won't make your immune stronger and the people who where the most fragile even got sicker from this.

Vitamin C will give you a strong immune system to handle invaders without needing to train it. If you try to train someone who's sick by injecting them more viruses... he won't be able to handle them, it will just add even more of a burden. And that's the best case scenario that vaccines have to offer, adding mercury and formaldehyde (the stuff used to preserve dead frogs) as a preservative can't be good for you. Otherwise we'd make old people drink buckets of it. But we don't because they'd die. Calling something a preservative is a lie. Claiming that you can be immune to disease is wishful thinking and fear mongering for profits.

With enough vitamin C, your immune system can handle anything. But if you shoot your body with diseases in a syringe... it won't make you stronger, it will merely deplete your vitamin C reserves and make you become a disease carrier that could infect others… and if you don't have enough vitamin C in reserve to face the challenge… you'll get infect yourself the same way as if you caught it in nature PLUS brain damaging preservatives…. At least with nature you have a chance NOT to catch the disease… Vaccinations are absurd. They want to make a vaccine for obesity and depression, it's really getting obviously absurd!!! We need to stop seeing bacteria as the enemy, they are the creators of life, YES they are your GOD! All life evolved from that first life form. If you kill all your gut bacteria, you die! We need to stop obsessing about invaders and seeing them even when there aren't any… We need to take a good look at how we are treating ourselves. We need to stop neglecting and abusing ourselves! That's a very good reason to be depressed but we can just stop! Otherwise… someone will gladly enable us and exploit our ignorance with an even greater stupidity.

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Slow, no healing or deterioration

So vitamin C is required to hold your flesh together and heal. That's why people with diabetes can't heal and get amputations. Not because they have too much sugar, but because the vitamin C was lost during the refined processes of the candies and cakes they eat to satisfy their sweet cravings. Ripe vegetables and fruits will taste sweet so it's logical to crave sweet because vitamin C itself tastes nothing. So a sweet taste naturally means that it's a high vitamin C content. But we can't trust our first instincts anymore, not by using pure sugar and entirely artificial sweet tasting toxins... Humans and the guinea pig are incapable of turning glucose into vitamin C, so we NEED to get the vitamin C!

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Bed sores + cataracts & blindness + dementia (blamed on old age)

The elderly are in the same position for so long that it compresses the veins, cut out the blood flow, and the skin dies and starts to rot.

But that's what actually happens with scurvy. Your flesh doesn't have the material to renew itself and heal... so it can't withstand anything... not a bump, not pressure, and not even time... and it rots. Slowly but surely when you are young, and obviously when you've accumulated a deficiency for too long.

You can't store vitamin C in fat because it's a water soluble vitamin, because it's so important that it's used to make flesh right away. The adrenal glands, brain and eyes need a lot to function.

Your retinas need to bath in vitamin C, otherwise they're not flexible enough to make the precise adjustments required by vision... they get damaged and cloudy, rot... That's why people get cataracts but not from being old, but because they accumulated a deficiency that seemed okay for too long. And that's why diabetics become blind, not because they eat too much sugar, but because they satisfy their sugar craving, which is in fact a vitamin C craving, with refined products that don't have any.

Dementia is another example of an accumulated problem blamed on old age. But that one is most likely a typical symptom of vitamin B3 deficiency. Pellagra is classically described by "the four Ds": diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia and death.

But sucking on brain damaging mercury from silver dental filling all your life can't be good for you. Vitamin C supplements can probably help detoxify even that monstrosity, green plants have watery fiber as a bonus so they can for sure. Taking that poison out of your teeth is even better, white fillings might be more expensive short term, but don't be cheap with your health or you'll feel cheap in your cheap body from cheap crappy food that will make you feel like crap in the long term.

And since the brain requires a lot of vitamin C to function, lack of vitamin C can affect it. The adrenal will burn a lot too to handle stress, and thinking will also... that can explain why people under stress can seem out of their mind, but they're just out of vitamin C.

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That's when your gum rot so much that your teeth fall out. Dentists claim that it's because of bacteria... but it's not. Your gum are supposed to be very flexible and strong to endure hammering and grinding your food. That requires a lot of collagen and vitamin C.

That symptoms is so extremely typical in scurvy, we typically imagine pirates with a rotten mouth of missing teeth... so it's arrogance to claim that we evolved beyond our recent "primitive" ancestors and that scurvy doesn't exist anymore. It's staring you right in the mouth! I guess they made a whole profession out of that symptom and they're in no hurry to see their cash cow disappear. After all you can clean your teeth yourself.

They noticed a link between gingivitis and heart disease, thinking that bacteria from the mouth must have traveled the blood stream to infect the heart too. But that's so freaking absurd! The reason why your flesh disintegrates in your mouth, heart, and everywhere else is because you lack collagen from lack of the vitamin C needed to make it!

Probiotics and enzymes are acknowledged to be necessary for health and life... but they are actually bacteria! Your gut bacteria have more cells than "you" cells. Because YOU ARE a colony of bacteria. All life evolved from them. They are your immune system. If you are on rotten flesh it's to protect you! They eat the rotten flesh and make more of themselves before it poisons you! Because it's better to have more bacteria friends than toxins in your body.

Scientists found out that homeless people with worms in their wounds where healthier, because they cleaned the decay. THAT'S what bacteria are there for! Stop blaming your messes on the maid trying to clean them to save you!

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Heart disease

That is one of the saddest and deadliest mistakes. Calling scurvy heart disease.

Vitamin C is necessary to make collagen, it's like rubber glue. The heart is a muscle that needs to be flexible and strong because it never stops or your life does. So it has to be full of collagen. Your cells renew themselves constantly, if you don't eat enough vitamin C, your heart will get weaker. Too weak to pump blood against gravity and your fluids will gather in your legs when you stand up. But what do doctors do? Do they make the heart stronger by making people eat proper building blocks? No. They give chemical diuretics that damages the kidneys (not even natural foods like ginger) to get rid of the "extra" fluids. But they're NOT extra fluids!!! They're your blood! You just can't pump it because your heart isn't flexible and strong enough. Getting your blood out of your veins isn't going to save your frail heart from collapsing. Dehydration is bad for it, and for your entire body.

High blood pressure + low too

When you squeezed a garden hose, the water pressure comes out stronger. It's the same principle with your veins. If you don't have enough collagen to make them flexible, they won't be able to expand to lower your blood pressure when needed, so it will be too high. If you use stimulants like caffeine in coffee, cola or chocolate, it will force your adrenals to make adrenalin even if they don't have the nutrients to do it (they will cannibalize your flesh), and the adrenalin will make your heart beat faster in a panic... that will give you the illusion of having more energy but that will just exhaust you further by creating a stress that your body can't handle because you're not properly nourished. So you'll put yourself in a constant state of anguish, raising your blood pressure, without enough vitamin C to bear the abuse... it's a dangerous combination that will destroy your emotions, arteries and heart. Vitamin C is required by the adrenal glands to handle stress. So not only you don't have enough by drinking stimulants instead of eating nourishing food, but you force yourself in a state where you require a high amount of vitamin C... you'll literally eat our heart, as collagen revert to vitamin C so you can use it to burn energy... you'll just burn your heart out.

Low vitamin C can also cause low blood pressure if your adrenals can't tell your kidneys to recycle salt and water. You'll end up wasting salt, be unable to keep your fluids (blood!) in your veins. For those people eating high amount of salt is beneficial, but not enough...

In both cases, increasing vitamin C will help the body processes function better.

In the case of high blood pressure, it's not that people eat too much salt, but the balance between salt and potassium is broken. Processed food with lots of salt lack potassium from greens, relying on grains too much because dead grains can't wither, but they can't nourish you either. Food people with low blood pressure, the balance between potassium and salt also requires improvement, but it's the salt that they need.

So demonizing salt can be dangerous for both because it's a vital nutrient and distract from the true cause and cure. We need to claim that a BALANCE between potassium and salt is required to be healthy, and in both cases vitamin C is needed to help maintain it.

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Bruising easily + petechiae (red dots under the skin)

Now that's clearly scurvy. When your veins aren't flexible enough by lacking collagen, from a deficiency of vitamin C required to make it, they will crack even from normal blood pressure. So you'll bleed under the skin with small rips here and there in dots, or a big pool of blood by bruising from the slightest little bump. Being unable to endure rapid movements is the same principle as getting colds, from being unable to adapt to the movement caused by rapid temperature changes.

Sure you are made of protein, but they need glue to stick together, and that's collagen made from vitamin C. That's why eating meat isn't enough, you need greens ALSO, not "instead" like vegetarians want you to believe out of some idealistic sense of morality for animals. Humans are not carnivorous (meat and there's nothing wrong with it) or herbivores (plants), we are omnivorous hunter and gatherers, we evolved to need both. But grains are utterly worthless, you are not a bird.

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Hardened arteries and cholesterol deposits

If you don't consume the vitamin C required to make collagen, they will have to be made with something else to avoid ripping out and bleeding internally. Using calcium to turn them into hard bones would really be a desperate resort because your veins need to be flexible as you move. It would be better than bleeding right away, but they would break. When collagen isn't available and the walls of arteries are disintegrating, something great to patch it is like the lip balm that you use in winter to prevent your lips from ripping apart: fat! So cholesterol will build up to patch a ripped wall. But unlike the vitamin C that makes flesh, it can't become part of the wall, it can only layer it like a plaster. That narrows your veins and can raise the pressure. The reason why eating fast food is a disaster for your body isn't because it's fat, but because it lacks vital vitamin C. Fat is used to make the membrane of your cells, so it can be used to glue them together if you don't have enough collagen... it's better to use cholesterol than nothing at all and bleed in and out... But doctors don't respect your body's wonders, they don't ask themselves why your body could possibly do it on purpose, they don't try to understand the wisdom in it... all they see is that it's not the ideal way, they frown upon it and think that your body is just being defectively stupid... So they give you toxic drugs to lower the cholesterol, to take away your last resort... before everything rips apart... Instead to tell you to eat what you need already: more green stuff with whatever garbage you want to eat. At least get what you need first, and then get what you think you want. But all you want is to be happy and feel pleasure, being permanently healthy will give you that more than a temporary flavor.

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Usually blamed on old age but it's not unavoidable. It is an accumulated deficiency of vitamin C. The bones move on a ball of pure collagen to cushion them and avoid grinding them together. Without sufficient vitamin C, your joints can't be renewed and slowly disintegrate. Some foods can cause inflammation, especially acidic ones, like artificial or dead foods... if you are allergic to something it will irritate your flesh even if you don't know your allergies. But vitamin C enables your adrenals to make anti-inflammatory and anti-histamines by yourself... so no matter the reason, more vitamin C will help you.


It's believed to be from a lack of calcium and to drink more dairy. But we're not babies anymore, cows make milk from green grass (or they get really sick and fat if we force them to use grains like corn), we need to eat greens to get calcium. The problem with dairy is that it's acidic (probably because we boil it dead), animal proteins are good but they are acidic, and to restore the PH balance of your blood, if you don't get any alkaline sources (by eating greens TOO) calcium will be removed from your bones to balance everything neutral. So even though dairy has calcium, since it's so acidic, it makes you loose calcium. It's a good source of cholesterol necessary for your hormones (the juices that your vital organs use to communicate), but that's not going to be enough to have strong bones.

Calcium supplementation to improve bone mineral density isn't going to save you from fractures. It's incredibly easy to break a stick of chalk; even a child can do it.

He reasons why bones are strong isn't because they're hard, but because they are flexible. Like the "Oak and the reed" fable. The tree was hard and strong, but it got uprooted by strong winds, but the flexible reed could adapt and safely danced in the wind.

It's not calcium, or D3 to absorb it, or even magnesium that you lack if your bones keep breaking... it's the collagen to glue them there!

Imagine a stick dipped in a white powder... not much powder is going to stay on it. But if you dipped it in white glue first, you'll have a whole lot of powder on your stick.

Osteoporosis is a symptom of low vitamin C. It's scurvy.

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Now that fancy word sounds so professional. It make doctors feel intelligent and look like experts... while they tell you that you are doomed to suffer and that your only hope is to take their poisonous pain killer for the rest of your life. Or antidepressants because it's all in your head, after all if you're in pain all over why would you be anything less than ecstatically happy? Trust your body, not the ego of arrogant and ignorant money hungry elitists. If you are in pain, there's something wrong. If they can't find it, their head is wrong, not yours. But pharmaceutical medicine isn't the peak or the end of knowledge.

Fibromyalgia literally mean muscle and connective tissue pain in another language. That's not a disease, that's not a cause, that's not a cure. It's just pointing out the symptoms. They always do. Just like heart disease is like saying that your heart is not at ease.

The reason why you are in pain is because your body doesn't have enough collagen to hold itself together and gets ripped apart at the slightest movement... all over... constantly... It's horrific. Moving becomes pure torture. But if you stuff yourself with vitamin C and go easy on yourself by respecting your limit, you'll get filled with collagen like adding stuffing to a Teddy Bear very quickly. But if you keep pushing your limits more than what you think you should be able to do, instead of a little less of what you can do to save some in reserve for the unexpected... you'll never be able to deal, instead to catch up you'll just deepen a vitamin C debt until your heart disintegrate too much and you drop dead out of the blue.

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Anxiety and depression

Doctors claim that there is no warning sigh of heart disease... but if they took heart palpitations and feeling miserable more seriously, maybe they wouldn't miss the many warning signs that something is wrong, and not "just in your head".

Vitamin C is required by the adrenal glands to handle stress. That's why people seeking comfort foods go for things high in sugar. They desperately seek vitamin C where it's been processed out. The body believes that sweeter means more vitamin C, and with natural foods it's true, but not with processed artificial junk...

Multiple chemical sensitivities, intolerances and allergies
The adrenal glands use a whole lot of vitamin C, and they are on top of your kidneys. If they get too stressed out and malnourished, your kidneys suffer too. They will become unable to filter toxins out and you'll notice their effects intensely, instead to be able to work hard in the background to heal you without your awareness. It's the same thing with your allergies. The adrenals will make a lot of anti-inflammatory and anti-histamines from vitamin C, they will even cannibalize existing collagen back into vitamin C because it's useless to have a strong heart if you instantly drop dead from a toxin... so you'll be cannibalized. But at some point your reserves will be too low, so you'll notice the symptoms caused by chemicals and allergens.

Everyone suffer from toxins, but they don't notice. So it's a blessing in disguise. Miners brought a canary to know when to flee from odorless toxic gas. People look down on sick people unable to bear any chemical POISONS... but they are wise prophets warning us against the hidden suffering that is truly happening to us all with our "modern" life style.

I ate garbage for years until my body shrieked and collapsed from the abuse. I didn't become sick... I didn't develop an allergy. I merely noticed how much I was suffering when I ran out of vitamin C to fight against it in secret. I got rid of the chemicals and grains. I'm still in recovery but at the same time I feel better and clearer than I did when I thought that I was healthy.

What I thought was colds where actually reactions to allergens. They irritated my throat and depleted vitamin C all over, so I couldn't adapt to temperature changes. I still can't tolerate too hot or too cold without discomfort. But at least now I'm not in constant pain all over and coughing blood. That sure can't be good for the mood.

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Unstable blood sugar (too low, hypoglycemia, reactive hypoglycemia, glucose intolerance) + mood swings + diabetes + obesity

When your adrenals don't have enough vitamin C, they can't send messages to regulate blood sugar. They can't tell the liver to free storages, so your blood sugar crashes and you get mood swings, confusion, seizures and worse like sudden death. So yeah you'll be anxious and depressed for a damn good reason.

To make your blood sugar stable, what you need is the vitamin C to regulate it. But people are mislead by refined products to go towards pure sugar, which sends your blood sugar too high too fast and crashes even faster than if you ate noting. That just causes another problem: diabetes and obesity. Because no pancreas was meant to handle that much sugar and the insulin it makes is the fat producing hormone.

The problem from the start was that your adrenals couldn't take the storages of sugar out and can't regulate abrupt blood sugar swings; so eating sugar only makes it harder and worse. Even doctors recommend pure sugar pills, but that's the worse thing to do. Biology has more complex steps. What you need is vitamin C to regulate it better and to eat fresh fat (like nuts, not deep fried hotdogs covered in chocolate) because fats are converted into blood sugar the slowest! So it's the best to avoid rapid blood sugar swings and therefore mood swings because unstable fuel is really hard on the brain.

Eating pure sugar will destroy your pancreas and lead to obesity. Because you can't survive on sugar alone. People don't need to eat less and move more. They need to eat more real foods full of vitamin C and move less until they've healed enough to catch up, otherwise they could cause more damage than how fast it can be repaired.

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The adrenal glands control so many things. They tell the liver to free blood sugar to avoid fuel crashes and sugar cravings, they tell the kidneys to recycle salt and water to maintain a high enough blood pressure and balance potassium, and they also tell the spine to make red blood cells to carry oxygen... If you don't have enough... you get anemia.

Many nutrients are necessary to make red blood cells, doctors focus on iron and B12 (pernicious anemia)... but vitamin C is required to absorb iron.

Taking supplements of iron can be dangerous and a bottle can kill a child. But vitamin C is very safe because it will go right through you if you get too much. It's a water soluble vitamin like the B complex, they can't be stored in fat, so it's vital to eat enough EVERYDAY.

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Hypothyroidism. Nutrients are more effective than drugs.
Hyperthyroidism, slowing down is vital instead to take stimulants.

If the adrenals don't have enough vitamin C, the B complex, and minerals to function... and many others like cholesterol... vital processes won't be able to happen because they won't be able to make the hormones to send the request, or won't have the building blocks for repairs.

To prevent symptoms and death, when the body is starved, he'll slow down your metabolism, like a hibernating bear.

Now if you give lots of coffee to a hibernating bear that doesn't have access to food, he'll go on a hysterical rampage, obsessed with food, before collapsing.... And dying. Sleeping constantly is saving his life until he has access to the food necessary to use energy.

The same happens to you. Having plenty of nutritious food available at all times won't nourish you unless you EAT THEM!!!

To save your life, and stretch the miserable nutrients from a bad diet as long as possible, vital functions will shut down as much as possible, your metabolism will slow down, you'll feel tired with the urge to sleep constantly.

Imagine a carriage husky sleigh pulled by 2 dogs. The front dog is the thyroid gland leading how fast the entire metabolism will go. But the dog behind it is the adrenal glands, asking the front dog to slow down because he's too starving to be able to run fast... The front dog (thyroid) will comply because if the dog behind it (adrenals) crashes, he will too.

Now the stupid driver (you and your doctor) looks at the dog in the front, considering it the leader, and whips it to go faster thinking that he's just being stupid, defective and lazy for no reason. Oblivious to the whimpering starving dog (adrenals) behind... Doctors think that adrenals either work on don't... so it's like thinking that if the dog can manage to stand and walk a little, then he should be able to run full speed.

So what do doctors do? They drug the front dog with speed to force it to run like crazy, the dog behind it shrieks and fall... so your thyroid seem to go full speed so doctors consider you fine, but you keep feeling worse... because it worsen the real problem: the exhausted and malnourished adrenals.

Synthroid (levothyroxine) is a replacement for a hormone normally produced by the thyroid... and it came with a warning that if it's a secondary problem to adrenal problems, it will make it worse. I was tired to search and fight and wanted to take it anyway. Pharmacists claimed that there are no side effects and that you can stop it easily. But that's not what the company admits online! Breathing and heart problems, being in pain, seizures, feeling miserable enough to cry, kidney damage, and if your thyroid problem wasn't caused by adrenal problems, you will now.

Taking drugs, to force your thyroid to do what it wisely won't do, can end up causing hyperthyroidism. Anything else probably will if you try to boost your metabolism faster than any life forms should. Learn to prioritize and respect your limits. Feeling good with inner health is more important than looking good with superficial stuff. Yeah, I wish I had all the gadgets, pretty things, money and life experiences in the world too... but it's all worthless if your kidneys, heart and brain are failing so hard from scurvy that you constantly want to curl up, cry and die...

The thyroid requires iodine to function, bypassing food to replace steroid hormones will atrophy the glands... (Athletes on steroids with small testes isn't a myth) so you'll need more and more drugs as you make yourself worse and worse. But the drugs can't replace the subtle variations that the body need so you'll always feel too low or too much. Nourish yourself so you'll be able to make your own hormones and biological processes. We have the arrogance that refined chemicals can do better than living life forms such as plants and foods... and our own bodies. That mindset will lead to massive deaths, and the medical industry cause so many, by mistakes or side effects, that it's actually the leading cause of death. Nothing would be better. Eventually maybe you'll figure your needs out if you don't cling to false hopes.

A drug addict spent all his money on speed, to boost his metabolism even though he was starving and his body only wanted to slow down… he became hypoglycemic but so boosted with adrenalin that when his survival instinct kicked in… he jumped on a random person and ate his face. As much as I like to add raw food to my meals, I'm sure vegetables and meat tastes better. Humans are so full of toxins that they wouldn't meet the standards for pork, the most toxic meat of all.

Bowel tolerance: to know how much vitamin C you need

Compared to drugs, the worst that Vitamin C can do as a side effect is to make you shit if you take too much. That's called bowel tolerance and is actually very useful because that's how you know how much you need.

Don't surrender your needs to a statistic for healthy people with calm lives and good food, but believe in a amount required for YOUR needs with YOUR OWN life circumstances. And recommendations are based on nothing, they just say it's less than 1g of vitamin C per day, because otherwise that would be admitting how much the companies are feeding you worthless toxic junk, and how much medicine is worthless and damaging... the industrial society as we know it would crumble. Everyone's ego would be hurt to admit that we're not gods, we're just another animal who need to eat, drink and breathe to avoid SUFFERING AND DYING. The guinea pig doesn't have the capacity to turn glucose into vitamin C either, just like us, but to stay healthy "the average guinea pig needs between 10 and 30 mg/kg daily for good health, and a pregnant pig or one suffering from deficiency requires a minimum of 30 mg/kg.

So why the hell is it okay for us to eat a chocolate bar (one of probably many that day) containing 100mg of SUGAR but we only need less than 1g per day of vitamin C? Not per kg, per day, no matter how big, small, or sick you are?

No wonder we get so many symptoms of scurvy. Yes SCURVY. Because we are so arrogant thinking that we are superior to nature, so arrogant thinking that we are a modern society above 3rd word countries... But we use science to denature ourselves, our needs, our minds, our foods and therefore our cures... We are not a inert chemical molecule, we are alive, so we need life forms to stay alive, not refined isolated molecules. Life is more complex than that! We broke the balance in our food by taking out what nourishes us and concentrating the flavors that says "hey, I'm full of nutrients", but there's NONE now! It just tricks us. The reason why it lasts so long on the shelves is because it's already dead! You can't prolong your life and renew living cells by eating dead ones... by eating DEATH. We use refrigerators to slow down the metabolism of foods so they last longer, but deep frying them kills them until they are so rotten and rancid that they can't be used to renew cells. The brain is made of fat and contains a lot of vitamin C, you can't think with a deep fried brain. You can't use it without feeding it vitamin C!

Junk processed foods aren't bad because they are too fat, sugary or salted. But because they are TOXIC and don't have vitamin C or any nutrients whatsoever.

Subway used the same synthetic ingredients used in shoe soles and yoga carpets to make the bread look better. Do you think that it will give you a good mood, energy and a strong heart? It will kill you. And it's claimed to be healthy.

Trust no ones. Not as, not food companies, not expert doctors, not even your taste buds... if the result is feeling awful once it's no longer in your mouth... the solution isn't to put more of that crap in your mouth, but to find a food won't lie to you... Natural foods will give you a less sweet flavor than pure artificial chemicals, but they will keep that tasty promise by providing the vitamins that are supposed to come with it... and they won't over excite your brain hard enough to destroy your cells the way artificial sugars do.

If you want to stuff your face with garbage, go ahead, but make sure you get enough vitamin C.

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Smoking destroys vitamin C and doesn't nourish you at all!
The importance of antioxidants to avoid cancer.

That's why smoking causes so many health problems.

You evolved from the ocean just like everything else. You are a bag of water. To be able to burn energy, to burn a fire, you need oxygen. Imagine a bubble inside the ocean with a fire burning. That's why oxygen is important to burn energy, and why you'll be lethargic if you have anemia no matter how many bags of sugar you eat with a spoon. You need vitamin C to absorb iron and the B complex to make the red blood cells that carry oxygen.

Oxygen is vital, but it nothings happen for free. It steals electrons from your molecules to become more stable on its way out... but it means that your own molecules and cells become unstable. That's oxidation. They can get screwed up and function all wrong to the point of getting cancer. You actually constantly get and heal from cancer.

Vitamin C is the other way around. It can give extra electrons. Imagine electrons being the legs of your molecules, oxygen rips some apart from your "people", they shrieks in pain and start stealing each other legs in a big ball of madness... Then angels of vitamin C give them their legs so your "people" can be happy and functional again, then they fly out gently. Then doctors see vitamin C in urine and claim that they're being useless but they just saved you. Walking in nature, breathing deeply and being grounded (walking barefoot in grass would probably be the best) can also replenish your electrons. That's why we get "good vibes" by being in nature and feel happier. Being stuck with a lot of machines with a bad electrical exchange in the air can mess your cells like being in a microwave... that's why there's a fuss about cell phones damaging the brain and giving breast cancer if you put them in your bra. The body use juicy hormones to communicate, but also electricity impulses... wrong ones can tell your cells to act all messed up.

Everything is energy. Antioxidants like vitamin C... they're basically a type of energy that promotes life. That's why there's a whole lot in all life forms, especially plants, probably because they don't use much since they quietly stay there. But if they are wounded and sprayed with poison, it will deplete their vitamin C content to heal themselves, so there's less nutrition in them to nourish you... AND toxins.

That's why people who smoke depletes their vitamin C. The smoke is so painful for the lungs that people who try cough it out painfully. It's considered an accomplishment to suppress your survival mechanism, but if you overcome your body when all he wants is to protect you, you can only lose. There's no glory in this.

Smoking can suppress the appetite because it puts something in your mouth and mess up with your taste buds. If you have hypoglycemia, low blood sugar from lack of vitamin C to stabilize it, you'll be constantly hungry. Smoking is a toxin that will trigger the fight or flight response, by kicking your adrenals. Just like using stimulants like caffeine. But forcing your tire adrenals to give you a pleasant adrenalin boost when you don't have the nourishment to endure the strain will deplete your nutritional reserves... the body will prefer to avoid stresses and exhaustion instead to turn your collagen back into vitamin C and burn it for the energy processes... but by using stimulants and by putting yourself in danger by inhaling/ingesting poison... your body won't have a choice.

So vitamin C will be taken out of the collagen from: the lungs at the source of damage but also all over in the skin, joints, bones, arteries, brain, eyes, adrenals... and the heart. That's the link between heart disease and smoking.

And obviously it will cause cells to be all messed up from being burned to a crisp, mutating from a broken balance between oxidation (loss of electrons from oxygen) and antioxidants (electron gain from vitamin C).

But smoking will destroy your body all over. That's why people who smoke look older. It sucks the collagen out of the face and gives wrinkles.

Smoking doesn't nourish you at all; it poisons you, and destroys the most important vitamin, the one with the deadliest pains if you have a deficiency. If you really want to indulge in this filthy smelly habit, that's your choice, but make sure that you get enough vitamin C, or you won't just die sooner, you'll be in agony until it happens, even if you don't know because you don't know how good you can feel instead.

You don't need a death stick to feel better from taking a break, enjoying the outsides, and TAKING DEEP BREATHS.

If you want to control your appetite, EAT! You can stuff your face with all the vegetables that you want because they will make you poop like you never thought it was possible to poop. Dragging out all the toxic filth that would normally accumulate in fat, if you're unable to make poop and push it out. Forget white paper fibers from brains; it's vegetables that give you fiber. You can eat fat like a raw nut snack too, that fat isn't rancid, so it will flush the fat cells bloated with toxins out and replace them by a brand new fat cell. Toxins are often fat soluble so you need fat to get rid of them, or they'll be stored in fat.

If you are stressed out, take more vitamin C, it's needed by your adrenals to manage stress. Smoking destroys vitamin C, so you'll feel worse.

The reason why it seems to make you feel good is because when you stop poisoning yourself, your body starts to detox you. It hurts like hell, you feel awful as toxins are released and the body works hard to push them out. Poisoning yourself all over again with smoke, sugar or your allergens stops the detox process. Your body ends up so overwhelmed that you can't feel it anymore. It's like docily letting yourself fall deeper and deeper in quicksand instead to struggle like crazy to get out. Grabbing a handful of sand and throwing it on top of your head will be easier than fighting for your life...

If you want to look cool, learn a skill. Try playing the guitar or something... not having a bad breath while kissing is always seductive... especially since smoking causes problems in bed too.

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Impotence & infertility

Lack of vitamin C causes impotence because if the heart isn't strong enough to pump your blood, it won't be able to send enough down there to be erect. If you can't handle stress, you can't handle pleasant stresses either. If your metabolism is so starved that it starts shutting down vital processes, reproduction will be sacrificed first. Because as much as you probably think that you can't live without sex... you can. It's not rugs that will stiffen your body that you need, unless you want pain and to die of an heart attack while having sex... What you need is enough vitamin C to have a strong heart and be able to endure the joyful stresses of life.

If you are a woman, and fail to eat properly for one... your body won't want to take the risk to end up pregnant and end up having to eat for two. If you try to force it... the baby might not be formed properly. You could end up cannibalizing his vital organs because you abuse your own too much... losing them after giving birth will feel like a shock... That's why women can get depressed after giving birth but especially because the stress of being ripped apart was so intense, it depleted vitamin C was until they got the scurvy symptom "Prostration: extreme mental or emotional depression or dejection, extreme physical weakness or exhaustion." Feeling happy from drugs won't help you heal a thing. Just rest and stuff your face with greens to make milk... not milk! Giving babies formula that is almost pure sugar won't make them able to grow their vital organs and brain bigger...

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Everything in life requires vitamin C, all illnesses can be improved by it, or are caused by scurvy.

The list is endless.

What is normal in society is pure madness, and depression is an outcry of wisdom that something is being done very wrong.

Make sure you get enough vitamin C... because there are things far worse than death.

I wrote something similar about Adrenal Fatigue and it can complement this page:
Adrenal Fatigue ~ Root cause of ills

Trust me, I'm not a doctor, I don't make a profit from your suffering.

Enjoy green foods with your meat~ Leave grains for birds.

The worst that can happen if I'm wrong is to add delicious natural colors and flavors to your diet... and to poop. But greens are a natural internal deodorant, so you won't have to worry about the rotting stench of a decaying body either, because life forms full of vitamin C can heal everything.

Enjoy life like you never thought you could enjoy living by literally eating life.

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11 August 2015
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