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Health ~ Nutrition ~ Grains destroy life

Sprouting wheatGrains are supposed to be the seeds of life, but not if we eat them directly while they're sealed shut and dormant.

Sprouting can bring forth their true value. The image is from Garden inspired decor: sprouting wheat for a spring vignette at loveliveandgarden.

But instead of this process, we refine grains until they loose all their nutritional value.

We even modify them genetically, into even harder toxic mutants, and it worsened their negative impact on our health.

We turned life into death
by cheap avarice and ignorance. That fake convenience caused so many physical and mental problems. Of course you'll be lazy, hungry and even stupid if you're malnourished and poisoned.

Grains destroy everyone's gut. They affect your whole being and life.

Grains are like cardboard and just plain bad for everyone, even cows and chickens. Cows are meant to ruminate grass, not grains. Even chickens can’t fully digest grains, they’re better off with insects. Birds are nature’s lively insecticide and, instead to be toxic like chemicals are, they’re tasty! Greens are delicious too, and they’re way more nutritious than grains.

Live greens should be the basics of your diet if you want to be healthy, not dead grains.

People with the mindset of a killer aren’t going to find solutions to promote your life. You can’t just kill a life form with a chemical, insect or weed, and expect the same chemical to spare another’s life... like humans. Poison is poison. Period.

There ARE solutions that promote life. Instead to use pesticides on crops and antibiotics on sick caged chicken, why not let them roam free and eat the insects, instead of grains... That's actually what birds are for in nature, to preserve balance.

Don’t entrust your life in the hands of people who can’t come up with the simplest solutions and prefer to use poisons on your food instead. Dead grains are used so much by those deadly people because they can't spoil, because there's no life left to spoil... except yours. They want to make profits, not feed you properly. That's why the industry has been pushing grains as the best diet, but it isn't! You can’t renew your living cells with dead ones.

Grains can cause so many problems

It doesn’t even matter which problem you have, your health will get better if you replace grains by greens, even if you think you don’t have health problems… yet.

When I decided to stop blaming my body and find out how to eliminate the cause of my pains, I soon came to the realization that wheat was a problem. But there was so many possible issues caused by wheat that I didn’t know which one I had, maybe it was all of them at the same time. But I soon figured out that it doesn’t matter which wheat problem you have or not, no one is supposed to eat grains, not even cows, they’re made to ruminate greens; and we should too.
  • Celiac disease

    I didn’t fancy having a camera up my ass to see if I had celiac disease, too see if the wheat was destroying the villi in my stomach lining, the microscopic fingers necessary to absorb food, and once they're gone I'd be unable to absorb the nutrition from any other foods.
  • Diabetes and hypoglycemia

    The high glycemic index was definitively causing a high blood sugar followed by a crash; causing both diabetes and hypoglycemia.
  • Allergies and sensitivities

    But it didn’t explain the stomach pain. Maybe I was allergic to it, wheat is one of the most common allergen, or have a sensitivity to it.
  • Gluten intolerance

    Maybe it was only the gluten, but if wheat was hurting me, even if it was just one element in it, even if it could be removed, I didn't want to eat something that hurts me at all! You remove that gluten protein, and process the vitamins and the fibers out... there's nothing left anyway!

Wheat is just plain bad for everyone

So it doesn't matter why, the only thing that matters is that I'm better nourished if I eat vegetables instead, everyone would be. I feel better physically and mentally.

Replace wheat with greens

I first tried to replace wheat for wheat... Now I see how pointless and futile that was.

I moved away from refined chemical denatured white bread, with horrible preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and other horrors, turning it into a cake at best, but so chemically altered that it’s more like an object than a food. I found a handmade bread that was so brown that it looked like a tree, with only 3 ingredients: water, wheat and salt. But I still had digestion difficulties and other problems.

I believed the mainstream information that you need more fiber, and that they can only come from grains... So I added wheat germ straight to my food (not germinated blossoming wheat, just the dry powder). It was supposed to help with constipation, but it made me more constipated than ever.

I then found out that you need to get enough water or grain fibers will clog you. But wheat doesn’t have any, vegetables do! They are properly balanced with fiber, water and nutrition.

Vegetables are the best source fiber that you can get not grains. And they're also a great source of calcium, not milk and certainly not soy!

I stopped trying to replace white bread with brown or gluten free (gluten is wheat’s protein and it’s already worthless enough without removing it); I just got rid of the problem completely: wheat!

Wheat doesn’t have water, it’s the wrong kind of fiber, the nutrients got bleached out, the protein can't be digested, it destroys your gut, mess with your blood sugar... and it’s literally like cardboard! No... cardboard would be an improvement.

You can’t just chew wheat straight from the garden, it’s way too hard to digest and it will hurt you! Even birds can’t fully digest grains. But it got even worse since the grains got genetically modified (GMO) to be hard enough to resist being sprayed with corrosive chemicals, to kill weeds. Grains became even harder, way too hard to digest, and laden with poisons…

They even spliced grains with a virus that destroys the gut, quickly in insects, slowly in bigger creatures like humans.

Nothing matters anymore about grains... they're done for... it's them or us. I choose me.

Replace grains with greens

I radically trashed the lowest and biggest level of the food pyramid and replaced it with greens, and then I FINALLY got healthy.
Food pyramid without deadly garbage

(I first edited that picture for my page Health ~ Weight ~ Obesity. Tomatoes are fruits and corn is a grain and the WORST of them all; but the image was beautiful so I used it. Bread, muffins and cakes are exactly the same. They're grains ad full of sugars.

"Grains are not healthy and they are toxic to the body."
Read more about How grains are killing you slowly at wellnessmama.)

Thanks to vegetables, I finally got the fibers and water properly balanced AND nutrition!

Wheat is worthless and harmful to you, to everyone, in multiple ways.

Some effects are just more obvious than others. But even the people who have the worse reactions to grains don't always notice how bad they actually are. Their body revolt against grains with full blown allergic reactions, and they still don't notice that grains are the cause, even doctors blame the person's gut or mind instead... so don't count on them to tell you what your body knows best.

Why would you want to risk eating something that can destroy the gut… green vegetables will never do that to anyone. It’s not even good without spreading jam (sugary paint) on it, but then it merely gets worse. Subway even adds ingredients used in yoga carpet and shoe soles to fool you with a better texture...

If shoe soles improve grains, then grains must be freaking bad!!!

Subway - Jared - Yoga - Azodicarbonamide side effects

I have more in my page Humor ~ Demotivational ~ All funny pictures 3.

Greens satiate hunger better than grains and give a more stable fuel

Grains are so refined that it's the equivalent of eating sugar with a spoon. There's nothing better left.

Forget cereals and toast spread with sugar. I eat supper for breakfast; I finally have the energy to wake up, to do what I need and I’m never ravenous with cravings.

In the movie “The prince of Egypt” when famine strikes, they store grains. We are overpopulated, so the food industry tries to feed the population cheap and even synthetic foods that aren’t nutritious enough on their own. So why claim that it should be the majority of our alimentation? Profits. Cheap junk at a high price.

Vegetables seem to cost more because you have to buy them in bulk, but you can eat feats all week long for a very low price per meal. They stuff you up good with less; and they take forever to chew, so you can enjoy eating for HOURS!

The good news is that you don’t need to be rich to choose quality over quantity; you simply need to make the choice. Less nutritious food is better than a lot of worthless food.

You might as well be eating the box with vitamins, it would be better than eating the cereals in it.

Of course the population will seem stupid for being unable to make wise decisions, with brains starving for vitamin C and stable blood glucose (becoming so easier to control for the people who want to exploit them and sell junk).

Of course children won’t be able to concentrate. Of course kids will be hysterical and hyper from the massive amount of worthless sugar, as a filler to use less of the expensive good stuff, and to trick people into thinking that their product is tasty and nutritive.

But you never need to add sugar to vegetables or fruits; it’s an insult to the delicious sourness of grapefruits. There is so much more than cardboard-like grains, discover a whole rainbow of colorful life forms that candies will never replace.

Forget gluten free. Go grain free!

The gluten problem with grains is very probably the same as the lactose intolerance in milk: you don't have the enzyme (bacteria) to digest it yourself, and you couldn't get it from the food because it was destroyed by heat... on purpose. Bacteria aren't to blame for diseases, malnutrition is. Bacteria are an important part of food, digestion and your immune system.

What ignorant humans do to the grains is as much to blame as the grains themselves. The food wasn't even germinated into a living birth yet, and they found a way to kill it anyway.

Stop trying to find a way to cling to something harmful, don't just go gluten free, go grain free! Discover the delights that you are missing.

I make sautés. I wrap vegetables and meat in seaweed, the nori sheet for sushi, it's full of trace elements for the nervous system and thyroid to regulate the whole metabolism. I also use a thin rice sheet; all I taste is the rainbow of raw vegetables and meat that it holds. It's so flavorful that I'm thankful that I got sick enough to wake up!

Gluten inflates like a hot air balloon, in bread, but also in your gut and looks. It bloats people and stretches their stomach into wanting to eat more than they need to be healthy and happy, but they have to overeat worthless grains as their bodies desperately tries to get enough nutrition, pushing people with cravings to survive... if only people didn't go for the wrong things...

It's not calories that counts, it's nutrition.

There’s so much sugar in grain products that it overfeeds your natural internal yeast, and the industries also add it to the bread. That's how you get a yeast infection; you're like a rotting corpse being cleaned up, because you ate dead acidic foods and are dying inside.

Eat juicy live foods, the way vegetables are, they’re alkaline and can balance acidic meats. I will never claim that we should stop eating meat to eat vegetables instead, you don't have to choose between two good things, you simply need both!

But grains are bad. Period. At least try to stop eating the cardboard grains and sand-like sugars… and see for yourself how much better you can actually feel. You don’t need grains, they hurt you. So choose a better staple food for yourself than what you’re told, better than what makes the worthless cheap industries happy… find what truly makes YOUR body happy.

I got some information from Why do so many people think they need gluten-free foods? at slate.

To answer the question, it’s because people are sick from the so called healthy food recommendations. Blaming a part of wheat that you can remove allowed them to stay in denial and avoid change. But the whole grain is bad; it’s not good enough as a staple food, especially when you compare it to how nutritious, balancing and detoxifying vegetables are. But what is removed and added to grains makes it even more worthless and toxic.

Absolutely everything about grains is bad:

  • Genetically modified to be too hardy to digest and to secrete gut destroying toxins.
  • Grown sprayed with poisons
  • The nutrition has been processed and bleached out completely worthless
  • Laden with sugars causing diabetes, hypoglycemia, obesity and mental problems
  • Brain and body problems from the nutritional deficiencies too
  • Loaded like a gun with other synthetic horrors… such as preservative, which doesn't preserve life, it's just one more poison to kill small organism that might eat the food before you. To destroy happily growing mold, but it also does it to children and everyone else.
Everything about the whole grain industry is bad. There’s NOTHING healthy about it.

IF grains ever were healthy, they are not anymore! For everyone. Except of course the people getting rich from them, as long as they don’t eat them.

Here's some quotes from the page:

"Grain shortage dramatically lowered the death rate among children with the Celiac disease disorder from 35% to zero." That’s more than 1/3…

"Only a small fraction of people have been properly diagnosed with Celiac disease… some patients are incorrectly labeled as having irritable bowel syndrome, eating disorders, or dietary vitamin deficiency… and even severe autism."

"There are certainly people who have a problem with gluten that’s not autoimmune or allergic."

You don't have to be allergic or sensitive to something for it to be harmful. You can't survive on eating cardboard boxes. It will feel wrong, hurt your gut, and your brain won't be able to function. Adding sugar so the brain won't radically shut down, and trying to put back the vitamins lost in the process with synthetic imitations that the body can't absorb... it's futile. The brain and your whole body need vitamin C.

For the B vitamins, I eat eggs and natural supplements. I never tried to germinate wheat so that it can become juicy greens; but dead grains won't give you a healthy life.

Corn is the worst grain

Corn used to be called maize and treated with lime to bring out its nutrition. Neglecting this vital process proved to be so unhealthy that it's DEADLY.

From Hominy at wikipedia: "in addition to providing a source of dietary calcium, the lime reacts with the corn so that the nutrient niacin can be assimilated by the digestive tract"

Also from Wisdom from the Past: Nixtamalization of Corn at thenourishinggourmet "Corn was introduced in Africa without nixtamalization. Because it became a staple food for many, it caused many nutritional deficiencies. When corn is nixtamalized, it released the vital nutrient B3. This prevents the painful disorder, pellagra. Pellagra makes you develop sore skin and mouths, makes you thin, listless and could cause depression, hallucinations, irritability, and other mental disorders. In reality, Pellagra can and has ruined many lives."

It still does, now society is simply blind to the causes and tries to cover up the symptoms with even more dangerous drugs than the problem itself. The first American colonials also got sick and were rescued by the natives… and the mistake is happening all over again! They skip this important step to maximize profits of course; they don’t care if they feed you the nutritional equivalent of Styrofoam. Forget brands. Make your own food without worthless fillers like wheat, soy and corn. Being sick is a bigger waste of time and money... and lives.

It's prone to mold and they use contaminated crops anyway.

High fructose corn syrup is a complete abomination! It's not the same as glucose. Fructose is a poison.

Watch the YouTube video by Robert H. Lustig, M.D. Sugar: The Bitter Truth. He demonstrates the cause of obesity. That it's not being lazy and gluttonous because we have an epidemic of obese babies! Fructose is a poison all by itself and removing fiber and fat and boosting carbs and sugar wasn't a cure for heart disease but a unmitigated disaster on health.

Grains are bad, but their concentrated syrup is awful. Using it to replace anything good in our food supply is causing so many expensive health crisis. It happened because it's cheap for our wallet but also cheap nourishment for our health. So it's actually very expensive if we have to pay if with our quality of life, that’s no way to make it more convenient! And if we also consider the nutritive value, it’s expensive to pay anything at all for something completely empty and toxic!

But we blame the good stuff for the problems caused by the junk, to shift the blame, so that the industries that are destroying us all, the whole country from within, can keep making profits with overpriced garbage... addicting us with sugars that are over-refined and hammering our brains just like cocaine, both deadly white powders. Making people ravenous for more, as their body desperately tries to find nutrition is things that only have calories.

It's not fat that makes people obese, it's toxins and GRAINS!!!

Enjoy greens~ Learn to want what you need. Learn to love the best.

Lisa Of Shades
24 July 2014


How To Eat Grains
. Written by Kristen Michaelis at Food Renegade. I'm going to quote the whole article because she does such a great work:

((Start quote))

How to eat grains

Wheat fieldYou’d think it’d be simple. Eating grains is as old as… well, agriculture. But within the last century the industrialized grains we eat have become quite perverted. Refined flours have weaseled their way into just about every baked good: breads, cereals, crackers, desserts, you name it. But even whole grains, the so-called “healthy” alternative, are dangerously devoid of nutrients thanks to our modern methods of grain preparation.
In tight economic times, you want to squeeze every bit of nutrition out of your food as you possibly can. So, if you eat grains, consider this your guide to preparing them in the most nutritious way.

We all know that refined grains are bad for us. In the refining process, the bran and germ are removed from the whole grain, hence removing the fiber and most of the vitamins and minerals. Then the grains are further processed via mixing, bleaching, and brominating. Then, because poor people who switched to eating refined grain products started suffering from severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies, we now “enrich” the refined flour with synthetic vitamins and minerals. These synthetic nutrients can be hard on your liver (See her other article Your liver: understanding the keys to health). Even if they were substantially equivalent to naturally occurring vitamins and minerals (which I don’t believe!), the vitamin and mineral content artificially added back into enriched flours still does not measure up to the amount inherent in whole grains.

Without question, whole grains are nutritionally superior to refined grains. But, they can be even more nutrient dense if your prepare them according to traditional grain preparation techniques.

What are traditional grain preparation techniques?
  • Sprouting
    This is when the whole grain kernel is sprouted. You can eat it as is, or you can dry it again before grinding it into flour.
  • Soaking
    This is when the already milled whole grain flour is soaked in an acidic medium like buttermilk, whey, yogurt, lemon juice, or vinegar before being cooked.
  • Fermenting
    This is when the grain is naturally fermented with wild yeast, as is the case with all sourdough breads.
Why should you care?

We can’t blame our parents or our grand parent’s generation for falling in love with convenience. Modern science promised to revolutionize our lives, reduce the amount of time and energy it took us to perform tasks, and give us more time to do the things we really enjoy. It also revolutionized our food, dramatically reducing the time we spent in the kitchen preparing wholesome meals.

But this convenience came at a cost. We lost many wonderful food traditions as Grandmas raved about frozen pizzas and stopped cooking from scratch. We stopped eating meals together around a table, instead opting for fast food on the go. And the traditional food preparation techniques that had nourished us for thousands of years fell victim to the efficiency of industrialization.

Now, instead of capturing wild yeast from the air through the long process of sourdough fermentation, we had quick rising baker’s yeast. And instead of soaking our whole grain flour in buttermilk overnight to produce wonderfully light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes in the morning, we could use a baking mix containing white flour and chemical leavening agents to achieve the same effect.

So what? How does this affect the food’s nutrition?

Grains are essentially the seeds of domesticated grasses. Seeds are meant to do one thing: propagate their species. They are built with multiple layers of protection in order to pass through the digestive systems of animals unharmed so that they can grow in a new place where the animals deposited them. Granted, we have a fairly acidic digestive tract when compared to your average chicken, so we do a better job at breaking down the grains.

But grains are still hard on our digestive systems, and we don’t digest any grain completely. Undigested particles of grain get stuck in the microvilli of our intestinal walls, building up with time, and ultimately undermining our ability to properly digest other foods because of this interference.

If the interference becomes extreme, a host of intestinal and auto-immune disorders can result including: ((Grains harms EVERYONE and it can happen to ANYONE.))

On top of all this, we have to battle phytic acid, the enzyme inhibitor present in grains that locks up all the minerals and vitamins until the seed is ready to germinate. When that phytic acid gets loose in our own guts, it binds with the vitamins and minerals present and keeps us from absorbing them. This can lead to a host of systemic problems, most notably dental decay.

It turns out that traditional grain preparation techniques solved these problems!

Soaking whole grain flour in an acidic medium overnight neutralizes the phytic acid by activating phytase, an enzyme present in the grain which breaks down the phytic acid, rendering the grain easier for us to digest.

Fermenting whole grain flour also neutralizes the phytic acid and does an even more thorough job breaking the grain down — to the point that many who suffer from gluten intolerance have no trouble eating traditionally prepared sourdough bread!

Sprouting grains not only neutralizes the phytic acid, but also radically increases the nutrients present. This is because the grain has essentially been turned into a vegetable. When comparing sprouted wheat to unsprouted wheat on a calorie-per-calorie basis, the sprouted wheat contains:
  • 4 times the amount of niacin (vitamin B3: the deficiency causes pellagra, characterized by skin changes, severe nerve dysfunction, mental symptoms, and diarrhea)
  • Nearly twice the amount of vitamin B6 and folate
  • 5 times the amount of vitamin C
  • Significantly more protein and fewer starches and sugars
How to eat grains

If you’re going to eat grains, you should really make sure they are traditionally prepared.

For many recipes, this consists of making a few minor and easy adaptations. For example, you can soak your rolled oats overnight in yogurt before adding water and cooking in the morning. This is how traditional cultures have always prepared their porridge, and it only takes a few extra minutes in addition to a little planning to eat this instead of quick cooking instant oatmeal. You can also do this with your breakfast quick breads like pancakes and biscuits simply by soaking the whole wheat flour in buttermilk overnight before adding the rest of the recipe’s ingredients and cooking in the morning.

Making traditional sourdough is something I have not ever attempted, although I’d love to try. I typically buy my sourdough from a local bakery that cooks it up the old-fashioned way. (Note: Most sourdough bread available at your grocery store is not traditionally prepared. It is your typical commercial yeast bread that includes something sour tasting. If “yeast” is listed as an ingredient, it’s not a real sourdough.) If you’d like to try making your own sourdough bread, you can find listings for sourdough starters on my Resources Page: Fermented food starters.

Perhaps the easiest way to adapt to eating healthier grains is to simply substitute sprouted grain flour for your typical whole grain flour. If you have a grain grinder, you can sprout the grain yourself, dry it, and grind it into fresh flour. (This is what I do whenever I occasionally eat grains.) Or, if you don’t have a grinder, you can buy sprouted grain flour online. Again, you can find listings for sprouted grain flour on my Resources Page: Flours, Grains & Legumes.

(photo by aricee)

((End quote))

Thank you, Kristen Michaelis, for this great article. I don't miss grains though, but I could try something else to sprout~

The wisdom of the past is lost and completely ignored. The industry dismiss vital technique because all they care about is numbers in their bank account, they use machines instead of bread bakers with a brain. And doctors only care about making money with drugs; they can't patent vitamins and minerals to get rich, because they belong to everyone. So they dismiss them as the cause of physical and mental diseases.

Your health is in your own hands. Make sure it is.


Lisa Of Shades
24 July 2014
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