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The vitamins and minerals have a vital importance. Information about them is precious; because they have an impact on everything: health or illness, physical or mental.

When you are well fed, you feel good and have the strength to handle more challenges before they turn into stress. But of course you still have a limit; therefore you need to rest accordingly.

Vitamins and minerals will help you get energy, function, heal, think clearly and be happy.

For detailed information about almost all of them, see the page Vitamin and Mineral. (Thank you to be patient with the loading time of this huge page, it made my design program lag. Having all in one page will allow you to search for your symptoms and body parts more quickly and effectively.)

Here's some interesting knowledge about them as a whole: the differences in types and other useful information about the importance to have them all to fulfill your body's needs.

For some lists of specific symptoms see the page: Classed by symptoms.


Fat VS water soluble vitamins: More explanations at medicinenet.

Fat soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K.
Can be stored in your fat, but be careful not to reach dangerously high levels.

Water soluble vitamins: B and C.
Excreted in water (urine), you need to consume them daily to prevent deficiencies.



Trace elements (Micronutrients) are needed in small quantities, unlike minerals (Macrominerals) required in larger doses. You can find their effects at anyvitamins.
They're in grey Celtic sea salt, unlike any refined white salts, and are very soothing.

Electrolytes regulate our nerve and muscle function, our body's hydration, blood pH, blood pressure, the rebuilding of damaged tissue:
Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Bicarbonate, hydrogen phosphate, hydrogen carbonate. Phosphorus.
More info at medicalnewstoday and Restoring electrolyte balance at modernmedicine.

Interesting info about minerals at wikipedia: Dietary mineral


Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in the body,
and the #1 deficiency.


Nutrition is the best cure for healing diseases, physical and mental.
Vitamins and minerals deficiencies are the real cause.
From your mouth to your brain, and everywhere else.

Examples below~
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Your body will heal himself if you feed him what he needs:

Don't expect to hear something so simple from the people who make a fortune by selling you chemical drugs. Nutrition isn't mentioned much in medical schools. Many doctors even mock the importance and impact it can have. It's considered an alternative medicine and offends them. But you can still choose this natural way. Naturopathy has such approach. Its ideology is what I always thought medicine was supposed to be.

Balance energy output with nutrition input:

Things that boost you, such as sugar, coffee or drugs, need to be balanced with nutrition to maintain vital functions. Otherwise the body is forced to cannibalize himself; causing illnesses, an older appearance and desperate frantic behaviors.

Your survival instinct will overpower you and do the strangest things to survive. Like a skinny man who took speed without eating, and ended up feasting on a stranger's face... You need more than energy; you require nutrition to sustain it.

In fact, all that’s necessary to have both is this:
Provide nourishing foods to your body so he can make his own energy.

Eat more often to speeds up your metabolism, foods with sustenance, instead of a lot of emptiness all at once; trying to force it with substances leads to disaster. Or else, you're just whipping yourself and kicking your internal organs... very depressing. No wonder there's so many people in depression. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Simple nutritive changes can improve your life greatly and bring happiness.

Lisa Of Shades
7 Mars 2013

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The importance of raw foods

Your body is a combination of incalculable life forms. All your cells, red blood cells, healthy gut bacteria that helps you digest food and make vitamins for you... there's a whole lot of people in you.

But you can't give birth to all of them yourself, so you have to get them from nature. Like enzymes and healthy bacteria.

If you boil your food, you're going to kill the hell out of them.

They can be necessary to absorb vital elements and vital to your organs.

You're far more than a bag of water burning calories.

Bacteria are there to clean up dead decaying things... if they're after you... then you didn't take care of your life properly... That's what’s wrong. Taking anti-bio-killer antibiotics will just weaken you even more, because you're a "bio" too!

Go play in the dirt and eat vegetables full of mud, you'll be way healthier than eating bleached processed chemicals! Artificial colors and flavors are useless and meaningless, it’s like drinking pain! I mean paint… but yeah the typo is shockingly appropriate…

Medicine has health upside down, but it sure helps make a fortune off you with even MORE chemicals. Helping your health? Not so much... Even worsen it with all the side effects and damage to your liver and others.

You'll have to take care of your life yourself anyway... there's no magic pill that will make you stop needing real nutrition and a balanced rest. Only death can change that... Hm... then I guess medicine can be effective, considering how many people they killed, even when taken as prescribed. (Watch: Food matters)

Live instead. Feed on life. Start now~

Lisa Of Shades
Added: 7 September 2013

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The best way to be sick and make a lot of companies rich, including hospitals:

Dietary Guidelines for Americans (I don't have to agree):
Taken from globalherbalsupplies vitamin E page

In general most adults in the USA get enough when they follow the
  • Balance the food you eat with physical activity to maintain or improve your weight.
    (Exercise just for the sake of moving. It will make you exhale and sweat your toxins out, which means that they won't have to be sealed safely in fat. But don't torture yourself for that goal, and don’t think you can get away with eating junk after. No amounts will ever compensate for that.)
  • Choose a diet low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol
    (See the caution, they warn themselves that it's not necessary a good idea)
  • Choose a diet moderate in salt and sodium
    (If you have adrenal fatigue, consume celtic sea salt to your heart's content.)
  • Choose a diet moderate in sugars
    (Ban the damn thing)
  • Choose a diet with plenty of grain products, vegetables, and fruits
    (No grains they are too hard to digest and makes you fat, hail the greens and other veggies! Limit the fruits. Juice is too sweet for your body to handle well. You need fiber.)
  • Eat a variety of foods
  • If you drink alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation
    (Or even better, don't drink substances that are recognised as containing a poison and destroying vital organs! Deuh!)
Caution: Low-fat diets can substantially decrease Vitamin E intakes if some vegetable oils are not included in the dietary program.
(See, self admitting bullshit. Just feast on cheese, butter and WHOLE vegetables. Put the grains and sugars in the trash where they belong!!! Your body will be so happy~)

Raw milk VS pasteurised milk

Relevant info for vitamin D and calcium.
See the information number 11 and 12, or all 15 at realmilk:

Raw milk (The opposite effects of pasteurized milk)
  • Vitamin D naturally occurs in the fat.
  • Heals and prevents asthma by stabilizing MAST cells and reducing inflammation as shown by dramatic lowering of C-reactive protein levels.
  • Rebuilds immunity by allowing the safe consumption of biodiversity in our diets. These bacteria then re-colonize the gut and become our immune protective and digestive ecosystem armies.
  • Increase bone density by preserving phosphatase, which is the third most abundant enzyme in raw milk, and necessary for absorbtion of minerals like calcium. It protects from osteoporosis.
Pasteurized milks aren't recommended.
It is said that if you give it to calves, they die.
  • Causes asthma by destabilizing MAST cells, which release histamines that cause inflammation, mucus production and bronchial spasm.
  • Pasteurization warps and distorts fragile proteins, making them allergenic.
  • It's a partial food product that is missing digestive enzymes and nearly all of its beneficial bacteria.
  • It usually comes from cows fed corn and soy rather than pasture and forage. (They aren't meant to digest this, so it makes them sick, so they are given antibiotics, the overuse make antibiotic resistant pathogens. They are given hormones that are also passed down to us and disrupt our own.)
  • Kills bone density. It has long been known by doctors that low-fat pasteurized milk is a real problem when considering bone density and osteoporosis.
  • The heat completely destroys the enzyme phosphatase, which is is critical for the absorption of minerals including calcium!
Lisa Of Shades
7 Mars 2013

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Keywords for the vitamin and mineral page:

All deficiency that cause depression cause loneliness, search "depression" to know how to help that feeling. You can't talk, snuggle or drug your way out of nutritional deficiency. Only get distracted from it with happier things at best, but the pain will be there as long as you don't feed your body its needs properly.
Lisa Of Shades
7 Mars 2013

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Vitamins are safer and more effective than medicine, for your body and mind

Facts, my experience, testimonials and definitions:

From Andrew Saul's website doctoryourself, he featured in the "Food Matters" movie, he also wrote a book, see the interesting description on ebay: Doctor Yourself. I didn't read it yet but I like his site.

Vitamins & minerals VS medicine Facts:


The fact is, vitamins are known to be effective and safe. They are essential nutrients, and when taken at the proper doses over a lifetime, are capable of preventing a wide variety of diseases. Because drug companies can't make big profits developing essential nutrients, they have a vested interest in agitating for the use of drugs and disparaging the use of nutritional supplements.

Women who took two or more aspirin tablets per day had an alarming 86% greater risk of pancreatic cancer. Initially [it was said that] aspirin would protect against pancreatic cancer. How about that.
  • Antibiotics cause 700,000 emergency room visits per year, just in the US.
  • Modern drug-and-cut medicine is at least the third leading cause of death in the USA. Some estimates place medicine as the number one cause of death.
  • Over 1.5 million Americans are injured every year by drug errors in hospitals, doctors' offices, and nursing homes. If in a hospital, a patient can expect at least one medication error every single day.
  • More than 100,000 deaths from pharmaceutical drugs every year, just in the US, from drugs properly prescribed and taken as directed.
  • All deaths caused by drugs and doctors may total as high as one million deaths per year.
  • It is common for a medication to create an actual vitamin deficiency. (But it is rare that a vitamin will negatively interact with a medication)
The oldest political trick in the book is to create doubt, then fear, and then conformity of action. The pharmaceutical industry knows this full well. One does not waste time and money attacking something that does not work. Vitamin E (among all) works, and the evidence is abundant.

Zero deaths, not even one, from vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbs:
Poison control statistics prove supplements' safety yet again (Read more at doctoryourself/nodeaths)

The study actually reported that taking supplements of B-complex, vitamins C, D, E, and calcium and magnesium were associated with a lower risk of mortality. (Sure saved mine)

In massive doses, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) stops a cold within hours, stops bronchitis in a day, and stops viral pneumonia (pain, fever, cough and the lot) in two days. It is a highly effective antihistamine, antiviral and antibiotic. (I can't remember my last cold and I used to be so sick that I had a surgery.)

Many studies were design to fail using too low doses. If a nutrition study uses less than 20,000 or 30,000 milligrams of vitamin C, it is unlikely to show any antihistamine, antibiotic and antiviral benefit whatsoever.
(Actually I got much better with 2,000 to 4,000 mg as recommended by Dr Wilson on adrenal fatigue. I wouldn't stop 30g abruptly... Of course you have to raise and lower the dose gently.)

  • Antidepressants cause depression (among worst symptoms like sudden death.)
  • Hydrocortisone causes the adrenal glands to atrophy, causing acute adrenal crisis. Instead to help your adrenal glands like you'd expect from medicine, it causes more life threatening consequences, making you dependent for life. (It's also used to treat many symptoms unknowingly related to adrenal insufficiency, and its ultimate form: Addison’s disease. Like asthma.)

Vitamins and minerals give your body the building blocks needed to make those substances himself, heal, and become stronger!

(Do make sure that they are from natural sources and do not contain allergens but it's unlikely to kill you. And don't let kids eat a full bottle of iron, or anything... especially not candy.)

My experience confirms this:

I could hardly walk (who wouldn't be depressed but I fought it with humor). I was losing blood profusely from my anus from an unknown corn allergy. I was prescribed hydrocortisone and it seemed to help, but when I ran out of the cream it revealed the damage that it caused to my already weak adrenals: I couldn't breathe anymore and struggled just to gasp for days, I unable to reach the phone to call an ambulance. I know suffering, but I’ve never been so close to death.

I took a vitamin B complex and high doses of vitamin C. To help my adrenals rebuild. It gave me more energy than I knew what to do with it; I even gladly did my dishes! It lids my brain like a Christmas tree. I had to cut the dose of B and kelp in half for a while so my body could gently adjust to such vitality and avoid the old trap of overworking it that gave me the problem in the first place. Calcium + Magnesium + zinc with vitamin D3 calmed me down, away from anxiety and depression, because my body didn't need to cry for help anymore, he became content with its filled needs.

This was in addition to a diet that banned all forms of sugar, real or fake, grains and chemicals. A lifestyle diet based on greens, in soups and side dish salads; the potassium is balanced with as much Celtic sea salt as I want. With easy to digest protein like fish and eggs, but also others like chicken and turkey, or even horse. But not processed meat, since it’s no longer meat; and pork always contain toxins because its purpose is to change decaying matter into fertiliser. Nuts like almonds made me so happy, and with cheese I didn't miss anything else.

Vitamins and minerals works. Because that's what you need in the first place.

I take massive dose of vitamin C, I used to have chronic respiratory infections, had an operation to have my tonsil removed and vaccinations every week for months... It's only now that I stopped being sick. With exhaustion from over exercise, with muscle pain, what used to take me months to recover took me 3 days. I wish I could say that it amazed me so much that it took my breath away, but chemical medicine is what made me suffocate. Vitamins just plain amazed my health.

I understand the reluctance of doctors to embrace facts not learnt at school, and why they find certain ideas offensive even when credible colleagues proves them. Because after paying so much to study medicine, the status on top of the world makes it too easy to believe that you know everything because that’s what is expected of you… and imagine how angry you'd be at the mere idea that the knowledge is outdated, wrong, or deliberate lies to make profit out of the patients' suffering... But it doesn't mean that it's impossible, or doesn’t happen everyday everywhere.

At some point religion’s ego had to admit that the earth is round and not the center of the universe, that the blood circulates, that epileptic seizures aren’t demonic possessions…

Maybe someday we will believe that chemicals are the problem not the cure, biological needs requires biological substances for they are the precursors to vital functions, making food the best medicine... that the brain needs them too to function and being deprived of proper nutrition doesn't make you defective or insane... that cancer is a autoimmune response trying to isolate an accumulation of daily poisons in balls, and frying the immune system with chemicals is a bad idea… that fat is healthy unless it's overcooked until it's putrid as in frying, or with chemicals that makes it ticker, like hydrogenated ones, which can't be good for your brain that is made of fat and also every cells... that obese people are starving and compulsively looking for proper nutriments in empty artificial junk… that people who are depressed are for a good reason that needs to be addressed, not ignored with tranquilizers, or electric tortures even if it does put a more insignificant perspective on a bad break up, but it motivate more to hide the pain, when you could find ways to find strenght and to move on... ah~ the herb would be greener on everybody’s lawns... because we'd fertilize it with magnesium.

What if I told you that you are not insane, that your suffering is the result of something you ingested, like an allergy. But worst, a poison. That the companies that made it knows fully, but are using chemicals to trick you into finding it good, and addicting you so you'd eat it compulsively, and give them money, suffering with and without... perfectly aware that it's making you suffer... but doing everything in their power so that you'd blame yourself instead, your will power, your appearance, your body’s functions as it tries it's best to protect and warn you, your mind as it makes you feel agony after the sweet taste... Would you really want more... knowing that they know they are hurting you, making you cry, hate yourself, kill you with a slow agony worst than death... What if I told you, like a pact with a devil, that you can feel good, all the time, forever, and have the strength to overcome anything... but in exchange you'd have to give up the thing that you like the most... for life... would you do it? For your life's sake... The day the answer will be yes, that you will be ready to listen and see the real consequences; you will find what to do and avoid yourself. Start by banning sugar... then anything from nature that humans twisted, and what never was natural. Eat life. Not death. I've never been so happy, after I crawled out of a deep pit of hell, paved with good intentions, instead of proper self care.


WARNING: doctoryourself website contains controversial scientific ideas that may be of an offensive nature to some well-educated persons. This is why, and also why you shouldn't follow their doctrine blindly:

“I had been a [doctor] for 25 years. (...) I watched [patients] die under my care because I had nothing more to offer, and (...) many times only made their lives more miserable. Recent health problems led me to read about Linus Pauling and orthomolecular medicine (...) After reading Doctor Yourself by Dr. Andrew Saul, I have become a very angry man. I've just realized that for 25 years I had been making my patients sick and big pharma rich (...) that those [who] died waiting for a liver transplant could have been easily cured with vitamin C. I realize now that my toximolecular (sounds like the word toxic...) medical education only led me to do more harm than good. That is not a good feeling to have. I only wish that all my critically ill patients had read Dr. Saul's book and fired their doctor. Doctor Yourself in fact has inspired me to now open an exclusive orthomolecular medicine practice (...) I hope this time to make a difference.” Edward Cichowicz, M.D.

“My nutrition professor, was someone my classmates and I thought to be quite the 'radical thinker' (...) he espoused the value of living foods in helping the body to heal itself from physical illness, mental disease and even addiction. Dr. Saul taught us to treat the whole body - not just the symptoms - to prevent and reverse disease, and to do this by eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables, as well as their juices, whole, sprouted grains, and raw nuts and seeds - living foods that exist in nature and have a profund healing effect on every cell in the body. He presented double-blind placebo-controlled studies on various nutrients as well as his own case studies, proving that eating foods in their natural state - unaltered by cooking, processing, preservatives, chemical fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, or genetic modification - does indeed provide the body with all the essential vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, and phytochemicals - everything it needs to prevent and fight off disease and create vitality." Ginger Southhall, D.C.

"The truth about the doctor is so terrible that we dare not face it."
George Bernard Shaw, "The Doctor's Dilemma," 1906


Orthomolecular: Theory holding that mental diseases or abnormalities result from various chemical imbalances or deficiencies and can be cured by restoring proper levels of chemical substances, such as vitamins and minerals, in the body.

(From what I understand, it's what naturopaths and nutritionists do; and what Hippocrates, the father of medicine preached. The psys and doctors are right, but their methods are wrong. Feed your body to make your own brain fluids, organ integrity and functions. Instead to force the result, with inferior chemical copies that often only mimic a small piece of a whole, or hide the consequences that are symptoms with toxins. Everything has a recipe, even a human being and disaster.)

Rules of nutritional (i.e., orthomolecular) therapy is:
  • Eat no "junk" food to which sugar has been added.
  • Avoid foods to which one is allergic.
    Cravings may be fueled by allergy, making people inordinately fond of them...
    (Because your brain try to preserve its state, but when it means clinging to poisons, it's best to break the cycle towards a healthier balance.)
  • Eat as wide a variety of foods as possible and do not depend heavily on a few, to minimize allergic reactions.
Now isn't that sane~


Mens sana in corpore sano: A healthy mind in a healthy body.
Lisa Of Shades
7 Mars 2013

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The “dangers” of vitamins and minerals.

They function in harmony, so yes, you can screw yourself up if you do anything anyhow, just like everything in life; but it’s something that your body needs to live, if you select them as natural as possible, they’re not liver toxic the way chemical medicine are. They’re most likely the safest man made substance and refined product.

But while there are substances more harmful, there are elements that are more needed and crucial for life.

There’s a huge difference between taking an overdose of iron versus vitamin C. Iron is a metal, a bottle of a strong prescription for anemia can kill a child, because it’s like swallowing a fork! The body can’t flush that out easily. (Teach them not to swallow candy shape things mindlessly like junky, sugar is a drug, feed them fruits.)

But vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, which means that you can’t store it in fat. It goes right through you; it won’t even pass through your kidneys if you have too much, you’ll just poop more watery. That’s called bowel tolerance and a great way to see how much your body needs it, unlike food intolerances, it’s completely harmless and pain free. I even do it on purpose to alleviate constipation and make sure that I have enough of this powerful healing substance.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, when you breathe and use oxygen to burn energy in every cells, the atoms loose an electron, stolen by the unstable oxygen that wants something in return, a sort of little moon, it’s like loosing a leg so they become deformed and can’t work properly. Vitamin C is like a flying little anger who can give his two legs kindly without feeling any harm, avoiding a domino effect of mutation as electrons are stolen from a nearby friend and so on, leaving everyone hurt in the process. So if vitamin C flies through you, it’s far from being pointless. It can prevent and even reverse cancer.

But vitamin E has more than one tocopherol, FOUR are found naturally. d-alpha tocopherol, has the strongest vitamin E activity, but if you only supplement this one you can risk causing imbalances with the other d-beta, d-delta, and d-gamma tocopherol. Saving money isn’t always a good thing.

You need vitamin D to absorb calcium. The D3, not D2 or it will cause problems. It’s the only fat soluble vitamin that I take. There’s so much vitamin A in the liver of a polar bear that eating one will kill you.

The B complex is also a water soluble vitamin that you need everyday; and enough for your needs not just a drop as you try to run a marathon in a desert. Like vitamin C, they can cause physical and mental (the brain is a part of the body) to such an intense degree, that the deficiencies earn themselves disease names (scurvy, pellagra, beriberi), and even acknowledgement from the medical Pharma! They’ll loose money with their patents if they admitted that all you need to live is good food, water and fresh air… and safety from the harm or (their) chemical poisons… and safe from someone attacking you with a fork, but just defend yourself. Vitamin C can help have the energy to handle the fight or flight survival response well, because it’s needed to make adrenalin, it’s not made of water and good will.

Vitamin C doesn’t cause kidney stones; otherwise I’d be pissing the Mount Fuji right now.

So the dangers of vitamins and minerals are actually not taking enough for your needs. You can mess up even a good thing if you’re not careful, but daring to try and make mistakes are a great way to learn.

Lisa Of Shades
18 January 2014

It's the vitamin deficiencies that get old, not you!

We blame old age when in fact it’s long accumulated deficiencies.

Clearly the RDA’s recommendations are too low for many nutrients. They're so corrupt that they probably do it on purpose. To allow the food industries to get rich by selling people expensive worthless food, starving them conveniently, and unpunished.

Enabling the psychiatry industry to make billions, killing people with toxic poisons, claiming it’s their only hope by blaming their mind, once the agony of malnutrition sets in.

It’s especially cruel and abusive on children. Of course you won’t pay attention when you’re malnourished! Especially if you don’t eat breakfast or get the cereal equivalent of candy and cardboard.

People, you don't need drugs, legal or not, you need FOOD! That's why people desperately pig out. Their body is looking for nutrients in all those artificial chemicals. Poison get sealed in fat while you actually starve. We can't make vitamin C from sugar like other animals, processing the vitamin C out to concentrate the taste created a scurvy disaster!

Every disease, mental and even relationship problems in society can be traced to malnutrition. (Being starved sure can make people insecure or aggressive.) And so many industries get rich on it!

Imagine a bunch of billionaire patting each other's backs, exchanging money, while standing at the top of a mountain made of corpses... and you get the idea of what capitalism is all about. Caring for people's health and being all equals? Sounds like a communist thing to do. Everyone is on their own, against the world, on a race to the top, walking on each other and pushing them in traps. Ah~ freedom in America. The freedom to take care of yourself, exploit others and be exploited. Amen~ No wonder guns are so popular. People ARE out to get you! Sharing is for the people who get exploited. Calcium+D3, magnesium and vitamin C won’t change the stressful world, but it will help make you feel less anxious about how freaky it all is.

B12 and vitamin C are among the most damaging vitamin deficiencies to suffer from. People, you don’t need drugs, legal or not, you need FOOD!

If you really want to pop pills, then don’t ask your doctor if it’s right for you, try vitamins and see if you feel better. Be careful by doing research for the proper combination and safe dose, and listen to your body. Calm your cravings with the most natural substances that your body is begging for. Greens are always the best option and add flavors to any meals. Even deserts. Carrot cakes are delicious, especially without the cakes.

Lisa Of Shades
23 May 2014


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