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Health ~ Nutrition ~ Celtic Sea Salt is grey gold

I buy mine on eBay from sunomega's shop Suncatchers of Hilo:
Celtic sea salt ~ coarse light grey ~ 24 bags

I wrote a review about this product, but I forgot to explain the title. Romans could be paid in salt instead of money, but it sure wasn't table salt. It was this rich, flavorful salt with many vital nutrients and health benefits.

The dirt is good for you. Life grows out of it. You know what is pure white? A dead ghost. Processed sea salt is still table salt. It mustn't be white. The grey in Celtic Sea Salt is vital nutrients. The pink Himalayan salt is great too, but it tastes like clay a bit too much for my tastes. I prefer the sweet sea after taste.

The review:

I had severe health problems that can be resumed as "Adrenal fatigue" or explained as an imbalance between taking care of my nutritional needs and respecting my limits. All my organs where slowly shutting down from malnutrition, toxins and allergies. It causes the kidneys to be unable to hold on to salt so I need to eat a lot.

Listening to the claims that salt is bad for you by avoiding it made me sicker. Salt is a vital nutrient. BUT! Table salt isn't the salt that the body needs. Yes on a periodic table salt is just salt, but you aren't chemistry, you are a complex biological being. And the salt you need must be complex as well.

The difference with Grey Celtic Sea Salt is that 1/3 is composed of minerals and trace elements that are vital to your health. The refining process of table salt take all that nutrition away and replace it with "convenient" toxins to make it easier to manipulate but sickens you. But it's not hard to grind it with a Mortar Pestle Tool, it's even fun and easier to know how much salt I use and need. I use a measuring spoon to put it straight into my dishes when I cook.

Grey Celtic Sea salt won't raise your blood pressure, mine is low and it helped but it balanced it safely. High blood pressure is caused by too tight arteries, they need collagen to expand and that's made with vitamin C. Junk food isn't bad because it's high in salt but because it's high in toxins and low in nutrients. I eat a balanced meal of vegetables instead of grains, and meat. I get a lot of potassium to balance the salt. And I need a lot of salt to balance the potassium. Both are good, but they must be in balance, and the right kind of salt.

I have aquariums and I have a kit to test the PH of the water, to know if it's too acidic or too alkaline. It must be balanced in our bodies. Toxins are usually acidic and the healthiest fresh foods are alkaline (but can become acidic if you overcook them), but there are exceptions. When I tested table salt, it was acidic like a toxin! Because IT IS TOXIC. Look at the ingredients, there's cyanide and aluminum, 2 poisons that your body can't handle. They even add sugar because real salt taste a little sweet, because the various minerals give a rich flavor, but refined sugar can't equal its delight, no matter how much you get addicted to it, no matter how many artificial flavors and colors you add to it... It will never be the same, because it will destroy your health with artificial burdens instead of heal you with usable materials. Grey Celtic Sea Salt is ALKALINE! It will help balance your PH against toxins, it can buffer the mega doses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that I need to heal. It prevents an acidic body so it prevents harm.

I have safely used Grey Celtic Sea Salt to cure an infection without antibiotics in a sick fish, and myself. The tutorials specifically warned against table salt in the aquarium, that it will KILL your fishes instead. And therefore YOU!

I have made fermented vegetables, and salt is added to prevent the growth of bacteria that are incompatible with your body. But the healthy probiotic enzymes (compatible bacteria) will be able to grow. But NOT with table salt, it will kill them... If it can kill them in a jar, it will kill them in your gut. They are what makes you digest, by fermenting food in your gut the same way as in a jar. The acid isn't doing it, the bacteria produce it as they digest food for you, and they also produce vitamins that you can absorb. They are also your immune system because they prevent mold from rotting you, and they compete with other bacteria to defend their home: you. They can thrive in Grey Celtic Sea Salt in a jar, while everything that could hurt you won't. The same is true in your body. But not with table salt.

This is why it is worth the price. Even though I am utterly poor. I think it is far better to invest in my health so I can feel good physically and therefore mentally. Instead to invest in the biggest TV or smartest phone, I'll do the biggest thing for my health and make the smartest choice by making self care my priority. And this salt is so superior that it's like having to choose between life and death, diseases or better health... I don't want to pay to get sick, so I'd rather pay a little more for the benefits.

I recommend buying in bulk, the more you buy the cheaper it is per bag, and the shipping also ends up being cheaper per bag. Of course you can try it with a small bag first, but even if you can't taste the wonderful difference (yet), every organs in your body, each of your cells... will feel better for it.

Lisa Of Shades
18 January 2016

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