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My quotes:

Nutrition is the key to being alive… and THAT’s the key to everything else.

It's nutrition that counts, not calories.

It's what's inside that matters: healthy vital organs.

Put balance back in your favor: lower stress & increase nutrition.

True kindness can only come from yourself, proper care can only be self care. No one and nothing can truly replace something so important.

The reason why junk food is so damaging isn’t because it makes you fat; it’s because it’s void of nutrition and full of toxins. That’s why you’re always so hungry and the fat is actually sealing the toxins to protect you. Fats, greens and fresh meats are good for you; refined sugars, grains, soy and additives are not.


Lisa Of Shades
19+20 January 2015
1rst quote from my page:
Psychological trauma is a PHYSICAL injury!

This health section is to inform of a better possibility for health and happiness than what you might have been taught.

This method is actually closer to what the founder of modern medicine said, but now it seems to be an oath only in words and not in actions. But you can still make it happen for yourself by living this way:

"First, do no harm."

"Let thy food be thy medicine
and thy medicine be thy food."

"The body has an innate capacity for self-healing."

Hippocrates (460-370 B.C.)
Considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.

A Brief History of Hippocrates: “… for the benefit of the sick …”

His first line of treatment was a “regimen of carefully prescribed diet and exercise.” Only if that failed, would he prescribe interventions such as drugs or surgery. “Of several effective remedies, choose the least sensational.”

Many diseases today are actually caused by a deficiency of vitamin C and can be greatly improved by it, even heart disease and cancer. But first you have to stop putting chemical poisons into your body.

Quality over quantity, to lead a happy and more fulfilled life.

Having enough water soluble vitamins that you can’t store, and proper electrolyte minerals balance including unrefined salt, can make a radical difference. Because they’re a vital need, their deficiencies cause many body functions and organs to shut down. You also need living fats, not rancid, to absorb the fat soluble vitamins. And of course water and fiber to clean and flush waste out! Proteins are over rated, especially compared to vitamin C, but you need them too, and many more!

You need to eat, breathe and sleep to live.

But you can’t survive eating cardboard and breathing toxic perfumes. If you’re running a marathon in a desert, you’ll need more than a drop of water. The same is true about nutrients, that's why mega dose vitamins helped me grew back my organs, functions, quality of life and that sure made me happy!

Balance nourishing, acting and resting. An over exaggeration of one won’t fulfill the other needs.

It’s nutrition that counts, not calories!

Nutrition is the basic of life, the foundation of medicine the way it was meant to be.
Lisa Of Shades
Added 15 February 2014

Then why doctors are not taught much about nutrition and rarely ask such questions. Why do we allow and trust the use of chemicals that cause side effects, some of them the very thing they are supposed to threat, and even more illneses... and even death.

I wish to show another way without having you suffer for it as I did...

But I had to, so I could dare to let go and open my mind to change. Maybe I wouldn't have to if I had been well informed instead of mislead, sometimes by my own stubbornness and misplaced trust… as I too tried to avoid efforts and responsibility... Hoping that someone could know and do better than me was I mistake. I can only inform myself and do my best. But sometimes it's to do nothing: walk away, rest and take care.

I've tasted all forms of stress, but it's not my mind that was affected, it was my whole body.

I refused to merely cover up my symptoms with drugs or accept to have my sanity insulted. I wanted concrete solutions for real problems.

There is so much abuse and violence, even by those claiming to love and the professionals supposed to be there to help.

After a decade of personal research, following the path that would lead me to the solution for my suffering, I discovered that it was more complex than I thought, but so simple.

Everything is linked. When I found about Adrenal Fatigue, I unveiled the core of an infinite loop: it’s the consequence and cause of everything. It’s by attending to it all that we can find balance.

I finally found how to be happy, with an effective way to better myself and my life: by simply taking care of every aspects of it, all needs. Especially proper nutrition because that’s where it starts: it heals you, gives you strength and will power.

This is what I found searching so hard. When doctors finally agreed to test me, the results showed that I was right. But they often wait too long before taking patients seriously, even with suspicious test results, and their chemicals isn't doing you much of a favor. However you can still take care of yourself, and even more successfully.


It's incredible the importance of blood glucose and how devastating it can be. A brain can't possibly function effectively and happily when its very fuel is unstable, constantly overdosing and crashing.


When the thyroid slows down, it seems to make you feel so exhausted, when in fact it does so to make you to rest; because you already were, but you ignored the need for too long. Not to punish you, but to save your other vital organs... and your life.

Adrenal fatigue

The adrenal glands are so important that they greatly influence the other endocrine glands... and your whole being. They produce adrenalin in time of need. Their fatigue is the consequence of any form of stress: your body doesn't see the difference between physical, emotional and even a good action movie. When they're no longer able to handle their hundreds of other functions, it causes so many profound problems.

Vitamins & minerals

We need more than sugar and stimulants. Vitamins and minerals all have a vital purpose that cause illness when having deficiencies.

Everyone knows the fact that athletes, or anyone who wants to build muscles, need more protein. But it's not the only thing that is important. Much worst can wither away.

Anemia can be caused by lacking B12 and iron+C. You body is unable to renew your red blood cells without materials, and oxygen cannot be carried in sufficient amount without them. You suffocate.

Your heart can palpitate to compensate for things like that, but he's not the problem. If you use drugs to slow it down, you'll get brain damaged. Your body is much more complex and amazing than what meets the eye. He does everything for a reason.

It's not in your head

Your mind is alerting you of those dangers the best it can, with fear and sadness, but it is not to blame either.

How can we be expected to be attentive and happy when our body is starving and suffocating... exhausted. Especially children. All the more true after loading them with an overdose of sugar and caffeine, such as cola.

The cause of all problems is a lack of proper care
for the most basic needs:
  • Nutritious food with the needed vitamins, minerals, proteins, salt and more... Even fat, your brain is made of it.
  • Avoid useless damage, like allergies and chemicals that poison it.
  • Respect your own limit, avoid over stimulation.
    Even from the things that you love, it still leads to exhaustion.
  • Rest as needed so the body has time for maintenance.
  • Protect yourself, fight if you have to, flee, freeze emotions temporarily, avoid, make better memories to burry the rest, forget, let go, and move on.
  • Find coping mecanisms: laugh, draw, sing, write, aquariums, cheese... walks, deep breating, EFT...
  • Others like dignity, security and companionship...
It's so logical... so vital... so natural.

The illusion of care

Why aren't doctors telling us? Why aren't we better protected against dangerous products? That's simple... because there’s more profit to be made this way: by keeping you sick and making you sicker!

The power is in the hands of the one who bring in the cash, which should be you, but it’s not as long as you’ll let it...

Pharmaceutical companies spend a fortune in publicities, they influence doctors, their education, because they invest therefore control the research, even pay to have their drugs approved and that’s besides the bribes…

While the goal of the practitioners might be to cure, the information and tools that those companies put at their disposal is with profit in mind, not your well being, that's not their job, theirs is to sell pills. What is found to work will be attacked and censored if it can’t bring profit or discredit them.

They claim that chemical drugs are the best, when they only treat symptoms, cause worst side effects and often create more diseases. (How convenient!) Because they are toxic and the body was never meant to use them. They don’t ignore your natural needs because it’s best for you… nor by ignorance…

They know. They have the research that proves them wrong, but will redo it until it says what they want you to hear: that taking their pills for life is your only hope. But it takes you away from the cause, from the real cure, hundred of thousands die each year because of it... and they know. Why do you think they spend so much in publicities: to cover it up...

They even blame your body survival mechanism as the problem... and fry them.

Customer for life! Great way to do business. Healing? Not so much. Death will come soon, but they don't care because you'll give them everything you have and more in the process. Despair and terror sure can convince even the most stubborn customer.

It's like trusting the fox to feed the hen properly, then wondering why there are some wings missing.

Think about it... What if it was true? Does giving up eating cake for breakfast and eating broccoli sounds really that bad? Is cooking cheaper nutritious meals is really a waste of time and effort? Is eating junk on the run really more convenient? How about smelling the roses instead of crap?

Can the answer really be as simple as not eating junk and toxins? How many empires would crumbles if we all started to live this way and put our money somewhere else? Do you think that it would make better ones rise with more respect for you? What can you know without fancy medical degrees, do you think the father of medicine had one when he invented it? How do you expect to survive and thrive on poison? Do you really think you have no reason to be depressed? Do you think more chemicals is the cure when it was the problem in the first place? Do you really think that your body only needs sugar to function and be happy? What if giving yourself what you need will cure you? What if you had healing powers? Have you ever noticed your body heal itself? Why can't it do it for everything? Have you tried giving him materials to rebuild?

How about giving it a try...

(Watch the movie Food Matters, it's awesome.)

But you have power, you can choose.

You can listen to your body. It's being tricked to make you want things that hurt you, but eventually the truth comes out in how you feel.

I’m hardly able to help myself; so I won't pretend that I can save you.
But I can add one more voice to something good, to facilitate more people find it.

There are more options to choose from... so you can save yourself.

Disclaimer: Your life is yours

I will never tell you to go see a doctor or psy, because with all the publicities and pressures around, I don’t need to state the obvious:
  • If you got hit by a car and are dropping bloody bones all over your keyboard, go to a hospital!

  • If you are sad and need a hug, don't expect a psy to give you what you need, that's neither their goals nor methods.

    You couldn't be more normal, as rain is a part of life as much as sunshine, it helps plants grow, and can help you figure out how to be a better person towards yourself, just like pain can help you see what makes you truly happy. Not one have all choices, but there are choices for everyone.

    Tell your iner self and body that you love yourself and will take a good care... and do it by eating real food free of toxins and resting. The appropriate answers or moving on will happen naturally when your body will be well fed and rested enough.

  • If someone tries to kill you because he thinks that you are a pink bunny from hell out to get him, call the police from a safe place.

    Run, use self defense if he caught you, such as punching his throat or hitting his head with yours. Read more on that at the police website hubbardtwppd, their self defense series, my personal favorites: Throat Strike, headbutt, the pen is mightier than the sword and much more fun stuff that made me realise how legal, morally good and vital is violence if to protect... and you should, you owe it to yourself and those you cherish.

    Even if the seemingly crazy person after you probably suffer from hypoglycemia, electrolytes imbalances, anemia or another form of mal nutrition, and that agony can make you crave drugs, which bring another set of problem for the brain because they are toxic. It can also be from food allergies, intolerances to additives, or other poisons supposed to make the food look better. Looks can be deceiving... even the mad can be for a rational reason. But you still shouldn't endure the bullshit.

  • I believe that psychiatry should be used only (if at all) on criminals terrorists like child molesters and other rapists.

    Society could benefit from inflicting them electroshock "therapy" directly on the crotch, and give them pills or forced injections that turn them into weak zombies.

    But not their victims or people suffering from mal nutrition and exhaustion, no matter how depressed they always rightfully are, or how weird and stupid that might make them seem...
I won't tell you to use those resources because you know that they exist and only you can know if you need or want them. But if you don't, or that you already went and that it either didn't really help you or made you feel worst, which happens massively... enjoy this site! It might give you clues. Heck even if you do need and want them, you can still open your mind to all possibilities and have some fun in your misery.

With a banner like mine, displaying the professionalism of a laughing kick in the face, it’s supposed to be already clear that I mean to entertain and not command you; tutorial means "Learn to do it yourself". Even specialists need to see you to plan a personalised approach, they should yet don't always take your individuality into consideration, but either way it's always by trial and errors.

Hopefully I can help you notice yourself. Your life is your responsibility, your reward or punishment for your choices, actions and lifestyle. You shouldn’t surrender it blindly to anyone.

Not even to me, even if I too would get a fun ego power trip out of it, the history of psys show that they are more after gaining control than understanding and offering well being. But I don't think that robbing you of your judgement and freedom is in your best interest, I would beware anyone claiming them.

I have noting to gain by deceiving you, I make no profit and this site even costs me money, the products I mention are the one that pleased me. My text sure won’t force anything on you.

My point is: I don't know everything, I can be wrong. Medicine sure don't know everything either! People died because of their mistakes. Keep that in mind.

Any resources can be valuable information if trying them gives you helpful results, and anything can harm you even if it’s considered to be the best help available, because it doesn’t mean that it is, or is for your unique body and situation.

Always research the positives and negative sides before making any choices, they are a whole, and you’ll have to deal with both. The worst possible can and will happen to you, so make sure you're ready for it if you go there. The greatest things can also turn out to be the most awful, because something big stays that way no matter if you like it or not. Life balances itself; embrace it instead to fight it. Sometimes simpler things are better for they bring less complicated problems. So it can be best to simplify your life.


That simple word is the secret for happiness,
and it starts with healthy living foods.

Lisa Of Shades
3 Mars 2013

If you want to truly feel better, you have to let go of the lies.

Artificial flavors and colorings tricks and damage your brain!

Lisa Of Shades
25 August 2013

If you want change, you have to accept change.

The laws of causalities will always give you the results of your actions. While other people can influence this, by misinforming you with ads, you decide if you want to eat life or toxins.

Hopefully, sharing my knowledge, acquired in a decade of desperate research to save my own life, will help you make an informed choice. There are no ads in my site; only solutions.

I just want the truth to be known, what DOES work, to eradicate my useless suffering from the world completely. But only you can help yourself.

I managed to find the solution on my own, bombarded with lies; it took me 10 years even with my big IQ, all alone… An average person could still do it, even if it takes them 30 years, but hopefully, with my notes, you won’t have to suffer that long…

As long as you accept to try change, the cause and effect will change. You’ll be a whole new person, renewed and made with better materials. Your body will be very happy about it!

Mine sure is!

Lisa Of Shades
15 Frebruary 2014

The truth is very simple: You take care of your life properly, or you die.

But dying doesn’t mean a sudden “being dead”; it’s a slow, painful and miserable agony that can take years, even decades. It’s not the length but the quality of life that matters. How much you enjoy being you and living your life, and that’s the result of all your choices.

Companies will try to make you believe that processing food adds value, but it actually takes all the nutrition out and replace it by brain damaging chemical. They make you believe that you can engorge yourself as much as you want, because if it tastes good so it must be good for you, but this instinct is not true for artificial flavors.

They blame the result of their junk on you, calling you lazy, but you can’t outrun toxins and the hunger for real nutrients.

It’s not calories that counts; it’s nutrition.

Doctors and even dentists make you believe that you don’t have to make sacrifices, not even the bad and the toxic. They pretend that they can magically take all the damage away by cutting it out of you, and a magic pill that will take the pain and distress away.

But life doesn’t work that way. It’s a lie.

Your health and happiness are the result of what you do to yourself. Your only hope is to learn how to take care of your needs properly.

I learn the hard way, pain is the best teacher; maybe that’s what it takes to open our mind, let go and embrace improvement.

If you want change, welcome change, change and your life will change.

It’s that simple. Make a new choice.

Choose nature over chemicals. Choose life over death.

No one else can save you except yourself. No one else is able to live your own life. It’s in no one's best interest but your own. No one wants to save you, especially those who pretend that they can, they profit from your misery so they sure don’t want it to stop, they ARE out to get you! The deadliest pushers selling false hope aren't working in a dark alley; they're endorsed by the government and allowed to do publicity, to prey on your insecurities and children with lies!

No one will save you, they will only enslave and doom you.

The easy path leads to your coffin in the shape of a pill bottle. Pills kill.

If you surrender your life, you loose it.

You're on your own, but you can do it. You can live your own life.

Save yourself from your own ignorance, with knowledge.

Know better, do better, and it will get better.


Lisa Of Shades
27 March 2014
Right to be ©razy 2013 and beyond!