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Health ~ My journey ~ My vitamins & minerals

For energy: B complex & kelp. C too.
For healing: 2-4g of C, now 4g and more, got up to 10g, works for any stress.
For soothing: Calcium + D3 to absorb it, with magnesium. Zinc is nice too.
For blood pressure and good nerves: many tea spoons of grey Celtic sea salt.

I replaced the information upside down to show you faster what I dare to swallow now, why and how many I take. Since I got better on all that; mega doses are safe and effective. They are necessary when needed. It varies with events and within people.

Then to remind you to start slow, there's "At first". You must avoid the temptation to of making more energy than your body can handle, otherwise the shock will exhaust and damage you even more.
For further details, read the "Intro" at the end~


B complex: energy, burning foods and using them. They work best together. B12 make red blood cells which carries oxygen, a suffocating brain can really become confused and hysterical... one of the actual causes of psychosis and schizophrenia. Starving and being poisoned isn't fun either.

Kelp: energy, natural usable iodine for the thyroid, to boost the metabolism.

C: regenerative, heals, make collagen for the skin, joints and heart, feed the adrenals to handle stress... good for everything.

Best to split the doses. Do not buy chewables. Sugar and vitamin C have a proper ratio in nature. Refined products break this by removing the nutriments, leaving the energy kick without anything to regen the used up body. Taking vitamin C can help restore the balance and heal, but not if they contain refined sugar! That will just make it worst. Also; ascorbic acid is an acid, in its pure form it's too much for your alkaline teeth and they will melt if you chew it directly! Sugar and cola do worst without the amazing benefits. Buffered vitamin C should be safe. Also, vitamin C gives me more energy than sugar; especially with a B complex. It’s all you need. The brain is happy from a sweet taste because he thinks that he's going to get vitamin C. So just swallow the goodness.

Calcium: maintain teeth & bones. Works with magnesium, contracts muscles, but you also need it to feel calm.

Magnesium: relaxes muscles and make neurotransmitters. Made me euphoric with relief at first, now I simply feel serene most of the time.

Zinc: is probably good for mood and hormones... it's in sperm. It was offered with the duo calcium and magnesium which works together. It's a great bonus. The one with extra D3 instead didn't have enough.

D3: Essential to absorb calcium for teeth and bones, good for mood, to have a "sunny disposition" since it usually comes from the sun in a D3 form, better absorbed than the chemical D2.

  • Morning:
    • B complex 50 (I started with half because the first time I took one I had more energy than I could handle. I could barely walk but I started running in circles in my kitchen! I really needed more to be even able to burn energy.)
    • Kelp 1000mg
    • C 1000mg
  • Afternoon:
    • B complex 50 (2nd one. I can handle having more energy now~)
    • Calcium 333mg + Magnesium 166.66mg + Zinc 16.66mg
    • Vitamin D3
    • C 1000mg
  • Evenings:
    • Calcium 333mg + Magnesium 166.66mg + Zinc 16.66mg
    • C 1000mg
    • Vitamin D3 (I added more later to make sure that I absorb the 2nd calcium)
    • B complex 50 (3rd one. I can do chores and hobbies. I can cook and do my dishes twice a day! And much faster!)
  • Before bed:
    • Magnesium 250mg
    • B12 250mg (was 100mcg at first. The vivid dreams means that my brain transfer memories to new brain cells effectively.)
    • C 1000mg

Every meal: 1 (more like 2-3 now) tea spoon of grey Celtic sea salt (unlike table salt it's alkaline, so it balances the acidic vitamin C); sometimes added to my water too. Unlike white salts it's alkaline and full of trace elements that my nervous system needs.

And when I feel like it, either by sadness, pain or sickness, I take as much vitamin C as I want. I can prepare 5000mg and take 1000mg every 20 minutes. I can cure anything in a few hours or a few days! I never took more than 10g (10000mg) but if I still felt bad, I'd take as much C as it'd take.

Vitamins and minerals makes you stronger, they help your body do its functions. Unlike medicine that replace therefore atrophy and weaken your organs; covering up symptoms, like depression, gagging this plea for care...

You need magnesium to make neurotransmitters and I read that it's the #1 deficiency. But I think it's vitamin C; taking mega doses really accomplished miracles for me~ And so many others who got lucky enough to have great doctors.

Vitamins and minerals rebuild your health!

They heal. They are the true CURE! Because their deficiency was the problem in the first place.

I am the living proof. I AM ALIVE!!!

This works.

I swear it on my very ability to walk and breathe, on my very life and its enjoyment. Because thanks to vitamins and minerals... I got it back!


Lisa Of Shades
27 August 2013

Edited: 15 September 2015

Get back up

At first:

Start slow!

Dr Wilson recommended for adrenal fatigue between 2-4g of vitamin C in his book the 21st century stress syndrome; I took 3000mg to be in between. Other nutrients also. I don't remember exactly, but it's probably close to this:
  • Morning:
    • B complex 25 (Half a 50)
      It has 50mg or mcg of B 1, 2, 3, 5, 6,12, biotin, choline bitartrate and inositol; but folic acid has 400mcg. Not ideal but its the best I could get. It converts carbs, protein and fats into energy... they're pretty much useless without it. B5 is very important for adrenal fatigue but I couldn't find it and can't afford it online. If you can, get extras. Same for B3. They work best together though... But I wouldn't dare taking huge doses of a complex, but I might of a B5.
    • Kelp 500 mg (half a 1000mg) natural iodine for my thyroid. I wasn't able to bear the burning bleach feeling of table salt and chemical iodine. The grey Celtic sea salt I take doesn't have much. I like the nori sea weed of sushi. It's a natural alternative to Synthroid, which worsen both diabetes and adrenal conditions. Good for business, bad for health.
    • C 1000 mg
      This is the only one that I go way beyond the instructions on the bottles; with absolute trust too.
  • Afternoon:
    • Calcium 333mg + Magnesium 166.66mg + Zinc 16.66mg
    • D3 1000 UI / 25 mcg, to be able to absorb the calcium, the D2 is chemical and doesn't work right.
    • C 1000 mg
  • Evening:
    • Calcium 333mg + Magnesium 166.66mg + Zinc 16.66mg
      (again, hopefully the vitamin D from this morning will still work and be enough, maybe I should take an extra D3. Yet it's fat soluble so I should be able to store it in my fat.)
    • Trying more: D3 1000 UI / 25 mcg, to be able to absorb the calcium, the D2 is chemical and doesn't work right.
      Added 12 December 2013 after reading Could you be vitamin D deficient? at magazine.foxnews. I was only getting 1/3. I've been wondering since a while if I still absorbed my 2nd dose without it, and my teeth are still a bit transparent. But the bottle of D3 said only 1 pill. I never get any from the sun, and the vitamin is probably the cheapest so I'll see if it makes a difference. But it's fat soluble, unlike the B & C, so it can over accumulate dangerously. I wasn't feeling so good, even having the urge to go out in the snow naked to get sun, so I'll try it for a while.
    • C 1000 mg
Every meal: 1/4 of tea spoon of grey Celtic sea salt; sometimes added to my water too. Unlike white salts it's alkaline and full of trace elements that my nervous system needs.

Sometimes I took an extra B12 when I felt too cold at night, to make red blood cells, and magnesium alone to help me sleep. It helped my brain make so much neurotransmitter that it gave me a brief reward of euphoria; I adopted it permanently, feeling great all the time. I take 4g of vitamin C. I tried to bowel tolerance and too 10g in one day. I didn't get loose bowels but my mood was awesome and my pains were utterly gone! In a few hours!!! Of course it can take years to rebuild the organs and improve our limit, but it's already liberating enough to rejoice!


Get back up


Good vitamins can't replace good nutrition. But if you do both, with enough patience you can improve the damage from the wrongs that you did to yourself, or heal from what life threw at you.

There is no one size fits all. The vitamin C that is needed to help me handle stress and heal me will be different for you. The amount of vitamin B that I can handle now would have worsened me when my body was too weak to bear the energy. But may this give you inspiration. The recommended amounts are ridiculously too low for everyone, and very few people grant their body at least so little...

Forget the multivitamins, sometimes I even get about 20 of those in vitamin C alone! You want an incredible improvement; take that kind of amazing dose! You can't overdose on the C because it's water soluble, you can't store it unless you create organs and flesh with it. While the B complex is filtered in urine, the C won't even go in your blood and tire your kidneys, it will go straight through you with liquid stools if you succeed to take too much. But it's painless; it’s not like indigestion with grains, food intolerances or overeating. There's nothing safer in the world! Even water is more dangerous by diluting your electrolytes!

Feeding on a highly nutritive diet of greens while getting rid of the grains, sugar and chemicals that burdened me was an improvement; and at least slowed down the descent. But even the best foods weren’t enough to help me catch up to years of neglect and abuse that exhausted my body... and compromised its organs.

Vitamins aren't drugs; they’re not pills to enslave you. They're compressed foods! You can juice your vegetables to be able to consume that much nutrients... but I found some natural replacements. It’s hard to find them among a lot of chemicals, even among the same vitamin in the same company. Some people just won't put anything else in their mouth than sugar laden junk... don't trust chewable vitamins with artificial flavors and sugar. Come on! It will only stay in your mouth a second!!! Give your body a chance! That’s why you got sick in the first place!

According to Dr Lam amazing website on adrenal exhaustion, I was in stage 3D, bedridden. After trusting a hydrocortisone (fake cortisol) cream that replaced and weakened my adrenals even more, I got in stage 4 with an adrenal crisis. I had a near death experience, which really helped me let go of misconceptions and open my mind to what really needs to be done.

I adopted a tolerance ZERO for chemicals of any kind. Even so called medicines! Which almost killed me!!!

At first when I started to take supplements, I had to hold on to the furniture after a few steps. It was hard to go to the bathroom and to make myself food. But after I took a vitamin B complex, a mere B50, it was such a drastic change compared to my deficiency that I got a huge boost. I started to run left and right in my kitchen, with so much energy that it felt like I'd explode if I stopped. Of course I crashed; my body wasn't ready for this... I cut the dose in half, after a while I took a full dose, and now I take 2! Respect your limit and you'll become stronger!

The stress, changes and insecurities that I can handle is way higher. The ideas that I can bring forth to solve problems and my creativity blossomed. I have more physical endurance for running without training at all! Without being out of breath! (Probably more red blood cells from the B complex to carry oxygen) If I don't hesitate to up the dose of vitamin C as needed, I recover at an insanely fast rate or I just plain don't get sick at all! I'm in awe. In complete AWE. I saw death, it came to take me... but now I see what life needs, I have the priority to take care and I'm not sad anymore!

The brand I take is Jamieson, they're not the best but they helped me so much that they deserve their name here. Not all their types are chemical and junk free; but their good natural ones are cheap enough. I avoid a maximum of allergens and toxins. They seem to be the most bullshit free that I could find. But there's others brands, I saw some online, that could be much better for you if you can afford them. But I'm happy enough; I like the design on their bottles.

I had a lot of troubles finding a good vitamin D that wasn't full of corn. That's why I trust Jamieson's brand. I gave up on the vitamin E because I couldn't find one without soy. Same for omega 3. Instead I eat almonds everyday and fish anyway.

If you can afford something more natural... good for you~ But it's best to take fewer good quality vitamins than poison yourself with toxins. Allergens are most likely bad for everyone, but you just didn't notice yet... making your body work extremely hard to compensate in the background can cause adrenal exhaustion. When my adrenals shut down and couldn't make anti inflammatory anymore, I saw that corn made my insides bleed!

Fror the kelp, I only trust the Swiss natural sources. The taste is horrifying so I can trust that it's not full of sugar. It's to the point that it gave me nausea at first, even at half a dose. But now I don't feel any discomfort at all. I just take more water so it won't touch my tongue! I can swallow a big handful of vitamins and minerals that way. Water is flexible so if too much pass, it won't hurt. I can swallow them dry but then they don't go down to my belly~

I was anti pills. I couldn't phantom the idea of taking the birth control pill once a day... but to survive I made sure to remember 3 and now even 4 times! Best idea of my life.

It could be of yours too~


Lisa Of Shades
27 August 2013

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