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Health ~ My journey ~ My views

You might want to know clearly what I advocate on health and lifestyle. Which group I belong to.

None and all. I am an eclectic:
  • Selecting, choosing or made up from various sources.
  • Not following any one system, as of philosophy, medicine, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.

Whatever works. From anywhere. Period.

I know only 2 types of healing practices: the one that cures people, and the one that doesn't. The title is meaningless to me. I'd rather have a "quack" cure me with vitamin C, than a specialist poison me to avoid admitting that he's clueless, or worst to make profit by keeping me sicker.

It's better to have slow but consistent results than an explosive recovery that makes you sicker later. This is also why I don't trust recreational drugs or sugars such as alcohol. Feeling better is pointless if I feel even worst in the long run; or become a slave. It's already annoying enough to have to breathe, drink and eat. I don't need to add more burdens that take things from me instead to nourish me. Looking good or cool is meaningless if you suffer inside. (Smoke and booze destroys vitamin C and other nutriments. Painting your nails and face only hide signs of deficiency, make up dries your skin and gives you wrinkles, aging faster. Cheese will give you collagen and boobs!)

You are always on a diet; choose one that makes you feel fantastic. If you choose one that makes you feel like crap because it tastes good, you can't expect to undo the damage by "dieting" for a week. Especially not doing a fast with milk shakes hoping that it will make you slim!? Or eat cake for breakfast!? You aren't sick because you are fat. You are fat because you are sick! It's a completely different way of looking at it. So instead to starve yourself, give your body what it needs to function and he won't need to insulate himself with fat for protection from your abuses.

If you crave sugar, you crave vitamin C!!!

What I want is irrelevant, what I need is everything.

Appearances are lies, feelings are the truth. Most of the time.

It's what's inside you that counts: your vital organs.

If it needs a picture of food, for you to know that it's food, it's not food.

Balance in every aspects of life.

A more simple and humble existence means simpler problems as well.

Think for yourself. It's your own life, and you'll be the one to live with the consequences, so you might as well take the responsibility and make your own choices. That's freedom.

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
Albert Einstein

You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy a lot of vegetables! It makes meat taste so much richer and better~ I consider myself a green grazer because my main food source is greens. Many vegetarians never see a vegetable! Some are just anti-meat and rely on junk food. They are a forbidding diet, I just eat what makes me healthy, I don't follow any trends blindly. Soy is bad for your hormones, it mimics and messes with them. Hormones are messages between vital organs, not just sexual ones... They're vital. So I am not a vegetarian. I'd eat you and cats if it could make me healthier. But lucky for you all, my body is at its best with green and orange stuff... I've always been obsessed by those colors, now that I eat them I see why~ Fishes are great too. Almonds and cheese are fantastic!

Enjoy GREENS, yellow, orange, reds, blues...
Eat the rainbow~
That will put color back into your life and mood.

But eat meat too, preferably easier to digest ones like fish and eggs, chicken tastes like angels... but sometimes you'll need red meat too, even if it's too exhausting to digest to live on only that, and you need the vitamin C in greens to absorb its iron. So eat it when you need it! Variety is the key~~~ But the best foundations to build a home is an inviting green lawn~ Not a garbage dump. It's also true for your body. Don't be tricked by sweet tasting chemicals, they are out to get you!

"If the food didn’t come out of the ground/ocean/farm that way, I wouldn’t eat it."

I can give up anything as long as I still have cheese.

Human being are omnivorous and that's how their body evolved, and therefore need to be fed. Advocates of vegetables and meat and both right, but if they think it's okay to eat only that, they're both wrong!

As a patient, or rather as a person because I have no patience will bullshit, I want the kind of medicine that Hippocrates laid the foundations of: healing people without harm by using nutrition as medicine, so that your body's needs to function will be filled optimally, therefore creates optimal health. The type of healing profession that stayed loyal to his teaching is: naturopathy. Asian medicine as well. Western medicine is based on profit, which explains why they treat symptoms instead to cure the cause.

In the very definition of medicine:
  • Any substance or substances used in treating disease or illness; medicament; remedy.
  • The art or science of restoring or preserving health or due physical condition, as by means of drugs, surgical operations or appliances, or manipulations.
There's no mention of the body need for nutrition for health and survival, what nonsense is this!? You can't preserve and restore health if you ignore the basics! Health starts with FOOD! It's taste used to be all that it took to know if it was unripe, ready to nourish us, or rotten and toxic... but with all the chemicals that they use to trick us, we can't trust the taste to make it good for us anymore! It stays in our blood for at least 3 days, so it can take a moment to make us miserable.

But the deficinion of naturopathy is:


A system or method of treating disease that employs no surgery or synthetic drugs but uses special diets, herbs, vitamins, massage, etc., to assist the natural healing processes.

Also called: nature cure a method of treating disorders, involving the use of herbs and other naturally grown foods, sunlight, fresh air, etc

How can any field claiming to help heal you do anything else!? I thought that it was what medicine was supposed to be; apparently not. Doctors even scoff at this. What the hell do you think my body is and need!? Even a machine's motor will die if you put sugar in it, even the type of fuel makes the difference between one that is encrusted and one that runs better and smoothly, without repairs... What the hell... I'm more more complex therefore have much more complex needs... I'M ALIVE!!! I don't need chemicals... I'm not a concept on a sheet of paper... toxins WILL KILL me! So why nuke my whole body trying to get rid of a few lost tourists... just feed and train my army!

Thankfully some doctors get it and when I found out, it opened a whole new realm of knowledge that finally started to make sense, for the things that medicine failed to help me with: naturopaths.

Just reading the definition of what they intend to do and I feel better already!!! It WORKS, even on depression, alcoholism and CANCER!

Of course, if you don't have proper nutrition or fresh air you'll get sick! Of freaking course!!! We all know that! But we believe that if won't happen to us and that if it does, doctors can fix anything with a pill so we won't notice... We cannot cheat the laws of cause to effect, the laws of causalities are immuable in the universe and there's proof of that everyday!

It took me forever to figure out why I got sick, why doctors only made me feel worst, and how to get better... with the available main stream misinformation... but after I learned that word, that precious naturopathy concept, that medicine are toxins and try to bypass my body and not understand its needs... After I put better in action, learned to respect my body and care for it... my health that went to hell over the last decade quickly improved! My mood followed as well. Of course.

To be fair, I found information with this approach by Medical Doctors too, but they are usually rare visionaries... the kind of people who change the world and teach others. In history those geniuses often get persecuted, killed or commit suicide.

Improving what is takes time. It's a change and people to tend to resist that, because you have to admit that the wrongs that you believed... are bullshit... that certain things that you did... were mistakes... even caused harm in spite of your best intentions... That the effort you did to learn a master those things... were in vain and have to be redone... I've been through this many times in my life, it feels like dying, but then you are reborn to a much better life. I can speak for experience: the downside is outshined by the advantaged by far. Unless you only care about profit and have your ego on top of everyone and everything... which can backfire for you too.

It's not because there is a popular craze about some diet that it means it’s healthy or appropriate to your specific needs.

It's not because specialists says it’s the best thing to do that its not making you even sicker and killing you.

It's not because it's considered normal, in the society and culture you're born with, that you should blindly follow the majority of the herd as the leader send you jump off a cliff.

"The USDA food pyramid was brought to you by Con-Agra, Monsanto, and all the other companies with a stake in keeping you fat, stupid, and stuffed with high-margin corn by-products. The profit margin on anything processed is far higher than on real food." (Quote from a comment at chriskresser about the good of cholesterol.)

When I started doing research, I read whatever google threw at me. I didn't care which type of medicine, lifestyle or culture it came from in the world wide web of knowledge... I was desperately ill and my mind was open to everything; especially since I thought that there was only one choice.

Medicine is supposed to make you healthier, not worst. Food is supposed to feed you, not poison you.

But what I read about western chemical medicine, all those awful side effects... it didn't make sense... everything I was told about my mind and personality didn't make sense at all either.

What motivated me to dig deeper and oriented my research about nutrition is of what happened at my birthday. Someone else fed me. I had massive diarrheas everyday for years so it was a good clue, even if it took me forever to acknowledge and do something about it, that food might be involved. I started to eat better, more vegetables, and less junk; slowly removing what harmed me from my diet. But when I ate pasta and cake for 3 days, it ruined my blood sugar like never before. I wanted to slit my throat with a knife crying hysterically, and it was really unlike me. I thought that I'd get some green vegetables to give my body some strength, and after putting broccoli in my mouth I felt almost instant relief. Your skin and especially mucous membranes like the mouth can absorb anything directly into the blood stream, so the effect was quick for more than just the brain knowing it'd get real nutrition from the taste. I was cheerful and calm in a blink of an eye. It opened my mind to a vast ocean of possibilities... That was the greatest gift that I received, and it was wrapped in agony.

When the medical information finally started to make sense and actually improve my physical and mental condition, I ended up noticing that the doctors were not Medical ones, but naturopath. I looked into its meaning and found that it's what I thought medicine was supposed to be, and what Hippocrates, the father of medicine, preached.

The regular doctors found my views offensive and that it couldn't be anything else than quackery. But it was working like nothing before. Still, they completely dismissed it, like they did with my many physical symptoms when they tried to make me take antidepressants, even though I was exhausted and not depressed.

Even before I started doing research, I based my meals on greens, which replaced the biggest base of my food pyramid instead of grains. I soon noticed that they were the cause of my bleeding and itching hemorrhoids, especially corn. I also found out that allergies can attack any part of the body, not just irritate the lungs. A brain allergy is when your nervous system suffers and your brain swells. It put me in what can be described as a coma for 16 hours sometimes. It wasn't because I was depressed or lazy.

I am not a vegan, or vegetarian, or an adept of the Atkins diet that use meat as the base, or the rainbow diet... But they all have something in common: they ban sugar, fructose and other toxins from their life.

Just like religion, there is good and bad in all of them, and in all things, in all people and views.

I don't have the luxury to follow anything blindly anymore and never agreed to that in my entire life, that by itself gave me trouble, but it doesn't mean I was wrong.

I sure won't stop now that my very survival depends on it. I got much better; I can breathe and walk well now. But I sure as hell won't trust anyone blindly, I know best about my body.

Soy can mess with your hormones, it's a xenoestrogen. Vegetarians and vegans replace meat with it, and miss on needed nutriments. I won't do this.

People who eat nothing but meat can be anemic anyway, because you need vitamin C to absorb iron. And your body needs more than protein to build tissues, so you rot with curvy, the most oblivious sign being gingivitis.

Dieting can't make up for anything; you have to change your diet as a lifestyle permanently. Using anorexia or milk shakes to lose weight won't make you look beautiful even if you do lose the weight, you'll be too sick to smile.

There's a lot of bullshit...

But one thing is clear: Your body is organic and need organic matter to do its functions.
Chemicals are toxins, not a cure.

Raw foods have more enzymes, but are harder to digest. Cooking can deactivate some harmful things like what's a nuisance for the thyroid in broccoli, free some vitamins, but also destroy others. So I eat some raw and some cooked.

Medicine is great for physical trauma... but no magic pill can make up for self neglect.

Trials and errors, having an open mind, taking responsibility... and eventually you'll understand what your body was telling you all along.


I don't care if my poops are
floaters or sinkers,
as long as they come out everyday.

Fiber with enough water
makes you feel full longer,
but help waste come out faster.

Infos at: huffingtonpost.

Edited 29 May:

In a nut shell... Not that I'm able of such a thing.

Religion: From birth, the cross one, not sure which one, Christian I guess. But Einstein, or someone as clever, said stuff such as: "Nothing gets created everything changes... and all is energy". Reincarnation in Buddhism or other Asian views makes more sense to me. We'd shed our body like snakes and shrimps... you can swear it's dead there, but nope, it just moved on (I just made that up). Not that it matters since we can't prove either way, but my mind is open to possibilities.

Food: Anything that makes my body happy and not sick in the long run. Turns out greens are as great as grains are awful. And don't get me started with the sugar and processed stuff. Except cheese, I can't get enough of that.

Health care:
Anything that actually cures me. Not just cover shit up, while making an even bigger mess, or making me so numb and zombie that I don't notice the pain, letting it worsen. Anything that cares about my health and not just my wallet, with things that helps my body help himself. Big Pharma disappointed me and almost killed me many times, discovering naturopathy finally made sense. I just listen to my body.

I sure would enjoy being a dictator. Free will is probably one of the most important things and I respect that, but I can't stand the hypocrisy of publicity and propaganda, so much bullshit that it's worst. But it's easy to talk, harder to do, even with the best intentions. People should be allowed whatever they want as long as they don't annoy, harm or kill themselves or others in the process... so basically people should just curl up in boxes. Hehehe~ I'm a misanthrope. I respect that Hitler tried to make society a better place. But his views on genetics were absurd and his methods were too cruel… The movie Gattaca showed me that perfection is over rated, limitations can inspire to burst higher than believable, with a passion that people taking their skills for granted can’t hope to dream about. I like to play the Devil’s advocate because things have many faces like diamonds and they’re all what makes it splendid. I like to understand.

I like things the way nature intended to.
It makes my body happy~ So I am too.

He has his own will. I'm grateful everytime I listen to his needs instead to do what I want. I get the result I really desire. It turns out, he knows what I want more than I am aware of! He's the boss, he's my god, his rules are law. I never really feel lonely. I know that I can count on... myself.


Lisa Of Shades
10 April 2013
Right to be ©razy 2013 and beyond!