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Health ~ My journey ~ My path to healing

Just like my descent in hell was full of mistakes; so was my course for a better existence. This is the good side of "My descent in hell", my whole life story. That pain was useful for me to learn from my mistakes and find what's really good for me. Noticing that helped me find peace.

I'll state the facts more clearly in the other Health sections; but I'll start by with a tale to show you that my results were not an instant process. The jump started with a simple step. No matter how radical was the change and the results, they happened slowly and gently. And you too can go towards a better present.

I wouldn't have had the courage if I was told back then to live how I do now. It's so completely different. How I do things, my thoughts and feelings, even my senses are different. But I barely noticed it happening; I was only looking out for what made me feel better.

If I had stubbornly kept looking at life as I did and treating myself the same way, I would have had the same results forever, but it's a deadly mindset that I couldn't allow anymore. But I had to reach my end to finally dare to renew myself and open my mind to absolutely every possibility.

The only way to know what’s truly better is to try; things that are said to be healthy can reveal themselves to be your allergens or even toxic for all.

They’re just options until we try them and see what happens, but we shouldn't try anything blindly. I research information about the good and the bad first, because it's in all things.

Mistakes are necessary and the proof that we are trying, they're part of life. That’s how you figure out the better things and what is suited for your personal needs. But it's always good to do our best to avoid them as much as possible, when it's not, we shouldn't belittle ourselves or lose motivation. Because all we did was to live.

Understing that relieved a lot of stress and made me ready for new experiences.

Here's the healing topics:
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How bad I used to nourish myself

I’ve been feeding on nothing but frozen breaded chicken, with an even bigger amount of mayo mixed with relish. Nothing else. I found it tasty and convenient. I was buying the huge gallons of sauce, and when it spoiled at the end turning even more acidic, I liked it even more.

I had torturous diarrhea everyday for years. And not only because my freezer was broken and the crust didn’t let me see that the chicken turned green.

My face had terrible acne. I finally found a correlation between eating things with the preservative citric acid and my flesh melting off my face. I thought that it was citrus juice, but when I googled it, corporations were too lazy to squish lemons, they used chemicals. It’s made such a corrosive acid that they use the name in horror movies: sulphuric acid. (The Robocop 1 scene where the guy crash into it, then comes out with his flesh sliding off his skeleton, his face deformed, was particularly traumatising, so I remembered the name.) They modify it with fungus fed it cheap corn. Hell in triplicate.

I banned the stuff from my life! Even if the things I loved had to go with it. That’s how bad it is.

I got better.

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Better judgement

It took me years to figure out the simplest obvious: My diarrhea was caused by what I ate. “Irritable bowels syndrome” is just a glorified way for doctors to say that they are clueless about to cause and how to improve it.

I was very poor, but I thought that if I still bought fancy vegetables and ate just a little, it would be better for my body than eating a buffet of crap. Turns out I saved money, since I didn’t have to pay whoever prepared the ingredients for me. Canned soup barely had anything more than water and a huge amount of salt for preservation.

I made my own stew and it was not only way tastier, it was cheaper too. I hate to start to cook, but I adore cooking.
  • It’s extremely relaxing for the mind to do repetitive movements.
  • Cutting living things relieves frustrations, without hurting anyone, especially not myself.
  • It improved my self confidence too! Seeing my own power over my quality of life, I didn’t feel doomed in hopeless pain anymore. I was proud of my accomplishment and was rewarded will well being.
All that for something so simple. It only took me an hour a week to do all my “rations” for the rest of it. Then it was mere minutes to reheat for a complex home made meal. I added a salad too, not to lose weight but the fluff made it easier to digest, and the crunch was so fun that I didn’t miss chips.

It was so tasty that I never got bored… of feeling so wonderfully good. I did try other things for variety, even ate junk again. A full transition takes time and is smoother when done progressively. But my health deteriorated so quickly when I returned to my old ways that I embraced my stew; and it healed me even when I was so in pain that I just wanted to die.

If you think eating the same thing everyday of the week is dull, imagine how wonderful it had to taste to continue week after week, for years. Even now. It has so many ingredients that every bite tastes different. I made different versions with different sauces and meat that changed a lot, but all I cared about was stews. Now I eat stir fry, with vapor no oils. But I think the soups are the best, probably because the vitamins and minerals leech in the water, making it way more efficient to absorb.

Read the food section to know which vegetables I use and greatly recommend. I knew instinctively that living vegetables is what my body needed to heal, but when I started reading about health, I never would have imagined what a massive difference they make or why. The effects of vitamins and minerals and the consequences of their deficiency is one of the best things I’ve read in my entire life.

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Allergies & natural toxins

But it’s not because something is natural that it’s automatically good for you, or for anyone at all. (So imagine how awful chemicals are!) Arsenic is natural but it’s the worst poison for humans. Why is it in make up? There is no safe amount of a deadly substance, only a pace of death too slow to be noticed, to far in the future for a narrow mind to think of it. Ever seen the 6th sense? We get poisoned slowly like that little girl… But it’s the healthy food that I will warn you about.

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Corn is indigestible, hurts your gut and poison you

The only canned thing that I still ate was corn. It took me years of accumulated damage to figure out that it’s bad for me. I thought I had worms, it was so itchy, when my anus ripped apart and I started to bleed profusely, I was still believing that I was just weak or that fate was smiting me, but when I ran out of my reserves of corn and forgot to bought more for a long time, I made a miraculous recovery that went down the drain when I restarted eating it. Forgetfulness actually saved me.

Corn is bad for everyone; it’s not because it’s cheap and can grow locally that you should eat it.

And the worst thing that humanity ever created: High fructose corn syrup. This wonderful man, Dr Lustig, explains it in this video: Sugar the bitter truth.

It’s not because it’s acclaimed to be the healthiest thing that it’s good for anyone. Like Tofu.

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Soy is toxic and it messes with your hormones

It’s like tapioca, it contains a natural poison, and if you don’t prepare it properly, it damages you. Asians can eat it as a sauce because years of long fermentation neutralise it, thanks to microorganisms: the dreaded bacteria. But corporation think that they can do better and faster than them. They may produce a similar appearance, but the taste, nutritional value and safety is all else.

Seriouseats wrote:

"Chemical soy sauces: These are made over the course of about two days by hydrolyzing soy protein and combining it with other flavorings. Their flavor is far removed from traditional soy sauces made with fermented soybeans."

As if it wasn’t bad enough in so many ways, it mimics estrogens! They are Xenoestrogen. Just like terrible chemicals used for herbicides, pesticides, insecticide, coolants, growth hormones, plastic (Tupperwares!?) and epoxy resins, highly toxic chemicals are released during combustion processes… many of which have been banned for our safety.

But Parabens are in lotions, colognes, shampoo and cosmetics… they cause allergic reactions, erectile dysfunction and breast cancer.

Why is it good for us again? Vegetarians might say that it doesn’t encourage killing animals, well, we are animals too, and it sure isn’t helping us thrive!

My health problems are related to the endocrine system, hormones plays a major role.

I was having painfully incapacitating menstrual cramps, in my PMS and during my period too! It felt like having a bowling ball in my uterus clawing everything on its path as gravity tried to rip it out of my body. I was in excruciating pain from the middle of my back to my knees, whimpering in a little ball in my bed praying for it to pass.

Taking magnesium supplements was a miraculous cure, for it relaxes muscles.

But soy was to blame as well. It gave me too much female hormones, telling my uterus extra messages to thicken even more, therefore to bleed way more abundantly and contract much more for it. Now sometimes I don’t even notice that I’m having my menstruation. Can you believe it!? I wouldn’t have… but I sure do now.

That’s how bad that thing is. And I suspect that it out power testosterone in men, they still have estrogen, we all have both, we start the same, but it’s the dominance of one that grows our specific attributes differently. So it can make them grow breasts and cause erectile dysfunction.

Why is this in everything again? Ah~ because it’s grown locally and it's cheap, so all the more profit. Unlike olive oil, that has to be imported, which I don’t like, but it’s better.

The sport vault wrote that olive oil helps boost testosterone, is recommended to turn fat into muscles and improves mood. I'm sure it's one site among many that warns against soy for such important reasons.

Even if soy had some good points, which I can't seem to find out, I don’t think the damage they actually do is worth it.

To have something easier to digest than red meat, try fish. The omegas 3 are amazing for your brain and all. Eggs too, they will prevent anemia. Chicken are not mammals like us either, they taste like angels. Squashes have a lot of protein too.

But if you can't stand the idea to torture and kill any living creatures, then stop making yourself sick with soy, it's killing you.

Instead, fight to give animals better living conditions, don't to turn your back on them. The ones that we eat are preserved from extinction, so it's actually helpful.
Death is a part of life.

Edited: Soy has a safe GRAS status only to be used for the cardboard boxes, not the food in them! But if it needs a picture of food to let you know that it's food... IT'S NOT FOOD!

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Sugar destroys your internal organs and everything else

I replace a sauce for another: from mayo to salad dressings. I was addicted to its sugar and replaced an evil for another. I had so many different bottles that my refrigerator’s door was full of them and they regularly fell on the floor. It took me a while to figure it out, but when I found that I’m glucose intolerant, I made the jump. I was eating iceberg salad, I liked how tasteless it was because then all I could taste was the sauce. When I got rid of one, I got rid of both.

I turned to greener, more nutritive and tastier salads. The flavour more than grew on me. I now eat the red leaf lettuce. Its rich color brings beauty that I am so fond of that just looking at it makes me happier.

With the money I saved on sugary sauce, I could add more things to my side dish:

I mixed in vegetables and sometimes fruits. Cucumbers and baby spinach not only improved the flavors but they are very nutritive. They also help your body PH stays alkaline, so you won't seem like a rotting corpse needing to be cleaned back to the earth, for micro organisms, and you won't feel like one either.

Acid sucks the calcium out of your bones and teeth, causing holes like cavities and osteoporosis, to balance your blood and prevent it from turning to battery acid! As child I craved green apples and was desperate to find the rare candy, when I could just bite down in an apple, but I was taught to think this way. Candy in French is “bonbon” with means “good-good”; what worst lie than this to tell to a child… I put slices in my salad, tangerines… It was way tastier! And without even noticing… sugar got banned out of my life! I always hated it, but it was in everything commercial in such massive quantities that it still damaged my pancreas, destabilised my blood sugar and along went my mood.

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Bread is BAD: from soulless commercial ones to old fashion brown ones

When I first made the switch to go in the bakery section of my grocery store, it was for white Belgian bread. Having it sliced very thin by a person was heart warming. Then I tried pumpernickel hoping that it was browner, but the coloring was in fact made by burning corn so it was a bad idea for so many reasons.

I finally found something that unquestionably couldn’t mess with my blood sugar, it had so much fiber that it looked like the bark of a tree: “Première Moisson, 100% whole wheat round loaf”. It only had 4 ingredients and I understood what they meant: Untreated whole wheat flour, filtered water, sea salt, yeast. Nothing else. It’s 5 bucks but I eat such a tiny piece to feel full, not even putting a top on my sandwiches, it’s well worth the money. Especially considering the toxic preservatives they add; mine is simply frozen for it. It tastes so much better.

I put almond butter on it. I discovered that piece of haven when I switched to bio peanut butter. They even have cashew butter, can you imagine the bliss!? The thickening agent spare you the effort to mix the oils, but the few seconds it takes to stab it are actually funny and enjoyable. Chemicals can’t be programmed just to thicken that one thing; it does to all fats… It’s in all your cells and your brain is made of it… That fact is incredibly bad news. The expression “You’re thick” means you’re stupid after all… Dementia such as Alzheimer is of unknown cause “experts are still not sure”… really? I can think of a few reasons that are “ugly” obvious…

Edited: It turns out all grains are awful for you. I feel much better without any. You want fiber? EAT GREENS!

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Wheat DOES destroy your ability to absorb food

It’s called celiac disease, but I don’t think evolution made us able to eat that thing. It’s refined to the point that all that’s left is just its sugar… so we might as well be eating a bag of it with a spoon! It took me forever to find a bread that didn’t have my dreaded preservative: citric acid.

But as much as it was a discovery, I found that beyond toxins, beyond a glycemic index that is too much for the pancreas to regulate with stability… Even the most natural and pure form of wheat was just hurting me!

I noticed slowly how the more consecutive days I was eating it, the worst I was feeling. It hurt my stomach and I wasn’t as alert, energetic and happy as I was. Also, I was gaining weight rapidly even with a piece no bigger than my palm.

Time slowly increased between my cravings for it, until it was out of my diet completely. All forms of grains, pasta and I won’t even name cookies and such because it’s the first things that went away. Even the so called healthy granola bars were nothing but raw sugar… Even the most expensive, bio, and bragging ones.

Celiac disease came out often in my researches; but I don’t think we’re biologically able to thrive on that stuff, and neither is the animals hat are supposed to graze on green grass all day. How can cows not become mad with how we treat them…

It’s put in soy too sometimes… finding new ways to combine all the worst stuff seem to be a favorite innovation among corporations…

Edited: not just can, it DOES for everyone. Some people just notice it sooner. Not just bread... wheat... and all grains. We're not meant to eat them. Especially since we modified them to be TOXIC to insects. We're bigger and slower to kill, but it kills us anyway. Same for preservatives. If they preserved, we'd make old people drink them. But they KILL!

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Yogurt doesn’t always deserve its name

I discovered real yogurt: they're fermented with probiotic and not thickened with gelatine.

Plain vanilla scared me away before, until I tried Greek yogurt in the bio section. It's so wonderful in its sourness, and made my body so happy, that I was uncontrollably neighing softly.

My conscious opinion of it was that it tasted awful, since it was far from what I was used to, but my body knew better and prevailed! After giving it a chance, I couldn’t agree more.

Adding it on top of an almond butter toast was a guilt free pleasure.

Kefir, which is like milk, is better because a lot of calcium is lost in the thickening process as water is taken out. I like to add some to my milk to make it last and add some punch to the taste.

Commercial yogurts have little to do with their name, and are much closer to sheer gummy candy, than to milk products… It now tastes like shampoo to me. I cleaned my life, my taste buds and my brain from sugar and artificial flavors long enough to notice their real taste. I can’t stand it!

It’s bacteria that makes yogurt, fermentation, not artificial thickness. It doesn’t have the same benefits but worst: it poisons you! Probiotic yogurt, which is redundant since that’s the definition of a real one, has nutritional value and adds little friends to help you digest. The bacteria are not cruel invaders, they help you. Those make vitamins with things you can’t on your own.

Can you imagine something even better than cake?

It also I added berries on top of my almond butter and yogurt toast. No sugar at all. But it was like eating a cake! I feel like that when I eat butternut squash out of the oven too.

After a long time of this, away from any commercial food except cheese and milk, I thought that I’d reward myself with some commercial cake that I used to love in my childhood. Croquettes Vachon, they’re basically Twinkies. It was horrifying… It felt as if I was eating sand… the taste was so strong, so chemical; it didn’t taste like food but like house hold products. I trashed the whole box without a shred of regrets.

I thought I missed croissants, their fluffy crispy texture… but when I got them, they just limply disintegrated into goo with a horrible after taste as sugar quickly went away. Even cardboard would have been more consistent… My toasts were so crisp and firm, it was more delicious than any cakes, even the expensive mousses in the bakery section that are full of chemicals too.

I googled the ingredients that I couldn’t even pronounce… They caused brain damaged, ADHD effects, in lab animals… Horrifying. They were present even in health products with those seal that you’re supposed to be able to trust blindly.

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Eat supper for breakfast; reverse the pattern from doom to happiness!

You're probably doing something similar to this horrid mistake:

  • You get up as late as possible to have the longest rest.

  • You don't take the time to eat.

  • You kick yourself hysterically awake with coffee

  • You rush to school or work already stressed out

  • You rely on more coffee and/or sugary junk to keep whipping yourself

  • You boost your metabolism but don't provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for such function, especially at high speed, so your body has to cannibalize its own flesh and vital organs to burn up that energy and himself in the process, with nothing to heal.

  • You get sick; have wrinkles, feeling of doom and despair, because you're a heart attack waiting to happen

  • You eat a huge supper of yet more junk, because you're too tired to cook, and believe the companies telling you that you're too stupid, and that eating Kraft dinner or canned dog food would be way more convenient for you~

  • You finally get the fuel you needed all day, but too much, you engorge out of desperation. And probably on sugary food because that's all you know. So now you have to burn it and you can't sleep!

  • You wait until you're about to fall in a coma from exhaustion, maybe provoking a hypoglycemic coma with alcohol, ethanol is a poison!

  • Everything we consume stays in our blood for at least 3 days. So all the coffee that you used during the day is now haunting you with a vengeance as you try to sleep... you might even drink it or cola, which also contains caffeine, all evening or even before bed out of habit. Not giving your body a chance...

  • You rely on sleeping pills that only knock your unconscious and don’t allow the complex process of sleep, unable to class short term memories into long term ones or heal the body; since it’s yet another chemical poison to suffer from. Destroying all hopes to set your own natural recovery cycle. You wake up druggy...

  • You need calcium, D3 to absorb it, and magnesium to be able to relax. Especially magnesium, you won't be able to relax your muscles or make proper neurotransmitters without plenty of it! I take supplements before bed and I fall asleep laughing.

  • It takes proper energy to sleep, this isn't the matrix, you aren't a rechargeable battery... so the adrenalin kicks it, you get berserk from exhaustion and can't find the energy to sleep. It takes more for this nocturnal maintenance than to be awake!

  • You also dread going to sleep because you dread yet another day of torture.

  • So you watch TV or games, which are brighter than the sun, not allowing your pituitary gland in your brain to know it's the night and time to produce melatonin to tell your whole body to fall asleep. We get in sync with the sun from seeing light and darkness. I put a night mask and give my brain some time, but you probably worry that you won't be able to sleep unless you get knocked out at the mere contact of the pillow!

  • For sleeping as late as possible, you end up not having enough sleep, when you'd need much more than normal especially since you won't allow it to be refreshing. So you're unable to get out of bed, and when you finally do... it's to torture yourself even more...

  • And so on~
There's a very, very simple way to end that tragedy! But it requires a small change, and you'll feel lost while it sets it, but it will be quicker than you think~

  • You get up 1h earlier than usual

  • You take your sweet time making yourself some eggs with greens in them with a salad on the side; or a bowl of green stew that you made a big batch of for a few hours during the week end.

  • You sit and enjoy your meal, and yourself, chewing slowly to promote digestion and absorption.

  • You relax watching a funny cartoon.

  • You take the time to pick up your clothes, according to your mood, and to take a long look in the mirror and tell yourself that you look good~ Maybe not like a butchered model who has nothing better to do than work out, but still great~

  • Then you go out with a relaxed mind, welcoming a new day~

  • You eat a snack of almonds, cheese and maybe fruits that you cleverly prepared, so you don't fall prey to poisonous vending machines.

  • You carry a bottle of water, in glass so it won't leech chemicals, and easy to refill. You stay well hydrated, so you won't fall for sodas either. Which you won't need because fiber and good living fats will give you a slow release of long lasting energy~

  • Then you eat your dinner that you prepared during the week end, or when you made extra supper the night before.

  • You eat your other snack.

  • When you get home, you're tired, but not hysterical, your body isn't screaming in agony because he was well fed all day.

  • It might be harder the first day, but eventually you'll be able to make yourself a wonderful supper easily, having energy left to make sure to prepare yourself meals to keep it that way.

  • You'll relax with fun, saving time for you and activities that aren't too over stimulating. Since you won't be enraged and desperate, you won't need to take it out with violent movies and games... you'll be more able to welcome serenity because that's what you'll be feeling like.

  • Then before bed, you get another snack, some almonds, even a boiled egg. To make sure that your body has enough energy to classify the memories of the day (dreams) and heal the damage that was done moving around.

  • You won't be terrified and will be eventually able to go to bed at a reasonable time, enough to get at least 8h of sleep; because you'll know that you'll be able to enjoy yourself and relax some more the next morning... so saving the rest of a cartoon or movie for later will be much easier.

  • Since you won't have had a long day on the hellish roller coaster of hypoglycemia, you won't be having panic attacks and crying spells trying to sleep.

  • You won't panic at the idea of not falling asleep right away, giving your pituitary the time to know that it's the dark night, time to tell the whole body to sleep with melatonin. A sleep mask is wonderful.

  • The next morning you'll be able to wake up in advance without regrets, make sure it's with soft music.

  • You won't dread your future nor present anymore. Because instead to be in a deadly rush, you'll be in a mind set of enjoyment.

  • You'll be more able to concentrate at school because a starved and exhausted brain can't possibly function!!! Even robots wouldn't be able to without proper energy input!

  • You'll be less aggressive because you won't be starved nor in pain and at the end of your rope, so you'll attract more pleasant people.

  • Maybe you'll even have extra energy to build a relationship; instead to try to suck the life force out of others until they run for their lives!!!

  • It works even better with supplements of vitamins and minerals. They will help you catch up to the neglect and abuse that you did to yourself.

Well, the downside is that if everyone did this, big Pharma, doctors, psychiatrists and jails would probably go bankrupt...

But better them than your health!

(Added as a new edit: 7 September 2013)

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Breakfast and snack alternatives

When I get low on energy between meals, I eat raw natural almonds. A pinch here and there sure keeps my blood sugar nice and steady. It takes forever to chew, pointy pieces aren’t so pleasant when coming out I guess, but you can’t absorb its goodness if you swallow it whole. Digestion starts in the mouth. Have you ever tasted almond paste, in pastry or straight from the tube? Now imagine without white sand and chemicals, once your taste buds and brain aren’t overwhelmed by an overdose of sugar, able to distinguish the rich and subtle nuances… That’s how amazing they taste, but it’s far from giving them justice.

They are considered candy in poor countries; they are richer than us, for what has true value: Health.

Hard boiled eggs with a slice of cheese, cucumber and green onion with salt are awesome too. It’s actually less fattening than breads, especially pastry like muffins. I can’t believe people eat those cakes in the morning… My body would cry if I did such a thing.

Since I prepared my rations for the whole week, getting a complex and nutritious meal was simple and quicker than the toaster or putting cereals (pure sugar) in a bowl.

It took me some time to wake up, low blood pressure from dehydration will do that to you, but salt in the stew perked me up better than cola or coffee ever could! Without giving me hyperactivity from too much sugar, stomach pain or even make me throw up so hard that it came out of my nose! How can people not be irritated on those? Inside out, body and mind. They are, they just blame something else and go on...

To have the time to wake up my appetite, I was waking 1h earlier. It was wonderful, I was way more rested. Because instead to go out to work starved and on a nervous rush, I took the time to enjoy myself with funny cartoons as I was eating a decent meal. It gave me the nutrition I needed to handle any type of stress during the day and put a smile on my face.

Once back home I wasn’t berserk or dreading so much another torturous morning that it kept me awake too late to rest. I knew I could just save some more fun for tomorrow morning.

My guts could have the time to awaken too; it great to have a bowel movement in the privacy of your own home. So many people do it first thing when they reach work. Imagine in a big building with so many people. The putrid smell soon becomes so overwhelming... I had to hold my breath as if it was a weapon of mass destruction. I wouldn’t risk lighting a match; the whole floor could explode… I’m kidding but I would only be half surprised if it was possible…

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Toxic chemical fumes: perfume!

Trying to cover it up with a spray makes it much more toxic. Even if we associate the smell with something pleasant like flowers; it couldn’t be further from the truth. Your body would handle better to eat poop than have those chemicals reach your blood stream from your lungs. No wonder people have respiratory problems. Perfume is in everything. A different one for the body, shampoo, conditioner, then you spray yourself with it! Can you imagine how bad you actually smell!? Poor dogs… I am aware of the pain now that I got back my true sense of smell; my brain readjusted itself when I tossed out everything. As if it wasn’t bas enough to put it all over yourself, products leeches the smell even through the most air tight bottles! And those usually have a warning to use them in a well aerated place because the fumes are just too dangerous!

Can you imagine what it does to you… how bad your body feel!?

I now use baking soda, apple cider vinegar or soap nuts to clean. I no longer feel like I’m being pricked by needles, itchy or worst. It also has a lot to do with feeding my nerves properly.

Perfumes are made with corn and alcohol, the first is bad but the second one has a recognized toxin to the point that there are laws to limit its purchase.

It has nothing, but NOTHING, to do with hygiene…

Everyone has a natural scent; they are pheromones and used to attract mates. That’s the first clue to know instinctively who’s compatible with us or not. When someone doesn’t like the smell, it’s not necessarily because you stink, but because you’re not compatible. Trying to attract anyone and everyone doesn’t make a winning combination.

If you do smell awful, it’s because you have toxins to get rid of. It would be unwise to stop he process with antiperspirants. The toxins would have no where to go but to accumulate in the breasts and cause cancer. As if it wasn’t bad enough, aluminums are used to accomplish it, and the body not only doesn’t need that metal, but it can’t handle it, succeeding to use it cause mutations. Because that’s not what you’re supposed to be made off. Your body attack itself… wisely. The immune system isn’t to blame, especially not when all it can do is to isolate the problem in a little ball; in the hope that you’ll stop to prevent him from doing his vital job. It looks dreadful, but it’s to help you. It’s not the cancer that is killing you.

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Baking soda: the ultimate beauty product and the miracle for everything, even cancer!

Essential in the "No poo" lifestyle and doctors found that it can cure cancer.

When I was eating junk and chemicals, I couldn’t bear my own scent, even when staying still watching TV. I knew very soon when I was forgetting to put my deodorant. But I can’t remember the last time I used it. The baking soda I employ to wash myself probably helps too, since it deodorizes.

It neutralizes toxins, so there’s less for bacteria to feed on; it’s their job to clean acid decay. They’re not to blame for cavities, you are. That’s what you get for eating acid and not giving them the calcium and other nutrients they need to avoid dying… Life and death isn’t black and white. Pieces of you can become rotting corpses. Sugar doesn’t feed bacteria, its acid and steals from your teeth so the PH can become neutral. Nature always keeps a balance the best it can. I barely brush my teeth, but I eat a lot of cheese. I love to floss to remove stuck debris though; it’s like a neat little massage.

I even use baking soda to brush my teeth. I tried sea salt but it seems to be better for the teeth. I read that salt can leech out calcium. I don’t make a big paste, just some on my tongue. I rubs my brush in the pinch and clean my teeth from up to down. Then I throw my tongue and wash it. Sometimes I add a lot of baking soda if I have a white crust in the back. That’s all it takes to have a fresh breath. No chemicals.

Toothpaste is useless, we can brush with nothing at all, and it’s the movement that does the job. A dentist told me that I had plaque made of it when I was a kid. I said “How can it be effective between brushing if we rinse it?” she replied that the publicity lied…

And it was true about everything.

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Toothpaste: cake cream with sugar in it! It’s bad for your teeth.

That cream coats your teeth with glycerine and prevents remineralisation of the enamel. The hardest part of your body is porous too, they feed themselves by absorbing what their need straight in the enamel. Teeth renew themselves like skin, nails and hairs; just like everything else. Cavities can heal! Just like wounds from hits, and teeth endure a whole lot of impacts, or scurvy caused by a lack of vitamin C.

But toothpaste stops this process in the name of “protection”.

Just like silicone in hairs products. Look at the stuff around your bath, I repaired mine and it was unpleasant to have it on me. Do you really want to be plasticized with that stuff!? Because you are…

I found it odd that we don’t have dentists for pets, since their fans even clothe them. When I researched it and found out why, I regretted so badly to have tortured my teeth with a drill and fillings rather than feed them what they needed to heal. At least I didn’t allow them to put the grey ones with mercury, it releases constant poison that damages your whole body: vital organs and brain included. Horrifying. I had no pain, but now it hurts me…

Toothpaste is basically cake cream. They say it lowers cavities but not because it prevents them, but because the sorbitol in it is less sugary than regular sugar, so it’s believed to damage thing less… But it still does! And once we know that cavities are caused by food deficiencies, the stinking "bananapoop" is even more obvious.

Sugar rots your body because energy and nutrients has to be in balance. If you make your body function faster but nourish it less, how can you not decay… how can we possibly feel good and happy.

That’s just... Pure. Logic!

But toothpaste dangers don't end there.

The reason why it makes your teeth whiter is because they contain the same chemical that gives pain its white color! When I started using baking soda, I wondered why my teeth started to look so bad, it just revealed their true state... lacking calcium so much that the end was transparent... They hid the problem like nail polish. Your hands can reveal deficiencies as your nails become deformed from lack of protein and B12...

What about the precious fluoride? That's where it hurts the most... The one used in toothpaste isn't organic but the waste product of aluminium companies. It's like trying to eat a fork to get iron... If they dumped their waste in our water they'd get a big fine. But they hired scientists to claim it's good for us so not only they can throw it in our drinking water... but we pay them to do so!!!

Good for children? Seriously!? There are warnings on the labels not to use fluoridated water for baby formulas, or their teeth turns black. It causes white spots and really unsightly teeth. If a child eats the tube of toothpaste, it kills him.

Fluorite cause terrible ailments and people are robbed of their choices when it’s added to their water.

Real fluoride, one that can be used by your body, and in safe trace amounts, comes from: Vegetables!

You only need it a good brushing and flossing for the rest.

Greens are vital, for so many reasons... try adding that to your water. It makes a wonderful soup!

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Vitamins & minerals help to catch up to deficiencies and to undo the damage from neglect

After years of neglect, poisons and abuse... my poor body was barely alive. After all that time denying it his needs, forcing him to cannibalize itself as I only provided energy but no building blocks... taking supplements were mandatory. Even with some chemical ingredients, but for once the benefits out weighted that inconvenient, and I managed to find brands that offered as much nature as possible, with no allergens. Jamieson and “Swiss natural sources” helped me immensely.

But not Centrum which contains barely anything. I had massive deficiency for too long to subsist on this small help.

When I started taking a vitamin B complex and Kelp for energy, I didn't expect to have such an indubitable effect. I had to run left and right in my kitchen, because I suddenly had so much energy, I felt like I would burst in flames if I stood still. I never tolerated cola, but if simple nutrients can have such a powerful effect... Of course sugar and caffeine will cause hyperactivity. It hurts if you try to stop, if you don't burn it, you have to store it. That's how kids get obese. The body can't excrete fast enough, especially without plain water and fiber.

I took the dose in half, because my organs couldn't handle it yet, so my adrenals crashed even more after a while. Now I can. I am afraid to up the dose of the Bs, I take the complex 50 and some extra B12 sometimes. It can turn the urine bright yellow, but also green and that one worries me. I don't want to damage my kidney by overdoing it, I feel good enough. Now that I can walk and breathe easily, I feel eternally grateful.

I tried vitamin E, but it takes so long to see the effects and I couldn't find any without glycerin and soy that I gave up. I didn't try the omega 3 for the same reason but I now eat a lot of fish.

I take 2 to 3 grams of vitamin C for repairs. I could go to 4 but my diet is based on greens so I try not to overdo it, unless I push myself too hard by accident. I split it in 1g doses.

I take calcium, D3 to absorb it, and magnesium for soothing. I take a complex with zinc. I take the D3, but I had trouble finding one corn and soy. Jamieson always had the best stuff, so I stopped trusting no name brands, I don't know if they're even cheaper, but they sure have more bad fillings. I have to be careful with everything because ingredients also change with formats... I take them before bed and they help me rest like a baby. A happy one.

You need energy to sleep. You can't just run until you are exhausted, faint and recharge. This isn't the matrix. You are alive not a battery. When you stay up too late, the energy overdrive that is used to heal end up used for whatever you decide to be doing instead of sleep. Exhaustion makes you run on sheer adrenalin too, making it even harder.

Our brain knows when to sleep, when to release melatonin, according to how much light is perceived. That's how we magically are synchronised with the sun. But not anymore lights and screens brighter than a super nova. What I do is simply go to bed, put a blindfold on, and patiently let nature follows is course. I think of stories, jokes... I fall like a rock before I know it. Taking melatonin supplements sounds silly to me, what you need is the dark to make your own.

It took me a while to tweak the dosages to my supplements to my needs. It changed with time. I adapted them according to more demanding days as well. You're different so yours will be too. Starting slow is the key, stopping slow as well to avoid shocking our system.

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Herbs & spices: Ginger adapts to your needs!

I tried them but they made it worst. They gave me a boost when I needed complete rest. I was bedridden for a reason. It might help those with a slight adrenal fatigue, but I was deadly close to Addison’s disease.

But adaptogens are wonderful! They "normalize and regulate the systems of the body" helping you in both directions according to your needs.

Ginger does so many things:
  • Anti-inflammatory. I no longer need to take ibuprofen for my menstrual cramps thanks to that factor too!
  • It neutralises bad body odor, probably because it has so much fiber that it flushes the bad stuff out. It's a diuretic so you pee the smelly stuff instead to sweat them. It should sound scary since I had to go to the bathroom every half an hour before I started using salt to be able to retain fluids in my cells... But I actually can hold it much longer now. Maybe because going to the bathroom 3 times in a row in a few minutes was caused by acid damaging my bladder and causing an infection...
  • It's a powerful disinfectant too.
Turmeric is amazing. It's used in curry and I think that's what's supposed to give instant chicken soups their yellow color. But home ones made with bones is so tastier and more helpful to heal.

I grate them both and freeze them, so it last without preservative in the powders... I do that for my herbs too. Golden gates of heavenly flavor opened before me!

When I missed salad dressing, I wanted to make home made "spicy Italian" without the soy. I wasn't supposed to handle spicy foods, but my irritable bowel syndrome was actually caused by the abundance of corn in Mexican food. Not the spice. I found how much it was true when I took the risk.

So I bought red hot chilli peppers. I liked it in my salad, but even more when I put them in my steamed sauté or stews. Home made curry is delicious, unlike boxes. I usually felt so cold all the time, but the most amazing thing happened: It wasn't only warm in my mouth; it boiled my blood and made me feel awesome! It boosted my metabolism but without the painful side effects of stimulants. It was incredible for my thyroid. Algae are wonderful as well.

Licorice root is a life saver for adrenal fatigue. It's the most powerful medicine that I have ever seen! So it must not be taken lightly even if it tastes even better than sweets, but the candy of the name has nothing to do with it anymore. Buy the root.

It's so efficient that it interacts with medication. Not something to be taken for pleasure over a long period of time, but it sure is delectable.

When my health turns for the worst after too many mistakes draining it and that I just want to plain die... A cup of it puts me right back on tracks. I chew the root pieces too; it never messed with my blood sugar, not in a bad way.

I rarely have to take it and hardly ever need it more than one day when I do. The maximum that I did might be around 4 days... I shouldn't be more than that. The body needs a period off. He will handle himself after that little help. Otherwise the hormones that Licorice root helps to make are just too much... But it's an amazing cure and saved me instantly when I thought that nothing ever could anymore.

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The truth is hard to find, but you can still find your own. Don't be fooled.

It was so hard to figure your needs out and how to fill them, because there is so much bananapoop out there, so much bad information to prey on your insecurities and make you believe that a mere want is a obligation.

Sometimes because of ignorance and a narrow mind, but also to disguise the worst things into something helpful, that are always the most profitable, but devastating for you.

When I gave up what I wanted… when I considered my desires to be completely irrelevant… I only cared about what I needed, about what made me feel good long term.

And that’s how I’ve found what I truly wanted. And even better: I got it!


But makes sure it truly is.

Lisa Of Shades
4 March 2013
Edited: 7 September 2013
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